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1943: Burgess explains how an English pub differs from American saloons. This educational documentary (which was narrated, written, and co-directed by Burgess) was made to introduce American soldiers to Britain during World War II. 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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  • Them: how can you ship that, there's such big age gap
  • Me, shipping roadrat: age what
  • Them: age gap
  • Me, shipping mammett: age what

anonymous asked:

can we get more frat boy Shiro headcanons pls 😭😭😭 they're so good ughhhhkhghkjg


  • Shiro once tried to do the prank to the sorority with ordering them like 50 pizzas and was so stoned he actually paid for it with his credit card. 
    • Then when he realized he sucked at the prank, he asked them if he could go over for a slice and they thought his attempt at the prank was so sad they let him have some
  • One time while playing darts, he got hit with one in the shoulder and didn’t even realize it until hours later
  • Shiro rocks the tanks + snapback look 
    • At first he was a lil self conscious because of his scars (still has the prosthetic and the scars from some accident he was in) but his frat bros were very supportive
  • Being one of the older members, he takes on the position of frat older bro pretty easily. Will definitely be the one on the grill using his Dad Voice™ during bbq night
  • Ridden a mechanical bull for the longest of the frat and didn’t throw up. The absolute madman. 
  • Is the record party thrower. Once made a single night party a 3-nighter barely trying 
  • Has taped two big ass 40 oz beers to his hands 
    • Matt: Dude, why would you do that to your hands?
      Shiro: Easy access.
      Matt, laughing: What if you need to pee?
      Shiro: I’ll think of it… when I think of it. 
      Matt: My hero.
  • Shiro has definitely climbed onto a bar a la coyote ugly when he gets wasted. Probably also has fallen off said bar, but he likes to think of the fun times.