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Ebonix | Slayage Cornrows

Hello again ^^. Didn’t plan another release til next week, but my heart exploded tonight.

They are what they are. Nothing more, nothing less. Our cornrows will slay in this lifetime and the next. This is for the amazingly supportive friends and fam I have on here. I don’t know what I did to deserve y’all. Thank you so so much. It’a not perfect, but I hope you will still love it. 

Blacks, Reds & Browns
All LODs
Kinda Hat Compatible
Disallowed for Random
Custom Thumbnail
Slight Transparency
Not for the VERY large chested >.<

Hairline by @mimilkybaby not included. Please use for best results. 





Mesh - KylaUnknown@IMVU

Thank you to all the cc creators used in this post! Your content makes my game so beautiful.

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Have fun and happy simming!

Simply Elegant 







Pose [xx] // [xx] - @flowerchamber

Big thanks to all the cc creators 

my contribution for day one of sinnoh week - favorite starter!

im really not a fan of any of the other monkey/ape pokemon (except the new one for pokemon sun.. passimian is cute af), but the chimchar line, particularly monferno, has a special place in my heart, and im also a shameless fire-type lover :’)

technically i chose piplup the first time i played diamond (which was my first pokemon game!), but i only chose it at my friends insistence; ive stuck with chimchar in every subsequent playthrough!