Azazel is a year old, today!!!!!!!

I bought him a tub to upgrade into(as well as a new heat pad to match it), a new shelf for his cage to sit on, some dowels to perch on, fixed his skull throne (even though he cannot fit into it anymore), bought some shredded Aspen (he was still on paper towels) and made a wee silver hat that he actually did wear for a bit!

We spent a nice bit of time outside before I had to go to work. I tried to take photos and videos but the lighting was too bright and none of it turned out too well! I did manage to get one shot with his hat on, which I am delighted with!

Azazel was all about stealing the camera, or coming to me instead of staying where he was so I could take photos. He kept curling up on my lap and investigating my face, something he hasn’t done very much before. It was a really nice day, and I cannot believe he is already a year old!

And to think: he was a snake everyone told me not to get because he would be a “face-eater” ….and now I am putting on birthday hats and he’s booping my nose all afternoon. Yeah.. really hard snake to handle, there. I’m so proud of him, he’s been a dream to own! I didn’t even plan on a Carpet Python anytime soon, but he was offered to me and I could not say no! I really lucked out! I love him!