omfg so annoyed.. wrote the post already & it didnt post -.- ok so ya… saturday ugghh couldn’t wake up .. always regret sleeping so late!! hate having chinese school in the mornings. class was boring cause stella, fiona & nancy weren’t there so it was rly quiet LOL. ate at eteaa afterwards & had a strawberry + blueberry slush bbt & foood………………. yvonnes nose started sweating LOl ‘cause we ate something “spicy”. went home & blaaah bad weather outside.. spent day wasting time & doing some hwk cause i have no life while yvonne was at metro.. went to dengdengs tho!! it was cold but ya made chocolate chip cookies while ranting & filling eachother in on stuff, then drove to churchs chicken w/ her daddeoo. had to hide in the back seat HAHAH, ate dat yumyum & then she painted her nails and yaaaaa slept over!! this time for once i was tired & didnt feel like talking and she kept talking LOL .__. 

Saturday - Apr 28

I went to morning Chinese school and Shirley wasn’t there so I was bored. I was sleepy and my eyes were tired the whole day, should’ve slept earlier. After school I waited for my sister to take her graduation pictures in the chapel because she had my shoes. While I waited I went to buy noodles and I ate it all in like less than 15 minutes because I was so hungry. 

Went home to get ready and stuff. After I showered my period came. I was like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUck. I took medicine just in case before cramps come. Then I headed to Ayaka’s house. Didn’t feel ready for prom, like meh. 

We went to Buca and only half of the 16 were there. Didn’t even really know the extra 4 but one dude I’m pretty sure he went to my middle school. We kind of had to rush. Shirley, Ayaka, and Whitney were being suspicious, so obvious. Later they brought in a cake which I thought was for Ryan since it was his birthday but the dude asked for my name also and they did the singing birthday thingy. Apparentley everyone celebrates birthday there cus we saw them do it at least 2 other times. They did it for my belated bday too! It was a mango cake lol. Whitney. Felt like I was stealing Ryan’s spotlight though, and Ayaka’s birthday was belated too but it’s closer than mine…:l Then the 3 of us ran to the Hyatt lol. The others were doing their corsages and we wanted to save seats. 

Prom was funnnnnn. There were chocolate fountains heh. They played the cha cha slide and ymca which was fun haha. OMFG I almost forgot….Denise dancing. LMFAOOOOOOO. When we found her … couldn’t stop laughing. She’s so funny, but good. She’s like dancing crazily in the middle of the circle and not even to the music. hahahah. 

Near the end I felt my cramps because the medicine wore off. Went home and slept, so tired. Idk how some people have after parties.