10.1.14 - 171.8 pounds.By far, October is my favorite month. Please just give all of the fall colors, crunchy leaves, scarves, cozy clothes, etc. You can keep your pumpkin spice latte’s though. Sorry. I don’t need that. 

I have spent a lot of time reflecting recently and my post last night touched on that. I will continue to “be happy always,” but some days are harder than others when I have a million things going on. Overall though, I can definitely say I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time. Life is good!

For accountability purposes, here is my monthly weigh-in. Apparently I lost 5 pounds in September, but obviously my weight continues to stay pretty much the same. 

1.2.16 - 184.3 pounds.
2.1.16 - 188.1 pounds.
3.1.16 - 183.9 pounds.
4.1.16 - 182.5 pounds.
5.1.16 - 180.3 pounds.
6.1.16 - 180.1 pounds.
7.1.16 - 178.8 pounds.
8.1.16 - 188.9 pounds.
9.1.16 - 185.6 pounds. 
10.1.16 - 180.8 pounds. 

For references, I hit the 180′s almost three and a half years ago. It is kind of crazy that my weight has stayed within the same ~15 pounds all this time. I know it’s just a number, but I so badly want to see the 160′s. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I am not in the 180′s. I don’t know why. 

4.22.13 - 187.8 pounds (first time in the 180′s).
10.1.14 - 171.8 pounds.
10.1.15 - 174.6 pounds.

Again though, life is good right now and I am mostly happy. I don’t really focus on the scale that much anymore, but I still like to analyze the numbers (lol). 

Per usual, this post is getting way longer than I intended, so I just want to end with the statement that October is going to be a great month. I intend to write out my goals, be active, and just enjoy the season. <3