4.22 spoilers

Any scoop on the Once Upon a Time finale? Please? –Paul
As AA was going to press, Matt Mitovich had juuuuuust cued up Sunday’s two-hour closer, which opens, he says, with perhaps the most Lost-like sequence in the show’s history, as we find out how Isaac came to be an Author. And lest you think the Snow Dark/Bandit Regina/Noble Rumple role-reversal twist is played just for fun, be assured that it’s all part of a rather dark mystery/puzzle that Henry must solve, in what is far and away the lad’s most “-centric”episode to date.

Question: I have a question concerning Once Upon a Time. Will we ever know what happened between Will Scarlett and Anastasia (The White Queen)? Any chance to see her in the future? —Marine
Ausiello: In the future, yes, there’s a chance. But during this season, which has only Sunday’s two-hour finale remaining, no. “Unfortunately, there was not room to bring Anastasia on this year,” says series co-creator Adam Horowitz. “But hopefully we will in the future, because we’d love to tell that story.”



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