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Why I've Been Silent: a pretty little liars rant

I’ve known the details of what was to happen in last week’s episode for months now. I know the details of what will happen in the next episode. And the next one. And the next one. I have theories that overlap into S5. From a plot standpoint, they make sense. After watching every episode, they make sense. They are smart and interesting and take into consideration every clue we’ve been given. What they don’t take into consideration is what the writers decided to spew after Free Fall aired. I can’t lie. I didn’t see that coming.

I could write a book that would outweigh Fitz’s true crime novel of all the things that will no longer add up if Ezra isn’t A, but I think it would be a big waste of my time. I hate that the writers ran to the media to plead their case. It was a huge mistake on their part. It didn’t help anyone, and here’s why:


I really feel sorry for the Ezria shippers right now. The writers think they’re doing them a favor by promising some kind of redemption. To say that Ezra knew who Aria was when they met and that he talked to her for that very reason and that he allowed them to dry hump in the bathroom with the knowledge that she was only 16 and that he would be her teacher the very next day is a low blow to their shippers and to mankind as a whole because shit, that is repellant. To then say you’re looking for a way to make him a hero and find redemption in this story is just disgraceful. It honestly shouldn’t be allowed.

The writers took a risque story that seemed to come from innocent origins and made it a nightmare, only to try their hand at rectifying it and grossing everybody out. I honestly would have been happier if the Ezria shippers got their way. As it is now, we all lose. He isn’t A, but he’s disgusting anyway. For no good reason!

I’ll be honest. My confidence in my theories went down the drain after reading the writer’s responses to everything. I don’t want to run a blog where I have theories that completely negate what the people running the show have to say. It’s not worth my time to go out on a limb like that, with such a big risk of being wrong. I’ve always tried to consider information from all sides while trying to figure things out. If there was ever any reason why my theory didn’t make sense and I couldn’t talk my way around it, I’d drop it. I’m trying to dissect the show as a mystery. I’m not as interested in my original guess being right as I am following the clues to their obvious conclusion. I just want everything to make sense. If what the writers are saying is true, then the show has stopped making sense and I can’t continue running this blog.

In an interview, when asked if while Ezra has been watching these girls, he’s witnessed A’s evil antics and just turned the other cheek, Oliver Goldstick said, “No, no, no, no. I wouldn’t say that […] We never wanted to commit to him knowing that the girls had been being tormented like that, because that would’ve been cruel.” Exclusively, but without a big spoiler (but look away now if you don’t want to know anything), this is a piece of the script from Cover for Me (4.22):

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