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31 Days of Touhou - October Extravaganza!

You know what I haven’t seen in a while? One of those “x Days of [Series]”, specifically the Touhou one! The last time I saw it was a year ago, and it was a bit outdated. So I decided to take it and upgrade it.

Oct 1: Favorite character from the PC-98 Era (Touhou 1-5)
Oct 2: Favorite character from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Oct 3: Favorite character from Perfect Cherry Blossom
Oct 4: Favorite character from Imperishable Night
Oct 5: Favorite character from Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Oct 6: Favorite character from Mountain of Faith
Oct 7: Favorite character from Subterranean Animism
Oct 8: Favorite character from Undefined Fantastic Object
Oct 9: Favorite character from Fairy Wars
Oct 10: Favorite character from Ten Desires
Oct 11: Favorite character from Double Dealing Character
Oct 12: Favorite character from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Oct 13: Favorite fighting game introduced character
Oct 14: Favorite print work introduced character
Oct 15: Character you find to be under-appreciated (If no answer (or you want to do both), favorite Official print work)
Oct 16: Favorite exclusive midboss
Oct 17: Favorite Stage 1 boss
Oct 18: Favorite Stage 2 boss
Oct 19: Favorite Stage 3 boss
Oct 20: Favorite Stage 4 boss
Oct 21: Favorite Stage 5 boss
Oct 22: Favorite Stage 6 boss
Oct 23: Favorite Extra+ Boss
Oct 24: Favorite stage theme
Oct 25: Favorite boss theme
Oct 26: Favorite incident resolver
Oct 27: Favorite fan-made game (If no answer (or you want to do both), name a headcanon for any character or concept in the series)
Oct 28: Favorite fan-made theme (Unofficial themes, remixes, etc; if no answer (or you want to do both), Favorite piece of canon from the entire series)
Oct 29: Favorite game in the entire series
Oct 30: Overall favorite character from the entire series
Oct 31: Let’s remember the best of times; Whats one of your fondest memories of being involved with the series in any aspect? (Bonus question! Because it’s Halloween, tell us, which youkai character do you find to be the spookiest of all? This is optional either way.)

You don’t have to do any of this, you can pick and choose, you can even do them all at once if you want to, whatever you want! I just figured it’d be something fun to do again! I tried to make the questions a bit more open to answeability, including some alternatives for lesser applicable questions.

Hopefully if you do it, you enjoy!