4.20 spoilers

Supernatural Fanvids - A Rec List

Our fandom has some really amazing fanvid creators, so I thought I would rec some of my very favorites:

Faith & Fault by k9lover27 (Dean/Cas, spoilers through season 8)

The Profound Bond by ablazingwings (Dean/Cas, fake movie trailer)

Oblivion by k9lover27 (clips through season 8, but no plot spoilers and no dialog)

Daisy by k9lover27 (Dean, spoilers through season 5)

Charlie & The Winchesters by sparksfly221 (Charlie & Sam & Dean, spoilers through 8.11)

The Burden of Choice by k9lover27 (The Angels, focused mainly on Anna and Cas, spoilers through season 7)

I Hear The Singing Light by k9lover27 (Castiel tribute, spoilers through 7.02)

Sail by ccmrose (spoilers through season 7)

Broken Crown by xbreathofmadness (Sam, spoilers through season 8)

As It Is In Heaven by Liisakee (Sam & Dean and Michael & Lucifer, spoilers through season 5, one brief shot and one brief line from season 8 with no plot spoilers for season 8)

Just One Yesterday by ccmrose (spoilers through season 8)

Runs In the Family by Snooglyshnork (Angels, spoilers through season 6)

Angel With a Shotgun by soberdenatural (Castiel, Dean/Cas, spoilers through 7.02)

Gives You Hell by sparksfly221 (Sam & Dean, spoilers through season 6)

World On Fire by MissStabler (Sam & Dean, spoilers through season 8, WARNING FOR RAPID FLASHING)

Supernatural Time by demachic (Adventure Time credits as Supernatural, spoilers through season 8)

Seven Nation Army by sparksfly221 (Dean, spoilers through season 6, WARNING FOR RAPID FLASHING)

And I Will Try to Fix You by sparksfly221 (Angst about the Winchesters and pretty much everyone they’ve ever cared about, spoilers through season 7)

Skyfall by PinkGl8er2 (spoilers through season 8)

Lightning Could Strike by Roth Circe (Dean/Cas, parallels with Dean’s romantic relationships, spoilers through season 8)

Some Nights by Deductism (Team Free Will, spoilers through season 7)

How Far We’ve Come by xLibbeerty (Team Free Will & their loved one and allies, spoilers through season 7)

When I Ruled the World by Liisakee (Castiel, spoilers through season 8)

Lost and Found by Liisakee (The Winchester Family, spoilers through season 5)

Little Lion Man by Liisakee (Jimmy Novak, spoilers through 4.20)

It’s Always a Good Time by Liisakee (SPN cast)

Wrecking Ball by soberdenatural (Dean/Cas, spoilers through 9.03, I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW IT’S SO PERFECT BUT IT IS)

Lost  by Liisakee (Sam, spoilers through season 8)

Clocks by Liisakee (Dean, spoilers through season 8)

It’s Funner in Enochian by Liisakee (Castiel humor montage, spoilers through season 8)

Dreams Come Slow by ccmrose (Dean, angst about him losing everyone he loves, spoilers through 9.01)

Hopeless Wanderer by consultingCenturian (Castiel, spoilers through season 6)

Will You Be There by GeeWayIero (Dean/Cas in season 9, spoilers through 9.10)

Don’t Take That Sinner From Me by horandestiel (Dean/Cas in season 9, spoilers through 9.18)

Rule The World by TheJessy34 (MOC!Dean, spoilers through season 9 finale)

This got longer than I meant it to be, but I blame all these talented people! Leave them some love on their pages after you scrape yourself off the floor.


AUDIO CLIP #1: Will Schuester is checking out the competition for regionals and discovers that they have a problem. Her name is Frieda Romero. (American Idol Season 11 runner up Jessica Sanchez guest stars.)