4.20 spoilers


havin trouble w/ commissions so spent all night tryin to get the shitty art out feat. fancy beasts without refs bc just kill me ive been listenin to [this] on repeat for 4 goddamn hours let me die

winchester-girl-4-life  asked:

So I don't know if u have been asked this but how do u see the reveal going? In that back of my mind i don't think its going to be that bad since we seen that Instagram video and I seen that ring on Danny's finger and we know they have the mill ready. I am expecting something emotional because its robron lol.

I don’t remember if I’ve been asked about this. :D

But, well I don’t see this as a long term thing. I bet Aaron will feel betrayed and will ask him to let him breath and well Rob will give him time. One day, Robert gets extremly drunk but instead of caling you know who, just sends randoms voicemails to aaron saying how he is the love of his life and well we’ll see him having a breakdown. Aaron meets him up and they talk about their relationship and their past and make up - this on maxine’s episode. (this is what i want to see, bc i really wanted to see rob losing it).

but i bet, we’ll get like a twist and they won’t even break up, but it’ll be emotional as heck. x

[4/20/17, 5:41:33 PM] The Doctor: my favourite part of the whole episode, the part that made my heart warm and my spirit light, is when bill asks the doctor what sky is made of and he’s like “lemon drops!” and she says “really?” and he’s like “no, but wouldn’t that be nice??” IT JUST FILLS ME WITH WARM FUZZIES

+sherlolly because...it was molly's turn

I’m still a mess of emotions from The Lying Detective. To make myself feel better, here’s a scene I would have liked to have seen in this episode. I hope you got the feels as I did writing this. xx

Contains series 4 spoilers!


20 Minutes  ( also on FF.net )

She was coming over soon. In twenty minutes, John had said. He tried to compose himself, sniffling as he wiped the stray tears left with the cuff of his shirt. Consulting the therapist had been useful indeed. It taught him how to cope with John not talking, or if John did talk. The hug had been difficult, but no longer foreign. He knew it was time he let John know how much he valued him. So what if ‘it was what it was’? And so what if it was shit? He would be there for John. Nothing would change. 

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