4.2 earthquake

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Earthquake in SF: Only a 4.2 magintude, but it did shake things up for a minute. Hearing reports of shaking buildings.

A few things.
  • There was a 4.2 earthquake. By where I live and they felt it till’ Riverside. I didn’t feel anything. haha. That’s always good. I would have freeked out. The people that did feel it, only felt a sudden jolt. Nothing fell. So everyone is okay. My dad was the one that informed us. And, I checked up with Alex’s family to see if they were all okay. And they are :)
  • There was like seven cop cars by my allergy shots clinic and a helicopter and that isn’t on the news. But, other stuff is lol. I wanna know what happened!
  • My online math class site was down since noon till like two. And now it’s working! I’m two hours behind. COOL.