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I’ve been trying to just ignore obvious trolls and bigots in comment sections more often lately, but decided not to let this person off the hook. 

Autism is not a shameful thing, don’t let anybody ever try to shame you for being autistic!! They will try, but just keep being your true self, you’re autistically amazing!!! 


Episode Stills 4.19 “All The Madame’s Men ”

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2, 4, 11, 19. also i still have your questions but i figured i'd let the heat die down after i lost like, four followers lmfao

oh my god no pressure to do those questions srsly but i mean you’re right always so also: fuck ‘em

Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*
y’know, actually, i don’t think so? nothing that’s popular, anyway, even though “popular” is kind of a pointless descriptor in this fandom at this point. if i got this question right when i got into the fandom the answer would’ve been margaret/ar, and i do still prefer them platonic instead of romantic, but i don’t mind interpretations of them as romantic. and i don’t think it’s ever been POPULAR but i’m not here for romantic/sexual meyer/benny, honestly. not even pining on benny’s end.

Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*
ar with charlie [and less frequently meyer] in a romantic or sexual way. i dunno that either of them are popular ships anymore but i know charlie/ar especially used to be and it was almost always written in a way that shat on meyer’s characterization, which would be enough for me to hate it on its own even WITHOUT the way ar treating charlie being creepy and manipulative and abusive in the show

Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?
i mean i’m perpetually fucking seething that the single most popular post on the boardwalk empire confessions blog is the one posted after the pony aired saying billie was pointless but whateverrr :)))

What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?
i mean honestly i’m sad it’s basically inactive now. even with all the drama i’ve made the best friends in my life through the speakeasy, but a lot of them have moved on to other fandoms even and we still talk but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t miss being !!! with my friends about BOARDWALK specifically. it’s the fandom life cycle but i’m sad anyway.

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*whispers* my dude it's 4/20 get. out the choccy milky for snoop dooooggggg it's lit let's build a 4/20 fort

Actually no it’s still 4/19 where I am we got a good 45 minutes left

I can still see you like this. In this hope, that I know for sure will never come true. In the beginning, I guess you have loved me deeply but not until it wasn’t making any sense anymore, how you surrendered from our storm chasing, rumbling noise, love making relationship. I guess I cannot blame you for not loving me with the same intensity as I have loved you.


You’re still sleeping
under heavy London skies,
I’m still reeling,
awake and sinking,
dreaming of breathing.
Midwestern winds
howling autumn hymns,
4:19 lights up your phone
my message reads
“Come back to me,”
let me come back to you
and see where I left
it all when it all fell through
and I painted green eyes blue
and I miss your skin
and thick, full hair and the smell
of your shampoo and
and London too.
Weeks have passed and
it’s not better
the weather
is killing me
even your rain could maybe save
whatever is dead inside of me.
It’s too late for all of that
5 am is coming fast
for you
and then comes 6 and
and it will be
far too late
for coffee or tea
or whatever you fancy
as you Mind The Gap
while I was sleeping
in a country
still asleep
apart from me
for I will check my phone
at 4 am
and know it’s 9 for you
walking through
Primrose Hill
or Camden Town
or Hampstead toward
the Heath
and I’ll know you’re out of reach
three weeks isn’t that long
but it’s long enough to be forgotten
by you
and London too.

Original Work: KEH 11.10.16

Becky brings up John’s blue eyes twice in the same day, both times off-topic.

08:20pm: just came home after a looooonnnnng day of studying. classes in the morning, essay course from 1:30pm to 3:30pm then studying from 4 till 19:30. I still have TONS to do because i could get out of bed yesterday. but, hey, one day at a time right? this is me, studying Brazilian history because history rocks <333333

i’m having a hard time to keep my mental health in place sometimes. i mean there are moments when i’m okay (tired, but okay) and then something happens (like a friend being too hard on me, or me felling king of dumb for working hard and still not getting where I want to be). I’ve dealt with depression and eating disorders and my worst fear is to come back to that place because of something that I KNOW i can handle. ugh. baby steps so i don’t freak out.

hope you had a great day!!!