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Hii! I'm just wondering what are your thoughts about the Caestridge panel? how do you saw them answering about the fitzsimmons future? ps. how adorable are Iain and Elizabeth? I died. Have a good day!

Hi Anon!

Oh my goodness!  I am SO jealous of those of you who were there in person and i just grinned the whole time watching it.  I have to say after seeing a few panels at Wondercon the AOS cast is simply a delight no matter how many of them are there. 

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For me it solidified the good vibes I’ve got for Fitzsimmons as we head into the end of the season, tonight is likely going to suck but after that we’re getting the pay off…just hang in there guys.  

In the theorizing and building the wise and powerful timeline (hail the timeline) I feel like myself and the others on the CTT have gotten really good at reading the cast.  And its not only in interviews but silly things like on Social Media.  Lil is so polite but you can tell when she doesn’t like a story.  IE the whole Will thing.  See the AIDA thing, that CLEARLY upset her (same Lil same I would have preferred creeper Dadcliffe not letting him go).  Even if you go back and look at her interviews from SDCC this year.  She wasn’t as excited about things as she had been over hiatus, and we know why now.  Fitzsimmons were hardly together in A.  At Wondercon and the panel last week, But both she and Iain were super happy, bubbly, positive, and were very much hiding something.  Lots of knowing looks, especially at Wondercon and they had the read for 22 under their belts at the very least by then.  I still feel really good about engagement….with elopement and WAY left field Baby Bomb all being on the table.  Other options that I can see is them stepping back from Shield (as I predicted a long time ago) or moving into the Love Nest.  

That being said…everyone BRACE YOURSELVES for tonight.  

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Because there is a good chance Fitzsimmons come face to face finally and its going to hurt like HADES.  

Something huge is going down, I can feel it!   We’re going to learn AIDA’s plan, and likely the extent of what she’s done to Fitz, that AIDA is watching/meddling from the outside, and why…not to mention I bet a huge plot twist or five. Maybe a death.  Jemma also learns or sees enough that she knows to go for Papa Fitz in 20 (we are pretty sure that is who she’s gone after in the promo pics anyway).  Because right now she has no idea that snake is in his life.  

I also won’t be surprised if we get to the point to mirror The Laws of Nature, where Fitz was the only one left trying to save Jemma (Bobbi was helping her her own way)….Jemma might be alone in trying to save Fitz (bonus if Bobbi or Hunter help Jemma go rouge and run down Papa Fitz…just saying).   Where the rest of the team has given up or been forced to work on something else. Tonight will be a big Daisy ep…next week is Jemma’s “Purpose in the Machine” and she is getting her Fitz back!

So no matter how bad things look after tonight know that after this we are heading for the light again.  Lil was very happy again about the time they were filming 20.  And I personally don’t feel either of them would be as bubbly and as secretive as they have been if something horrible was coming our way in the finale.   

Okay sorry that got away from me with some theory time but hope i answered your question too!

128) St Elmo’s Fire (1985) - 18/4/2017 (Spoilers)

A group of recent college graduates embark on a series of misadventures in the real world. There’s Kirby (Emilio Estevez), a waiter who wants to be a lawyer; Kevin (Andrew McCarthy), a moody writer who yearns for the wild Jules (Demi Moore) ; Alec (Judd Nelson), whose political aspirations alienate his girlfriend, Leslie (Ally Sheedy) ; and Wendy (Mare Winningham), a quiet girl in love with Billy (Rob Lowe), who juggles roles as husband, dad and drunk. Together they grapple with adulthood.

St Elmo’s Fire is another one of those cheesy 80s films. I mean it came out a few months after The Breakfast Club and featured 3 members of The Breakfast Club: Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez. With this film it’s kind of hard to think that both films came out really close to one another, featured the same people but in this one it’s about college graduates and not high school students. Nelson, Sheedy and Estevez all actually look older in this film despite being filmed pretty much coincided with each other. Of course after these films it was the formation of what the media called ‘The Brat Pack’.

What I love about this film is that it is cheesy, it has that over the top cheesy theme song that gets played every second it gets, it’s got the cheesy romance, the gaudy 80s fashion, I mean it’s got every component for a 80s film. I love this film because it’s another one of those films people can relate to. Even though this one was not made by John Hughes, there are some similarities that aren’t just the fact three of them where in his film. Not really in the same way as The Breakfast Club but people can relate to the characters in the film. These people are graduates that are now trying to find themselves in adulthood. Certainly for myself watching it now I can almost sympathise with some of them.

There is so much drama that happens in this film that at times it felt a little over the top but I forgave it because it being the 80s. There’s the love triangles, the cheating, the crushes and to be honest, a lot of this film is based around love, another classic 80s thing to do in the movies. Personally, I thought it was slightly hard to believe all of these friends still stuck together by the end because they were all so different but it just felt like a lot of the characters were ready to move on from their college selves.

What I loved between the love triangle (Alec, Leslie and Kevin) is that despite what went on between Kevin and Leslie and even after Leslie split with Alec, that she decides to be on her own and focus on her career. I thought this was such a good choice for the direction of the character. She was a smart character and I think it would have been slightly disappointing had she of chosen one other the other. I did feel like there were quite a lot of plot lines to this film with it being a slightly big group of friends, slightly bigger than The Breakfast Club and I would say more complicated than that.

The soundtrack to the film was great! As if this film couldn’t be any more cheesy, the main song for the film is the ultimate cheese. I really liked the music video they did for it. I do love a good catchy theme song or just song in general and the first time I watched this, it hit my Awesome Mix spotify playlist faster than you could say “What a banger!”

This one is a short but sweet review, even though this one is one of my all time favourite films. It’s one of those films you could happily watch again and it’s so coming of age.


Since I started writing how Arrow became shit and said it out loud that even though I was an Olicity fan I loved Laurel Lance too, people started unfollowing me.

You know what? Fuck y'all.

A very strong female character has been killed just to do Oliver and Felicity ’s now rotten relationship some good drama and you’re happy with that because finally there is no threat ( and in my opinion Laurel has never been a threat to Olicity after season 2) anymore. That’s some big ass bullshit.

Olicity was fan service, and yes I was a part of that fandom and fan service. But that never stopped me from seeing how Laurel’s character developed for the better. It’s because I am a true fan of the Green Arrow comics and mythos and I was not watching the show just for Olicity.

So basically you can all go unfollow me for supporting a female character who has been through so much and has been treated like shit for all these seasons. Fuck off if you cannot be a realistic fan. I am getting more and more pissed everyday at Olicity fans and you know what? I am going to unfollow each and every Olicity blog I am following which are still doing Olicity posts and not saying a single fuck about Laurel’s not deserved death because that means you’re probably happy about what’s going on. But to those Olicity fans who are my friends and/or are aware of what a shitty decision it was to kill Black Canary off, I have full respect for all of you.

And I heard a gossip that Felicity might become The black canary… ha ha. NO.

Fuck no. Hell no.

I am really trying not to swear and rant but everything’s making me more and more pissed. SORRY for being rude. If that shit actually happens, they better just cancel the show right away.