every episode of criminal minds » 4.17 - demonology

Matthew knew the Bible inside and out, and he started to question everything. Why? We moved around a lot when I was a kid. Because of my mom’s postings. It was hard to get accepted. When you’re fifteen, that’s all you want. You’ll do almost anything. You got pregnant. Yeah…I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell my mom. Matthew suggested I talk with our priest…He said that if I had an abortion, I wasn’t welcome in his congregation…Matthew found a doctor, he took me there, he stayed with me. That Sunday when we got back to Rome, he held my hand and walked me into the church. Father Gamino actually stopped his sermon, but Matthew told me to hold my head up and we walked to the front pew…He and Matthew just stared at each other. It was like a battle of wills and then suddenly Father Gamino went back to his sermon. Matthew saved my life. He made me feel like I was worthy of love and friendship…He started doing drugs, and when that melded with his religious questioning you could understand why his parents were afraid he was possessed by something evil. It’s my fault that Matthew’s life unraveled.