4.16 spoilers

Secrets and Lies One-Shot

Angst One-Shot. When Emma has had enough of the lies and deceit from her parents, she seeks comfort in Killian. Set around 4.16- “Best Laid Plans”.

Word Count- 950

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Killian was stirred from his half attempted slumber by a ruckus on the deck of his newly returned ship- his Jolly. Never a peaceful sleeper from his years of captaining a ship on rocky waters he pulled himself out of bed and quickly stepped into his shoes which he stored conveniently by his bedside for cases such as these.

Not bothering with a shirt, he held his hook at the ready, poised to strike at a moments notice and slowly crept up the dimly lit ladder to the deck when he was met by a shadowy figure emerging from the entrance into his cabin.

Killian raised his weapon, the metal glinting off the stars that shined through the window.

Emma peered down below cautiously, squinting in the darkness as she called out, “Killian?”

His shoulders sank and he took a deep breath of relief as she appeared from beyond the shadows, his hook falling at his waist side casually to greet her. “Very unwise of you to sneak up on a pirate lass.” He jeered, his voice slightly exasperated.

Emma stopped, her hand poised at the railing with a step separating them and sniffled as her hand sought out his amidst the darkness. She felt around blindly for his hand until she came in contact with the cold metal of his rings and turned her head, the sobs which she had fought off for so long catching in her throat.

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Sneak Peek: “Feud” | GLEE

Just the beginning (but it’s already home)

You know I can’t resist an opportunity to write a good CS comfort/cuddle fic after an episode like that…
915 words of pure emotional fluff that just barely ventures into pg-13 territory… 

She was already in his bed when he returned to the JollyRoger for the night. Based on the pile of her clothing folded neatly on the table, she also wasn’t wearing much under the blanket she’d rolled herself up into. Someone had once told Killian that there was a special place in hell for treasonous pirates and for the first time in a long while, he was starting to believe it. 

Killian quietly tried to gather the few things he’d need to spend the night across the hallway in what would normally be the Officer’s Berth, when he heard Emma stirring. He tried to sneak out before she woke the whole way up, not wanting her to feel pressured into talking to him about what happened with August and her parents, but she caught hold of his arm as he moved past her in the small space. 

“Killian? Where are you going?” Emma’s voice wasn’t as groggy as he’d expected, she must not have been asleep as long as he’d thought. 

“Just grabbing a few things and heading to the other room for the night, love.” Killian stroked her cheek before touching her forehead lightly with his lips. “I’ll be just across the hall if you need anything.” 

“Killian, don’t be ridiculous,” Emma tugged harder on his arm, pulling him to sit next to her on the bed. “I’m the one who crawled into YOUR bed, here. I don’t expect you to sleep somewhere else.” 

Emma gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and, by way of invitation, scooted up against the wall to make room for him. He still wasn’t sure this was the best idea, given the circumstances, but he wasn’t about to deny the woman he loved comfort and a sense of security, just because it would mean resisting a little temptation, so he stripped down to a comfortable, but still modest amount of clothing and slipped into the small bed, drawing Emma into his arms. 

They laid in still silence for a long time, his lips pressed against her hair, her nose buried in the crook of his neck. So subtle were her initial movements, that Killian thought he was imagining it at first when her hips drifted into alignment with his and she started softly nuzzling the spot where his neck met his shoulder, but as soon as she swept her tongue out to taste the sensitive skin at the hollow of his throat, he knew he’d reached the moment he’d dreaded since he walked onto the cabin to discover her in the first place. 

“Emma, love, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”  Killian tried to be gentile as he broke her contact with his increasingly warming flesh, he didn’t want her to feel rejected, he just wanted to interrupt her enough to realize what she was doing. 

“Really, now?” Emma smirked, drawing her hand down to trace the outline of his hips under the covers, “Because it feels like a perfectly solid idea to me, and a long overdue one at that.” 

Yes. Special Hell. This confirmed it. Killian groaned as her hand drifted lower to squeeze his ass. 

“Love, trust me when I say that I have spent more time dreaming about this moment than I care to admit,” he shivered when her lips grazed his jawline, sucking lightly when she reached the pulse point behind his ear. “But you know I am going to be a gentleman about this.” 

It took every ounce of moral fiber he possessed to sit up.  He ran his hand down Emma’s arm, taking her hand so that she wouldn’t feel totally rejected. He looked into her eyes, imploring her to understand that, though he would do anything she asked, he didn’t want them to take that next step when she was clearly so emotionally vulnerable. 

“You do know that I truly want this, right?” Emma sat up as well, choosing to match his serious posture. “This is something I was thinking about long before all the emotional turmoil that I was thrown into today. I promise you, anything that happens between us tonight, I won’t regret it in the morning, or next week, or ever, because you’re a part of my heart and being with you feels like coming home.” 

Killian leaned forward to press a chaste kiss to her lips, but found himself unable to pull more and a few millimeters away from her, their noses and foreheads continuing to touch as they laid back down. 

“I’m in this for the long haul, so there’s no need to rush anything between us.” He tucked her up under his chin again, praying to gods he barely believed in that she’d behave herself this time, “When we do finally succumb to the carnal pleasures of each other’s bodies for the first time, I want it to be out of nothing but happiness and joy at being in each other’s company, so I hope you don’t mind just sleeping tonight. You are my happy ending, Emma, but I’d like to hope that our life together is only just beginning.” 

Emma wrapped her arm around his waist again, making sure to keep her hands chaste, and Killian was fairly certain he felt her eyes dampen as she pressed against him once more. 

“I hope so too.” She murmured, allowing herself to drift to sleep, content in his arms, calmed by the sound of his heart and the gentle sway of the ship.