4.15 going for the gold


1. favorite season?

2. prettiest thing u own?

3. do u prefer to be outside or inside?

4. furthest ever traveled?

5. what’s your aesthetic in 3 words?

6 favorite gemstone?

7 best thing about yourself, in your opinion

8 best thing about yourself, in other’s opinion

9 what’s your weirdest fear?

10 weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

11 go-to hiding place

12 favorite place in your house

13 earliest memory

14 do you believe in ghosts?

15 favorite sea creature?

16 cold showers or hot baths?

17 satin or lace?

18 gold or silver?

19 hoops or pearl earrings?

20 aesthetic song

21 top 5 songs

22 favorite time of the day?

23 favorite part of your body?

24 do you drink alcohol?

25 dream job from when u were a kid

26 messy or clean?

27 tea or coffee?

28 favorite book

29 zodiac sign?

30 extrovert or introvert?

31 celebrity crush?

32 early bird or night owl?

33 do you believe in love at first sight?

34 favorite book quote

35 three wishes you have  

36 do you believe in magic?

37 do you believe in soulmates?

38 zoo or aquarium?

39 cats or dogs?

40 how many languages do you speak?

41 how has your life changed from last year?

42 why do you have your name/url?

43 do you keep secrets? how well?

44 favorite animal

45 what is love to you?

46 future children name?

47 favorite color

48 favorite movie

49 cuddles or kisses?

50 if you could have any person in the world over for dinner, who would be?

51 someone to bring back from the dead

52 lipstick or lipgloss?

53 are you street smart or book smart?

54 your biggest strength

55 favorite sport

56 favorite drink?

57 favorite winter activity

58 last time you went abroad

59 favorite dessert

60 favorite artist

61 favorite singer/band

62 favorite dancing song

63 favorite crying song

64 do you wear glasses?

65 first thing you do when you wake up

66 how long do u usually sleep for?

67 one thing you lost and you want back

68 biggest fear

69 favorite carnival ride

70 do u have birthmarks or scars?

71 favorite childhood memory

72 what do u think about during a storm?

73 one word to describe your life?

74 craziest thing ever done

75 do u have piercings or tattoos?

76 favorite flower

77 do u have any pets?

78 describe your style

79 choose one thing to change about yourself

80 do u play any musical instruments?

81 if your life was a movie would it be a comedy, a rom-com, action film or drama?

82 do u prefer dark, dramatic makeup or natural makeup?

83 favorite perfume

84 biggest fandom

85 favorite YouTuber(s)

86 OTP

87 country, state where you were born

88 your parent’s name

89 favorite snack

90 pasta or pizza

91 pen or pencil

92 blue or black ink

93 paper books or electronic books? 

94 history or geography? 

95 pastel or neon

97  soap or body wash

98  conditioner, no conditioner, or 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner

99 singing in the shower or not

100  listen to music while bathing or silence

101  blow dry, towel dry, or air dry your hair

102 morning or night showers?

I saw a few people in my recent tags asking HOW and one kind sweet user asking what bears the most money so I’m going to share my success story. I’m tagging @alice-elizabethscott , @xxkalleexx , @drunkenwhaleer , and @seismitoadsbutt,    cause I saw y’all in the notes There were a lot more but they were anons


You will need a game year, roughly 928 Starfruit seeds, the greenhouse, 6 iridium sprinkers, as many kegs as you can possibly craft, 157 casks, your favorite music, and a LOT of patience.

I’m putting it under a readmore because hot dang it’s a long post. It woudln’t be as long but I wanted to put pictures in 

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Oh Sailor, >> a list of music for ravka’s finest privateer

“Perfect night for tearing a hole in the universe, no?”

1. The Fox, The Crow And The Cookie - mewithoutYou  2. Seven Nation Army (Cover) - Melanie Martinez  3. Norwegian Pirate - Thomas Bergersen  4. Wild - Royal Teeth  5. Takeoff - Adam Young  6. Thunder - Imagine Dragons  7. Empty Gold - Halsey  8. Two Evils - Bastille  9. When the Lights Go Out - The Family Crest  10. 7 Hours Ago - Honeywater  11. Make Me A Boat - The Family Crest  12. Black Out Days - Phantogram  13. Human - Daughter  14. The Crooked Kind - Radical Face  15. Oh Sailor - Mr. Little Jeans


My Lay in Bed Playlist

1.   Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club

2.   Something Good - Alt-J

3.   Crystalised - The xx

4.   1901 - Phoenix

5.   Afraid - The Neighbourhood

6.   Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood

7.   Black Gold - Foals

8.   R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

9.   Hey Now - London Grammar

10.  What You Know-Two Door Cinema Club
11.  Pioneers -The Lighthouse and the Whaler

12.  Plane vs. Tank. vs. Submarine-Tigers Jaw

13.   Breathe Me - Sia

14.  Dead Wrong -Somos

15.  Often- The Weeknd

16.  Only Love - Ben Howard

17.  Heretic Pride - Mountain Goats

18.  Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

19. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Mother Fucker - Maroon 5

20.  Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine

Hope you guys like it :)

Bleach Characters as Tumblr Memes

As requested by anon. :)

I love meme lists. So here is the ultimate (?) meme list! Which actual memes are Bleach characters?

1. The “Surprise bitch” meme: Aizen

This is a meme about someone who you think is dead and gone, but then that person shows up in dramatic and snarky fashion. Or, in the case of Aizen, somebody you thought was in prison, who then just keeps showing up.

Aizen: Although it should not have been a surprise, since I planned this all along. From the day that I…


Aizen: …

Aizen: Rude.

2. The “Quit telling everyone I’m dead” meme: Grimmjow

This is similar to the last meme, only instead of the presumed dead person being cool and in charge, this presumed dead-person just shouts off-stage that he’s not actually dead. That sounds like Grimmjow to me.

Ichigo: And in the end, he fought alongside us. That is why it is so sad that we lost him.


Ichigo: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

3. “Dat boi” meme: Orihime

Okay, full confession: I don’t understand the “dat boi” meme. It’s just a unicycling frog, right? And then people write “here comes dat boi” “oh shit whaddup.” I even looked it up. And that is the only explanation I got. Why does this frog ride a unicycle? Where is he going? I don’t get it at all. So anyway, then I was wondering - who in Bleach likes absurdist humor that other people don’t understand? And that would be Orihime, of course.

Tatsuki: So…the unicycling frog is fighting the giant robot?

Orihime: They’re on the same side!

Tatsuki: Of course. That makes way more sense.

Orihime: I know!

4. “Bode”: Yoruichi

This is another absurdist meme. You post pictures of cats with the word “bode” written over the cat. It apparently came to someone in a dream. This one is good for Yoruichi because (a) cats and (b) it messes with people.



Yoruichi: Bode.


5. The “lost in a crowd” meme: Hitsugaya

This one is all about losing someone in a crowd and then shouting something significant to find them. Hitsugaya is short, and hence prone to lose people in crowds. Plus, he’s really good at shouting.

Hitsugaya: Hey! I’m an adult now sometimes!

Rukia: Wait…you’re an adult now?

Matsumoto: There she is!


6. The self-care meme: Kira

This is a meme where you define self-care as something impossible and/or ridiculous (self-care is tying balloons to your eyebrows and then going through a car wash). That feels Kira-like to me.

Kira: Self-care is drinking sake until you cry.

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: That’s less a hilarious meme and more a cry for help, dude.

Kira: That line is so hard to navigate.

7.The “you tried” gold star: Mask de Masculine

‘Cause he gave one to Rose, remember? With that star-shaped wound right through Rose’s torso? 

Rose: …that’s not funny.

Mask: I think it’s pretty funny.

8. The “15 minutes late with Starbucks” meme: Unohana

I’m not saying Squad 4 is often late with the healing…but Squad 4 is often late with the healing. And if anyone’s gonna stroll in fifteen minutes late with Starbucks, it’s Unohana. Nor will anyone say anything.

Unohana: I am here.

Shinji: That’s cool but most of us are already dead.

Unohana: Good thing I only brought one cup.

9. The “color of the sky” meme: Yhwach

The original “color of the sky” post was Aizen: sure the pictures are cool or whatever, but it’s too long. Way WAY WAY too long. Much like Aizen’s monologues. Then the meme came along, where you take the “color of the sky” post, truncate it, and had some sort of surprise at the end. And sure there’s relief that it doesn’t go on for so long, but it’s also not as cool as the original. Kinda reminds me of Yhwach, for some reason. *coughs*

Yhwach: Sometimes I just don’t feel appreciated.

10. The “shoving breadsticks in purse” meme: Riruka

You’re on a date. The date says something bad. You shove breadsticks in your purse as you leave the restaurant. So this meme goes. It sounded kinda like Riruka to me.

Riruka: So what’s more important - being cute or something else?

Date: Uh…something else?

Riruka: [shoving breadsticks angrily into her purse] I have to go

11. The “hoe don’t do it” meme: Ishida and Ichigo

For the first part of Bleach, it was always Ishida saying “Hoe don’t do it” and Ichigo doing it. Then at the end, it switched and Ishida was the one doing things while Ichigo said “Hoe don’t do it.” Symmetry. It’s what makes Bleach what it is.

Ichigo: And that’s why we’re basically the same person.

Ishida: Oh god no.

12. The “looks at smudged writing on hand” meme: Ichigo

Not because he doesn’t care. He’s just…really bad at names.

Ichigo: Wow! Great job helping defeat the Quincy, Inoue, Chad, and…

Ichigo: [looks at smudged writing on hand]

Ichigo: Ugly Itching?


14. The  “snail” meme: Chad

Wherein you take various words and replace the first consonant with “sn” to create a snail version. Snurch = snail church, snall = snail mall, etc. I feel like Chad would be on board with this mostly because he respects snail culture, as he respects all animals.

Chad: And this is the “snouse” (snail house) I built for my new “snuddies” (snail buddies) with their “snard” (snail yard) and their “snailbox” (mailbox).

Ichigo: …

Chad: what?

15. “Bitch, where?” meme: Charlotte

This is a meme about someone calling you ugly, and you responding, “Bitch, where?” That sounds like Charolotte to me.

Charlotte: And that shinigami was all, “You ugly” and I was all, “Bitch, where?”

Yumichika: You’re ugly under the makeup too, though.

Charlotte: Bitch, where?

Yumichika: …I walked right into that one.

16. Kinkshaming meme: Kensei

I just feel like Kensei must spend a lot of time kinkshaming his fellow visored.

Shinji: I love being upside down!

Love: Personally I think nothing can top being a superhero.

Rose: Unless it’s a long, deep talk with your guitar.

Hiyori: Whatever. As if that’s as good as hitting people in the face with your shoes.

Mashiro: I prefer hitting them in the face with a super kick!

Lisa: Or ignoring them because you are too busy reading porn.

Kensei: …I’m gonna have to kinkshame you all.


Dating Johnny would include

1. Running away

2. Him constantly sleeping at your place to get away from his parents

3. Him confessing things

4. Comfort cuddling

5. Late night cries

6. Finding him in the lot

7. Pulling you close when a soc walks by

8. Cute consistent kisses

9. Adorable smiles and smirks

10. Always supporting and loving him

11. Always going to the nightly double together

12. Playing with his hair

13. Whispering sweet nothings

14. Always holding hands to keep you close

15. Never letting you go anywhere alone

Final Round-Up

Thank you so much to our incredible authors and artists who participated in the first annual Captain Swan Big Bang! We had some snafus (minor and major), but everyone managed to pull through with flying colors.

Here’s the final round-up of all the stories and artwork! It’s under the cut due to length, but please be sure to check them all out!

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To continue on with the fluffy Brad feels, I made a new playlist

I found love and light in your eyes, and you gave me life 💞🎶

“Home” tracklist:

1) Golden Vessel, OKBADLANDS - Wave

2) One Direction - Fool’s Gold

3) Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down

4) Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

5) Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

6) James Arthur - Say You Won’t Let Go

7) Destiny’s Child - Emotion

8) Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande - Quit

9) Rihanna - Close To You

10) Jessie Ware - Till The End

11) Ruelle - I Get to Love You

12) Jarryd James, Broods - 1000x

13) Howie Day - Collide

14) Ingrid Michaelson - Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live)

15) The Score - Don’t Wanna Wake Up

16) Michael Buble - Home

17) Ed Sheeran - Perfect

18) Astrid S - Paper Thin (Live)

19) Justin Nozuka - Golden Train

20) Zach Winters - Meant

21) Corinne Bailey Rae - Like a Star

22) Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours - What Would I Do Without You

23) Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

Credit if using/reposting coverart


Click the songs to listen or download off iTunes

1.       King by Years & Years

2.       Lose It by Oh Wonder

3.       U Don’t Feel The Same by Lo-Fi-Fnk

4.       America by XYLO

5.       Evening Star by Cannons

6.       I Need You by M83

7.       Roll Up Your Sleeves by Meg Mac

8.       Show Me by R.Lum.R

9.       Falling Short by Lapsley

10.   Let You Go (Radio Edit) by The Chainsmokers

11.   Careful by Karl Kling

12.   Vertigo by Mini Mansions

13.   Thumbalina by Coleman Hell

14.   Heart Melter by Alma Elste

15.   Desire by Years & Years

16.   Black Soap by Ex Cops

17.   Slipping Away by Tanlines

18.   Mother & Father by Broods

19.   Gold by Chet Faker

20.   Too Young To Fall In Love by Chelsea Lankes

21.   Aware by Leland

22.   Tough Love by Jessie Ware

23.   Illuminate by Tourist

24.   Firestone by Kygo

25.   White Noise by Ex Cops

26.   Utmost Good by All We Are

27.   Nothing But A Heartbeat by Say Lou Lou

28.  Lean On (Feat. Me and DJ Snake) by Major Lazer

29.   Forever (Pt. II) by Snakehips

30.   R E A L (Figgy Remix) by LE YOUTH

31.   Runaway by Aurora Aksnes

32.   Talking Body by Tove Lo

33.   Raindrops (Radio Edit) by SNBRN

34.   Blue by Marina & The Diamonds

35.  Back Again by Flor

36.   Hold Me Up by Conrad Sewell

37.   Song For Zoe & Gwen by Yumi Zouma

38.   White Lies by Milo Greene

39.   Haunter by Gengahr

40.   Sorry by Meg Myers

41.   Hard Time by Seinabo Sey

42.   Alena by Yumi Zouma

43.   2shy by Shura

44.   We Are The Hearts by EXGF

45.   Where Are U Now (Feat. Justin Bieber) by Jack U

46.   Water Slides by Mew

47.   Ghost (Lost Kings Remix) by Halsey

48.   Under Stars by Aurora Aksnes

49.   Old Pine by Ben Howard

50.   Come Back To Me by Urban Cone


MONDAY COUPLE MASTERLIST (4 years in the making)

Notable Monday Couple moments

Episode 10- Peek-a-boo, guess who?

Episode 12- Gary lets Jihyo go

Episode 15- Heartbeat game

Episode 16- “On Mondays, I’ve got a man”

Episode 18- Titanic Remake

Episode 22- Indirect cheek kiss

Episode 29- Monday Couple reveals future dreams together

Episode 32- “Today is Monday, Gary is my man”

Episode 34- Share a milkshake together

Episode 46- Monday Couple hug

Episode 55- Couple race

Episode 60- Hug

Episode 74- Americano Date

Episode 106- “You are my true love”

Episode 114- “I am your ex”

Episode 115- Couple moments in the mud

Episode 126- Logging back in?

Episode 127- Return of the Monday Couple

Episode 129- Gary saves Jihyo from falling down

Episode 130- Monday Couple reincarnated as each other

Episode 133- Ring shopping in Macau

Episode 137- Pepero Game

Episode 144- More pepero, dark tunnel, and feeding each other

Episode 147- Adorable hat mixup

Episode 153- Remember the old days? (Gary lets Jihyo go again)

Episode 154- Airport confession

Episode 159- Monday Couple chooses love over gold, hits the jackpot

Episode 163- Monday Couple first kiss

Episode 166- Distracted by Gary’s voice

Episode 183- Coupatible? Partners of fate!

Episode 190- Gary walks over hot coals carrying Jihyo

Episode 191- “Can’t I love all 4 of you?”

Episode 204- Forehead kiss

Episode 206- Heartracing confessions, holding hands, eskimo kiss

Episode 209- Jihyo calls Gary “honey”

if you have any more, feel free to let us know!

50 (stupid) questions to ask someone.

1. Dark or light denim?
2. A zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes?
3. A song that you didn’t like at first but it grew on you?
4. Silver or gold?
5. What’s your immediate reaction if someone tells you that you are beautiful?
6. Language that sounds the most beautiful to you?
7. Go-to insult?
8. Food that you hate?
9. Favorite chapstick?
10. Plane, boat, car or train?
11. Favorite flower?
12. Do you like pet names? If so, which one is your favorite?
13. A lucky day is…
14. Dream job? (Even if it is crazy)
15. Embarrassing song you love?
16. Favorite thing to do when you are home alone?
17. Sunsets or sunrises?
18. What color looks the best on you?
19. Zoo or aquarium?
20. Favorite Disney movie?
21. Do you use the blinkers when you drive?
22. Do you hate the word ‘moist’?
23. DIY your perfect sandwich.
24. Favorite pair of shoes?
25. Do you look at the time on a watch or your phone?
26. Favorite cereal?
27. Stripes, polka dots or plaid?
28. Perfect temperature?
29. Tv shows or movies?
30. Do you like avocado?
31. Favorite kind of food?
32. If you could be really good at one sport which one would it be?
33. What’s your perfume or cologne?
34. Favorite quote?
35. Favorite kisses?
36. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
37. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
38. Fashion trend that you hate?
39. Favorite cartoon/show as a kid?
40. What’s your trademark?
41. Favorite word in another language?
42. Do you like thunderstorm?
43. Favorite thing about your country?
44. Hot or cold coffee?
45. Go-to drink?
46. All time favorite song?
47. Favorite fruit?
48. What would you name your daughter/son?
49. What is/was your school’s mascot?
50. Instagram stories or snapchat stories?

start your day right


1. good morning sunshine - shortstraw // 2. sail into the sun - gentlemen hall // 3. if you wanna - the vaccines // 4. something good can work - two door cinema club // 5. gold rays - vinyl pinups // 6. d-d-dance - the royal concept // 7. fred astaire - san cisco // 8. tightrope - walk the moon // 9. handsome - the vaccines // 10. say it, just say it - the mowgli’s // 11. no story time - smallpools // 12. mr polite - the jungle giants // 13. what you know - two door cinema club // 14. diane young - vampire weekend // 15. hunger - frankie and the heartstrings // 16. cardiac arrest - bad suns // 17. ways to go - grouplove // 18. weekend - last dinosaurs // 19. when i get older - wild party // 20. she’s a riot - jungle giants // 21. let’s go - matt and kim // 22. geronimo - sheppard // 23. let’s dance to joy divison - the wombats // 24. san fransisco - the mowgli’s // 25. young blood - the naked and famous // 26. couch potato - shortstraw // 27. thunder clatter - wild club // 28. shiver shiver - walk the moon // 29. love will save your soul - grouplove // 30. changing of the seasons - two door cinema club

Wild Child Playlist

Originally posted by dropneurons

1. Get some | Lykke Li

2. Going to hell | The pretty reckless

3. Heaven knows | The pretty reckless

4. Slav to the grind | Halestorm

5. I hate myself for loving you | Joan jett and the blackhearts

6. Dirty mind | Halestorm

7. Tell me where it hurts | Halestorm

8. Daughters of darkness | Halestorm

9. Gold | Kiiara

10. I like it heavy | Halestorm

11. Blow your mind | Dua lipa

12. Wild Side | Motley crue

13. Love Bites | Halestorm

14. Vroom Vroom | Charli XcX

15. I’m an albatraoz | AronChupa

16. Get the party started | P!nk

17. Raise hell | Dorothy

18. Wicked ones | Dorothy

19. Gun in my hand | Dorothy

20. Down to the bottom | Dorothy

21. Written in the water | Gin Wigmore

22. Dirty Mercy | Gin Wigmore

23. Cherry Bomb | The Runaways


-Name: Emily or Emy
-Little Names: I love babydoll, doll, and babe, but I love every cute name
-Role: Little!
-Age: 15 I’ll be 16 in July
-Little Range: 4-8
-Location: New Jersey, USA
-About Yourself: I’m a social person, though I do struggle with depression. I go to regular weekly therapy sessions and take medications. I love attention and feeling wanted, and I will make you feel appreciated too. I’m 5'3", I have shoulder length brown hair with rose gold at the tips,
-Interests: I love music, especially Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, and the Neighborhood. I love movies as well, my favorite being Silence of the Lambs. I love horror, especially psychological horror, but I also love pastel pink and my stuffies!
-Favorite color: dark violet
-Favorite little activities: coloring, cuddling, watching movies, playing with my stuffies, and talking to my caregiver!
-Favorite TV shows/movies: Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal the TV Show, Supernatural
-Favorite Little TV shows/movies: Basically any Disney movie, especially the Disney princesses. My favorites are Rapunzel, Ariel, and Moana.
-Stuffie’s names: My favorite stuffies are my teddy bear Cocoa, horse Bethany, and Bunny!
-Snacks/candy: I love sour candy, but my favorite candy is lollipops!
-Little gear: I actually usually like to wear my big girl underwear and a big shirt.
Partner Preference: Male or female! I’m pansexual.
-Partner Preference Age: 15-17
-Partner Preference Role: Caregiver!!!
What do you look for in a Partner: Someone kind, who can give me a lot of attention, and sends me dank memes. Preferably someone intelligent with okay grammar.
-Relationship type: I am looking for an exclusive, monogamous non-sexual relationship. The relationship may become sexual once trust is built.
-What I Call My Caregiver: I like to call male cgs Daddy, female cgs Momma or Mommy, and nonbinary/non-gendered cgs whatever matches their preferred pronouns.
-I Love When My Caregiver: Calls me cute names, shows they care about me, and gives me their attention.
-I Don’t Like When My Caregiver: Can’t hold a conversation, or is rude to me, especially in little space, unless we have discussed it. 
-Best way to get in touch with me is: Message me on kik! My username is fangirl_named_emy and from there if we like each other I can give you my phone number.

Hey. For those who play Neko Atsume, and are real busy all the time, and can afford a few minutes, here’s a hand made time skip cheat.

Hey guys, I’ve been messing around on my phone and….

So, got 15-30 minutes to spare? Here’s a cool trick!

So go to your neko atsume game. If it’s fish you want, then put out these 8 small items, or big items, you pick:

Gold Fish (small):

1. (4.3 per day) * Cushion (green) (costs 100 silver fish)

2. (4.0 per day) * Orange cube (costs 320 silver fish)

3. (3.5 per day) * Cushion (yellow) (costs 100 silver fish)

4. (3.5 per day) * Tent (nature) (costs 170 silver fish) 


(7.6 per day) Kotatsu (costs 60 gold fish)

(10.3 per day) * Beach umbrella (costs 340 silver fish)

Silver fish (Small)

1. (100.6 per day) Silk crepe pillow

2. (137.4 per day) Zanzibar cushion

3. (59.5 per day) Tiramisu cube 

4. (62.3 per day) Temari ball 


1. (130.8 per day) Cardboard house

2. (96.4 per day) Kotatsu


Use frisky bits for most cats.

Only use Ritzy bitz for rare cats and sometimes sashimi.


Go to Neko Atsume, place items out, and refill food.

Step two:

Main Screen →Settings →General →Date and Time →Speed up by 6 hours. Lazy, less efficient way, switch from am to pm, day to day. 


External image

Then, after a week, or month, depending how many days you ticked away by, your fish should look like this, more or less, depending on the time. My current fish is this, because I passed an entire year. BUT WARNING< YOU CAN”T PLAY NEKO ATSUME UNTIL YOUR CLOCK HAS MET UP WITH YOUR CHEAT GAME CLOCK!!!!:



find your chill


1. one - ed sheeran // 2. you swan go on - mount eerie // 3. coins in a fountain - passenger // 4. tenenbaum - the paper kites // 5. light year - gregory alan isakov // 6. fever to form - nick mulvey // 7. i see fire - ed sheeran // 8. old pine - ben howard // 9. flaws (acoustic) - bastille // 10. down in the valley - the head and the heart // 11. autumn leaves - ed sheeran // 11. don’t let me go - harry styles // 12. home - mumford and sons // 13. don’t let me go - harry styles // 14. all i want (cover) - ellie goulding // 15. the great escape - patrick watson // 16. where we gonna go from here - matt kearny // 17. from gold - novo amor // 18. put on cologne - donovan woods // 19. another story - the head and the heart // 20. ghost - folly and the hunter // 21. once in a lifetime - landon austin // 22. suck it and see (acoustic) - arctic monkeys // 23. mrs cold - king of convenience // 24. welcome home - radical face // 25. tee shirt - birdy // 26. april - imaginary future // 27. pictures - benjamin francis leftwich // 28. towers - bon iver // 29. featherstone - the paper kites // 30. 1957 - milo greene

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One Word Tag!

I was tagged by darling @the-german-bookworm to do a one word answer thing! Here we go! 1. Where’s your phone? Here 2. Your hair? Gold 3. Your dad? Eh 4. Your other half? Fictional 5. Your favourite food? Anything 6. Your dream last night? None 7. Your favourite drink? Cocktails 8. Your favourite way to relax? Anything 9. Favourite shoes? Brouges 10. Fear? Abandonment 11. Your mood? Moderate 12. I love- books 13. Where were you last night? Beach 14. Something thst you aren’t? Stable 15 muffins? Chocolate 16. Wish list item? Clothes 17. Where you grew up? Everywhere 18. Last thing you did? Shop 19. What you wearing? Shorts + top 20. Something you hate? Loudness 21. Pets? Doggo! 22. Friends? Some 23. Life? Terrible 24. Regrets? A lot 25. Missing anyone? Yes I tag @songbirdsbooks @throne-of-omg-the-feels @abraxos-sniffing-flowers @seethestarsalittlecloser And anyone else!

one and only - a dennor fanmixart source

1.make you feel my love, adele // 2.this time, bryan adams // 3.good to you, marianas trench // 4.one and only, teitur // 5.just a feeling, maroon 5 // 6.i won’t give up, jason mraz // 7.dreams, fleetwood mac // 8.am i the only one?, barenaked ladies // 9.something in the way she moves, james taylor // 10. the (shipped) gold standard, fall out boy // 11.not a bad thing, justin timberlank // 12.perfect, hedley // 13.(everything i do) i do it for you, bryan adams // 14.fire and rain, james taylor // 15.back at your door, maroon 5 // 16.go your own way, fleetwood mac // 17.favorite record, fall out boy // 18.for the nights i can’t remember // 19.lost stars, adam levine // 20.a thousand years, christina perri

Dreaming in Silver and Gold

CHAPTER: 6, Klaus/Liz, Rated: E

Prologue \ Ch. 1 \ Ch. 2 \ Ch. 3 \ Ch. 4 \ Ch. 5 \ Ch. 6 \  Ch. 7 \ Ch. 8 \  Ch. 9 \  Ch. 10 \ Ch. 11 \ Ch. 12 \ Ch. 13 \ Ch. 14  \ Ch. 15 \ Ch. 16 \ Ch. 17 \ Ch. 18 \ Ch. 19  \ Ch. 20 \ Ch. 21

A/N: I’m about to introduce a bunch of archangels this chapter. I made a Character page with info and pictures of everyone. That way I can keep track of these characters and you all can get a face to go with the name. :)

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“she is art. what the fuck do you expect from her, other than confusion, beauty and goddamn soul?’‘ 

 1. Make You Feel - Alina Baraz & Galimatias // 2. Love Me Again - John Newman // 3. I Need My Girl - The National // 4. Blue Dream - Jhené Aiko // 5. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie // 6. West Coast - Coconut Records // 7. Gold - Chet Faker // 8. Will You Be By Me - Wallpaper Airplanes // 9. New Americana - Halsey // 10. Unbreakable - Jamie Scott // 11. On Our Way - The Royal Concept // 12. You’ve Got Something - The Jungle Giants // 13. D-D-Dance - The Royal Concept // 14. No Angels - Bastille feat. Ella // 15. Undo - The 1975

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