4.13 stills

how i imagine peach meeting their alt form would go @bunblevee

WELL my tablet may be dead for 4/13 but

  • I still love y’all and I’m sad I can’t make homestuck art because this is the worst possible timing for a tablet malfunction
  • Thanks for hanging out with me for like five years of Homestuck, even though I don’t post much any more!  It still is/was close to my heart, and has taught me SO much about art and fandom and….a lot of stuff.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my Homestucks at cons and especially at the art meetup at Collossalcon in June! :D  Rah-Bop is going to come with us and I’m SO EXCITED.  Speaking of friends made through HS, haha.
  • What a good comic
  • At least I managed to update my clown epic on 4/13.  The universe is a little bit richer in clown porn now lmao.

Trashcraft has had a map reset in celebration of 4/13!
The old map still exists, don’t worry, just tucked aside for a while as we explore this new one.

Interested in playing with a bunch of homestucks in a chill community? We’re happy to have new members join, but please read the FAQ before sending a request for the server IP!

Have fun!