actually Emerald looked like she had a hard time creating the illusion of Ruby. It flickered several times and she had to hold onto her head as though she had a headache, which we know she gets from overexerting herself, so that implies she’s had to use her semblance a lot in a short period of time and it’s drained her and made her less able to do it.

how many times has Cinder stood there destroying the same image of a helpless Ruby over and over again?

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That lemon is so cute. Let TFW summon one.


“…. a lemon.”

Dean had never seen Cas squint so suspiciously.

Dean looked helplessly over at where the lemon was standing on one of the library tables, cheerfully pulling pages out of an old spell book for fun. “I guess?”

“Why would you even have a spell that summons lemons?” Cas asked.

Sam cleared his throat. He had a black eye from trying to catch the lemon earlier after it had slipped out of the dungeon a by leaping directly into his face (who knew demon traps didn’t hold citrus fruit?) and bowling him over to clear a path to the door. “We think it was a failed attempt at a spell from the days of ships crossing oceans on long journeys… If they could summon fresh fruit straight onto the ship, more cargo space is free.” He squinted at the scroll they’d found and turned it slightly sideways to off-set the slant of the writing. “We thought a demon-summoning spell that only needed a few candles might be a good way to save on all the ingredients.”

“That lemon does not look like it wants to be eaten.” Cas watched it hop down from the table and run to the war room, where it began kicking folders off the table, smiling its happy little smile all the while. 

“You’re telling me,” Dean said, rolling one shoulder and wincing. It was incredible how much it hurt to have a twenty pound piece of fruit cannonball into you from the balcony by the front door. Thankfully it seemed to have been put off by some of the warding and hadn’t tried venturing outside.

“Perhaps there’s a counter spell to send it back?” Cas asked, stepping carefully out of the way as the lemon rushed past squealing and dragging a roll of rapidly unwinding toilet paper. They watched it go, despair on their faces. It had been a long day. The Bunker had never been more of a mess.

“We tried to find one, but this scroll is practically illegible,” Sam said.

Cas took the scroll and his eyes darted over each line at a regular reading pace. “It’s just in cursive. It even says, ‘How to Summon A Lemon”

Sam and Dean exchanged a glance.

Sam cleared his throat again. “Who even learns how to write in cursive any more these days.”

“We had monsters to hunt when we were kids.”

Cas rolled his eyes at them. 

“It says the lemon comes from a fairy realm. I think we should be able to find some banishing spells in some of the books in here.”

“If it doesn’t destroy them all first.”

There were a series of prolonged metallic crashes from down the hall.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Sam said despairingly.

Dean pulled his gun out. “That’s it. We’re ending this and having tequila shots with lemon to celebrate.”