4.10 spoilers

Ren’s Semblence


This is my thoughts on what Ren’s Semblance might be..

Up until the newest episode, Ren’s semblance has been a mystery. It was never truly hinted at all until this very episode.

Something struck me when Ren’s father said, “Take action, son..”

Ren is based off of Mulan, the true Hua Mulan. 

Now, here’s where a bit of  research comes into play.

Many know Mulan as the female warrior who fought in place of her father but there is also some other facts about not only her but about her name. And this name may also have to do with Ren’s semblance.

In Chinese, Mulan means Magnolia. Which looks like this:

Do you know what else looks kinda like that flower?


Now, Ren’s symbol was also thought to be a waterlily, considering his name literally means “lotus” but what confuses me about that is the lack of all of the waterlily petals. Waterlilies tend to have a lot more petals, A LOT MORE.

We’ve seen very detailed emblems in RWBY. To name a few, Ruby Rose’s, Weiss Schnee’s, Adam Taurus’, Sage Ayana’s..quite detailed..

But why not Ren’s emblem?

Maybe because it might just be a magnolia flower.

The reason why this may also very well be a magnolia flower is that the Magnolia flower’s meaning is one that makes a lot of sense now..especially in Ren’s case.

The magnolia is a symbol of purity and nobility

To be noble is to show courage, generosity or honor.

The emblem of the character has very much to do with defining the semblance as well,

Ruby’s is to turn into a flurry of rose petals, hence the rose, Yang’s is to “burn bright” hence the flaming heart, Nora’s is to conduct electricity and use it to her advantage hence the bolt of electricity on her’s, Velvet’s is to mimic other’s abilities and combine them in fighting routine hence the stitched together heart, and so on and so forth.

And if the Magnolia is a symbol of nobility…




His semblance is NOBILITY. To be courageous, generous, and be respectful.

As well as the ability to give courage to others…


Even’s hair is all messy. WHAT HAPPENED WHAT DID WE MISS?!

Here’s my thoughts:
I think Mikael saw Even immediately on stage when he walked in and in shock, just turned around and went outside to kind of process the situation. Then after the song, the balloon boys went outside to talk to Mikael. Yousef stayed inside and I think he genuinely looked pissed that he wasn’t warned Even would be there (he wasn’t being his usual smiley self and obsessing over Sana)

*something happened that brought Even outside to them, I cannot fathom what* So whatever REAL ISSUE happened here (I don’t think it was just about kissing Mikael, there has to be more to the story of why the boys hate even, I just can’t imagine them being that homophobic?-that would just be too easy and I know Julie’s got something else up her sleeve-just my opinion)

I think Even was attacked first, then Isak must have hit someone cause he kept looking at his hand and then kept shaking it (like to shake off the pain?) when he was walking away to leave for the hospital. Whoever isak hit, hit him back, hard. *cries*😭

Then there’s Mutasim who pushed Adam when they’re walking away after the fight broke up. (Maybe Adam initiated everything and Mutta was kinda like Dude why’d you need to start all that?)

Finally there’s Elias and Mahdi.
I’m thinking Mahdi was already angry and revved up (as well as Jonas) immediately following Isak getting hit (nobody hurts Mahdi’s buddy!) Then Elias could have tried to calm everyone down and said words and offended Mahdi. He could have assumed he was Muslim and questioned him? And that just set Mahdi off and he went after Elias, triggering both sides to rush in.

Well we won’t know for ten days anyways so I’ll just sit here and stare at the wall until then!

I was just thinking. In “Kuroyuri,” the boys bullying Nora make fun of her for being abandoned. What if she actually was? Like, I always assumed that both Ren and Nora came from families that tragically died, but what if that wasn’t the case for Nora? What if she was actually abandoned and unwanted, and Ren was the first person to actually want her in his life?

…Why do I do this to myself?! T_T

Raise your hand if you want Clarke dead because she ruined everything. AGAIN.🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

This isn’t about England or her king or our freedom, or any of it.

I think I might know what the Grimm from RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 10 is


Okay, so the new Grimm is freaking creepy. It’s the hybrid of a horse and a man with long arms and with the fact that it’s huge

So my friend and I went searching and we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a Nuckelavee

So these little beasts are demons from Orcadian mythology (also has origins in Norse mythology). It’s called the “Devil o’ the Sea” and has webbed hands so it can swim. The beast has been known to travel on land with a horse as horrifying as it is. However people believe that the true form of the beast is the hybrid that’s depicted above and in the show itself.

Here’s another picture for a better look:

Now I’m not certain the significance of using the Nuckelavee in this, but I’m sure there is one. Just food for thought, though… the only entity able to control this beast is the “Mither o’ the Sea” which is an ancient spirit who kept him confined during the summer months (he couldn’t go out during winter because of his terror of fresh rainwater). So, who knows if they’re gonna keep to the Mither o’ the Sea lore, or maybe that might give way to something else for Ren and Nora…

Whatever happens, this is a terrifying Grimm.