4.07 wallflower

Fringe Recap 1x01 - "Pilot"

Here we go guys - September 9th, 2008 - It’s like it was yesterday… 

  • Oh, J.J. Abrams and his planes :)
  • Excuse me sir, you have something on your face - oh wait, it’s not there anymore.
  • Anna Torv has appeared on my screen.

  • My 2008 brain:  It’s that creepy guy from LOST!
  • Wow that’s… that’s pretty gross… ok, it’s gonna be one of those kinda shows.

  • Nowadays I just find these scenes w/ Anna & her ex pretty awkward

  • Hey Peter - you’re pretty.

Olivia explains areas Fringe science in the first episode:

  1. Mind control (2.07 Of Human Action)
  2. Teleportation (1.10 Safe)
  3. Astral Projection (beginning of Season 4)
  4. Invisibility (4.07 Wallflower)
  5. Genetic Mutation (1.06 The Cure, 1.13 Transformation, 1.16 Unleashed, etc.)
  6. Reanimation (3.22 Brave New World, etc.)

…well planned, writers, well planned.

  • “I thought you’d be fatter.” - The always wonderful John Noble
  • “WHAT DO WE DO?  WHAT DON’T WE DO?” - seriously Massive Dynamic??? That’s the best slogan you could come up with?

  • You know who’s a BAMF, even from the beginning.  This badass right here. ^
  • “The only thing better than a cow is a human… unless you need milk, then you really need a cow.”

  • Okay, in all fairness - Astrid introduces herself as “assistant to Agent Dunham,” not as an agent or junior agent.  Now granted, I will always think Astrid was underutilized, but this is an important distinction.
  • Season 3 spoiler - I still think one of the greatest writing decisions Fringe ever did was have Olivia come back to the Blue universe via the tank.  It gets me every time, and I’m actually holding back a few tears just thinking about the beauty of the show.  Something is wrong with me.

  • “Do you think [he] was part of the Pattern?”  WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PATTERN IS/WAS - blergh.
  • Season 4 spoiler - When Nina says “I would say this to my own daughter…” you don’t seriously think the writers planned that far in advance, do you?  DO YOU, FRINGIES?!?!  I might.
  • BAMF.
  • It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this episode - I always have a problem with the fact that Olivia calls John “Baby,” just because EW.
  • Olivia’s agent ID# is 52776 if you ever wanted to know.
  • Nooooooo Olivia, don’t cry.  Peter will be better for you anyway

fringe 4.07 wallflower

Lincoln: I used to believe just a few months ago that, uh, I understood the world we lived in. I mean, there were basic truths that I thought were… well…true. I used to sleep like a baby. Blissful ignorance.

Olivia: You know, eventually it will just become your life.