4.01 neither here nor there

Mark: Ron, none of this is up to code.
Ron: Sure it is. It’s up to the Swanson Code.
Mark: There’s no drainage, there doesn’t seem to be any ventilation, you’ve got hazardous chemicals over here-
Ron: Yeah, which only I am breathing. It’s the same liberty that gives me the right to fart in my own car. Are you gonna tell a man that he can’t fart in his own car? 

(Parks and Recreation 2.18 The Possum)

fringe 4.01 neither here nor there

September: It is impossible. The timeline has been rewritten. He was erased. And yet traces of him continue to bleed through.

December: It is, as it has always been, our responsibility to ensure events play out as they were intended before your intervention. This started with you. It must be you who ends it.