4. short hair can be cute!

My Conversation with a 4-year-old today
  • Her *Looks at me from the seat ahead of mine and smiles*
  • Me: *Smiles, being pulled out of my depressing thoughts*
  • Her: *Moves to the seat next to mine*
  • We exchange names before she comes and sits next to me
  • Her: Are you a boy or girl?
  • Me: Well today I'm a girl.
  • Her: YOu're really pretty! I like the holes in your ear!
  • Me: *Thinking that a 4-year-old just complimented me on my 2G stretched ears* Thank you!
  • Her: I like your hair! It's really pretty! You should dye it all pink!
  • Me: Next time maybe.
  • Her: No!! You should dye it orange and get red stripes!
  • Me: I like that idea!
  • Her: *Turns to her sister who is like 9* "She's really cute!"
  • I can't stop smiling at this point
  • Her: I'm going to sit by you every day you ride the bus, okay?
  • Me: Okay!
  • This little girl came over to me on the bus while I was in a very very upset mood, a very bad mental place, and was on the verge of tears. She made me smile and proved to me that children are more respectful than adults. She accepted the fact you can see through my earlobes with a smile and compliment, same with my other piercings, she accepted that my hair is very short and is black with pink/red bangs, and she said it looked really cute. She didn't call me a girl or a boy, she politely asked. This little 4-year-old knows more about humanity and respect than 97% of all the adults I've met, that should say something.
Homestuck Headcanon

it’s 4/13!!!!! In honor of the homestuck trash that I am, I’m doing this.

Yoosung = Eridan
- forever alone
- always complain
- can be really cute sometimes
- but then they go full on crazy and ur like hECK (yandere yoosung ftw)

Jaehee = Jane
- very sweet
- can bake
- but then they’re feisty and ur sHOOK
- can kick your butt
- and make a bombin cake afterwards
- also cute short hair

Zen = Cronus
- do I need explain?
- cocky af
- knows they’re beautiful
- flirty to the max
- obsessed with their hair
- grease???

Jumin = Doc Scratch
- really powerful
- somehow in control??
- very classy and proper
- ok but Elizabeth as Ms. Paint

Saeyoung = Dave
- the hippest
- plays it cool 25/7
- really good at hiding any emotions
- is actual sad boi
- hides in humor

Saeran = Karkat
- very anger
- good at insults
- actually has messed up life
- needs support
- protect these boys

V = Terezi
- lol they blind
- betrayed by close friend

Vanderwood = Hussie
- never really around
- but when they are it’s some good stuff 🙌🏻😩👌🏻
- professional at murdering

I miss homestuck okay - Emily

anonymous asked:

What do you think ut and uf sans would look like as human versions? Can be vague or in detail. c: (I mean this in a more so "I personally think" think way, since everyone has their own human versions for them)

I may draw this later.  I’m not sure, just not now… I’m so tired.



-  So white he is pasty.

-  5,4 for some reason claims 5,3

-  Big boned but the jacket hides it well.

-  Short black hair that he spikes to get it out of his face.  When it gets too long he cuts it all off.

-  Cute round squishy cheeks.



-  Has one ear pierced.  But hardly ever wears anything in it.

-  Is still very white but he has somewhat of a tan.

-  Is 5,5 but claims 5,7.

-  Chubby and if you mention it he is not afraid to punch you or shoot an ego-destroying comment your way.

- Ginger hair that he keeps spiked or slicked back because it looks cool.

Baby Malfoy// Draco x Child! Reader

Title: Baby Malfoy

Request: @blue-tail said to baby-draco:

Hi can you a cute draco malfoy x child reader where he has a daughter whose like 4 just about him being a good daddy😊😊thnxs if ya can you don’t have to

 Pairing: Draco x daughter! reader

Warning: non. Cute sweet dad draco!

A/N: this is really short im sorry

Draco would have never believed he would be left with a little girl who looked like him. She had his blonde hair and grey eyes; she was a sweetheart but could be the sassiest little girl in the world.

“Daddy,” Y/N, tugged on his black hoodie, “When are we going to go to see grandma?” she asked, Draco looked down at her, his eyes meeting hers. Y/N loved Narcissa, and Narcissa loved her. Other than Draco, Y/N was one of the only things that could make Narcissa smile. “How about later today? After you eat and take a bath.” Draco said, kneeling to her height, Y/N smiled, nodding. “Yes, yes, yes!” she nodded as her long blonde hair got in her face. Draco smiled to himself as Y/N ran off to her bright pink play room.

Draco made Y/N’s lunch and put it on her favorite plate. It was from this place called, ‘Disney World’ and since he had made up with the Golden Trio a couple years after Hogwarts, they recommended it for Y/N’s fourth birthday. The plate had a mouse on it with a pink bow and dress, which both were covered with white polka-dots. Smiling to himself from the memory, he placed the chicken nuggets on her plate. He sat it at the table, before getting the ketchup, and setting it on the table, he walked to Y/N’s room.

“It’s ready,” he said, his smile growing wider as he saw the stuffed animals at her purple table. “Can I have tea daddy?” she asked, Draco nodded. “Of course you can.”

Y/N ate and got in the bath. Draco dried her hair and put it in pigtails, putting two bows in her hair. Y/N put on a pink short-sleeved, a black jacket and black leggings. She pulled on her pink shoes before they left.

“Daddy,” Y/N said, Draco looked at her as he unbuckled her, “I love you.” She laughed as he took her out, “I love you too.” He smiled, kissing her forehead. “Now let’s go see grandma.” He smiled and Y/N nodded.

Ulzzang Must Have Items

List of some basic items that you can buy and are very trendy right know in Kfashion (I add some pictures as examples). I really hope this will be helpful.

1. Short hair with/without bangs is trendy right now. And it gives you younger look. For example wearing a long sleeve and then wearing a skirt or ripped jeans or shorts will be a good look in this hairstyle.

2.  Oversized t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies aren’t only very comfy they are also very trendy right now. It gives you more ulzzang look.

3.  Distressed jeans are very cute and easy to pair with anything. They can make any plain outfit look really cool and put together.

4.  Tennis Skirts. You can never go wrong with this and they are very popular in Kfashion especially in Ulzzangs.

5.  Outerwear bomber jackets are seen on every kfashion and Ulzzang site, once again wear one that is a bit over-sized.

6.  For accesories, chokers and pasteled color hats are very prominent this fall/winter and really add to an outfit. 

7. Wear glasses. Wear a glasses, the plain one! The most feminine one.

Seventeen Hip-Hop Unit Ideal Type?

So I’ve been gathering some receipts on the hip-hop unit for Seventeen (because I love them like omo no lie they’re everything) and I’ve decided to conjure up my own idea of what their ideal types would be. *Just my expert opinion I may be dead ass wrong ^.^*


S.coups: I hope you’re down for that mommy life because our beloved leader wants kidsss, 4 as he’s said. I think he’d want a girl who has a leader/boss vibe to her. Casual and laid back style, but fancy when he wants to take you out. (because he’ll be the type to take you out fam) Approachable, caring and motherly towards people. Jean jacket over a romper with whatever shoes your little heart desires. Someone who can take care of herself but will let him take care of her too. He’d probably prefer long hair over short because he would want to play with it *ahem jeonghan’s everyday struggle*

Wonwoo: Kind to have a stylish nerdy cute vibe. Someone who is a little bit shy at first but smiles and seems happy (opposite his emo vibe). Glasses, ripped jeans w/ an over sized sweater and high top converse. YOU HAVE TO LAUGH AT HIS JOKES TO BE HIS GIRL THAT’S A MUST. Maybe from time to time he’d find it cute if you threw a lame joke right back at him. He’d want you to be attached to him, but not too much on the needy side. I’m not sure how he’d feel about someone just bursting with cuteness and aegyo, so he’d be attracted to someone more on the quiet side but low key will hit you with charm for days.

Mingyu: Tall, obviously Mr.tree needs a Mrs.tree. Witty and charming and has a mature kind of beauty. Fancy casual, blazer or leather jacket over a dress. Also is one to be into the motherly/ noona type. Serious when she needs to be, but plays when she plays. A girl who is not all stone faced and business, but can be loud, fun and adventurous. Can cook and EAT.(count me in) Someone who is independent and can stand up for herself, but will be vulnerable and depend on love and support from him because lil’ Ming Ming wants to feel important.

Vernon: Laaaiiidddd back af. He’d just want someone who he can chill with and would be down to blast big Sean and turn up in a car with him. Street style. White Jordan’s, skinny jeans either tied around the waist or kinda hanging off the shoulders. (we’ve gotta pay attention to these details ladies and gents) PRETTY LEGS. He’d be super turned on if you liked hip-hop music. Acts like more of a nest friend than a cliche girlfriend, but would like you to show him affection at times. Passionate and driven, despite the laid back aura. Hard-working and is about her money$$$.


So did you fit any of their ideal types?? I’m a Vernon chick man I’m almost too down to get lit in the back of a car to some Drake or J.Cole. As far as appearances go I didn’t want to make any definite conclusions because they’ve never specified, so for now we’re just going to ride with anyone can count :)

Ten Facts About Me!

I was tagged by @astrangetypeofchemistry

1. I tend to make things out of random scraps, I’ve made multiple props from Miraculous Ladybug.

2. I can knit and sew.

3. My favorite color is pink, pretty much every single thing I own is pink.

4. I know how to play the clarinet.

5. I don’t wear sweatshirts or sweatpants, I like jeans and cute blouses with cardigans better. I usually throw on a pair of dangly earrings, maybe a bracelet as well, my hair is constantly styled differently- I have side bangs and a shoulder cut. Ballet flats are also a must.

6. I’m pretty tall, I’m 5'10, but it depends where I am whether or not I feel short or tall.

7. I read a ton, I don’t go a day without reading something whether it be a book or fanfics.

8. Apparently I make a lot of “cartoony” faces whenever I react to something.

9. I’m the clumsiest person ever- and also terribly awkward and suck at taking advice, but a lot of people know me for being comforting and the go-to person whenever they need something.

10. I’ve tripped over a trash can and apologized to it before… in public.

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Something Crazy Epilogue

Summary: Its being one year since your vacation with Bucky happened, what changed in your life ?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1144

Warnings: fluff.

Catch up in here!

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

One year later

 You never imagined that your life would be like this, a year ago you were super single and you almost never left the house. Now you have an amazing boyfriend, you still almost never leave the house, but at least you now have company to watch TV.

 You look at your room; you have so many memories here, good ones and bad ones. You remember when you first moved in with Natasha, how you two stayed all weekend talking about what colors the apartment walls would be and arguing about who would take the biggest room.

 She won, by the way. Now here you are, packing your things, getting ready to move out and even if you are happy, you still feel a little heartbroken that this chapter of your life is about to end.

 “Doll, why do you have so many mugs? And where do you want them to be?” You boyfriend voice takes you away from your thoughts, you look at him he looks so different since you two first met.

 His hair is short, he looks healthier and happier. It’s been almost 4 months since he had a nightmare so he looks well rested “I like to collect mugs, they are cute and you can put the box over the bed.” He kisses your cheek “I don’t think that they all fit in my kitchen.”

 Almost everything you own is in boxes, it is such a stranger feeling “Have I ever told you that I hate Steve?” You ask him “The idea of moving in with me is so bad?” He doesn’t look hurt; he was really curious and maybe a little afraid of your answer.

 “Of course not, I love you, James, and we spent most of the time together anyway, but Steve proposed to Nat and was super romantic, they are getting married in 6 months and I have to move out because we lost that stupid game about the apartments.”

 You take a deep breath and continue to talk “You never asked to me to move in with you, it feels like we are doing this because it’s convenient… … you just looked at me and said hey, so do you want some help to pack your things?”

 He pulls you into a hug, you feel lighter telling him what is bothering you “You know that is not true, I love you so much and I want us to live together but we kind of already are. I can’t remember the last time you didn’t spent the night, I am not complaining… but, can you?”

 You are pretty sure that it’s been a month since you last slept on your own bed, when you sat on it felt weird and when he sits by your side you feel silly about being mad at him in the first place.

 “Tell me, doll, there is anything else that is bothering you?” You put your head on his chest “I love this place, don’t get me wrong your place is nice but still feels like your place… I just wish you had asked me, Bucky.”

You feel his lips on yours, he holds you close and just like that you are not upset anymore “Come with me, doll.” He takes your hand, leads you to his car and open the door for you.

 “Do you trust me?” You nod and he takes a blindfold of his pocket “Kink, do you have handcuffs in your pocket too?” He smiles at you, turning you around and place the silk material over your eyes.” Trust me, you are gonna enjoy this.”

 “I always do.”

 You don’t know how much time he spent driving, you think is almost one hour, but how can you be sure? When the car stops, he helps you get out of the car and leads you to the place he wants to show.

 “I am taking the blindfold now.” You are surprised; you didn’t know what to expect but definitely not that. You were standing in the middle of an unfurnished apartment. The place was beautiful, with big widows and a balcony.

 The apartment wasn’t too big or small, it was perfect. You loved the main bedroom with the small balcony, the guest room would be a perfect nursery and you coursed yourself to think far ahead.

 “What do you think? Did you like it?” You turn around to him and nod “This place is beautiful Bucky… What are we doing here?” He takes your hand, taking you to the living room and sitting on the floor with you.

 “I bought this place a couple months ago; don’t look at me like this… I was gonna ask you two move in with me but then Steve asked Natasha to marry him and how could I compete with that propose? He bought a thousand red roses for her.”

 You put your hand on his check, he leans to your touch and you start to caresses his cheek with your thumb. “Bucky… I loved this place … but you bought an apartment… how?

 “I had the money… And I wanted to make you happy. I know that you don’t love my apartment; it is small, you always say that it needs more pillows and rugs.” You jump on top of him, placing your lips on his and you can feel his muscles under you.

 He lips travel to your neck, biting the soft skin “You know what the best part of this place is?” You shake your head a no and he flips the both of you “You are 15 minutes from your work place and they just opened a new coffee shop that has an amazing banana muffin.”

 “I love that you did all this for me, but I would move in with you to any place and I hope that you know that.” He gets up letting you rest on his lap “I know you would, you love me… but this last year wasn’t easy.”

 His hands start to caresses your back and continue to talk “With everything that happened with your dad and my nightmares. We both need I don’t know something new.”

 You agree “We could paint our bedroom walls blue, put a shelf over there and the guest room yellow.” He shuts you up with a kiss “We can do everything you want, doll, you can even put all your books in the living room.”

 He gets up and extends you a hand “What do you say about we christen this place and them I show you that coffee shop that I was talking  about? ” You get up and smile at him “I think that is a great idea.” You say taking your blouse off “What are we celebrating, my love?”

 “To something new, baby girl.” He says crashing his lips onto yours.

Thank you @drinkfantasy for beta this for me.

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Thank you for everyone that request an epilogue, I had a lot of fun writing this.

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5 happy things meme

Because the news is dumb and I need happy thoughts. Tagged by @isjustprogress

1. My new haircut. I keep petting my head where it’s buzzed. I finally found another hairstyle that makes me feel as powerful as when I have a super short pixie cut. I love feeling badass - i truly helps when I’m having a down day. I use my hair as armor.

2. Hearing from someone that they like a thing I made. It can be hard to keep perspective on my own progress, so having that outside validation is helpful (and totally a tiny mood boost)

3. Playing tag with BigCat. I don’t know why this started, but when he’s feeling frisky he likes playing chase with me around the house. It’s super cute. 

4. I’m stealing the hugs thing. A really good hug is one of the best things. An excellent hug friend moved far away a few months ago, and I’ve been missing her hugs :( But yes, awesome!

5. Burrowing in a blanket fresh from the dryer with a cup of tea and a movie. Oh my god so cozy.

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fourfootdepression  asked:

Can i get a ship? QQ. I'm extremely short, 149cm (4'10) and I have short, brown hair. My eyes are usually light blue, but change colours from a range of greens, browns and a grey. My favourite colours are pastel pinks and purples and i love hats, jackets and sweaters. I love drawing and painting and those are really my only skills. I have extremely bad luck so I can't be trusted at all in a kitchen. I seem cute, but my favourite genre is rap but I get scared by literally anything, even a flower.

Hey~ the Monsta X member I ship you with is Kihyun! ^^

Originally posted by kihyuon

I think you are perfect for Mr. Yoo Kihyun! He would love the changing color of your eyes and would often tell you how beautiful they are. You can’t be trusted in the kitchen? No bother. He got that covered. He would love to teach as well. He would protect you with all his might from all your fears, silly or not. 

anonymous asked:

Ship if you're still doing them please? I'm 5'4" with short tawny hair, blue-gray eyes, and a rather busty figure (can be super annoying). Reserved demisexual (so guy or girl) tsundere fangirl who loves sweets, jokes, reading, writing, taking walks, and cute & dark things (animals, landscapes, storms, woods, etc.); eclectic; mixed personality; stubborn with a temper (I've been told it's suicide to be on my bad side); protective; I daydream; and people think I'm huggable when I'm not. Thanks!

Hey, super sorry it has taken me a while to reply. When you sent this I wasn’t taking requests for ships but now they’re open again, and I kept this in my inbox, so here it is:

I would ship you with Dean!

I think that Dean would love your stubborn temper and he thinks its the hottest thing ever when your angry, it doesn’t even matter who your angry with, he just thinks it’s hot to watch you when you’re shouting. Also, he loves the fact that you’re protective as he thinks it’s super adorable when you’re both on hunts and you want to go first to protect him even though you know he can handle himself. Finally, when you have some days off from hunting, Dean will take you for a walk to through the woods for a picnic and he will also take your favourite book and cuddle up with you whilst reading to you until you fell asleep in his arms. 


By @gumdropcookie120.

State 5 things you like about yourself:

1.) Even tho many people dislike how high-pitched my voice is, I don’t think it’s really that bad imho. I think it’s pretty cute, lol.

2.) The fact that I have so many stuffed toys to give to my friends.

3.) I guess my short hair, lol.

4.) My creativity and vast imagination! One TDOOS AU per day as a result lol.

5.) When I really am worked up and want to do something, I can do it quickly!

Anyone who wants to do this meme is automatically tagged lol.

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(for the anon thingy) heya I'm alMost 14 and I'm 5'4 ish I think, I have short brown hair and I wear glasses at school(so I can see the board cause ye) I'm a girl, and well I have the appearance of an actual rat sO yeahh😂

Oml everyone on this sit is so tall jesus

I would Totally date you, and i am a gremlin so a rat and gremlin relationship is not unusual on this site. ((and i severely doubt that you look like a rat))

I also have short brown hair, so can match oml this is so cute i feel like people actually like me this is momentous

oxoxoxoxoxoxox Sophie

send more these are fun

meika-mc-shortstuff  asked:

OK, I'm a girl, I'm 4'11, I have ash blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, and am awkward when you first meet me, but after I get used to you, I have a bit of a split personality thing going on, so sometimes I can be quiet and shy but at other times I can be hyper active and meme obsessed. Who would you ship me with?

I ship you with Lutz! He would love both sides of you and find how short you are to be cute.


I have a mild concussion and a cute septum ring

A Time For Love (Jungkook x Reader) - Part 1

Anonymous asked:
hi,can I please have a scenario where you go to your friend’s wedding party and  jungkookie who tagged along to the party with his friends falls for you,he makes his move but the girl rejects her politely mostly cause she never had a dating experience before but kookie because he is golden somehow manages to win her over before the end of party thus marking the start of an exciting lovelife,woah that got too long,sorry and thank you<3

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait! I hope you don’t mind I kind of turned this into a mini fic because I got so many ideas for this xD Part 1 is kind of short… (For those of you that have read “Just One Day” I wonder if you can see some connections O3O) 

Genre: Fluff

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

You stared at the mirror, surprised to see yourself in a cute baby blue dress with a light purple ribbon wrapped around your waist. Your hair was perfectly curled, parted to one side. You couldn’t help but smile, this was the first time ever you dressed up. Well, technically you didn’t dress up, your best friend made you dress up for her wedding. She wanted everything to be perfect, especially her one and only girl friend that couldn’t care less about her appearance. The two of you didn’t have many friends.

You met through work when you first started and was struggling to keep up. She was there to guide you through everything. You looked up to her, admired her. There was a small age gap between you and her but that really didn’t stop you from being good friends. Most of the bridesmaids (to be exact there were only 6 including you) were cousins and family friends of Jun. But of course she had chosen you to be the maid of honour. You watched as she made her way towards you. She smiled and wrapped her arms around you, resting her chin on your head.

“You look beautiful, Y/N!” She exclaimed as her stylist followed her to finish up her makeup.

“You look more amazing than me!” You replied back, turning around to see the full view of your best friend. Her strapless dress fit her perfectly and hugged every curve. The end of her dress flowed to the ground. Her diamond necklace sparkled around her neck. The veil, kept in place by a baby blue flower that matched the dress of the bridesmaids, was placed just above her neatly wrapped bun. She looked perfect. You watched her dress drag behind her as she walked back and forth in excitement of the thought of her future husband. They had been dating for a very long time and her mother really wanted her to get married. You wished you were there to see it but you had to finish up some work at the office during that time.

“Jun! It’s almost time! Exactly 10 more mintues!” A tall brown haired man dressed in a clean suit shouted, bursting through the door, “Look at you.” He smiled, turning Jun to the nearest mirror. You remember seeing this man around your best friend but not enough to remember his name.

“Jae hwan, please.” Jun smiled, “You’re more excited for my wedding than me.”

“Of course! Do you know how hard it was to actually make this wedding private? Especially from all the media and the press. You know marrying an idol has it’s disadvantages. Namjoon really has to get his act together.” He pointed out.

“Yes, unless you’re really in love with him and can actually handle all the drama that goes on in an idol’s life.” She smiled, popping in her crystal earrings. “How do I look?” She turned around for us as the other bridesmaid said their “Ooh’s” and “ahh’s” at her perfect image, Jun’s mother slammed the door open, shooing Jae Hwan back to the front of the church.

“Aright, everyone stand by! The bride is on her way.” You heard as you and the rest of the bridesmaids made their way from the back room to the front stage, lining up on the other side of the priest. You noticed on the opposite side were 6 groomsmen, whom all looked amazing. Of course since they were idols they would look great, but one stood out from all the others, the one that stood at the very end of the line. His dark black hair was parted and his dark brown eyes sparkled. You turn your attention to the front when you heard the wedding song intro. The doors opened as Jun’s father led her down the aisle with her little niece as her flower girl and nephew as her ring bearer.

Everyone else in the chapel stood up and stared at the beautiful bride. You glanced at the groom who had his eyes glued on her as she slowly walked towards him, holding a bouquet of blue flowers. His smile couldn’t get any bigger, that’s when you noticed the same guy from earlier at the end of the line, was staring at you. It was quite obvious because he was the only one that didn’t have his eyes on the bride. Well, other than you, since you were staring back at him. He looked away quickly when your eyes met and turned his attention to Namjoon as he took Jun’s hand in marriage

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)

What I learned on SPN episode 12x4

-Mary can text and Dean’s a 4 year old brat that didn’t tell Sammy that mom said hi

-British Men of Letters can suck a bag of dicks

-WhY dO yoU FeEL thE nEed to HavE DeAn gEt Hit oN bY a WoMan I meAn HeLLo hE iS MaRRied™ nOw

-Dean is totes jealous of the Angel/Demon crimefighting team

-Sam has a cool MoL wallpaper on his phone what a nerd 😍

-Sam likes 80’s hair band music

-Sam just fanboyed over Lucifer’s current meatsuit

-Sam’s hair is suspiciously short after his mom cut her hair and that’s just adorable

-Sam’s hair is cute af

-Sam saved the universe again

-Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam SamSam and I couldn’t be more pleased

anonymous asked:

Does the estrogen hormone things make the hair on your head grow faster? My hair grows slowly and I'm worried about starting HRT and having my hair remain short/masculine for a while.

Chrissi says:

Estrogen Hormone thing… HRT for short. ;) (hormone replacement therapy) Consists of two things for trans women. Some sort of anti-androgen (testosterone blocker) and some sort of estrogen, usually estrodiol. Also depending on circumstances they may prescribe progesterone (pregnancy hormone) but this is rare.
Sorry, I just answered a question you didn’t ask, but I felt like this knowledge would be useful on your journey.

Okay, so hair! Male and female hair growth is approximately the same, about 0.015 inches per day, but this varies from person to person, depending on genes and environmental factors, like diet ect. Women tend to have thicker hair, and more of it, due to the reduced amounts of testosterone in their systems. This is why the drugs used to treat baldness are mainly composed of testosterone blockers. So HRT should make your hair look fuller, but wont help with the length.

There are however ways to help hair growth along.
1. Diet. A balanced diet full of proteins and vitamins and minerals, will ensure your hair has all the building blocks it needs to grow. (I take a collagen supplement as well btw. Nice and strong hair… HULK HAIR)

2. I know this isn’t easy in our situations, but minimise stress. As much as you can. Stress has been proven to slow down hair growth.

3. Style your hair in moderation. Avoid perming, crimping, chemically or mechanically straightening, curling, and bleaching or repeatedly coloring hair.These treatments can weaken hair strands and stress hair follicles, leading to increased hair breakage and even hair loss. Hot styling tools can cause damage very quickly, so air dry or manually style hair whenever possible.

4. Try hair growth shampoos, some of these actually do help.

OH, and short hair doesn’t mean manly hair. Short hair can be extremely feminine if styled correctly. Think pixie cut! Like Tinkerbell! WOOO!

I have had short hair since the start of my transition, and although i’m growing it, I LOVE it. Short hair is just cute. And trust me, it’s not manly in the slightest!

Embrace your locks sister!

Me at the start of my transition rocking a pixie…