In Super Mario Bros. 3, the rock between the path to the first fortress in World 4 and the Spade Panel can be destroyed with a Hammer item, allowing the player to bypass the fortress. There is no obvious indication that this rock is destructible, as it is surrounded by decorative rocks. In fact, many guides for Super Mario Bros. 3 do not mention this shortcut. (Footage recorded by me in a NES emulator.)

Pick A Card:Tom Hiddleston Edition

Option 4/4: The Gentle Giant


“By most definitions, Tom Hiddleston is…uncool. His vulnerability, his enthusiasm, his Bolognese, these are not trademarks of a dashing movie star. And yet here he is, a sweet-natured bookworm trapped in the second act of a movie where the overlooked geek has been given the face and body of the only man who should ever be allowed to wear a suit “

Month of Spreads, Day 15- Help and Hinder

Problem: I procrastinate and lack follow through on my plans or projects.

What will help the solution to my problem?- 4 of Spades, Ravenclaw, Fang
(I have been burned out mentally and physically and need to take time to recover. Take solace in those that are close to me. Remember and be grateful for what I have.)

What will hinder the solution to my problem?- 9 of Spades, Ravenclaw, Grindylow
(being dragged down by negativity, not realizing or acknowledging my skills, rumination or negative self-talk loops)

This Grindylow is stalking me!!

Only 4 of these Ace of Spades Necklaces left until they’re gone forever! I made these in collaboration with the wonderful Amelia Ace who makes youtube videos about asexuality 💜✨ get yours at riotcakes.com⠀

[Image description: A hand holding a necklace. The pendant of the necklace depicts a spade shape filled with the asexual flag.]⠀

TrendCasting - Dear Wantering Gift Guide 

10 holiday gifts for the most stylish woman in your life

Your most fashionable friend is no longer the hardest to go holiday shopping for. We’ve scoured Wantering to find gifts that even the most discerning sartorial eye will fall in love with. From stunning pieces of jewelry to cozy must-haves for winter, check out our Dear Wantering Gift Guide with Kay Jewelers, Kate Spade New York, and Club Monaco.             

Chic Baubles with Kay Jewelers

When figuring out what type of jewelry to surprise her with, think of her everyday style and look for something that will fit into her wardrobe. Before you select a piece of jewelry for a woman, think of when and where she’ll wear it. For the perfect gift, match her style with our top two picks below.

1) Kay Jewelers’ Love Knot Earrings in Sterling Silver are for the woman who loves to add an easy, classic accent to her outfit. She can go from work to a holiday party without changing accessories. 

2) Kay Jewelers’ Triangle Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold is modern and minimalist, complementing a holiday party LBD or dressed-up jumpsuit.

Arm Candy

Invest in a quality timepiece that she’ll keep for years to come. Gift her a gold or silver watch with a leather strap for timeless staple you she’ll love. Or, if you know she’s more of a risk taker, get her a watch with funky accents, such as rainbow glitter or polka dots. 

3) The Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch is a neutral watch that she can pair with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortless and casual look. 

4) The Kate Spade Rumsey Watch features a polka dot rubber strap, that your quirky girlfriend will rock with confidence. 

5) The Citizen Bangle Watch from Kay Jewelers is delicate and feminine, ideal for the friend who keeps her wardrobe simple and sophisticated.

6) Kate Spade’s Pave Interchangable Metro Watch makes a wrist party statement, adding extra glitter to her look for the next girls’ night out. 


Winter Whites

When the temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than keeping warm and looking chic. Gift her one of these ultimate winter white must-haves below.

7) The Club Monaco Darci Scarf ties in one of the season’s hottest runway trends: fringe. 

8) Kay Jewelers’ Love Bracelet in 14k White Gold is for the girl who’s a romantic at heart. 

9) Kay Jewelers’ 14K White Gold Hoop Earrings are showstoppers. Their twist rope design makes them a versatile piece of jewelry for any occasion.

10) The Club Monaco Eleta Cashmere Hat is topped off with a shearling pom-pom, perfect for the friend who has a fun and playful style.

Did you find a gift that you think she’ll love this holiday? Tweet us @Wantering and let us know which ones you’ll be giving.    


Mt Daniel | 6/27/2015

1. Unnamed lake behind Cathedral Rock
2. Mt. Daniel as seen from the ridge on the approach. 
3. Traversing to the saddle.
4. Venus (closest) and Spade Lakes from the saddle. 
5. Summit. Mt. Rainier in the background. 
6. Wildflower macro. 
7. Descending the traverse. 

You’ll Want to Wear these 7 Super Charming Kate Spade Trinkets All Summer!

Oh, and by the way, 6 of them are under $50!

Adorn and be adored. There’s just something fun and charming about Kate Spade accessories that turn any outfit into a beautifully playful ensemble. Their eye-catching pieces are whimsical yet sophisticated, and look especially gorgeous in gold! Since the summer sun is shining in all its glory now, we picked out 7 stylish gold pieces from the label that are perfect for all your summer outfit ideas!

Check ‘em out and shine all season:

1) Kate Spade Gramercy Crystal Watch - You’ll love the crystal detailing that fills the Gramercy’s mother of pearl dial!

2) Kate Spade On Your Mark, Get Jet Set, Go Idiom Bangle - Mix and match with other bracelets and bangles, or wear by itself for a simple chic look.

3) Kate Spade Charming Key Bangle - Complete a summery maxi dress with this feminine key bangle!

4) Kate Spade No String Attached Idiom Bangle - For fashionistas that live life with “No Strings Attached,” this is the piece!

5) Kate Spade Tres Chic Studs - You don’t have to wear dresses and skirts all summer. Wear these statement-making earrings with a basic tee, skinny trousers and heels for a truly chic look. 

6) Kate Spade Mom Said So Idiom Pendant - Thinking about mother’s wise words wherever your adventures bring you? This dainty necklace serves as an extra reminder. 

7) Kate Spade Lemon Tart Starfish Studs - Fall in love with these starfish studs! Wear them to the beach to complete a stylish bikini or one-piece, or wear them in the city to bring the beach vibes with you instead!

Cute, aren’t they? Be sure to check out selection of jewelry currently on sale on Kate Spade for more delightful trinkets!

What’s your favorite type of jewelry to don? Let us know!

Happy Monday!
Wantering Editors

Hey Beautiful! 8 of the Prettiest Things on the Internet…

Today is going to be WONDERFUL. We’ve had a hard time choosing what to include in this list since there are so many pretty things out there, but c'est la vie. 

Happy Friday the 13th, Full Moon day, TGIF, and best day ever. 

8 of the Prettiest Things on the Internet!

Click through to see where to get ‘em

1) ModCloth Proudly Posh Heel (dainty, unique and comfortable)

2) ModCloth Lady Love Song Dress in Sapphire (wear this everywhere, up to size 4X)

3) Melie Bianco Full Course Loaded Bag from ModCloth (fits everything)

4) Kate Spade Lemon Tart Starfish Studs (on sale!)

5) Soludos Stripe Sandals in Peach and White from Shopbop (Only 1 left!! For more Soludos go to Wantering)

6) Reverse Daisy Lace Romper from Shopbop (the sleeves, swoon)

7) Kate Spade Gum Drop Earrings (on sale!)

8) Cowrie Fringe Necklace from Anthropologie (take a look at the details on this baby)

Peace, love and good style,

Wantering Editors