✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀 Outlet Mall Crawl Haul! ✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀✨💕👑🎀

Michael Kors wallets x 4 - $556
Kate Spade wallets x 4 - $620
Kate Spade cross body bag - $328
Not pictured:
Red Kate Spade wallet - $205
Grand Total - ✨$1,785✨

🎀 Cheers to 1.7k!!!! 🎀

Exchange reading for the Princess of Pentacles

This reading is for the amazing Prince(ss) of Pentacles,  who just gave me a fantastic reading using the Arcane Mysteries’ spread #18. After shuffling, I drew until I came to the playing card equivalent of the Princess of Pentacles, the 10 of Diamonds, and laid out the cards after it in pairs to answer a three part question:

What does the Princess of Pentacles need to know?
What can she do about it?
What is the likely outcome of this choice?

4 of Spades, 4 of Diamonds, 5 of Spades, 8 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts

What you need to know: 4 of Spades, 4 of Diamonds
Fours are numbers of structure, stability, and cessation. The 4 of Diamonds refers to material comfort and stability, and the 4 of Spades appears when something has been or should be put to rest. Concerning your finances, the time has come to change the status quo. If there’s a money-related venture on your mind (such as charging for Tarot readings, perhaps :D), now is the time go for it! 

What you can do: 5 of Spades, 8 of Hearts
The matter in question is one that is close to your heart, and requires the pain of duty and effort to follow through. However, I think it will all be worth it, because…

The outcome: 2 of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts
The outcome couldn’t look more promising. The 2 of Diamonds is the card of gifts, rewards, and income and the 10 of Hearts is a sign of great happiness and success (I interpret all the number ten cards as being stops on the Wheel of Fortune, and the 10 of Hearts is the stop at the very top—the seat of conquerors and kings). 

I know this is brief, but I hope it is enlightening. Thank you again for my reading!

Daily Draw for 07/23/2014

Straight up, I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the cards: With the 4 of spades, I see fatigue. Flat out fatigue–and yes, it’s almost noon and I am tired as hell, still. With the 7 of spades I see some frustration and general crap going wrong. With the 4 of clubs, I see some…

Daily Draw for 07/23/2014 was originally published on Divinely Inspired Cartomancy

Daily Draw 8/01/14

As usual, these daily draws come true so fast I’m lucky to finish the reading first.

4 of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, 4 of Spades, 5 of Spades (reversed), 5 of Clubs (reversed)

4♣, J♦, and 4♠ all together seem to tell the story of a message (4♣) I was writing, but ultimately decided not to send (4♠) (Diamonds + Clubs usually seem to indicate messages or communication, so perhaps J♦ combined with 4♣ means a messenger?). 

I have realized that 5♠ has been appearing in personal readings all week due to intestinal problems (5♠ is my card of illness or injury). If I’m lucky, perhaps 5♣ after it, being of the suit of movement and change, indicates a problem that is passing away.  

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. With only 5 days left until you celebrate your favorite lady, you’ll want to check out my top 5 last minute gift ideas that your mom is sure to love! 

1. BVLGARI ‘Eau Parfumée au thé vert’ Bath & Shower Gel

2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle

3. Bauble Bar Clip-on Crystal Dandelion Drops

4. Kate Spade mom engraved bangle 

5. Chocolate Shop Wine

Longing by azures featuring Kate Spade ❤ liked on Polyvore

Birkenstock leather sandals, 150 AUD / Pink cross body purse, 36 AUD / Miss Selfridge wool fedora, 55 AUD / Makeup remover, 57 AUD / Korres lip care, 15 AUD / Aesop clear hair care, 37 AUD / Philip Kingsley hair blow dryer, 42 AUD / Lux Art Silks faux floral arrangement, 770 AUD / Succulent pot, 5.02 AUD / Slate pencil, 4.97 AUD / Kate Spade office accessory, 25 AUD / OKA pink fake flower, 27 AUD

Okay, so it takes place in a universe where the universe itself is a metaphorical card deck. You know how we have the strings of fate? This universe has the cards of fate; each person is born with their own card that determines their fate based on the following: suit and number. There are 4 kingdoms of suits: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts, who are all enemies. In every kingdom there is a social class hierarchy. At the bottom are the 2s, the peasants, then 3s and 4s, the workers, 5s and 6s, the skilled craftsmen, 7s and 8s, the merchants 9s and 10s, the upper class and the royals. Aces are skilled in magic, Jacks manage finances, Queens work with the citizens, and Kings pass the laws. At the top of all of this is the “deity” of the realm, the dealer, who controls the card of fate.

The main character is a girl who is at the bottom of the system, most likely a 3 or 4, and I haven’t decided which suit yet. At this point, all of the kingdoms are in complete chaos because the magical items of the suits, (spade clock, diamond pendant, club ring and heart scepter) have all disappeared. She gets pulled into a world of trouble when her younger sister goes missing, only to find the spade’s magical clock in her place. She goes on a crazy journey to find the items and return them to the royals before it is a full on game of war among the suits. Along the way she meets a partner (girl or boy, I don’t care, but from another suit and a 5 or 6), finds her sister who has been kidnapped by ???, and meets the dealer him/her/itself. The dealer actually helps her through-out her journey by giving her complex riddles that don’t make sense until the end. She, the protagonist, ends up discovering who and what she really is, which turns out to be not one of the suits and numbers, but in fact, a joker; one who can be any and every card, and play any and every role. The story itself is about how much someone is influenced by fate, the concept of free will, and how it is not so important what kind of hand you have been dealt with at birth, but how you play your cards in life that really matters.

Message me if anyone feels like writing it!

I thought of this at 11pm in the shower…wow

☼ when your legs don’t work like they used to before, and i cant sweep you off of your feet ☼ por angie-pie usando rag & bone ❤ liked on Polyvore

White shirt / Pleated skirt / Jimmy Choo white sandals / Vera bradley bag / Coral jewelry / Earrings / River Island black earrings, $4.61 / Kate Spade tech accessory / Charlotte Russe flower crown / Rag bone belt / Muse eyewear / MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow / Boohoo palette eyeshadow / Pink makeup brush / Benefit mascara / Burberry mascara / Guerlain face powder, $66 / Marc Jacobs nude lipstick / Face powder / Urban Decay face powder / Mink false eyelash, $38 / Mink false eyelash, $23 / Le Métier de Beauté translucent face powder / Crabtree Evelyn nail polish / Nails Inc nail polish, $23 / Essie nail polish
summer look by ettavata featuring a lace up top

H M lace up top, 297.515 IDR / Balenciaga jacket, 32.418.205 IDR / Short red skirt, 127.890 IDR / TOMS black lace-up boots, 1.149.735 IDR / Michael Kors leather travel tote, 4.763.405 IDR / Kate Spade polka dot watch, 3.870.265 IDR / Kenneth Jay Lane white jewelry, 1.162.655 IDR / Barrette hair clip, 452.145 IDR / Laura Geller lips lipstick

Legend Allstar Teams for 2015-2016!
Tiny Level 1: Jumping Jacks
Mini Level 2: Jokers Wild
Youth Level 2: Queens
Youth Level 3: Spades
Junior 4: Royal Flush
Senior 3: Black Diamonds
Senior 4: Ace of Spades
Senior R5: Roulette
Hip Hop: Casino
Prep classes start May 4!
Try outs are May 8, 5:30 to 7, for levels 1 & 2 and May 9, 10 to 12:30 for levels 3 -5!!

·i slept in last nights clothes and tomorrow’s dreams but they’re not quite like they seem· by morgan-ella-moffett featuring fabric flowers ❤ liked on Polyvore

H M cable knit tight
$4.54 - hm.com

Kate Spade bangle bracelet

Blue Nile freshwater pearl earrings

River Island tech accessory
$12 - riverisland.com

D.R. Harris Arlington Shave Cream Bowl
$25 - conranshop.co.uk

Body cleanser

Tag vintage sign

Flower planter

OKA fabric flower
$21 - okadirect.com

Paper & Tea Green Lantern Matcha Tea