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Hard Trance

  • Me:wow my university timetable for next semester worked out really really well and I'm super happy with it!
  • Uni:just kidding, we're gonna change this class and mess everything up for you!
Caryl Appreciation Week. Day 2: Favorite Conversations

3.7 When The Dead Come Knocking

“Stay safe”

“Nine lives, remember?”

This is one out of many conversations that they gave that I love. He tells her to stay safe because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He cares about her.

3.11 I Ain’t Judas

“I haven’t had the chance to say, I’m glad you came back.”

“To what? All this?”

“This is our home!”

It’s a tomb.”

“That/s what T-Dog called it. I thought he was right. Until you found me”

In that moment Carol basically said it’s home because of you. Home doesn’t have to be a place, it can be a person too. And I think that home to Carol is Daryl.

4.1 30 Days Without An Accident

“Just so you know, I liked you first”


This was when everyone from Woodbury was at the prison and liked Daryl so much. So she wanted to remind him she was a fan before and still is. Plus she likes teasing him and he lets her do it.

Phil made me watch Avatar The Last Airbender and i watched it in like 4 days loved it, and I just finished season 1 of Korra.

I’m notorious for talking and screaming etc in my sleep so last night had a dream i was an ~~*avatar*~~ but i had to take the “avatar state board test” to use my powers. my mom was there while i kept holding out my hands to do water bending and nothing came out cause i hadnt taken my ~Avatar Test~. mom called me a loser and i screamed “IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU MOM” irl while i was still sleeping lmaoooo i woke phil up with my stupid dream got dam cartoons get out of my head.

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7 Day Gratitude Challenge- Day 4

1. I LOVE trees. I just love to stare and admire them. I’m grateful for beauty like that and of course the wonderful things they do for our planet.

2. I’m grateful for movies, especially today. They can make you forget about life for a while which came in handy today when I had my first panic attack in over a year. So thank you, Meet The Fockers, for the much needed laughter. 

 3. I’m grateful for my mom. This woman is my world and I can’t put into words just how much I love her. Truly, a gift from God. 

 4. I’m grateful for the power of my mind. Some days, I can think so positively and truly make my day amazing. Other times, I know I’m not thinking properly and I have a dark day. But no matter what, it truly is impressive what the mind can achieve. 

 5. I’m grateful for air conditioning. It is very hot in California and everywhere I go is so cold that I’ll often need to bring a light sweater if I plan on being indoors for an extended period of time. But it is better than the alternative. 

 6. I’m grateful for love. Just its sheer existence is remarkable. I hope I fall in love soon. I want to experience that again, it has been too long. All forms of love are beautiful. Every day you can choose to live in love or in fear and I hate to admit I choose fear far too often, I hope I can get to the point where I live every day from a place of love and make all decisions from a loving place. (But also, I’m crazy single so if you know anyone….kidding…kind of…) 

 7. I’m grateful for this, right here. Social media can be used for good things. While so many people, myself included, talk about how alienating it can make our society, it has a way of bringing people together. I’m not one for being on your phone when you are with other people but I think when you are home and you want to reach out, you’ll find that there is always someone there. And that’s comforting. Thank you for being a lovely community of positive people for me to look toward. I hope you all have a beautiful night.

So upset...

That I missed so many sunrises in my youth. I have no picture, just my words. It was a beautiful morning. Oranges and reds streaked across a clear sky. The faint crows of a distant rooster reminding me of the rural life that lies just around the corner. There was no wind, no traffic, just a few early walkers and runners. For them, what a great way to start the day. For me, not a bad way to end it.

Where it would be easy to dwell on the mistakes of that misspent youth, I choose to correct my future path. I will cherish the days before me knowing that I only have so much time. If I am not careful that time will quickly get away from me. And when it’s gone, it is just that- gone.

Week 3, day 1, easy 4. Run was followed by time spent with Alec and Bethany before they left to start their day.

4.23 miles - 41.07 minutes - 9.43 pace

str8stylin asked:

TOTAL guesses here: Stockholm Syndrome, Happily, Magic (and if this isn't on there, that was some false advertising), Fool's Gold, They Don't Know About Us, Rock Me, Little White Lies, Little Black Dress, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Right Now

Do you see why I just like 1 trillion posts because 4 days later here are my fave songs: (anyway I’m putting the ones y’all didn’t guess in yours too idk)

1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Happily

3. Clouds

4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

5. I Want

6. Magic

7. She’s Not Afraid

8. Fool’s Gold

9. Little White Lies

10. Fireproof

kaliifornia-kiss asked:

I've helped this guy get this girl but she turned him down. I've been comforting him and talking to him everyday until we decided to become best friends. Everyone thinks we're together but we weren't but after 2 and a half years when he said he liked me, my heart stopped because I've been feeling the same way. We've had a mutual understanding for about 4 months then 1 day he just stopped talking to me. He wasn't replying to me at all for 4 months. Then now, we're talking

idk if theres a part 2 to this but i think you should ask him why he suddenly stopped talking to you? i hate when ppl do that. i hope he answers you <33

sexual night

tvvelvth asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity! ^^

I’ve already done this so I’ll give a different list of answers :)

1. Being born in this era tbh

2. singing cupcakes and sunshine with legs for days

3. friends, family, mutuals, favs, husbands, wives, and my pets

4. metlife days 1 & 2

5. just everything. i’m just really in that kind of mood right now haha