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Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (Energy Mix)
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June Book Challenge - Day 16

‘‘Your book stack is too small, if you can still see your guinea pig behind it,’‘ - me, just now.

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🔹Date and time: June 12th 10:31 am

🔹Average hours of sleep: from 5 to 12, depending. 

🔹Last thing I googled: Where to buy a cheap version of a go pro

🔹Nickname: Sab, sabi, sabs, alien. 

🔹Birthday: Jan 9th

🔹Gender: Female

🔹Height: 1.65 

🔹Fav color: Pink for almost everything. Black for clothing

🔹A place that keeps me happy: My bed

🔹How many blankets do i sleep under: If someones gonna make my bed the next day then 4, if not then just 1 so I don’t unmake my bed.

🔹Fav drink: coffee tea and whiskey.

🔹Fav food: sushi, breaded chicken, taquitos, pozole, omg all the food. 

🔹Last movie I saw in theatre: Mad Max 

🔹Dream vacation: Mykonos

🔹Dream job: Senator.

🔹Dream: To be rich af and be the owner of my own time. 

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Day 4 v1.1

Just woke up, umuwi ng maaga kanina. Di pumasok sa klase kasi wala namang nga daw klase. Hahahahays. Truth is, kahit mag klase siya, uuwi pa din naman kagad ako. I feel strange pag nasa school ako. Minsan feeling ko ayoko na lang pumasok. Parang pag napasok kasi ako, parang sinakastan ko lang din yung sarili ko. I mean how the fuck can I avoid seeing her smiles, her face, everything na makakapagparamdam sakin na I really really like her. Eh kaylangan ko ngang tanggalin yung feelings ko eh. Ako na nga yung nag aadjust, pero kinginang feelings yan, di mawala wala. Nararamdaman ko na din na things aren’t the same as noon. Di na ganung katagal ang usap, she’s always with the other guys. She’s not the same as what we are before. Hays. Siguro yun na nga yung consequence nung pag sasabi ko nung feelings ko. Pero I told my self naman na I’ll face it like a man. Although mahirap, masakit, wala naman akong ibang choice. Things won’t always go according to what I wanted to. 

A moment revisiting memories.

taylorswift, i know you get 1.4 billion requests a day to do things just like this, but on the %0.00004 you see this it’d mean the world to me if you took a look! Some friends and I have worked our ass off in varying capacities at a production company and we finally got enough money and support to make our first short film. We’ve gotten some great responses from friends and I think it’s something you might like! 

Yoo Hae Jin And Kim Yoon Suk Greet Fans For \'The Classifed File\'

[by Sora Ghim, photo by Kim Da Young] Actor Kim Yoon Suk and Yoo Hae Jin particpated in the guerilla stage greet of the movie 'The Classifed File' at the Konkuk University Lotte Cinema on June 24.

The two actors spent time talking to the audience and meeting their fans.

'The Classified File' is about an incident that shook South Korea in 1978 about a kidnapping. It revolves around the detective who is looking for the child and a Taoist who work together for 33 days.

Meanwhile, in just 4 days of its release, it surpassed an audience of 1 million, becoming the fastest to do so among Korean movies in 2015. (photo by bntnews DB)

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Baby’s gaze may predict later hyperactivity

A newborn’s gaze may hold clues to how he or she will behave a few years later, new research suggests. In the study, researchers looked at 80 newborns, who were just 1 day to 4 days old, and measured how long the babies focused their gazes on images that were being shown to them. Then, when the c…
Source:Baby’s gaze may predict later hyperactivity