bruh nakauwi rin after 17928492 years ay waht hahahahaha 4 hrs. lang pala, eh kasi naman sumama ko sa tita ko na bumili ng mga gamit sa home depot sa BGC like tiles, pinto, pintura ganon basta para sa bahay nila eh kala ko mga 30 mins. lang kami dun pero shit pre shit talaga inabot kami ng 4 hrs. alam mo yun? 4 hrs. kaming nakatayo charot hahahaha may upuan naman dun so nakaupo rin naman kami ajujuju hahahahaha pero yung pagkain talaga namin sa greenwich yung best part eh yun lang bye zzz

i tried to post selfies like three times and every time they didnt show up so now theyre floating in cyberspace and probably in like 4 hrs ill have 80 posts of the same pics that randomly decide to post themselves so i apologize in advance


Lola and Bugs process preview !
full duration : 4 hrs ish   : )
If anyone is interested in getting the full length duration of this piece and all my other piece they will be made available through my Patreon for bi-weekly pledge )
Thanks and enjoy : D !

Born in a graveyard adopted by sin,
I cultivate evil that's living within.
A preacher tried saving my black damaged soul,
Possessed by a demon that had full control. (x)

  –   This needed to stop. Seriously, she was twenty two years of age and still falling asleep in the library after god knows how many hours studying. Groaning she closed a few books, unaware of the eyes that trailed over her as she did so. She made sure her own Grimoire was packed away safely in her bag before she used a little magic to tidy the desk. Usually at this time of morning, the library was empty, students still sleeping off hangovers from god know what party the night before and she could be free to do as she please. But she didn’t expect to be caught out.

So if you saw last night I made a post showing I had over 80 messages in my inbox

I just got super overwhelmed  and I got back late from an event for the museum I’m working at and I’m pretty tired, and need to get up early, so I think I’m just not gonna queue anything up today I hope that’s ok! 

I know there are quite a few fills/tumblr fics and I want to read them all but I need to do it properly so I’m just gonna wait for tomorrow sorry!!

i always wished that my sketches/doodles looked neater or more professional looking, especially after i browsed through my favorite artists’ instagrams and deviantart but then i realize the point of sketching and doodling is just to mess around… and sharpening your sense of drawing. i gotta accept that i’m simply not used to sketch things as tidy and conventional as them. maybe i can but it’s not my style

after all sketchbook is kind of a diary but like in pictures only