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:3c Can Lance dance? (Please can he teach Keith if yes?) >:3c

A.N. Well if this isn’t a hot mess. I missed my bedtime by about… 4 hrs. Sigh. Sorry for any delays if you had a bad day! For those who don’t know I’m on Japan time and I got a full-time job. So it takes a while for these longer ones.

I realize the ‘dancing’ might be hard to see so I’ll put up another version on my main art blog.

Ugh, I am a mess right now. More answers soon.. ish. =_=

ALSO! I have a head cannon that Pidge has a good voice.

i may be 3 hrs late but Happy birthday my son!! 🎂💕🎉

(also thank u @thingsteruwouldwear bc i only found that hat and sweater thanks to ur blog!)

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((bROOO i was actually listening to the song when you sent this li ke what

when i saw this ask i was like “b ish how waht????” also check out this work of art))