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Prompt: The gang saving some Aliens and afterwards Lance realizes how much the remind them of his family and he just breaks


Lance quickly landed Blue as gently as he could and quickly ran out to met up with Allura and Coran.

“How many?” Allura asked almost out of breath. 

“Five.” and they all ran back into Blue. 


Lance paced in front of the healing pods. Five. Five aliens that were injured because of me. He ran his fingers through his hair. This is going to be a long night. and Lance sat down and started his long wait. 


Roughly a week later one of pods opened. It contained a younger looking alien, he looked around maybe 5 or 6. He had yellow skin, long black hair that was tied into pigtails and a few marking that decorated his skin.  

Lance quickly ran over to the boy and picked him up. 

“Hey you’re alright.” Lance grab the boys arm in an attempt to calm him from his frantic appearance. 

The boy looked at Lance with wide eyes before he calmed down enough to register what Lance said to him. 

“Do you want to tell me your name?” Lance quietly said as he wrapped a blanket around the boy. 

“Noko.” His voice was quiet but firm, like that was the only thing he was sure of. 

“Noko. That’s an amazing name.” Lance smiled at the boy. “My name is Lance.” 

“Lance.” The boy practiced his name a few time. Lance smiled and watched his eyes move to the other five pods. His arm slowly moved up to point at the pod containing his sister “Arma.” 

Lance looked at the girl. She looked around 10ish, same skin color and hair, just different markings. He looked back at the boy and saw tears welling up in his eyes. “Hey, hey don’t cry,” he wiped Noko’s face, “She’s alright. Your family is safe and healing.” Lance gestured to the other pods. 

The pod closest to the two boys contained,who Lance assumed, was the dad.  He was a tall fellow, extremely muscular and Lance could see how much Noko and Arma resembled him. Lance felt a pain in his chest as he realized that he reminded him of his own father. 

The pod next to the father, was a women. She had orange skin and long blue hair. It was the color of the ocean. She didn’t have any markings on her, yet she had piercings. They decorated her skin and seem to sparkly in the artificial light produced by the pods. Lance assumed that she was the mother of the three kids. 

The last pod contained another boy, he looked around Lances age. His skin was tinted more orange than yellow. His hair was cut short and was a mix between black and blue. Each color seem to alternate, giving the impression that he had dyed it. Lance also noticed that had less markings on him. Lance determined that he took after his mom more than his father. 

Lance looked down at Noko who was (poorly attempting) to stop crying. “Hey why don’t you tell me everyone name so when the come out I can talk to them.” 

Noko wiped his face and nodded. He stood up and walked over to the pod with the father. He placed his hand on the pod “Papi.” 

Lance attempted to bit back a noise. Out of every family in the entire universe he had to find the one with the kids who called his dad the same thing Lance called his dad. Papi. 

“Alright, so Papi.” Lance smiled at Noko and followed him to the pod with the women. 

“This is Mima.” Noko stared at the pod, and brought his blanket closer to him. 

Lance nodded, praying that Noko didn’t notice how he flinched at the word. “Okay, and we already know Arma.” Lance lead Noko past her pod and stopped in front of the last pod. “Who is this?” 

“Takclamino but we all call him T. He doesn’t talk much, so don’t be mad if he doesn’t respond.” 

Lance nodded “My sister is the same way.” 

Noko stared at Lance. “Really? What’s her name??” 

“Cleo. Shes two years older than me.” Lance smiled. 

Noko went to respond but was cut off by his stomach.

“Come on lets go get you some food and you can met the team.” Lance lead Noko out of the room. 


Lance took care of Noko, just like with his own younger siblings. He fed Noko, put him to bed, played with him, made sure he kept clean, and gave him company. 

Lance would never admit it, but Noko helped him. Noko made him feel home again, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. He wasn’t saying that his team wasn’t his family, but Noko felt more like a blood relative over anything. 

After about 4 days everyone was out of the pods and perfectly healed. Now they were simply waiting to head back home. 

Lance spent all of his time with the family. They reminded him so much of earth and his family that he didn’t get to say goodbye to. Lance felt like he belonged with this family. 

Papi would show him how to do certain training exercises and would congratulate him on things he did correctly. 

Mima would cook him food (when Hunk let her) and Lance would gladly eat it. 

Arma constantly wanted Lance to braid her hair and teach her makeup and his skincare routine. 

Noko always wanted to play “Space Rangers” with him and would climb on his should and make Lance run around the castle at full speed. 

T never said much with the exception of 3 to 6 word sentences. Lance didn’t mind, he found comfort in sitting in silence. Except when T showed Lance his harmonica (well that’s what Lance called it) and soon his hang outs with T were filled with music. 

Lance was happy with this family, yet something sat at the bottom of his stomach and he didn’t know what it was. 

Lance finally figured out what was keeping him on edge. He was unconsciously dreading the day the family left. 

Lancer fought back the tears as he hugged them all goodbye and patted Noko’s head. 

“Promise we will play ‘Space Rangers’ again?” 

“I promise buddy.” Lance smiled and stood by his team as the family left. 

Afterwards the teams asked Lance if he was alright, Lance quickly replied with any positive words and went to his room. 

Once inside the safety of his room Lance broke. Tears fell down his face and Lance caved in on himself. He missed his family more than ever and he wanted to be with them again. Lance crawled into his bed and wrapped himself up in his blankets. Maybe one day I can play “Space Rangers” with my brother again. And Lance drifted off to sleep. 


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Tome Appreciation Week

Hello! This is a post letting everyone know about Tome Week. As it sounds like, it’s a whole week revolving around Tome Kurata. You can post whatever kind of content you want with the prompts, so long as it isn’t NSFW, Problematic, or Harmful Content. No unhealthy ships either.  You can either submit your work to this blog, or just post it and tag it “tomeweek”! We will reblog all the content we see. This is all in good fun and love for the sweet Telepathy Club Leader. You can do cosplay, fan fiction, art, etc.

Here are the prompts!

Day 1: Tome and her Girlfriend(s)/Any other Tome ship (abiding by the aforementioned rules).

Day 2: Tome and Alien Friends!

Day 3: Tome Cosplay (as is your own cosplay irl. You can do it however you like!) or Tome in cute clothes and or Cosplay (this is done as artwork, etc.).

Day 4: Tome hanging out with her club and / or  Mob

Day 5: Tome Age Changed- younger or older Tome.

Day 6: Tome and a pet / animal!

Day 7: This is a free day! Just so long as it includes Tome being a huge nerd, you can do whatever!

The days that this TomeWeek will be starting is on the 14th of February which is on a Tuesday. It ends the next week on the 20th of February which is a Monday. We hope you’ll spread the word and join in on TomeWeek!

The official rules can be found here!


Everything is in order from newest to oldest.

Blurbs can be found by clicking on either sorted (a list of different blurbs I’ve written) or unsorted (all in one place, scrollable). Below each boys name are longer one shot, blurb, imagine type writings. Preferences can be found at the end, with all preference links below the title. All recommended writings can be found by clicking on recommendations.



Sorted l Unsorted

SGFG Series

One shots by multiple writers inspired by songs from Sounds Good Feels Good

Color Series

One shots inspired by multiple colors and what they mean to each boy.



Yellow is a prominent color in your relationship with Ashton.


After an accident that leave Ashton a single dad, he begins to write letters to his wife to keep her up to date on what’s going on in their daughter, Brier’s life.

Things Change l Part 2

You and Ashton had been best friends for years but a lot can change in six months. And when you walk in his house to see some girl with him, things do change.

The Joker to my Harley Quinn

Halloween College AU where your roommate convinces you to attend the annual Halloween party but then ditches you leaving you to wander around the massive frat house until you’re greeted with a beautiful, distant stranger.


Halloween AU where Ashton accompanies you while you take your younger siblings trick or treating.

Ketchup Packets

Warning: Deals with social anxiety.

Ashton and you have a best friend ritual of going to In N Out and after an unfortunate incident you come clean to Ashton about some of anxiety issues.


Plus Size AU. Ice cream parlors, heat, hammocks, and insecurities.

Ink Stains and Aquariums

Ashton and you are in the same Marine biology class and decide to visit the aquarium together.


Based on Halsey’s song Trouble.

Laundry Day

When you go to do your laundry you are met with a panicked boy and a room full of detergent.

The Academy Awards

Ashton accompanies you to your first ever Academy Awards as a nominee.

Tumblr Secrets

You’re a writer and Ashton finds out that you used to write fanfics on Tumblr about him before you started dating.



Calum and you want nothing more than to have another child but sometimes life has a funny way of working. Miscarriage TW


Chef!Y/N struggles trying to balance her career and her personal life with Calum and their two children.


Royal!AU where gold is a prominent color in your relationship with Calum.

Time Apart

Military AU where Calum unexpectedly gets called to camp only three months into your relationship.

Work of Art

Halloween AU where single dad Calum volunteers in his daughter’s kindergarten class and soon becomes the Halloween arts and craft project.

Halloween Carnival

Halloween AU where the Hood Twins drag you and Calum to their school carnival where contests are won a fish named Pumpkin is brought home.

Band Kids

High School AU in which Calum is a bassist in a pop-rock band and you’re the head clarinet player in your high school’s marching band.

Marry Me

Calum and you are best friends and over the course of your friendship he asks you to marry him several times.

Rip Currents

Lifeguard AU where both of you are lifeguards at the beach for the summer.

Doctor Hood

You get distracted staring at a random face, spraining your ankle in the process. Luckily Calum is on call to help you out.


An AU blurb where Calum falls for a writer in his english class.

Little Drummer Boy

All Calum wants is to teach his son the bass guitar but his son has other plans.

Working Girl

You’re busy stocking the shelves of Target with the latest CDs when Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer comes in and interrupts you.


The Best Christmas Ever

Originally written for Emma (lukenut)


After Luke gets made fun of for wearing new boots on stage, you try and cheer him up.


Blue is a prominent color in your relationship with Luke.

New Year

Luke and you broke up two years ago and haven’t seen each other since, until tonight at a New Year’s party.

Off Limits

You’re Michael’s little sister and Luke’s best friend and when they ask you to come on tour with them things get a bit messy. 


You decide to decorate your shared apartment for Halloween while Luke is out and when he comes home to find decorations but no sign of you he automatically assumes the worst.

Not My Holiday

Halloween & plus size AU where Luke takes you to the costume store but instead of finding costumes Luke learns more about your insecurities.

I’ve Got Your Back

Boyfriend!Luke helps you recover from a back surgery and later helps you escape your insecurities about the scar left behind.

Road Trips, Flat Tires, & Landmarks

Best friend!Luke and you have been planning a road trip for year and finally you get go on the adventure. Full of road trip shenanigans.


A cute little blurb about Luke being a dad to an adorable little girl who inherited his trade mark dimple.

Pick Up Lines

You’ve been best friends with the boy since childhood and after years of sleepovers, Luke has finally decided to confess his attraction to you.


Luke broke up with you before he left for tour leaving both of you upset until the boys band together to fix it.

Ice Cream

AU where Luke is a waiter at a restaurant and see’s you getting stood up.

Princess Hemmings

Luke’s fearful of having a daughter but soon realizes that it’s the best thing that ever happened to him, making you quite a bit jealous.

County Fair

Luke and you go on a date to your local county fair.

Vertically Challenged

Dating Luke makes you realize how short you actually are.



You’re afraid of change and Michael must try and comfort you.


Black is a prominent color in your relationship with Michael.


In which you work as 5 Second of Summer’s stylist and Michael and you become a little too close to be considered just friends.


Red is a prominent color in your relationship with Michael.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Part of my SGFG series. 

Haunted House

You work at a haunted house where you make fun of the scared people until one boy gets scared so bad he ends up knocking over a wall, hurting himself even worse.


Halloween/College AU where Michael and you are best friends and decide to make a bet seeing who can scare each other more during October. The winner gets to pick the other’s Halloween costume.

Netlfix and Friendship l Part 2 

College!AU where Michael and you get paired up to be Netflix and chill partners but instead of “chilling” the two of you become best friends instead.

Scientific Naps


One hour into your geology class and you unconsciously decide to take a nap on a stranger’s shoulder. Thankfully that stranger’s shoulder makes for a good pillow and he even has a cute face.

The Set Up

You like Michael. Michael likes you. Calum and your best friend decide to set you two up.


Are you scared or are you not ready? A blurb in which Michael and you aren’t sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Bands, Blood, and Ice Packs

Michael and you both end up in the care of First Aid during Warped Tour.

Stray Hair and Empty Pants

Michael and you have been living together for a short amount of time and have begun to annoy one another.


You wake Michael up, convincing him to help you cure your pregnancy cravings. Inspired by Michael’s “I hate eggs” tweet.


You win a contest to go on a date with your favorite 5SOS member.

Christmas Wrapping

Michael is “helping” you wrap Christmas gifts for your family.

Nail Salon

Michael tags along to the nail salon with you and find out why you like going so much.

Facetiming after Jingle Ball

Facetiming boyfriend!Michael after his Jingle Ball set that was streamed online.


Carving Pumpkins (4/4)

Halloween Costumes (Cashton) l Halloween Costumes (Muke)

Father’s Day (4/4)

Emojis (4/4)

Come Back, Be Here (4/4)  l Part 2 (Cashton)

Mother’s Day (4/4)

Easter (4/4)

The Proposal (4/4)

Valentine’s Day (4/4)

Finding Out Your Ticklish (4/4)

You’re in the hospital (4/4)

Wedding Day (4/4)