how to survive bad school days, from morning till night

my last year of high school starts rather soon, and i’ve had more than my fair share of days when i wake up wanting to cry. there aren’t many things you can do when obligations like school force you to get over it as soon as it starts, so here are some tips to make your day better.

1. dress opposite the way you feel. even though sweats might be super tempting, dress up. wear your favorite pair of jeans, or a dress, or your cutest sneakers, even. wear bright colors at least. sweatpants and such will just make you feel even more blah and unfocused throughout the day. 

2. moisturize! this might seem like an odd idea, but moisturizing and going into school glowy and soft definitely helps me feel more comfortable and less ugh during the school day. it helps keep me in my home-y comfort zone, if that makes sense. 

3. carry something from home. this can be a book (even if you don’t read it), a tube of chapstick, a big waterbottle, etc… i have even gone as far as wrapping myself in a small blanket and walking around like that for the day. if you like this option and don’t feel comfortable wearing it, fold it up and place it in your backpack, just so you know it’s there.

4. plan out your day. even if it’s just making a mental note, tell and remind yourself of the things your going to do and when. this will get rid of any unnecessary stress and pressure. if something unexpected comes up, this will also help you manage your time a little better.

5. eat and drink happy things! pick today to pack a lunch, no matter what your usual routine is. drink plenty of water throughout this day, and eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. fill a reusable water bottle with water, fruit (like lemon or strawberries), and chia seeds! it’s perfect to sip throughout the day for a reboot or just to boost your mood. 

6. when you get home, bathe immediately! wash off the day’s dirt. drop everything as soon as you get home, and either jump in the shower or relax in a bath with your favorite soaps and scents and a book. give yourself a break before you have to get back to work.

7. don’t ignore your work. by work, i mean school work. if you’re having a bad day, don’t hesitate to take a break from talking to people or running (low-priority) errands. you don’t want to ignore schoolwork, though, because teachers aren’t the most lenient people in the world, and getting it done will take a lot off of your shoulders. pushing it away will only gain you more bad days. 

8. go to bed. get sleep! you want to be refreshed and happy for the next day, even if it’s a weekend. there’s a good chance your bad day began because you didn’t get enough sleep, or because you were ripped out of bed. reward yourself with rest after a long day. 

aquiver | 04

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mentions of death, slight angst, mentions or mature themes, fluff
words: 10,495
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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Breaking WORSE

A Breaking Bad Real-Time Fandub

Without rehearsal or a script, a group of voice actors tried to re-dub the Breaking Bad Episode “4 Days Out”. These were the disastrous and hilarious results.

Opening animation by @gumballfallsfan

Walter White voiced by @pryinbrian
Jesse Pinkman voiced by @haystews
All other voices by @popelickva and @knittinggiantbeanies

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Prompt: The gang saving some Aliens and afterwards Lance realizes how much the remind them of his family and he just breaks


Lance quickly landed Blue as gently as he could and quickly ran out to met up with Allura and Coran.

“How many?” Allura asked almost out of breath. 

“Five.” and they all ran back into Blue. 


Lance paced in front of the healing pods. Five. Five aliens that were injured because of me. He ran his fingers through his hair. This is going to be a long night. and Lance sat down and started his long wait. 


Roughly a week later one of pods opened. It contained a younger looking alien, he looked around maybe 5 or 6. He had yellow skin, long black hair that was tied into pigtails and a few marking that decorated his skin.  

Lance quickly ran over to the boy and picked him up. 

“Hey you’re alright.” Lance grab the boys arm in an attempt to calm him from his frantic appearance. 

The boy looked at Lance with wide eyes before he calmed down enough to register what Lance said to him. 

“Do you want to tell me your name?” Lance quietly said as he wrapped a blanket around the boy. 

“Noko.” His voice was quiet but firm, like that was the only thing he was sure of. 

“Noko. That’s an amazing name.” Lance smiled at the boy. “My name is Lance.” 

“Lance.” The boy practiced his name a few time. Lance smiled and watched his eyes move to the other five pods. His arm slowly moved up to point at the pod containing his sister “Arma.” 

Lance looked at the girl. She looked around 10ish, same skin color and hair, just different markings. He looked back at the boy and saw tears welling up in his eyes. “Hey, hey don’t cry,” he wiped Noko’s face, “She’s alright. Your family is safe and healing.” Lance gestured to the other pods. 

The pod closest to the two boys contained,who Lance assumed, was the dad.  He was a tall fellow, extremely muscular and Lance could see how much Noko and Arma resembled him. Lance felt a pain in his chest as he realized that he reminded him of his own father. 

The pod next to the father, was a women. She had orange skin and long blue hair. It was the color of the ocean. She didn’t have any markings on her, yet she had piercings. They decorated her skin and seem to sparkly in the artificial light produced by the pods. Lance assumed that she was the mother of the three kids. 

The last pod contained another boy, he looked around Lances age. His skin was tinted more orange than yellow. His hair was cut short and was a mix between black and blue. Each color seem to alternate, giving the impression that he had dyed it. Lance also noticed that had less markings on him. Lance determined that he took after his mom more than his father. 

Lance looked down at Noko who was (poorly attempting) to stop crying. “Hey why don’t you tell me everyone name so when the come out I can talk to them.” 

Noko wiped his face and nodded. He stood up and walked over to the pod with the father. He placed his hand on the pod “Papi.” 

Lance attempted to bit back a noise. Out of every family in the entire universe he had to find the one with the kids who called his dad the same thing Lance called his dad. Papi. 

“Alright, so Papi.” Lance smiled at Noko and followed him to the pod with the women. 

“This is Mima.” Noko stared at the pod, and brought his blanket closer to him. 

Lance nodded, praying that Noko didn’t notice how he flinched at the word. “Okay, and we already know Arma.” Lance lead Noko past her pod and stopped in front of the last pod. “Who is this?” 

“Takclamino but we all call him T. He doesn’t talk much, so don’t be mad if he doesn’t respond.” 

Lance nodded “My sister is the same way.” 

Noko stared at Lance. “Really? What’s her name??” 

“Cleo. Shes two years older than me.” Lance smiled. 

Noko went to respond but was cut off by his stomach.

“Come on lets go get you some food and you can met the team.” Lance lead Noko out of the room. 


Lance took care of Noko, just like with his own younger siblings. He fed Noko, put him to bed, played with him, made sure he kept clean, and gave him company. 

Lance would never admit it, but Noko helped him. Noko made him feel home again, something he hasn’t felt in a long time. He wasn’t saying that his team wasn’t his family, but Noko felt more like a blood relative over anything. 

After about 4 days everyone was out of the pods and perfectly healed. Now they were simply waiting to head back home. 

Lance spent all of his time with the family. They reminded him so much of earth and his family that he didn’t get to say goodbye to. Lance felt like he belonged with this family. 

Papi would show him how to do certain training exercises and would congratulate him on things he did correctly. 

Mima would cook him food (when Hunk let her) and Lance would gladly eat it. 

Arma constantly wanted Lance to braid her hair and teach her makeup and his skincare routine. 

Noko always wanted to play “Space Rangers” with him and would climb on his should and make Lance run around the castle at full speed. 

T never said much with the exception of 3 to 6 word sentences. Lance didn’t mind, he found comfort in sitting in silence. Except when T showed Lance his harmonica (well that’s what Lance called it) and soon his hang outs with T were filled with music. 

Lance was happy with this family, yet something sat at the bottom of his stomach and he didn’t know what it was. 

Lance finally figured out what was keeping him on edge. He was unconsciously dreading the day the family left. 

Lancer fought back the tears as he hugged them all goodbye and patted Noko’s head. 

“Promise we will play ‘Space Rangers’ again?” 

“I promise buddy.” Lance smiled and stood by his team as the family left. 

Afterwards the teams asked Lance if he was alright, Lance quickly replied with any positive words and went to his room. 

Once inside the safety of his room Lance broke. Tears fell down his face and Lance caved in on himself. He missed his family more than ever and he wanted to be with them again. Lance crawled into his bed and wrapped himself up in his blankets. Maybe one day I can play “Space Rangers” with my brother again. And Lance drifted off to sleep. 


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Another Carter { FINAL}

 Of course being Peggy careers grand daughter is going to come with complications. What happens when one of the complications is having two super soldiers falling for you?

Steve x reader , Bucky x reader 

Warnings: NSFW GIFS, SMUT, swearing , fluff .

Masterlist   {Another Carter Series }

It’s been days since the encounter with Steve. It didn’t go farther than a heated makeout session , you couldn’t do it . You’ve been trying to Keep this fair for steve and Bucky . they haven’t made it easy, but Steves making it harder for you to chose . His dominance and alpha attitude are wearing you out , and you can’t decide whether you like it or are repulsed by The way he’s disregarding his bestfriend feelings . Buckys been completely opposite; he’s been understanding, not pushing you the way steve is . Thankfully , you’ll get a few days to yourself since the two are going away on a mission . 4 days to figure out what to do , I can do it , right?

Wrong . I was So wrong. It’s day 4 and you’ve yet to make a choice . You can’t keep stringing them along, it’s wrong to do that to them , so what am I suppose to do?

FRIDAY alerts you of their arrival , requesting immediate medics to the hangar . Your body freezes at the announcement, but quickly recovers as you take off towards the hangar . What could of went wrong ?! 

 You only have to wait a few minutes for the jet to land, and for the medics to rush aboard . It’s killing you, wondering who was hurt or if it was both of them . The medics quickly exit the jet, Bucky on the medical bed, steve limping behind them . You rush to steve , throwing his arm over your shoulder and guiding him to the med floor . You stay silent the entire way, waiting to explode with questions until after he’s checked over and you get a report on Buck. You’re sure you’re going to implode from the amount of questions spiraling around your head . 

 Finally, Steves cleared with only a few bruised ribs, and Bucky being diagnosed with a minor concussion, 3 broken ribs and a bullet graze to his shoulder . You and Steve enter the room Buckys being taken care of in, waiting for the nurses to leave before you speak. The second the door closes you lose it . 

 " what the fucking hell happened out there ! It was suppose to be a simple mission! “ Both men wince at your anger , shooting each other a look as you continue ” If one of you doesn’t answer me I swear to God, I will make your injuries so much worse . You have 4 seconds to spill .“ You growl .When no one answers you take a step towards them, making their eyes widen . 

The door swings open revealing Natasha, a wide smirk on her face . ” well Boys, i thought maybe it was your old age catching up to you that made you suck . But once I tuned into the comms to get a hold of you, it turned out I was wrong .“

 ” what .happend.“ You snarl out, making nat laugh. 

 ” of course they didn’t tell you. Dumb & dumber thought that during the mission was the perfect opportunity to get into a spat over you .“

 I’m sorry what, did she- oh that’s it . You snap your gaze to the soldiers, both showing expressions of regret and guilt on their faces . 

 ” it’s not what you think -“ steve starts but you cut him off 

 ” Natasha details . “ you demand and she complies 

“ steve was  requesting - eh more like ordering - bucky to back off. Saying that it’ll be easier for him to get over you that way instead of you dropping him for steve, which steve is pretty confident you’re going to do . Blah blah blah bucky argues back, both let their guards down to get in each other’s face and didn’t notice the swarm of hydra agents and boom; here we are .“ 

 You’ve never felt this much anger course through your body. If you were Bruce , you’d be turned into the hulk by now . Your hands are fisted at your side and you try to understand everything you were just told . When you finally did, you understand this is your fault .if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t be fighting , they wouldn’t of got distracted, and Bucky wouldn’t be laying in a bed with numerous injuries. This is all because of me . This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen . Tears of anger & heartbreak roll down your cheeks . You turn to steve and Bucky, keeping your face expressionless as you begin speaking,

 ” this is done . There’s no decision , because I’m not going to be with either of you. I told you both, I didn’t want to create a rift between you.c and it’s exactly what happened.“ 

 ” doll-“ 

 ” no steve . Look at you! Look at Bucky! He’s suppose to be your bestfriend! I am not going to be the one to ruin this . It’s ending here before something worse happens because apparently you can’t contain your fucking inner alpha Steve . “ the dam in you breaks, and everything flows out, ” you are not the steve rogers I know , or that Peggy knew . I don’t know what the hell happened, but you aren’t the boy from Brooklyn anymore , and I’m not having it . If I wanted dominant asshole then fine, I’d be with you, but I don’t .“ And just like that, your choice is revealed , but too bad i told them i didn’t want either of them 3 minutes ago right ? Of course I figure out who I’d chose now, seriously? Why. Why, why, why! 

The room is silent , both men staring at your with dropped jaws . Steves voice startles you, you didn’t expect anyone to speak anytime soon 

“ you’re right , I’m not the skinny boy from Brooklyn anymore , because I can’t be . Times are different y/n , I had to change with them. I couldn’t be the push over I was before , the one people pushed aside and didn’t respect . ”

 ” you didn’t have to change, you chose to . You didn’t have to turn into this to get respect Steve . “ you quietly reply . You don’t wait for a response, you storm out of the room , leaving both boys confused and upset . 

 It was days before Bucky got out of the infirmary , you avoided steve like the plague for those days . You were too lost in your own mind , fearing what would happen when either of them approached you; because you know they aren’t going to let this go, not after you indirectly voiced your choice of Bucky. But you can’t ignore them for the rest of your life , as much as you want to .

 Knocking on your door wakes you from your nap . In your sleepy haze , you didn’t think that it could be either of the boys behind the door , so you reluctantly opened it . After you rub the sleep from your eyes and see who your visitor is , your heart drops. Fucking hell. You move to shut the door but a metal hand catches it before you can . 

 ” that’s not a very nice thing to do doll. “ fuuuuckkkkkkkkkk

” I’m not exactly in the mood for this right now Bucky. It’s nap time .“

 ” perfect , I was feeling a nap too. “ he invites himself in, going right to lay on your bed . You turn and watch , rolling your eyes as he makes himself comfortable. I gotta admit , I like the view of him in my bed . 

“ well come on y/n, you can’t nap in the doorway. ” he sasses , you let out a laugh and jump into you bed beside him . You nearly fall back into your comfortable routine with him, until you remember the reason he’s here . Your body stiffens next to him, and he senses it . He scoots closer, pulling you to him

  " what are you doing here buck?“

 ” you’ve been avoiding us , how else was I suppose to get you to listen to me ? Now I’m going to talk, and I don’t want you to say anything until I’m done okay? You can sass me and bitch me out all you want after you hear me out ,alright doll ? “

 ” you have 5 minutes barnes .“ He takes a deep breath before starting , ” what we did on the mission was dumb, it was bad timing and unnecessary. Now I’m not going to put all the blame on steve , because I did argue back, but for the record , he started it. But you need to understand something doll, steve didn’t handle being woken up in this world so well . Everything is so different than the 40’s, people aren’t as kind , or well mannered as they use to be . He saw his qualities as small, being the kid from Brooklyn didn’t seem like an option to him anymore . So he tried to develope to the environment around him. As much as I disagree with how he’s changed , I don’t blame him. You said it was your fault that we were hurt, by it’s not, it’s ours for being punks .“ , he pauses , and as you open your mouth to speak, he clamps his hand gently over your mouth ” I’m not done . I understand why you don’t want to be with either of us , what we did was immature. But, we can’t ignore the fact that you kinda did confess who you’d pick doll. I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t thrilled , but I need to know if you meant it . “

 My turn ” of course I meant it. I think I always knew, but I just hung onto the thought that steve was who I grew up hearing about still. But when I saw you both hurt, I just- it broke me . I can accept steve isn’t who he was before , but it’s not what I want , he’s not what I want. I know what I said , but Buck, the more I think about it, the more I realize I want to make the decision . I want you . I chose you and I’m so sorry it took so long . “ 

 Bucky turns to you, a dazzling smile aiming at you. ” looks like it’s your lucky day doll, because I’m all yours .“ With that, his lips crash to yours in a passionate kiss . His fingers thread through your hair as yours fist in his shirt. You finally part for air , one question still hanging in your mind 

“ bucky, what about Steve? I don’t want him mad, I still want to be friends with him.”

 " I already talked to him, he’s not mad. He actually understands. He said something about you not being Peggy’s blood if you would of chose him with the way he’s been acting . And he’s right, peg would of beat the living shit out of his punk ass if he was that way towards her.“ 

 You snort , and launch yourself at him for another kiss . You can finally be with him, in every way, without feeling guilty . The kiss turns hot right away, both of you clawing to get the others clothes off , and before you know it ,you’re naked underneath him . His hands are everywhere , and you can barely breathe . His hands sneak down your body, playing with your sensitive folds . You move your hands to guide his until his finger slip into your pussy . You arch your back as he moves deeper, thrusting his fingers roughly into you . 

It didn’t take long for you to cry out from your release, and Bucky dove right into the move . He flops onto the bed, pulling you to his lap . You whimper as you rub against him , letting his cock get coated in your slick . Once he had enough teasing he lifts your hips, and gently eases you down over his length , groaning as your walls immediately clench around him

 " doll you gotta stop squeezing me or I’m gonna bust.“ He warns , digging his fingers into your hips as you try to adjust.

 ” I can’t help that you have a massive Dick Barnes , shut up and give me a minute .“ He lets out a loud laugh and hides his face in the crook of your neck , sucking and biting at it as you slowly begin rolling your hips . You start off slow, but your rhythm quickly picks up from the pleasure coursing through you. Your moans are loud as you ride bucky at a harsh pace , the faster you bounce the more groans slip from his lips . 

His groans encourage you even more , driving yourself to chase after both of your releases .

 ” doll I’m so close .“ He whispers , and you move even faster, surprising both of you. His lips latch onto your nipple as you bounce, his hand slipping between you to circle your clit .within seconds your both tipping over the edge , your name falling from his lips as you drag him into pure bliss . Your body shakes as your orgasm washes through you, your thighs quivering around his hips as you soak his cock in both of your cum . 

 You fall forward into his chest , your hair in an mess around you. 

“you alright doll?” He asks, only receiving a hum in response . When he slowly rolls you off him you whine at the loss of his touch, and he just chuckles . He leaves the bed, and returns with a warm wash cloth and goes to clean you up. You hiss at the feeling, you skin still sensitive

 " sorry doll, but I gotta take care of my girl , don’t I ?“ He asks as he tosses the rag over his shoulder

 ” so I’m your girl , huh?“ You playfully as he falls beside you. He awkwardly smiles and lets or a cough

 ” I mean if you wanna be ..“

 All you do is laugh before you roll back over him and kiss him sweetly . 

“of course sergeant.”

 3 years later 

 You look down at bucky, your eyes flitting between his hopeful face & the shiny diamond he’s holding infront of him. You frantically nod ‘yess’ before he jumps up and sweeps you into his arms . He finally sets you down and slips the ring into your finger , kissing you like there’s no tomorrow . Both of you completely unaware of the audience on the other side of the glass doors . The rest of the team smiling, some in shedding happy tears . Natasha lets out a quiet chuckle & eye roll at the sight ,

 "  that’s all we need , Another Barnes.“


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Is That My Shirt? (E.D) Part 2

Summary: You’re the twins assistant, and while they were in Jersey visiting their family and friends, you were back in LA handling all the business stuff. What you didn’t know was they were coming home earlier than planned, so maybe dancing around half naked in their apartment wasn’t such a great idea. Or was it?

Word Count: 1,738

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fingering. Thigh riding. Cursing.

A/N: Here’s part 2 guys! It was only meant to be 2 parts, so this is it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I started classes today. Yaay -_- …. So along with working everyday, I’ll be in classes 4 days out the week, so my schedule is a little bit hectic. I won’t be as active during the week, but I promise I’ll try to keep updating as much as I can. But as promised part 3 of Tattoo Girl should be finish by the end of this week, soooo look out for that! I love you guys <3 

* * The twins are 19 in this. * *

Ethan’s POV

“Turn around.” I whispered into her ear. 

She turned around, and slowly unfolded her arms, to placing them down by her side. She had no bra on so her breast were exposed for my eyes to see. My eyes scanned up and down her body, and it took everything in me to not push her up against that wall and do her right then and there. I’ve always been attracted to Y/N. When Kyle told Gray and I about getting a new assistant, I figured it was going to be someone way older like around their 30s or something. But when we finally met her, I was kind of glad Kyle didn’t pick some 30 year old. Y/N was beautiful. It was hard to not be attracted to her. To be honest, I think she’s attracted to me too. I mean I see the way she looks at me. She might think I don’t notice, but I do. Because I look at her the same way.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and pushed her body against mine. I crashed my lips onto her soft pink ones, stealing the breath from her lungs, and smothering her with my body and my mouth. After about a minute or two of making out, I pulled away, giving us both some breathing room, before I attacked her bare neck again. 

“Ethan… W-We shouldn’t be doing this.” she said.

She’s right we shouldn’t. She’s my assistant, and this isn’t professional, but who gives a fuck. No one has to know about this but the two of us.

“Tell me to stop.” I said, still kissing at her neck, while my hand found it’s way to her breast, and gave it a squeeze, causing a small moan to escape her lips. A light chuckled escape my mouth when I realize she still hasn’t told me to stop. 

I kissed her again, with more force then the last time. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry, and she allowed it, snaking her arms around my neck immediately. Without breaking the kiss, and with my hands still on her waist, I guided us back over towards her bed.

I sat down on the bed, and she got on top straddling my left thigh. Her hands found the back of my head, gripping onto my hair as we were in a deep, and heated make out session. With our bodies nestled up against each other, I noticed my thigh was still between her legs, and it was getting quite warm. I felt her body shifting around on my thigh, and I realized she was wet, and she was grinding her wetness onto my thigh. I’ve never seen a girl do that before, so it was pretty hot. I felt my boxer getting a little bit tighter, and I was wearing Nike shorts, so my boner was pretty much visible. 

I squeezed her waist slightly, as she continued to gently roll her hips on my thigh. I ran my hands down her waist, and curvy hips, and rested them on her ass. Giving them a rough squeeze. She pulled away from the kiss, and nuzzled her head into my neck, letting out light moans, and leaving gently kisses on my neck occasionally. Her juices were starting to coat my thigh, and my dick strained against the fabric of my boxers. I started to caress her legs, and thighs as she was rubbing herself on me. I slowly moved my hand up her thigh, until my hand met her warm clit. I pulled the thing fabric of her lace underwear to the side, and she gasped when my thumb gazed her clit. She started to speed up her pace, and I pushed a finger in between her and my thigh, and stroked it gently up and down a few times, along her clit. She let out small moans, as her eyes were closed, and her mouth opened. I eased one finger inside of her, and she moaned out loud. 


“Grayson might hear us.” I said, causing her to nuzzle her head deeper into my neck, and nibbling at the skin. 

I felt her legs clamped around my finger, and I drew my fingers in and out. Pumping my fingers slowly but deeply into her, I savored the feeling of her slick, and silky walls around my finger. I could feel her loosening up a bit, so I decided to slip in a second finger. She bit down on my shoulder, to try to restrain another loud moan. Her hips bucked against my fingers, and I could feel her juice start to trickle down between my knuckles. You were able to hear a squishy like sound every time my fingers went in and out of her pussy. She kept letting out little whimpers and moans, that drove me absolutely wild. Taking my other free hand, I started stroking at her clit, while I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her with my other hand. She started grinding her hips harder, and faster against my thigh, wrapping her arms tight around my neck, and burying her face into my shoulder. I felt her warm breath on my skin as she tried to speak. 

“Ohh…Fuck Ethan… I’m.. I’m gonna cum…” she mumbled into my shoulder. 

“Yes Y/N. Cum. Cum on my thigh, and all over my fingers baby girl.” I said, not to loud, but loud enough so she could hear me. 

“Cum for me baby girl.”

She began humping furiously against my fingers, as an orgasm was starting to take over her body. I felt her walls clenching around my fingers as I pumped them deeper into her, curling them a bit and hitting her g spot. 

“Fu-fuck!” she moaned, as some more of her warm juices gushed down my hand, and down her clit. 

I began to slow down my pace, as I felt her stop grinding against me, and slowly slipped my wet fingers out of her. 

Reader’s POV

I was still on a high from that orgasm I just had. Holy shit, did he know who to work his fingers. Now lets see what he can do with that boner poking from under his shorts. 

This was wrong, this was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this, and we both know it. But we both didn’t care. It’s obvious that the both of us had always had some sexual tension towards each other, and today just so happens to be the day that we act on it.

I stood up from the bed, and grabbed his hand pulling him up with me. I slipped my hands, under his shorts, and boxer and started tugging them down. It sprang free, and poked against the skin of my bare thigh. 

God sure blessed him.

We both looked down. Ethan with a satisfied smirk on his face, when he noticed my facial expression. My eyes went wide at how long, and thick he was. 

Fuck he was huge.

He must have been almost a solid 8 inches. His dick was glistening with precum. I looked up to see Ethan’s eyes on me. His eyes were so dark, and so full of lust. I my eyes on him as I bit down on my bottom lip, and wrapped my small hand around his hard shaft, and I felt him jerk a little bit. Keeping eye contact with him, I began to slowly tug on his throbbing dick, up and down. He bit his lip, and threw his head back, revealing his veiny neck, that I accidently covered in bite marks, and small hickeys. Oops. Gripping it a little tighter, and going a little faster. The faster I went, the harder he got in my hand. 

“Ah shit.” he groaned, running both his hands in his hair, gripping at it. I can see his body start to jerk a little, letting me know he was close. I started pumping my hand around his length faster, but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me. 

“Get on the bed.” Ethan said, licking his lips.

I did as he said, and sat down on the bed. Ethan looked down at me while he was still standing in between my legs. He looked straight into my eyes, and a malicious grin plastered on his face. Just by that look I can only begin to imagine what I was in for. He lowered himself on top of me, so that his length was pressed against my most sensitive spot. He began to attack my neck with kisses, feeling bites occasionally but I didn’t mind. 

He can do whatever he wants to me at this point.

He pressed his body down against mine, and I moaned at the satisfying feeling of his hard dick pressed up against my pussy. I could feel him laughing against my neck, obviously satisfied with what he was doing to me. He pulled himself up, so he was now kneeling in between my legs. He started to take his hard length into his hand, and slapped it down on my wet slit a couple times. 

“You ready for me baby girl?” he asked, and I nodded bitting my lip.

He grabbed my legs, wrapped it around his waist and lowered himself onto me. He slowly slid his hard dick into me, and I felt myself stretch as he completely filled me. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”  he groaned, as he started moving into me slowly, and gently, letting me adjust to his size.

Ethan wasn’t my first, but I have to admit he is pretty big. And he’s only 19 for fuck sakes. 

“Oh my…” I tried to talk, but I couldn’t get anything out, as I felt him starting to pick up the pace a little bit, going a little deeper each time he thrust.

His thrust became harder, and faster and I couldn’t hold back the moans anymore. My dug my fingernails into Ethan’s board shoulders, and slid one hand on the back of his head pulling him down to me. His body was on mine, and you can just feel the heat radiating between us. He nibbled at my ear, as he began to thrust harder into into me. The harder and faster he thrusted the louder my moans were getting. But I knew I couldn’t be that loud because Grayson was here. 

“What’s my name?” he whispered in my ear. 

“E-Ethan…” I muttered. 

“Wrong answer!” he said, as he thrust deeper, and harder into me, causing me to whimper in both pain and pleasure. 

How was that the wrong answer? Oh I get it. Ha. He’s a kinky mother fucker. 

“What’s my name, Y/N?” he asked again. Still going harder and harder, making me feel every inch of him as he pushed himself inside of me. 

“Da…Daddy!” I said, trying not to sound so loud, but I couldn’t help it. He knew what he was doing, and every thrust felt so good. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. 

“Fuck Y/N…you feel so good.” Ethan moaning was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Being the reason why he was moaning makes it even hotter. 

My nails were crawling at his back, and my lip was starting to bleed from biting down on it so hard trying to keep in my moans, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was so close. Ethan’s lips crashed down onto mine, kissing me as he pumped his length in and out of me harder and faster.

“Don’t…Stop…Please…” I moaned.

“Cum on daddy’s dick baby.” he said, thrusting harder and harder. I could feel my legs starting to grow shaky and weak, and my stomach was starting to tighten up. I guess Ethan knew I was close because with one more deep thrust I reached my climax. Ethan quickly pulled himself out of me, and shoot his load onto my bare stomach. He clasped on the side of me, and reached down on the floor grabbing my college t-shirt and wiped his cum off my stomach. 

* * * *

“Can I be honest?” Ethan asked, as we were laying in my bed, and he had his arm draped over my naked body.

“Yeah. What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day I met you.” he said, as a smirk crept up upon his lips. 

Not saying anything, I propped myself onto my elbow, and I connected my lips onto his, cuffing my free hand on one side of his face. He licked my bottom lip asking for entry, and I allowed him. Our tongues wrestled with each other, as I felt his arms on the small of my back, pulling me closer into him. Things were starting to heat back up pretty quickly, until a knock on my bedroom door, cause us to pull apart from our heated make out session.

“Yo Y/N! Were you still going to make those pancakes?” Grayson shouted from the other side of the door. 

Seriously Grayson?

“Yeah!” I shouted back, looking over at Ethan who was trying to hold back his laugh.

“Also do you know where Ethan is? He kind of disappeared.” Grayson said, but I didn’t reply I just looked at Ethan who was trying to keep himself from laughing.

I chuckled slightly, and hit his chest playfully. We both got out of bed, and as Ethan was putting on his clothes, I walked over to my dresser to find some new underwear, and a shirt. I felt someone standing behind me. Knowing he could only be Ethan I turned around. He was standing behind me shirtless with his shirt in his hand.

“I like when you wear my clothes.” he winked, and gave me a kiss on my temple before heading out the room. 

Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Part 3)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Reader x Bucky

Warnings: The feels soo many emotions! 

Word Count: 711 (had a bit of writer’s block….Sorry)

4 Days Later….

Its been 4 days since Y/N found out. 4 days since she lost her best friend. 4 days since she lost the love of her life. And 4 days since her broke her……

Y/N was now fully recovered, she had resigned from S.H.I.E.L.D, moved all of her stuff out of the apartment without Bucky noticing. Thou she was very sure either Fury or Steve had told everyone including Bucky that she was leaving.

The past 4 days were hard, lonely and most of all cold. The once open and loving heart that beating inside Y/N was now cold, hard and untrusting.

Today was the day Y/N was moving out officially. She made once last stop at the apartment to fetch her jewellery box. Opening the door she saw Bucky sitting at the counter, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

When the door Bucky’s head snapped up and turned towards the sound. His eyes widened slightly at the sight of his now ex-girlfriend. She was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans which hugged her curves in all the right places. Followed by a green tank top with a embroidered back over it she wore a light brown trench coat which hugged her waist. Her beautiful Y/H/C pulled into a ponytail, small wisps framed her beautiful face. On her neck was the necklace he bought her for their 1 year anniversary. It was a rose, like from Beauty and The Beast. He was the beast and she was the beauty.

“I didn’t think you’d be here” She said, shifting slightly while clutching her bag.

“It’s my apartment, why wouldn’t I be here?”

“Well, you usually have a gym session with Sam at 9 so I just assumed thats were you would be” Y/N muttered, not in the mood to talk any longer.

“It got cancelled, Sam had to go somewhere. You’re still wearing the necklace I got you for our 1 anniversary”

“Yeah, I was going to leave it on the kitchen counter for you but…Here you are”

“Keep it…..It was meant for you”

Y/N’s hands moved to the clasp and undid it, taking the necklace in her hand she walked over to Bucky and placed it next to him on the counter.

“No, it wasn’t. It’s meant for the person you love and trust…… I’m not that person” She said before walking to the bedroom.

The mirror was still shattered from when the door struck it. Quickly walking over to the dressing table Y/N grabbed her jewellery box.

“Why are you taking that?” A voice came from the doorway.

“I-I’m….I moved out” She blurted

“What? Why?”

“Because, I want a normal life! Without the constant stress, without worrying of someones going to come back from a mission a-and….Without you” Y/N said the last part quieter before moving past Bucky in the doorway and out the front door.

Bucky stood in the doorway, his heart ached for her but after everything that happened she was never coming back to him… His heart yearned to feel her presence one more time whereas his mind told him to stay away…..

As Y/N walked out into the busy streets of New York City, before turning back to look at the place that caused her to feel love…compassion….fear….sadness….betrayal….happiness….and worst of all heart ache.

Y/N walked on down the cold concrete sideway, her heels clack against it, a light wind blew past her…She was finally free from the people that caused her pain.

Suddenly a blur of dark blue rammed into her, strong hands caught her waist and pulled her it they chest.

“Leaving without saying goodbye?”

Steven Grant Rogers, he never failed to make her smile.

“Well, you were out for a ran and the longer I stayed in there the more insane I would go” She said in a mocking tone.

“Be safe out there. And don’t be afraid to call me if your in trouble” He said in a sincere tone, his hand gently gripped her arm.

“I’m a big girl Steve, I can take care of myself”

“I know but there are somethings everybody need help with once and a while”

“Yeah, yeah” The Y/H/C said rolling her eyes

“Alright now get out of here” He said before pulling her into a bone crushing hug.

After the two pulled apart they separated and went on their own path. Steve’s back to the tower and Y/N’s well her’s was just getting started……

3 Years Later…..( you weren’t expecting that now were you!)

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