Draco Malfoy was acting strange.

Harry Potter knew this, but absolutely not because he was obsessing over the male like he used to. And yes, now that he was an adult and a Mediwizard, he could admit that he was a little obsessive when they were younger.

But no.

Harry Potter knew that Draco Malfoy was acting strange, because his hair was green.

Draco Malfoy’s hair.

Was green.

And this wasn’t even the beginning of all the odd things he had been doing lately.

It started when Harry found out that he now was the one in charge of getting the healing potions from the company that brewed them for St. Mungo’s. The representative for the company, of course because how could his life not throw him another curveball, was Draco Malfoy. The blonde had seemed shocked when he had first seen Harry, but then quickly composed himself and went into business as usual.

Then, Draco started showing up at St. Mungo’s claiming that he needed to periodically check and make sure all the potions that were being supplied were satisfactory. Harry didn’t really buy it, but who was he to complain, the man was fit.

Of course then one day Draco showed up with the tightest spandex pants that Harry had ever seen, and he swore that his eyes almost bugged out of his skull. He had spent the entire day standing strategically close the Draco in order to hide the indecency of his arse and package from the patients.

The next day he had come, he was wearing tight spandex pants once again, and this time he had added a dark line of kohl eyeliner around his eyes that made it almost impossible to see his eyes. Harry had spent the day, while hiding Draco’s lower half from patients again, staring at Draco’s eyes trying to see them through the kohl.

Then he had showed up with a collar.

A Merlin be damned dog collar.

At this point Harry was seriously concerned for the sanity of the man he had once considered his rival.

Harry had spent that day subtly trying to get closer to Draco, to see if his skin felt hot to indicate a temperature

Now his hair was green, in addition to all the “subtle” changes to his wardrobe. Harry had to find out what the hell was wrong with the man. Today.

After spending the day once again sticking very close to Draco in order to protect his arse from the view of others, Harry pulled the man into a nearby supply closet and just looked at him.

“What the hell, Malfoy?”

“What are you talking about, Potter?” Draco asked haughtily, sounding for all the world that he had no idea he was dressed as a green haired lunatic.

“Why do you look like…” Harry couldn’t even describe it, he just gestured at all of Draco.

Draco’s eyes narrowed and his lips pursed, and Harry had the sudden urge to hide his groin in fear of a curse. “You don’t like it?” It was more a demand than a question.

“No!” Harry almost yelped out his denial, “What in the name of Merlin’s bullocks would give you that idea?”

Looking like he didn’t quite believe, Draco’s glare intensified and he reached into the pocked of his spandex. Which had to be extended because those pants were way to tight to hide anything in, let alone the Witch Weekly magazine that he pulled out.

The magazine was already open to an article and Harry looked at the title of it as it was handed to him.

Shocking! The Chosen One reveals his secret fantasies and desires!

Harry could have laughed. Or cried. Or an odd mix of the two.

Months ago, he had been stalked by an up-and coming “journalist” for Witch Weekly that was trying to get him to confess what his sexual fantasies were and what he found attractive in a woman. Finally, just to get her out of the damn bushes at St. Mungo’s, he had spouted off the most ridiculous things he could think of that she wouldn’t be able to twist into claiming he had secret desires for one of his friends. Later, this very article had been published, making it sound like she had gotten a proper interview from him, that hadn’t lasted only five seconds. He and his friends had laughed about it and put it out of their minds.

But here was Draco, embodying everything he had “confessed” in that article.

“Draco…” Harry breathed out, and Draco stiffened, “This article was… Not real. I don’t like these things.”

Draco lifted his wand and Harry flinched, but then he pointed his wand at himself and dropped the glamor he was apparently wearing.

Harry couldn’t hold in his sigh of relief when the normal Draco was in front of him again. Blonde hair, silver eyes, and designer clothes, “You were wearing a glamor.”

Draco raised an eyebrow at Harry, “Obviously. You didn’t actually think I wore that anywhere but here?”

Harry exhaled, the knowledge that Draco had done something so against his nature just to seem more attractive to him raced through his mind and the the temperature in the storage cupboard raised considerably. Harry had to get out of there, to process what had just happened.

He turned to leave, and heard behind him just as he reached the door, “Potter!” He turned to look at Draco, who was glaring determinedly anywhere but at Harry.

“What do you like?”

Harry frowned as he thought about that question, but then he looked at Draco, looking embarrassed, angry, and vulnerable all that the same time.

“Blonde hair, silver eyes, and designer clothes.” Harry answered, giving Draco just enough time to look up and see his smile before he left the supply cupboard and went back to work, eager to see what Draco would do with this new information.


Just a silly little Drabble inspired by this post by 4-your-otp


Model- Aphrodite Pond

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som things i learndt today

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