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Pass the happy! 💛 When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications 😊

o shoot

1- uuuh i just got the sims so thats cool

2- this blanket is soft

3- i made people laugh at thanksgiving so that was nice

4- my hair is rlly fuzzy and i know i need a haircut but It Is Soft

5- iiiim…??? uh? alive? i guess???

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MasterList (scenarios)

Updated: 8/18/2017

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool).

Um…1: I like my music taste. 2: I like my choice of friends. 3: I like chapters 2-4 of Say My Stupid Name. 4: I have nice hair? 5: No idea. 

I tag everyone who sees this. If you do it be sure to @ me in the post so I can see it. (Though I would especially like to see @littlebastardinredtights @spideychelleforever and @parker-is-full-of-shit do this)


Clay Hair Recolors Updated

New haircolor palette because I finally wanted to make my own without using mostly Pooklet’s colors. It’s still very similar to the old palette but a lot of the colors are not so shiny anymore. Also I got rid of a few colors, but I added some new ones. :)
My old alpha hair retextures probably won’t be updated to this palette, cause there are just too many. Sorry about that, but I hope you’ll understand! ._.

Here are the links to all updated hairs. They all have my new 65 colors and also new file names - so please make sure to remove the old files if you redownload them. :)

MAXIS MATCH TODDLER CC // look at this munchkin ♥ ♥

CC USED: hair // eyelashes // skin // pink dress //

akira and miko make the cutest babies! 

Any questions/suggestions? Ask here!



Here’s a second version of the Levi hair without the mohawk look on the back. Same swatches as the last. See the mohawk version here.


  • Base Game Compatible (Updated 11/12/2017)
  • Male Hair.
  • Hat compatible.
  • Custom Icons.
  • Feel free to recolor, but do not include the mesh.




I am so happy that I decided to convert this bun to toddlers because HOW ADORABLE IS THIS!! I promise the next conversion won’t be a Nightcrawler one (even though his hairs are STUNNING!)

NOTE: You need the original mesh (you can get it HERE) for this to work in-game!

🍒 22 swatches
🍒 Unisex
🍒 Credits to @darkosims3​ for mesh & textures
🍒 Feel free to recolor/retexture, just please don’t include the mesh
🍒 Tag me with #marinaandtheplumbobs if you use my creations


Happy simming ❤

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HallowSims Skysims125 retexture

  • 75 swatches in natural tones
  • 75 swatches in unnatural tones
  • Dark roots
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Texture credits to @pooklet
  • Mesh credits to @hallowssims - you need it [xx]

Download my natural tones here [xx]
Download my unnatural tones here [xx]

Can we stop reporting Hallowsims by the way, please?



Ever since I saw the curly hair from Pets I KNEW I needed this to exist. So here it is! This hair is for males only. I am working on a female version that should hopefully be tested and out soon.


  • Base Game Compatible (Updated 11/12/2017)
  • Male Hair.
  • Hat compatible.
  • Custom Icons.
  • Feel free to recolor, but do not include the mesh.



Bunny Hair 

So I finally did my first complete frankenmesh hair. I think it’s pretty okay. I have two download options for it, the first is just the mesh with the 18 base ea hair colors. And the second option is the first one merged with the recolors in my 65 color palette. This hair is base game compatible, but doesn’t work with hats. 

Download Mesh (ea colors only)

Download Mesh + Recolors