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Vikings Season 4 Episode 1 : A Good Treason

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A View with A Room


“Captain Gregson’s colleague from Narcotics asks Holmes to orchestrate the perfect heist inside the heavily armed and virtually impenetrable compound of a drug-dealing biker gang. Also, when Watson assists Fiona Helbron, who helped her on a recent case, she makes a surprising discovery about Holmes.“




Okay I dunno why people are so nervous about the Dean and Amara “relationship”. I’m like 101% positive that it isn’t a legitimate relationship that the writers want us to care about. It isn’t a failure on their part. This is something that we are supposed to oppose, we’re supposed to want Dean to fight it. It isn’t supposed to be an epic love story. It’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and angry with Dean for not fighting it. It’s a conflict, that’s the point. It’s a lot similar to Sam and Ruby at the end of season 4. 

Orphan Black S4E1
—  Watch Orphan Black S4E1 Full Episode Online 

Air Date : April 23rd, 2016
Season Number : 4
Episode Number : 1
Networks : Space, BBC America
Genres : Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her.

Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Kevin Hanchard
I have a lot of feelings (about 4x13)

I’m screaming.

This episode.

I’m so tired.

Very subtle about the “people never change,” Arrow writers, very subtle. (A+ to Charlotte Ross for her immediate change in attitude, glorious.) 

Here we have Oliver desperately trying to change, clinging to the idea that he’s changed, that he’s better (with every fucking person pointing it out to him), because Oliver is the kind of person who commits. He’s gonna be good, he’s gonna do better, so that’s who he is… except for, you know, one giant ass lie, which I’m sure he’s justifying by putting the blame at Samantha’s feet. (I get that, I get that, he feels out of control and he doesn’t know how to handle it, doesn’t understand his rights or the situation, whatever - but it’s still not the man he’s purporting himself to be right now.) 

Then here comes Noah Kuttler, lying left and right, and basically confirming that people never change, which is especially heartbreaking because Felicity wanted to believe him. (I have so many issues of my own that I’m finding myself thinking, ‘What if he’s telling the truth?’ I don’t know if that’s a bleeding heart or me just reverting. But… it does lead me to wonder if they’ll use him as a stepping stone to bringing the idea of people can change to close at the end of the season, as a way to help close the gap between Olicity… Huh.)

Oliver’s blind naive attitude when it comes to Malcolm is exhausting. He’s trying to find the better path, but in doing so, he’s turning a blind eye to the very real danger in front of him, and that’s not counting Malcolm unveiling his giant-ass lie, it’s counting the fact that he’s putting innocent people in danger: his son, and his mother. I need a life lesson this season for Oliver to realize there is a balance, something Diggle touched on - you can’t be all bad, just like you can’t be all good. Malcolm needs to go. (And what makes it harder for me is that I get why he didn’t want to, I see what he’s doing, but it’s all projection of his own fears, he’s applying his own fears and insecurities on everyone around him and he’s trying to find ways around them, because part of him knows that he’s messing up, that he’s not the person he’s claiming, and so he’s trying to save everyone else except for his damn self, as usual, and unfortunately that’s leading him right down the path of destruction. Oh Oliver.)

(And are they thinking because the League is disbanded that the marriage is officially null and void now? Because that lack of resolution after wielding it like a weapon in and of itself tonight nearly made my eyes roll out of my head.)

Lies, lies everywhere, holy fuck, the lies. This entire damn show is built on lies and they are doing it justice.


There were so many lovely Olicity moments tonight, so many, the kind that give me hope that this shit will hit the fan and splatter, but that it won’t irrevocably break everything…

I absolutely screamed when Oliver said, “Will you marry me?” 

(Mostly because I knew exactly what Malcolm was doing, and I was thinking, ‘This is your time, Oliver, you better treasure this moment because this won’t be lasting.’)

(Look at the differences between them, oh my god, this is high heaven to my shipper heart and I’m so mad at Oliver, because he’ll be taking this away from me.)

Treasure her, Oliver, because you can’t lead two separate lives - did the first three seasons of Arrow teach you nothing? - and expect her to understand.

It’s just like this damn hug…

A beautiful moment, but it’s tainted because of this huge life-altering thing he’s keeping from her.

Oh Oliver, please don’t make me sit through a scene where Felicity tells you that you haven’t changed, that you’ll never change, because I will cry for 23 years and just live in a wine bottle.


Okay, I feel better.

I did enjoy this episode, quite a bit. I didn’t like some things (I can see the theme, and I can begrudgingly accept it, they were building on with only Oliver beating Malcolm - which was hot as fuck, I love that they are remembering he’s a badass and sexy as hell fighter, please beat up bad guys forever, Oliver - but if you think I’ll believe that Nyssa couldn’t beat Malcolm’s ass, you’re wrong), and I liked a lot of other things (Laurel was on-point tonight, when she, Diggle and Oliver stood between Malcolm and Nyssa, that was gorgeous; Felicity is always amazing, but her scenes with her dad were heartbreaking and painful and so perfect that I don’t want to watch them again; Diggle is the rock, he will always be the rock, nobody touch Diggle…).

I do think they are doing a great job building up the tension around William and Oliver keeping it from everyone, I really do. They’re dropping foundation blocks left and right for why Felicity will not be okay with this, as well she shouldn’t be, because one, that’s a huge lie, a huge lie like that is never okay, not ever, we shouldn’t accept it just like Felicity shouldn’t accept it, and two, it’s another character growth moment for Oliver and this show is, after all, Arrow. So when the lie surfaces, and he’s faced with losing his entire world (both Felicity and William, because I’m pretty sure Samantha won’t be pleased when this hits the news circuits), he better grow, and learn, and change - become the man he’s so desperate to be by accepting his lies, accepting the penance and working on the things about himself that he doesn’t like. Like fucking lying.

So, next week… are we thinking they save the building and end the episode with Oliver debating with Ruvé Adams, only to have her drop the bomb about illegitimate children and if Oliver Queen can’t take care of his own child, then how can he take care of Star City?

Dear god.

The pain is starting. I love it, but I hate it.


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anonymous asked:

I don't see this lie as Oliver "not learning." Oliver going away from 6 months doesn't mean he's suddenly cured from all of his emotional trauma. I get that Oliver should know better but this is a man who's had everything good taken away from him and who had to rely on secrets to get by for the last 8 years. 6 months of trying desperately to get better doesn't cure him. Oliver has a mountain of trust issues that lead to his demise. I get Felicity feeling that he hasn't changed but..

All incredibly valid points, I so agree on all fronts.

But you also have to look at it how the writers are building it - they’re crafting this entire lie in a way that will emotionally devastate both of them. They brought in Felicity’s father, and gave her a shimmering glimpse of hope, only to have it taken away five seconds later. She has parental issues out the wazoo and bringing all of that in now is what is going to emphasize Oliver not telling her about William.

I cannot begrudge Oliver of how he’s acting, I can’t. I can be upset about it and the way it’s being written and how it’s being crafted/used, but I can’t deny that the writers had the material to work with here, because they did. Oliver has so many issues, and it’s annoyingly easy to forget that he’s gone through a lot more in the last couple of years than most people go through in their entire life because he has been so different this season… but it’s for a reason.

The way I’m approaching this issue is that Oliver believes he’s finally on the right path, that he’s learned the things he needs to learn, that he’s gotten the girl, he has his work and his life and things are good. He thinks everything is dandy.

He’s wrong.

And he knows he’s wrong, I think that’s evident in how he so adamantly wishes to believe that people can change. He’s changed, damn it, he’s changed, and all these people around him insisting that people don’t change (Andy, Noah, Malcolm, etc.) is blowing his frail house of cards right the fuck up.

That’s where the problem is here, and it’s absolutely derived from everything he’s gone through. He’s very rarely, if ever, had anything good in his life that he can have, that he can keep. The people he’s loved have died or been taken away, or he’s driven them away in some fashion. Some have come back, others have stayed away. 

It makes sense why he chose not to tell Felicity about William when Samantha delivered her ultimatum, because that’s who Oliver Queen is: he holds onto the things he loves with a passion, and he doesn’t let go, no matter the cost, because he’s lost so much, so, so much…

Except for Felicity.

Let’s take a second to evaluate the way he asked her to marry him tonight. He spent the entire episode advocating that people can change, while others were saying they can’t - in this case, Felicity literally said that about Noah. The things he so vehemently believes about himself is sort of falling apart, so he latches on to the one thing that hasn’t changed, that hasn’t fallen apart, that has never, ever left him:


He didn’t want to wait, he doesn’t want to wait. He wants something solid, something tangible, right now, something to counteract the fact that his world isn’t as solid as he thought it was (especially in Ivy Town).

And she’s right there with him, 100%, because they truly have a beautiful relationship… except for this tiny piece of kryptonite the writers are lodging in there.

This isn’t about Oliver not learning - it’s about Oliver learning, learning that he still has a long way to go, that you can’t push a magic button and disappear from the world and come back expecting to be a totally changed man.

You make really good points about Oliver forgiving Felicity for lying, and that is super relevant because I think that’s also part of the broken jigsaw that is Oliver Queen. He had every right to be super pissed off about her going behind his back, talking to the team, not being 100% present like he was… but was he pissed off? Did he freak out?


And why? Because he has lied, he has done that shit, over and over, and I could see him looking at that situation as his needing forgiveness, so he forgives others around him so much more easily (case in point, Malcolm in 4x13). He is that person and he doesn’t like that aspect of himself, so he’s very, very quick to forgive that in others, especially in Felicity.

It’s the forgiveness he’ll seek, but the forgiveness he shouldn’t get so readily because he has to fully understand and go through the consequences of such a lie in order to stop fucking lying.

And let’s not forget that this lie is also literally putting William and Samantha in danger. The more bad people who know this, the more he tries to keep his lives separate, the more dangerous it is for everyone involved, and we’re seeing the direct result of that with Malcolm telling Darhk about William.

One thing this show does so well is how they handle Oliver’s character growth, and in some cases, his lack of. That is what this is: he’s trying to change, to be better, but it can’t just happen because, as you said, he has mountains of issues and trust and so much going on in that head of his that it’s impossible for him to not revert somehow, in some way, at some point, as we saw with William and Samantha.

This entire arc is really another step forward (as ass-backwards as it seems) for Oliver, in becoming the man he’s meant to be.

At the end of the day, this show is called Arrow, it’s about Oliver Queen. His lies, and the world crafted as a result of them, is why his lies will always be more weighty and hold more relevance. That doesn’t diminish the others, at all, but I’ve found that the writers aren’t idiots, that other people lying usually ties in with Oliver in a way that impacts his character growth.


honeysims real random set 1 (conversions).

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ps: if anybody could retexture the mirror to remove the wood-grain and do plain colours I would love you forever!!

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anonymous asked:

Companions react to the sosu giving them a puppy? :0

Cait: Hates the mole rat looking thing but finds the puppy cute..Still. She shrugs and gives sole back the puppy. 
Curie: She loves the puppy. Oh the big eyes the puppy gives her. She cuddles with him and treats him like a baby.

Deacon: He gives the puppy different little outfits and hats. Oh and also shades so they could match.

Danse: Finds the puppy cute but he must do other things than take care of him. Still he could be found with the puppy cuddling it and kissing it’s head.

Hancock: The puppy is always with him. Oh his lap, under his arm, and even sleeping with the puppy. No one puts a finger on his new buddy. Or they’ll get the knife!

MacCready: When sole isn’t look, he’s making his voice high like he did when he’d babied Duncan. He’s kissing it’s head an snuggling close to him.  

Nick: He likes to watch the puppy run around and “squeak.” He keeps the puppy on his lap when he’s working and takes him on long walks when it’s sunny.

Piper: She loves the puppy! She’s making silly faces at him, kissing his nose, and using her baby voice to the puppy. That’s her baby.

X6: He’s just sitting with the puppy on his lap. Stroking it’s smooth fur and smiling.

Preston: He’s cuddling and playing with the puppy. With his hat he tries to play tug-of-war with it.

Strong: Very gentle. He makes sure that he won’t smother the creature. He timidly pats the puppy’s head.

Dogmeat: Oh look! A new friend! He’s nuzzling the puppy and licking it clean. He always carries the puppy away from dangers with his mouth.


Remembering that Charlie liked fish, Avery cooked them Pan Fried Tilapia for dinner and was ridiculously happy when Charlie made little noises of approval as she tasted her first bite.

Halfway through the meal Avery’s phone suddenly rang, startling them both. As she glanced down at her screen, fully intending to reject the call, she froze. It was Jules.

“Uh I need to get this,” she looked up at Charlie apologetically. “It won’t take long, I’m so sorry.”

“No worries,” Charlie smiled at her as Avery got up from the table and headed for the front door.

You guys will hate me for this but imagine Danse is curled up in bed with the Sole Survivor. They’re asleep and he’s just running a hand through their hair and watching them sleep. They look so..at peace. He could stay here forever and be happy with just being intertwined with them like this. He’s so happy they want to spend the rest of their lives with him. Then..something hits him and it feels like someone knocked the air out of his lungs. Synths don’t age. He does not age. Sole will. Sole is going to grow old one day and eventually..they’ll be gone and he’ll be left behind. It terrifies him. He doesn’t want to lose them, he can’t. Suddenly he’s panicking and he buries his face in their hair, trembling but he doesn’t even realize it. “Don’t leave me.” He whispers and he feels something wet slide down his face, tears. “Don’t go where I can’t follow you..”