Sup people.

I finally found a place for the store, so much thing need to be fixed. Need to put furniture in and maybe need a little touch for the interior. But glad, I finally can start working soon and get my own place hopefully. Obviously i don’t want to stay forever with my aggy ass lovely sissy. This store located in Soho, 3 blocks from my sister’s office, and its pretty close to some bars and nightclub.

Anyone willing to help me clean this place? haha

Hope yall enjoy your day.

Log 1 compilation (Complete, NSFW, compiled by anfaranan)

in chronological order

1: Nobody will ever date you, Billy. Also, come over tonight. M xx


2: Billy has esoteric taste in films. Marty has traditional taste in food.


3. Billy’s never been on the casting couch - like that.


4. Marty can’t drive his hands.


5. Billy helps with the aftermath. If helping is the right word.


6. After much prompting, Marty expands on the stuck screenplay.


7. Marty wants to stop thinking. Billy has some news.


8. Billy has real problems. Marty guilt-trips himself like a good Catholic.


9. Billy proposes a plan - for once, a good one.


10. Marty gets a skosh emosh.


11. Billy wants a D&M and a snack.


12. Hypotheticals and chocolate.


13. Marty knows he’s hot property.


14. Billy goes in for the kill.


15. More hypotheticals, but no cameras.


16. Billy has some complaints about Marty’s skills.


17. Marty does some… research.


18. Marty likes it nice.


19. Marty wants answers. Real ones.


20. It’s got to mean something.


21. Marty checks the parameters.


22. Billy gets down to business.


23. Satisfaction guaranteed.


24. Marty’s got some work to do too.


25. Everyone’s staying up.


26. Billy wants commitment.


27. Marty’s got him.


28. Good morning, sunshine.


29. Kaya is less than sympathetic.


30. Billy’s not coping so great either.


31. Marty had this really crazy dream.


32. Billy isn’t helping.


33. Girlfriends and Billy are two very different things.


34. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


35. Marty offers some pointers.


36. An ending. Happy? Well. Maybe.


  • Salem in the finale: very dark and mysterious reveal leaving more questions than answers
  • Salem in volume 4: sup guys what's for lunch i'm starving
Morning Messages

4 a.m

Taeyong: Hey sup, Jaehyun. Let’s play a game. I’m bored.

Jaehyun: What the fuck, dude? It’s 4 a.m. Let me sleep.

Taeyong: But I’m bored.

Jaehyun: Okay fine!! What game??

Taeyong: Truth or dare!!

Jaehyun: Okay, you first. Truth of dare?

Taeyong: I’m a man of course I choose dare.


If her former group really isn’t holding a grudge, why would Tiffany be announcing her solo on the day that Jessica’s tracklist is released? And if “early May” is right, probably within a week of Jessica’s debut?

The most outrageous thing about this is that Tiffany’s supposedly coming back in the second week of May, i.e. two weeks from now. Looking at SM’s other idol group solo debuts from 2015, which includes f*’s Amb**(1), SHI****’s Jon****(2) and Ta****(3), SN**’s Ta*****(4), and Sup** Jun***’s Kyu****(5), Rye*****(6), and Ye****(7) with the exception of one group, they all had at least three weeks or so between the official announcement of a solo debut and the actual release of the album (1, 2, 3, 4). This gives time for management to advertise the album, from teasers being released to having news articles written about the release. SJ’s members were the only ones who had a two week timeframe for this (5, 6, 7); however, they are also regarded as top tier/A+++++ vocalists in this list (8) and have a lot of musical theatre experience (9, 10), so they wouldn’t need as much time to advertise the fact that an idol group member was going to release a solo.

So how, exactly, can Tiffany be releasing her solo in two weeks (assuming they actually release it when they say they will)? Let’s face it, she’s definitely not in the top 3 of the list detailed above I wouldn’t say she gets past 7th place either and she doesn’t have the musical theatre experience to justify a short advertisement period.

The solo would have to be either completely done or at least 97% done.

Then why hasn’t her solo debut been announced earlier?

Someone, whether it was an SM exec or Tiffany herself, decided to hold back the solo release deliberately to mess with Jessica’s own release.

Now, I’ll accept that an Exec held the release for more drama, which equals more interest/attention which equals free publicity and maybe more money, HOWEVER! If Tiffany had any regard for Jessica, any recognition of “I was in a group with this girl for 7 fucking years”, I’m sure she could make her case to the execs about holding off until the third (even fourth) week of May. There would probably still be overlap in their promotions, but direct competition between them would likely be for a shorter period of time. And just announcing a solo debut in the same month drums up interest (heck, there was interest when there were rumours of solos in the same year).

I don’t begrudge Tiffany having a solo (I’m not gonna listen to it ‘cause I think she overreaches and then sounds terrible but whatever); girl’s free to make a living. But I don’t appreciate what is very likely a deliberate attempt to sabotage Jessica’s album.

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The Reason Why I FUCK With Big K.R.I.T....

The fact to remain is, this guy is humble through all the bullshit people try to throw at em for real. People say his music is boring, people say he not flashy, he not commerical…that’s the problem with “Hip-Hop” listeners nowadays…they rather for you to talk about shit they can’t obtain, hoes, cars, and all the shit that DON’T matter. It doesn’t matter how much your album sell, it’s the art of what you created that is powerful, and people forget about that. And to actually get to see him perform for the first time Wednesday, it made me appreciate his music even more, because of heart and energy he puts in every show…I’m just glad I caught wind of Krizzle before everybody else because maybe..just maybe…I would be shallow to ears like the rest of the world….and I will 4eva be K4L mane….