I like how DA:I gives you more romance options, but a
lot of them are so sexual. And it makes me
uncomfortable as an ace person. I hope we can have
the option to avoid stuff like that in the next game.
I loved Cullen but the sex bit made me super
uncomfortable, same goes for other characters.
Hopefully the next game lets us avoid that (like when
you can say no to Dorian and still date him)

  • Fallout 4:You can mod everything.
  • *the Sole Survivor happily pats a... well, it looks like a laser minigun shishkebab rifle*
  • Fallout 4:EVERYTHING.
  • -
  • Dishonored 2:You can use Corvo's sword and crossbow
  • *Emily swings past your window using Far Reach*
  • Dishonored 2:And Emily can craft Bone Charms!
  • -
  • Mass Effect Andromeda:We, uh... We brought back the Mako?
  • *Shepard crashes through the wall*

Christine: So, tell me, does this long-term relationship you’re having exhaust you? I bet you hate Ocean sometimes, right? I bet you want some fresh air from time to time, don’t you? I mean, we all need a reboot.

Luke: Am I your only guest tonight?

Christine: They all are late! Forget about them! Let’s have some fun. What were we talking about? Yeah, right, it was about you wanting a piece of something new.

Luke: You’re right. I wouldn’t mind your Birthday cake.

Lucina Iris


Eyebrows 20, 21 HQ & non HQ

  • 24 colors;
  • both genders;
  • all ages (20);
  • custom thumbnail;
  • HQ (2048 x 4096) & standard (1024 x 2048) versions.

Download 20 (choose one size of textures): standard (yadi.sk) | HQ (yadi.sk) | standard (dropbox) | HQ (dropbox).

Download 21 (choose one size of textures): standard (yadi.sk) | HQ (yadi.sk) | standard (dropbox) | HQ (dropbox).

Image 1-2 - game, HQ.
Images 3-6 - CAS, HQ