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Christopher Lloyd (a.k.a. Judge Doom) is Happy to Have Contributed to Your Disney-Inspired Nightmares

Lloyd: “I remember I saw Disney films like Bambi and Snow White when they first came out, and I was probably about [3 or 4 years old]. There were moments that were terrifying in those movies! So when [audiences] say I scared [them], I think…” 

Lloyd pauses, smiles, and then in Judge Doom’s voice shouts, “PAYBACK!”

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Help a buddy out! Make some 4-year-olds happy!

Hey y’all! My best friend is a primary school teacher here in the UK and at the moment he’s teaching reception (4-5 year olds). His class are getting interested in maps and so he had the idea that it would be cool to get people from all around the world to send them postcards from their home towns. The kids can look up where the postcards come from and start to learn more about the geography of the world.

If you want to help out then all you need to do is write a postcard saying something along the lines of,

Dear Amazon Class, my name is [X] and I live in [City, Country]. Can you find this place on your map?

… and then send it to

Amazon Class, St Bartholomew’s Primary School, The Peak, Sydenham, London SE26 4LJ, UK.

It would be really cool to get people from all over the world, but even if you live elsewhere in the UK you should still feel free to participate as my friend wants the kids to learn about local vs international and look at different kinds of maps. This is an ongoing project so feel free to send them whenever you see this!

If you do it, let me know and I would be happy to make you a gifset or something to say thank you!

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today at work a 4 year old boy who seemed perfectly normal a few moments before suddenly became indescribably angry when i smiled at him and launched his mother's phone at me as hard as he could. he missed me thankfully so i got out with no bruises just a fun story but jfc what was he so angry about

maybe he just thought about donald trump or the state of america and was blinded by pure rage

Steggy Week 2017: Librarian AU

You read books and nursery rhymes at the library for children and I take my child there and your voice is lovely and you’re lovely, can we have a date? AU

The weather that week had been terrible. Steve had been hoping to spend Saturday in the park, maybe having a picnic and teaching Sarah how to play baseball. Instead, he was walking, hand by hand, with his daughter to the library. Little Sarah always skipped the white tiles at the entrance, making a funny skipping dance all the way to the main staircase. The children’s section was located on the first floor, isolated by columns of books and floor to ceiling glass doors.

“Daddy! Hurry up!”, Sarah said as she tried to drag her father into the big colourful rug in the centre of the children area. “Miss Peggy will be here soon and I want to be her helper!”

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They play with their girlfriend’s baby/little sister and people think that she’s their’s (GOT7)

Y/S/N: your sister’s name

JB: -even though he loved your 4 year old sister he defiantly didn’t want a child yet. At the moment he was used as her toy carrier while you ran around with your sister. When an older woman said you two have a cute daughter. And he looked at her weirdly- “in what would does that little girl actually look like me? She’s my soon-to-be sister-in-law”

Mark: -your sister was only a few weeks old and your parents allowed you and Mark take her for a walk. So as you pushed the stroller many people stopped and complimented your ‘daughter’ while you looked at them oddly. Mark smiled- “this is actually my sister-in-law believe it or not. we haven’t had a child yet”

Jackson: -your sister took his heart pretty much since she was born. He was there the day she was born and took her everywhere when your parents came to visit. Your parents joked that she was your’s- “can we keep her then? I’d love to have Y/S/N here all the time” 

Jr: -he couldn’t handle it. Your infant sister was recently a big deal in his life recently. He took and posted so many picture of her people thought she was your’s. Not many people even knew your mother and the fact she was pregnant. The recent marriage you guys had made it seem like you rushed to be married before the baby was born- “no no no that’s my sister-in-law. Y/S/N is just very important to me now”

Youngjae: -he got lost in thought about having children now. When a lady said your 3 year old sister was ‘your really adorable daughter’. Y/S/N enjoyed being around you guys when she’d visit always wanting to play with Youngjae. So people thought he was just being a cute dad- *gif*

BamBam: -he wished your 2 year old sister was your guys. He loved her almost as much as you. Many people thought that she was your’s to the point you began saying she was so you stopped getting odd looks. So he acted the comment as normal- “I know we have the perfect family. We may have more soon.”

Yugyeom: -your sister was almost a month old at this point. And he’d always be holding her when you went places with her. Constantly cooing, playing with, singing to her so it was obvious when people said you guys had a cute daughter- “thank you but she’s just my girlfriend’s baby sister. I can’t have one though”

So much paranormal stuff happens to me cause my family is Native American and APPARENTLY we attract ghosts like metal to magnets. So here’s one such story.

My old apartment was haunted as hell after my grandpas funeral. My brother was like 1.5 maybe 2 at the time. He and my mom were playing with my camera when he started stopping and like….staring behind her and after a while she decided hey let’s take pictures with the camera. My camera was brand new so the settings were perfect. The color was orange. It was off than what it usually was and we couldn’t figure it out. We would take pictures of where he was looking. Then my mother took a picture of the other couch and looked back and I just saw the color drain from her face. There was a clear as day white mist, the size of a child on our couch. Looking like it was sitting. We left and stayed at my grandmas that night. Not only that but the week after the baby monitor was acting up. Mom swears up and down, cause I wasn’t there, but she swears up and down that she eats a man yell at her asking if she could hear him. I would say it was radio interference but it wouldn’t stop till she left. And the monitor was off. We left that apartment like a month later.

Our current house has had a few things creepy us out like when we recorded audio for a night and heard creaking. It was my brothers baby crib. He sleeps with my mom. And a photo of a skull face outside our front door, took moments after my then 4 year old brother yelled at something near the door that it couldn’t come in. We also had to remove the fire alarm cause it would go off even with batteries.

@gaybybirth enjoy my haunted life. That’s just two of MANY stories. I wasn’t kidding when I said my family attracts ghosts like metal to magnets. It’s frightening cause we wanna go to haunted places. But I have 0 doubts they’d follow us or something. We’re crazy.

Had one of those defining Au Pair moments today
  • 4 year old boy: *comes up to give me a goodnight kiss*
  • Me: *feels stickiness of kiss* Are you wearing lip gloss?
  • 4 year old boy: yes
  • Me: well you'd better take it off.
  • 4 Year old boy: That's what my big sister said. She said it's not for boys and it makes me look stupid.
  • Me: No. You can wear as much make up as you like. All boys can wear make up if they want. You just have to take it off now because it's bed time, and you should always take your make up off before bed. I'm here to teach you good habits.
  • 4 year old boy: I think it's so sticky, it will be difficult to take off.
  • Me: Come back to me and say that when you discover good waterproof mascara..
Play Date


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: extreme daddy!bucky fluff

Prompts: 26 (what are you watching) 27 (don’t run from me)

Requested by: @loverofthosebands

Words: 490

You sit with your back against the headboard in your and Bucky’s room, giggling at your phone. You had caught Bucky playing with your four year old daughter, Brooklyn. The sight was too cute for words.

Bucky sat cross legged with Brooklyn on the floor each of them holding a Barbie doll. Your daughters giggles filled the room while Bucky spoke in a high pitched voice saying, “I just need to get my hair done, it is simply a mess” while moving the doll around flicking it’s hair.

Brooklyn giggled with delight that her father was taking this so seriously. Your husband was so caught up in his acting, that he didn’t even sense you walk in the doorway or notice you filming the play date.

Bucky entered your room after having just put Brooklyn to bed, and began pulling off his shirt to get ready for bed himself. He smiles fondly at you watching the look of pure joy on your face at something on your phone. “What are you watching? Another one of those puppy vs baby videos?”

You shake your head with a grin, “No just a sweet moment between a 4 year old and her daddy. I am debating whether to send it to her uncles or not.”

“No way! Let me see it!” Bucky demands walking towards you to grab the phone.

“No! You will make me delete it!” You counter moving yourself to the other side of the bed just out of Bucky’s reach.

“Will not” he says flopping on the bed trying to grab your shirt as you jumped off the bed.

Bucky gets up, the bed between you both, your eyes dart from your bedroom door to Bucky. You make your move and take off running down the hall. Bucky is quick to follow you, softly calling as not to wake your sleeping daughter, “Don’t run from me, doll!”

You run through the living room laughing and head to the dining room. Just as you’re about to go into the kitchen, Bucky cuts you off, wrapping his arms around you cuddling you close. He grabs the phone from your hand and hits play on the video.

You watch in delight the emotions play on his face. Pride, humor, love, and then mischief. You watched from beside him as his finger moved towards the mini trash can in the corner of the screen. Before he could delete it you snatched the phone from his hand gave his bum a good smack and headed for your room.

Bucky couldn’t help but laugh and follow you to the bedroom. You were laying on your bed the phone nowhere in sight, when Bucky arrived in the room.

“Since when is the winter soldier bested so easily?” You grin at him teasingly.

Bucky let out an indignant huff and flopped face-down on the bed beside you. “I don’t know, being a dad is ruining my street cred.”

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Originally posted by thelazyslytherin

( General parenting: x ) | ( Kakashi’s Son: x )

(Assuming the daughter is the age of birth to 4 years old)

Princess Hatake:

  • The moment his little princess wrap her tiny hands to her dad’s index finger, is the moment where Kakashi realize that he’ll be her first hero and first love.
  • (Mentioning above) His face expression will remain calm and loving toward his daughter, but inside his organs are exploding like fireworks because now he has a female version of him and can’t wait to brag to his ninkens.
  • Would do anything for his little princess whether it is embarrassing or not. She wants to play royal tea party? She’ll get a royal tea party. She wants to wear princess costumes all day? She will wear a princess dress. She wants to play with daddy’s hair and put a pink little bow? She can if she wants to ONLY if it’s at home.
  • Every morning and night, he’ll take about five to close to ten minutes or maybe more, filling his princess’s face with kisses and snuggles.
  • Once he hears his precious crying whether it be wanting attention or fulfilling her needs (diaper change, hunger, etc), he’ll zoom as quickly to her as possible.
  • Would be the type of father to be overly protective, especially when he can see his daughter having many fanboys…drooling over her shoulders.
  • Would be the type to buy clothes that has anything related to dad…such as “best dad in the world.” Or “Boys, you better watch out because my dad is here.”
  • Kakashi would love to learn how to do hair. But he sees it would be a fail of him learning when he can’t even take care of his own hair.
  • If his daughter has this thing where she’s soooooooo adorable when she’s mad…Kakashi will literally die of happiness that he’ll get her mad every single time. Though, not to the point where his own daughter would stop communicating with him because “daddy’s mean”
  • Jailbreak: Subtly hints at romantic relationship
  • Love Letters: Yeah let's spell this out bluntly for everyone. Scream it from the rooftops even.
  • Keystone Motel: *honestly how far can we take this*
Mommy and daddy ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine (Requested)

Anonymous said:Cameron imagine about 2 boys named joe and Edward and their youngest child Sophia chilled day around the house please


Masterlist  Imagines  Send Request 


Sorry for any mistakes !


you were awaken to the sound of Sophia’s soft cries she was such a needy baby for Cameron she loved having her fathers full and devoted attention .

You were about to get out of bed when you Heard Cameron shuffling out of the covers . he walked by in his underwear to Sophia in her crib her cries quite at the sight of her father . ‘hey beautiful’ He said in his baby voice that made you melt . You sat up against the headboard Pulling down your nursing bra ready to breastfeed Her . Sophia was A premature baby so she needed to be breastfed longer for the lack of nutrient .

‘Ready for mommy ‘ Cameron said one again in his baby voice placing Sophia in your arms .

‘hey baby’ You cooed attaching her lips to your nipple.Cameron took back his seat covering his legs in the blanket .’She’s so beautiful’ Cameron said staring at you breastfeeding her . ‘Yes she is’ You replied still staring at her her hand covering your finger . 

‘Mommy Daddddyy’ Joe and Edward screamed barging into the room . That type of behavior did not alarm Sophia since she was used to it since being conceived .

‘what buddy’s?’ cameron smiled pulling them on the bed . ‘where are your pajama?’ You asked noticing them in their batman and superman underwear.

‘oh we got hot and daddy seep in his undewear ‘ Edward replied giggling he was only one year younger than Edward . ‘oh okay’ You laughed .

‘I cold ‘ Joe said getting in the blanket Edward following him . 

‘how’d you sleep boys?’ cameron asked his morning voice groggy . ‘I was scare so I seep wit Joe ‘ Edward smiled hugging his brother under the blankets.

‘awe that was nice of you Joe’ You gave both your boys a kiss on the top of their head .

‘how phia?’ Edward asked looking at his baby sister being fed . ‘she’s doing good she missed her brothers’ You replied to his question .

‘waelly?’He asked shocked . ‘yeah buddy ‘ cameron replied giggling at his enthusiasm .

You looked down noticing Sophia needed to burp . ‘hey babe can you pass me her blanket and burping cloth ‘ You asked rubbing her faint hair .

‘oh no I got it’ Joe stood up like a superhero running to his sisters crib grabbing exactly what she needed . ‘thank you baby’ You giggled .

‘damn man your taking my job from me ‘ cameron joked .

‘aha’ Joe replied getting back his spot . ‘cameron language ‘ You replied giving him a stern look .’oh sorry’ he surrendered .

You covered your breast with Sophia’s blanket , Placing the burping cloth on your shoulder picking Sophia up and placing her on your shoulder ready for her to burp . 

After a few pats, rubs and shaking’s she let out one big smelly milk burp . 

‘eww phia dat sound like daddy’s ‘ Joe joked Causing a laugh from you and cameron . ‘yeah it did ‘ you replied .

‘daddy I needa pee’ Edward said randomly . ‘I too’ Joe stood up on the bed .’alright boys let’s go do our man stuff ‘ Cameron go out of bed . ‘yeah mommy we men’ Joe said flexing his muscles at you . ‘yeah your super hero’s You replied .

You laid Sophia down on the bed and put on one of Cameron’s old tshirts . You grabbed one of her diapers and wipes  Changing her diaper .Soon later the boys returned .All of them jumping on the bed careful not to harm Sophia in the process .

‘what do you want to do today?’ You asked . ‘I don wanna do anyting ‘ Edward replied holding out his hands in defense . ‘oh okay what about you Joe?’ You asked making sure everyone was on the same page . ‘yeah I just wanna watch the good dinosaur’ Joe replied . He loved animals and Nature he loved all Disney movies with animals in it .

‘That sound perfect ‘ Cameron smiled leaning over all three of our kids to give you a kiss ‘good morning’He said staring ito your eyes .’morning’ You replied giggling . 

‘no kissy my mommy’ Joe stood up trying to pull Cameron away from you . 

‘hey man I don’t want no trouble but she was my wife first ‘ cameron joked .Cameron and Joe always had these little debates and it ended in a playful wrestle match .

‘weally?’ Edward cut in ‘yes’ You replied laughing at the scene happening in front of you .’but I have to say I think I’ll keep these boys right here ‘ You cut in causing smiles from Joe and Edward and a Gasp from Cameron .

‘see daddy ‘ Joe giggled in cameron face ‘yeah I see’ cameron picked joe up swiftly blowing air into his tummy causing giggles and laughs from Joe .After he placed Joe on the bed who was still recovering from the tickles . ‘Your turn’ Cameron looked at Edward who was at the end of the bed . 

‘oh no daddy ‘ Edward ran to Cameron giving him the hardest punches he possibly could . ‘ahh’ Cameron playfully screamed Soon Joe joined the war .

After the were done wrestling ‘How about breakfast ?’ You suggested .

‘yesss’ was the response your received from all the boys including Cameron .

‘Let me get her’ Cameron took Sophia from you holding her tight her bright brown eyes more excited .’Boy’s are you cold?’ You asked since they were in their underwear . ‘no’ they both replied ‘how about you ?’ You jokingly asked cameron . ‘no’ he replied chuckling still focused on his baby girl .

Soon the entire family was down stairs , You in the kitchen cooking and Cameron with the kids watching The good Dinosaur .

‘after this we watch Jungle book?’ Edward asking taking a sip from his Sippy cup.’yes of course’ cameron replied playing with Sophia .

You made Monkey pancakes with strawberries and bacon .

‘Breakfast ‘You called out .Cameron placed Sophia in her high hair while you gave her some pancake . Cameron poured the boys juice while you handed them their food .

‘monkey ?’ Joe asked in shock ‘yeah it’s a monkey pancake’ You replied .

‘yummy ‘Edward said already devouring his food .

‘mommy?’Edward stopped for a moment giving you his curious 4 year old eyes .’yes handsome’ you replied smiling at him .

‘how phia get here ?’ He asked .

Cameron looked at you chuckling . 

‘oh um well god blessed me and our father and he put Sophia in my belly and then 9 months later she came’ You smiled smirking at Cameron who was not bugging to join the conversation .

‘oh okay thank you god’He shouted out loud satisfied with the answer you gave him .You and Cameron both smiled at each other instantly knowing what one another was thinking .

after breakfast,Sophia needed a new onesie since her current one was stained with syrup .So You took her up to her room Changing her into a simple grey onesies with loose black shorts .

After walking down stairs to see the boys laid out a game of twister still all in their underwear .

You laughed causing looks from all of them ,’mommy’Joe shouted soon flexing his muscles .’I gonna win’ Edward replied to joe’s actions . 

‘who’s all playing ??’you asked chuckling . ‘we r’ Edward motioned to him,his brother and  Father Cameron nodded his head in agreement .

‘okay me and Sophia will turn it ‘ You sat on the couch Sophia on your lap looking at the boys confused .

‘No I’m gonna win ‘Joe replied to his brother comment late , ‘Guys this is a game of different positions and movements and skill and I  I’m great at all of that ‘Cameron said winking at you , You so badly wanted to get up and slap him but you remembered the boys have no idea what he is saying . 

‘no you not daddy remember me and Ed beat you up in the morning yeah we stronger’ Joe replied flexing his muscles once again .

‘alright boys lets get the games started ‘ You began twisting the wheel it didn’t take long for them to be conjoined together .

The entire time you were laughing at how Cameron was struggling to keep a hold .

Soon Edward beat all of the Fair and square he was so excited he was now calling twister his game and saying he’s the best at it He was clearly his father competitive and cocky when he wins .

It was nearly the end of the day and time to get the kids ready for bed.Since Sophia was still a baby ,you preferred to bath with her . But that was always later since she was taking a bath you’s loved to use this time for one on one time with the boys .

After getting them undressed and getting the bath started , You an Cameron placed them into the tub since they were still small and incapable of doing it themselves .

‘oh it’s warm’ Joe smiled sitting deeper into the water ,’yeah it is ‘Edward laughed sitting down deeper .It didn’t take long for both of them to dive in and get all wet .’mommy are we silly?’Joe asked ‘yes of course your silly you have your father in you’ You chuckled looking over at cameron who gave a slight smirk.

‘come here let us wash you’s then you’s can play all you want’ You smiled at them they both nodded letting you and Cameron wash them .

Soon their bath time was over and they were ready for bed but Sophia was up and ready for her bath .So you started the water at a nice temperature getting in it ‘Babe bring her’You called for Cameron .Soon he walked in with Sophia in his arms she was smiling bath time was her favorite .

‘where are the boys?’You asked placing Sophia in between your legs letting her play with her duckies .’in bed ’Cameron said taking a seat , ‘asleep?’you questioned ‘yup as soon as the laid down I read like two pages and they were knocked out ‘Cam chuckled .

‘oh that’s awesome today was a fun day ‘ You smiled looking at Sophia who was fascinated with her duckies . ‘babe can you pass me the soap’You asked ,Cameron nodded handing you her john-sons soap .

After washing her you got out of the tub getting her ready for bed, You walked into the bedroom carrying her tightly in your arms too see Cameron relaxed on the bed on his laptop . 

‘Can you watch her while I put some clothes on ?’ You asked , he quickly nodded getting off the bed drying Sophia off and getting her ready .You quickly ran grabbing one of Cameron shirts putting it on . You walked back to see him giving her belly kisses , You laughed taking a seat on the bed . 

‘you need my help?’You asked , ‘nope I have it but thanks ‘He smiled putting on her diaper .

‘I was thinking ‘Cameron started ‘we could have some us time tonight , in the shower’He smirked buttoning her last buttons .

‘that sounds amazing we need to relax ‘You held out your arms grabbing Sophia to feed her .

After feeding her and putting her to bed . Cameron snuck a hug from behind ‘you are truly amazing ‘He whispered to you swaying back and forth .You chuckled ‘thank you ‘You turned your head giving him a kiss ‘how about that shower ?’He chuckled picking you up running to the bathroom .’Just a shower my muscle’s are tense enough ‘you giggled . ‘I know that ‘he smiled setting you down planting a kiss on your lip’s.


I hope you enjoyed this !

7 YA Books That Will Give You A Reality Check

Put on your empathy glasses and look at our world through someone else’s eyes with these great new contemporary YA reads.

1. WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Aisha Saeed

Reality check moment: When Naila thought she was on a normal family vacation in Pakistan but her parents actually took her there to marry her off.

What makes it great: Aisha Saeed is one of the first people to tackle the issue of forced marriages in YA, and she explores how it affects everyone involved, not only Naila. There are no villains here, just complicated people trying to hold on to tradition in a changing world.

2. I WAS HERE by Gayle Forman

Reality check moment: When everything Cody knew about her best friend’s suicide implodes because of one encrypted computer file. 

What makes it great: Gayle Forman has said that I Was Here is a book about a suicide the way that If I Stay is a book about a car crash–i.e. only incidentally. The true core of I Was Here is the struggle to understand the people we love and make peace with who they are, who we are in the face of loss and uncertainty. 

3. STILL WATERS by Ash Parsons

Reality check moment: When Jason finds a questionable way to fund his escape with his sister from his abusive father.

What makes it great: Still Waters brings to mind a classic YA favorite, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. It’s an intense, gritty thriller that explores the dark relationship between poverty and privilege, and shows what lengths one boy will go to protect his family.

4. MOSQUITOLAND by David Arnold

Reality check moment: When 16-year-old Mim hops a bus from Jackson, MS to Ohio, braving a 1,000 mile journey alone to find her missing mother.

What makes it great: Mosquitoland takes us on a road trip through the South, as well a road trip through the brain of Mim Malone, who is definitely not okay. You’ll have to read to find out why. Note: the feels in this book are industrial strength.

5. FIRST THERE WAS FOREVER by Juliana Romano

Reality check moment: when Lima makes an irreversible decision that alters her relationship with her best friend forever.

What makes it great: First There Was Forever beautifully and authentically deals with something that has happened to all of us at one time or another: when a friendship we thought unbreakable changes.


Reality check moment: when out of all the biggest secrets Normandy uncovers, the most eye-opening is actually within her own home.

What makes it great: You will not be able to get enough of this book’s voice. It’s funny, witty, original, and ultimately plunges into your heart with truth.

7. WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Reality check moment: when a boy Gwen considers a mistake reappears for the summer and forces her to question everything she’s been trying to escape.

What makes it great: The romance in this book will give your summer reading some edge: it’s a deep, sometimes dark look at identity, boundaries, regret, and passion set against a gorgeous beachside summer. 

What books would you add to this list? 

"On November 2nd 1983, Don't Get Out Of Bed" (Don't Make Me Go Down That Road Again)

Ever since Dean took the Mark of Cain, I’ve been thinking about Dean’s mindset in the current narrative and how everything that happened in his past shaped him into this disturbed, lonely man who can’t think anything better of himself than this:

9x10: “Come on, man. Can’t you see?  I’m poison, Sam. People get close to me, they get killed… or worse. You know, I tell myself that I help more people than I hurt. And I tell myself that I’m… I’m doing it all for the right reasons, and I… I believe that. But I can’t - I won’t drag anybody through the muck with me. Not anymore.”

I have been talking a lot about how I believe that Dean has reached his lowest point so far, how he is losing himself, spiralling into a bottomless pit of self-loathing… and it breaks my heart a little bit more every time I think about how it all traces back to that night on November 2nd, 1983. 

I think, deep inside, the Dean we know is still stuck inside his paralysed 4-year-old self… smoke filling his lungs, feeling fiery heat on his skin, his mother’s screams echoing in his mind, holding on to baby brother… and waiting for his mum and dad to come out and save him.

But instead of being rescued he is left alone all his life, clinging to Sammy, trying (and failing) to find his way back into the comfort of his mother’s arms.

I imagine 4-year-old Dean standing outside his burning home, clutching at his little brother (which is the only actual warmth he feels in that moment that isn’t deadly fire). He’s in shock, frightened, confused: he’s just seen his Mum screaming on the ceiling, has heard his dad yell orders at him with wild panic in his eyes, feels sudden responsibility thrust upon his shoulders, has to swallow everything he feels in order to keep his arms around little Sammy - little smiling baby Sammy whom he just kissed goodnight a few hours ago. He wants to go back and find his Mum, make sense of what he’s just witnessed, wants to feel her tight embrace and her warm, loving eyes reassuring him that everything is going to be okay… but everything around him is burning and his dad’s frantic order keeps replaying in his head…  he holds on to Sammy and he runs as fast as he can - just like his dad has told him to.

(please mind the trigger warnings mentioned in the tags)

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According to estimates Big Hero 6 takes place in or after the year 2032, right? Assuming this is true, let’s calculate some things.

Hiro is 14 in the movie. The earliest he year he might be born in is 2018. Millennials will be able to vote by the time Hiro is born.

People generally estimate Tadashi & the Nerd Herd’s ages to be between 18 and 21. Using the highest age that people’ve guessed (21), the earliest they would have been born is 2011. That means that right now, in 2015, they would all be 4 years old at most. Take a moment to imagine this before you continue because toddler nerds

Judging by how young Aunt Cass looks in the movie, she’s probably a teenager right now, maybe in her early twenties. Aunt Cass is a high school or college student right now. She’s in the same position as a lot of the people who are reading this post right now. Aunt Cass might have a tumblr. Any one of you could be Aunt Cass and we’d never know

Most of the time I’ve seen people guess that Abigail was a bit older than the Nerd Herd, so she’s probably between 5 and 7 rn. Abigail Callaghan, the ex-botfighter, the test-subject of Silent Sparrow, the woman thought dead, the person who pretty much caused the whole plot of the movie, is currently in grade school. Robert Callaghan, who in the movie is bitter and resentful and violent, drives his little girl to school and packs her lunches and probably spoils her rotten.

Just think about all that. Think about Abigail and Robert’s loving father-daughter relationship that has yet to be broken. Think about Aunt Cass procrastinating for her classwork on tumblr. Think about tiny four-year old GoGo, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon. Think about Mr. and Mrs. Hamada with their four year old son Tadashi and the fact that Hiro probably isn’t even an idea in their heads yet.

just think about it