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May Study Challenge 2017

May Study Challenge 2017  

  • This is what I will be posting on Tumblr for the entire month of May  ( and my studygram )  

Everyone is welcome to do this, but no one will lol I’m irrelevant  

This is adjusted to fit the month of May for me!! It may not add up for international students since you may have different end of year dates etc. Etc.  

Let’s hope I don’t procrastinate this month because I graduate 8th grade this month! high school yay!! ( Tiny me grows to little me )  

1.Important End Of the Year dates!!  

2.Study Notes from the past week  

3.Bullet journal spread for the week (wk.1)

4.Favorite Note Method  

5.Friday – Weekend study routine  

6.Book reading list  

7.To-do list  

8.Sunday Positivity Post  

9.Desk setup  

10.Bullet Journal spread for the week (wk.2)

11.Spotify / Music Playlist for studying  

12.Favorite Healthy Foods to eat while studying

13.Week reflection

14.Stationary favorites you use in school

15.Self-care routine  

16.Quotes that inspire you

17.Art/drawings/creation you are proud of

18.Favorite class notes for the day  

19.Fictional character quotes  

20.Bullet journal spread for the week (wk.3)  

21.Nature aesthetic post ++ stationary  

22.ANY DOODLES ( go doodle crazy )

23.Self-appreciation post  

24.Study Notes from the past week

25.End of Year reflection

26.Accomplishments of the school year  

27.Summer study plan

28.Friday reflection  

29.End of year school goals

30.Next year prep

31.Future plans

Reblog if you are doing this/will attempt to do this. This month focuses on self-reflection etc. Some days no picture will be needed, like reflections, or routines.

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I can't stop thinking abt Twink AJ + Daddy Shane + how sexual their relaysh wld be - like Shane wld arrange a wkend away so he can just take AJ apart sexually and ruin him for any1 else. And maybe he'd be rly controlling with how he lets him cum, like 1 wkend he refuses to put his dick in AJ's ass to make him cum, even tho AJ BEGS him - Shane just works AJ's ass with his fingers to make him cum, over and over again all wkend until AJ's a mess of want and 😩 + AJ's ass feels sensitive 4 wks after

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Just drank for the first time in 4-5 wks…. not too shabby.

Had 3 shots of whiskey (Jameson for two and another brand), a fishbowl of god knows what, and a nice cider. Not too bad.

Bartender forgot to open a tab and was just like it’s okay, go 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼😍

Week 19 results

I missed week 18 somehow so my new revelation this year was if you hit a bump in the road, just brush it of and keep on going. You can’t go back and erase it. So we will just keep on moving

SW 264.9

CW 228.8 

WK 17 228.4

Wk 19 gained 0.4lbs

Not angry.  Just keep moving…. Just keep making good choices.  It will work.  My sister in law that lives in Delaware saw a picture of me on Facebook and sent me a lovely message on how good I looked and she couldn’t believe how much weight I have lost.

My goal is to get down below 220 by the end of the month. I think it is doable.  

I’ve been trying over the past few days to begin to tell a bit of my story, to sort of sum up what Lyme Disease has done to me, and to my life, to really let people in - and raise awareness for May, Lyme Awareness Month. This is undoubtedly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to try and explain. And as a writer who for years, explanation, observations, analogies and details have all come so very easily to, being at a total loss for words is tough - on every level. Which is also one of my favorite symptoms this disease has brought upon me: a very hard to explain brain-fog sensation, a haze in my head that cannot be penetrated or seen through or gotten past, a mid-sentence glitch that leaves me totally blank. I frequently find myself completely unaware of what’s going on - and I don’t mean “why’d-I-walk-into-this-room-where-did-I-leave-my-keys” unaware. I mean, a total out of body, where-am-I, I can’t feel myself in my body and don’t really have proper access to my brain, black-out, all-systems-down unaware. It’s been about 10 years since I was diagnosed with Lyme (and told that because I had only the two bars on the western blot (a totally unreliable test) that I would be okay) and two years since I began treatments. I have learned more in the past two years about our medical system, the body and food and toxins and chronic illness than I have about anything, ever. I have done a lot of research and I’ve seen doctor after doctor to come to a frightening understanding of how much of this is in my own hands. Insurance companies, the Infectious disease society (IDSA), CDC, and our own govt. – do not & will not recognize Lyme Disease. There are more documented cases of Lyme per year than HIV + Breast Cancer combined. But only $9 million govt dollars were spent for Lyme research in 2014. According to preliminary statistics just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed in the US each year. This is about 10 times higher than the officially reported number of cases, indicating that the disease is being vastly underreported. Lyme disease is the best-known, worldwide type of tick-borne disease, in which a tick infested with a spirochete bites a human and transmits the bacterium into the bloodstream. The bacterium responsible for Lyme disease is a spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi, which burrows its way into various tissues in the body, in particular the collagen tissues. Lyme disease manifests as a multi-system inflammatory disease that may affect the skin in its early, localized stage, and later spreads to the joints, central nervous system, and other organ systems.

 People spend their whole lives sick, many undiagnosed or misdiagnosed…

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Fuck my manager who tried to pressure me into working on one of my days off. I work 4 days/wk and I'm a part time MA student. My dad just died on the 12th. I'm so behind on homework, I'm stressed about lawyers/insurance/being the sole beneficiary, etc. I needed my 3 days to catch up and try to get my shit together. Even after I told him my dad just died and I'm really behind on stuff, he kept pressuring me. You being short staffed isn't my problem.

I’d rather you be my Sunday morning than my Saturday night.
—  prompt project wk 4- saturday night vs. sunday morning // submission #319

Pig Wk 4 Sunday

Thought I was doomed to do today’s 18-mile long run in a wintry mix of snow and rain. Thankfully modern technology allows me to scrutinize the doppler radar and estimate the best time to hit the road. I needed 2+ hours on the trail and lucked out with no precipitation. I was overdressed, though, and spent a lot of time taking on and off my gloves, zipping my jacket up and down, etc.

Other than that, a pretty good effort for my last really long run before taper. My goal for these is 6:53/mi, but I threw in 4 consecutive trips up the biggest incline at Waterfall Glen. I tried to make the difference in pace going uphill and downhill average out, but those uphills kept getting slower. You can see the flip flop in miles 8-14.

Just 3 weeks to race day! This week’s 61 miles was the peak. A couple more hard weeks and then I can taper, baby!

Based on this prompt:

cheerleader!dean getting teased about his little ‘crush’ on quarterback!cas, by the rest of the team.

of course, everyone thinks it’s just a crush.

until one day, cas doesn’t show up to school because he has mono.

and then a couple days later, dean doesn’t show up either.

because somehow, he caught it too. (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )



The sun was shining at just the right angle to throw shadows over half of Castiel’s face during his football practice, and it was distracting Dean Winchester to no end.


He was brought out of his reverie by someone shoving him in the back. “You’re ignoring us again, Winchester,” Jo teased, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “Are you daydreaming about what would happen if you actually talked to Castiel?”


Dean twisted out from under her grasp and shot her a glare. “Watch it, Harvelle. I can make your life hell for two hours every day.”


“Oh, look! He’s cute when he’s defensive about his crush. I think he loooooves Castiel. Charlie, did you know he lives, like, two streets over from the guy, but they’ve never talked?!”


Jo winked at Dean. He felt his face flush and stopped Charlie from talking before she could do any more damage.

“All right, ladies, simmer down. Let’s run through this again. Jo, your aerial is still sloppy, you should probably concentrate on that instead of digging your nose into my love life.”


Jo snorted. “Dean, you don’t have a love life. Unless drawing little hearts on your notebook with Castiel Novak written on them counts as a love life, which I sincerely doubt.”

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Hey guys, since its kitten season I felt I should make this post.

So yesterday, a customer and her kids brought a 2 week old kitten into Petsmart and asked one of my coworkers what they needed to care for it. My coworker immediately directed them to our in-store vet and called me, and thankfully I was across the street and able to come immediately.

This customer was interested in raising this baby with her kids, thinking it would be a good lesson in responsibility if the kids took care of him. But, they didn’t know anything about kittens, and made a few huge mistakes and ultimately decided to hand the kitten over to us. (They didn’t dig the idea of helping the kitten poop.)  So, heres a few baby kitten basics!

  • If you know nothing about raising <4 wk old kittens, it is best not to attempt. If you find a kitten that young, contact a local animal rescue group immediately!

Kittens who are newborn are A LOT of work. They cannot poop or pee on their own, they need to be monitored 24 hrs a day, most of the time they will need to be bottle fed every 30 minutes- hour, kept warm, kept clean, and it is best to have an emergency vet handy! They can get sick easily, and as their immune systems are weak, they can die easily.

  • If you think a mother cat has abandoned a kitten, do not immediately remove the kitten from the area unless in immediate danger/direct sunlight.

Often times, mom is still around! She could be off hunting/moving kittens to a safer location/defending the area, and unless the kittens are at least 5 or 6 weeks old, its better to let mom handle them.  Both kittens I have received this year that were “abandoned” or “found” were healthy and taken care of, mom probably left only momentarily! 

  • DO NOT attempt to feed nursing kittens any milk you have in your house! Cows milk is very bad for them, and is by no means a replacement for kitten milk! 

I understand, he seemed hungry, but their digestive systems are very sensitive and cows milk can give them the runs, which could kill them easily if you have no way of rehydrating them or giving them proper milk.

  • If you cannot afford to care for a kitten, have no intention of keeping the kitten, or have no way to find the kitten a new home, do not keep the kitten. 
  • If you do intend to keep the kitten, and are willing to learn how to care for them, please understand that you will need to find other kittens in their age range to live with. 

Handrearing kittens will make you momma, thats for sure, but handrearing them alone with no connection to other cats/kittens can cause major behavioral issues down the road, as they learn a lot of basic lessons through interactions with littermates!  Unless you intend to have multiple cats, please consider finding a foster for the kitten and adopting from a rescue group instead. 

  • Please get them properly cared for by a vet, and fixed when the time comes if you do intend to keep the kitten. Understand that if you do this alone, it will be very, very expensive, and it is 100% necessary, even if you plan to keep them indoors. 

All it takes is for your cat to get out once or twice, and you might be responsible for even more kittens. I cannot stress enough how important spaying/neutering is. 

Thanks guys! And have a happy kitten season. Always consider helping a local rescue group out with volunteering/fostering kittens, we always need more help!