4 was the majority so

I think the reason Vilde has been acting really annoying this season and last season compared to 1 and 2 is because it’s from Isak and Sana’s eyes and they probably find her the most extra when compared to Eva and Noora. We spent a lot of time taking perspectives into consideration when we discussed Jonas or Noora throughout the seasons, and I think this is the same kind of situation with Vilde. In season 1, we were seeing her for the first time so she was a bit in our faces but we quickly warm up to her and love her like Eva. In season 2, we see through Noora’s perceptive eyes that she has an eating problem and needs help and we feel bad for her with the William situation because Noora feels guilty. And season 3, we see her as this rumor spreading little lady who only cares about kosegruppa and her buns, and we also see her as Magnus’s target of attraction. Eventually Isak warms up to her as well, but its at the very very end. It’s been very interesting to see Vilde through Sana’s eyes because shes been all MagnusMagnusMagnus so far. Whether she’s overcompensating for her hidden feelings for girls, or that this is the first proper boyfriend shes had and she wants to talk about him all the time, or she literally just loves sex and wants to talk about it, one thing we know for sure because of how we ourselves are feeling about her: Sana is finding her hella annoying.

teru cactus/haystack wig tutorial

an anon asked me how i made my wig so here’s my writeup. disclaimer: this is only the way i chose to do it, but there are tons of other ways out there as well! also, i don’t have pics of allll the steps i used so i hope that’s ok.

the wig:

i first started off with a base wig and 2 packs of wefts. i think it was a magnum from @ardawigs in fairy blonde, and two packs of their short wefts also in fairy blonde. i actually ended up needing like 4 or 5 packs of wefts so this was a major oversight by me since i had some troubles with the wefts i need constantly being on backorder.

using a seam ripper, i took off the skin top and a lot of the wefts on the top, leaving a roughly 5″x5″ square of the open net. Then, i used craft foam and hot glue to make a kind of cage. the cage was circular and made up of roughly 1.5″ or 2″ strips of craft foam. if i had to do this wig again, I’d add more horizantal bars than I did, but for now this seems to be ok structurally. on 4 points, i left the vertical bars lower to cover the corners on the empty square of the wig. after my cage was complete, i handsewed it onto the wig base (didnt want to use hot glue since it would stiffen up the cap and I didnt want that). then i put a lot of polyfill into the empty cage. You can get a better idea of what I did in the picture below as well. I was using 12″x18″ craft foam, but it wasn’t long enough to reach around the entire circumference of the circle, so I had to frankenstein some of the strips together. Also note that I padded out the polyfill on the areas around the corners, and the bars are closer together at the bottom for more structural stability.

then, i took my wefts and started hot gluing them on in a spiral. i started with the wefts i took from the wig, and then when i ran out, i used my long strings of short wefts, which i applied in approximately 18″ sections so i didn’t have to deal with the full 8′ long strand. the spiral had ~1 inch of spacing between the rows. i set aside the skin top so it could be put on top of the wig when i was done. since the wefts were still very long for being short wefts, at a hefty 19″ long, when i ran out of the strands i would go through and trim sections off, and then using fabric glue, glue them together into clumps that i could hot glue onto the wig. i’ve made a shitty diagram so you can see what i mean because i suck at explaining things

and here’s a picture of the wig halfway done

you can see the glued wefts at the top of the progress line here! i continued this process until the wig was done! i would periodically go back and trim the hairs so they looked nice and werent chunky, and i added onto sections that seemed too thin or had gaps between the wefts.

(it looks like an uncircumcised penis here rip)

after fluffing and styling the wig with the help of got2b glue hairspray and a handy dandy hairdryer.

the wig is flexy and sturdy, and isnt as heavy as i anticipated. i looked through some other writeups before i did this and a lot of them used just one big cylinder of craft foam, but it seemed like it would be very stiff and i kinda wanted the ability to have it move (since it does in canon for a lot of comedic effect). i’m sewing wig clips into the front and sides so it doesnt come off since it is very heavy.

i hope this helps and im sorry if my shitty tutorial-writing skills are painful and confusing!!!

The Smoking Gun

This is just a brief post on the guns that we repeatedly saw throughout series 4. The “smoking gun” was a major theme of the series - it was even in the title credits. 

That screen cap is from T6T, and it shows a smoking handgun, which (obviously) indicates that the gun was just fired. 

There has been a lot of discussion about this smoking gun. Who’s gun is it? Who is firing it? Who is being shot? Etc, etc. 

I don’t think the smoking gun is much of a mystery.

I’m fairly convinced that the smoking gun is Norbury’s gun. 

Now, I also think that the majority of what we see in Season 4 is mind palace. So it is possible that someone other than Norbury is shooting that gun in reality. And I also think it is possible that someone other than Mary is being shot. 

However, I noticed something else that I think is very interesting. 

This is from the scene by the water, when Sherlock is talking to Faith and he has his little acid flashback:

That’s not Norbury’s gun. That is a Sig Sauer of some sort, a compact one. Probably a P228. 

Here’s the next frame:

That is the same Sig pistol, in the instant after it was fired. At this point, the recoil has pushed the slide to the rear to eject the shell, but the recoil hasn’t carried into the shooter’s arm. 

Here’s the final frame:

This is a millisecond later. The recoil has pushed the pistol back and upwards, and the slide has closed. 

Conclusion? That is a Sig Sauer being fired. 

Who has a Sig Sauer? 


Ok. So Sherlock’s vision of the sig lasts for about three or four frames. It is very, very quick. After the frames of the sig, we get the following very clear image:


Then we see this:

That’s the Norbury gun again. 

It’s also the same gun that we saw in the cold open to TLD, the one floating above John’s nose:

Now, here’s the thing about that gun. I’ve seen numerous references to that gun being a Walther PPK, “Like James Bond carries.” 

That’s not a Walther PPK. 

This is a Walther PPK:

That’s the gun Mary is holding to Magnussen’s head in HLV, and the same gun she will shoot Sherlock with in a few moments. 

That gun is a Walther PPK (with a silencer). Like James Bond. 

Norbury’s gun isn’t a Walther PPK. 

Norbury’s gun, the gun we see smoking repeatedly throughout season 4, is a CZ 82 (or 83, same gun, different caliber). 

On screen it can be tricky to tell the CZ 82 from the PPK, but if you pay close attention to the trigger guard, you’ll see that the CZ guard sticks out. It’s rounded in the front, very large, and sort of odd looking. 

It’s most noticeable in this shot:

The image is a bit distorted, but you can see the trigger guard is quite different. 

Now look at the smoking gun again:

See that weird, gigantic trigger guard? That’s Norbury’s gun. 

Okay… so what? Norbury murdered Mary. That’s a pretty big deal. Of course everyone keeps thinking about the gun. 

Well, I don’t think Norbury’s gun is what is important. I think what is important is the tiny little flash we get of Eurus’ gun being fired. I think that little flash is reality breaking into the fantasy we’ve been watching since series 3. 

I’m leaning more and more towards the “corrupted memories” theory that @finalproblem has been writing about. 

If you watch the riverside scene with Sherlock and Faith/Eurus, it almost seems like the combination of talking to Eurus, holding/throwing a gun, and thinking about loss triggered the memory of a compact Sig Sauer being fired. 

But then what happens? We see the briefest glimpse of a sig being fired, and then we get a blindingly clear vision of the London Aquarium. In daylight. 

And then we’re back to Norbury’s smoking gun. 

Almost as if the aquarium and norbury’s gun are pushing the memory of the sig out of Sherlock’s mind. 

And this is when Sherlock starts to have some sort of fit or something. He’s suddenly in pain, screaming. 

The we get three frames of an image of a needle filling with what appears to be black oil.

Sherlock collapses:

Incidentally, this is not the last time we’ll see Sherlock collapsing in conjunction with a black oily or inky substance:

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I do think this supports the idea of memories being corrupted, or more likely, being overwritten. 

You know, like a dog?

Ivy sketches. Heavily reffed from screenshots cause drawing is not great right now but it’s better than nothing.

Was gonna take Rose to Far Harbor but apparently I have a game or mod glitch where I can’t talk to Nick ssoo that’s a problem.

Also what the ever loving fuck William you have a metal bow tie on your armor, you pompous upper-stand piece of shit.

So here’s what we know:

1) they did shoot some sort of reunion scene so clearly they plan to use it for S4
2) they have a plan for S4
3) Iris West will always be Iris West Allen and she is Barry’s lightning rod
4) No news about a major time jump yet so please no rubbish storyline that takes us 10 years into the future or some shit
5) This (fucked) ending makes sense to the overall tale of a hero’s fall and redemption
6) Devoe (did I spell that correctly?) is the big bad of S4. Reinforced again tonight
7) Barry Allen is the main lead so by tv Writers standards, he must suffer
8) Iris West is the main female lead so by tv Writers standards she must suffer
9) Barry and Iris will get married. Save the dates were mailed out thanks to Barry
10) the speed force loves barry and doesn’t intend to punish him which is odd but fits in with overall mythos? (Correct me if I am wrong guys)

My Tongue in Your Mouth Chapter 4 SPOILERS!

Obviously this post contains some major spoilers, so just don’t read it if that sort of thing upsets you.

So as I said before, chapter 4 is awesome, and definitely the chapter we’ve all been waiting for.  The AMAZING beezlekn will be uncensoring this chapter as well, so look forward to some ELITE WANG!!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this chapter.  

So for this chapter’s spoiler, I present what I’ll title “Post-Sex Bliss!

I totally love the size difference of their dicks, even at a flaccid state.  But man, is Luke’s dick something to write home about! 👍🏻

anonymous asked:

I have been reading your posts about the Canadian election. I am from India and though the process seems very similar to our elections, could you please tell me how that "first past the post", I think that's what you said, works? It's kind of a minor detail, so I really don't mind if you want to answer it a bit later. Thank you

First Past the Post originates from Horse racing, where the winner is the one that reaches the ‘post’ or finish line. It doesn’t matter how close the racers were.

And while that’s fine for racing, its not practical for a democratic institution that is supposed to be representative of the population.

In voting first past the post simply means that in a riding (geographical voting area), that the candidate with the most votes, wins. The problem with this is that with multiple parties, its possible for a candidate to win in which more than 2/3rds of the area didn’t vote for. So you have a representative that only represents a 1/3rd of the public in some cases. First Past the Post also causes vote splitting, in that one political ideology there may be only 1 party (Conservatives for right leaning voters) while on the left there are 4 (Liberals, NDP, Greens, Bloc Quebecois). So the left vote (which is the majority) can easily be split, and allow the Conservatives to win, just because they had more votes than any other party.

This video is recommended for understanding First Past the Post and why its terrible:

Romantic Frustration | Doyoung

Originally posted by nctinfo

  • Oaky,, doyoung,,
  • here I’m so soft for him I’m about to get giddy af
  • Alright I feel like he would be a big spooner in the sense that he loves spooning duh@me
  • we’ve seen how he is w the other members nd melted nd seen just how closely he holds them right
  • he’d love just spooning esp in a bed bc soft duvet nd soft warmth nd bc he gets to wrap his arms tight around u
  • pulling u as close to his chest as he could
  • he’d rly love the feeling of having u so close bc tht way he can make sure ur a-oaky at all times u kno
  • anyways he’d also b rly into nuzzling into ur neck/side of ur face area
  • tbh he would find comfort in the smell of ur shampoo or body wash or whatever
  • plus it was gave him access to placing super soft kisses to ur neck/jaw/cheek
  • LTHOugh when he did that it would make both of u super giddy hehe
  • like after he did it he’d smile rly big nd hide behind u again nd maybe press a kiss to ur shoulder
  • but like he’d absolutely lvoe it bc u were in a relationship !!! he could do it !!! u kno
  • he felt pride tht no one else was able to do tht bc u were together nd awww sappi doyoung w out the actual sap :’)))
  • Yo if u hadn’t seen each other in a while just kNo tht u will b cuddling facing each other
  • it’d b way more intimate nd promotes cosy talking which he’d b all for
  • bc wow he loves hearing u talk nd listening to what u say
  • he rly values ur opinions nd words oaky
  • he rly appreciates getting to talk to someone other than the members
  • even tho he loves them lots it’s just nice knowing another person cares
  • plus he’d find it supppppeeeeeerrr cute seeing u look up w big eyes tht r just filled w l o v e nd it’s all 4 him!!!
  • He’d feel so lucky awww bless :’)’)’)
  • nd also if u wanted 2 lean up 2 give him a peck on the lips or cheek or smwhere
  • ud place ur hands on his shoulders for a lil bit of leaverAge or support or whatever
  • nd he’d rly like feeling ur tiny hands against his broad shoulders
  • ((this would also apply if u were hugging while standing like he did w his baby donghyuck awww)))
  • wow I’m making doyoung out to b a big ol sappi softy nd he is don’t get me wrong but he’s alsO 28474637272727% NOT OAKY THIS LAD IS JUST AS NASTIEE AS JAEHYUN BUT HE HIDES IT LIKE THE SNEKE HE IS
  • I’m gon try not go 2 hard here bc boi I don’t have time 4 these emotions!!!1!1!!
  • Oaky so kissing doyoung hehe I’m getting giddy as all h*ck wld most likely happen in bed at night just before slep oaky so
  • rite the way I imagine this goin down wld be yous 2 having ur wee chit chat u kno
  • #justslepythings
  • it’s a nightly occurrence
  • so anYways it’s gonna happen 1 of 2 ways
  • the 1st way wld b like if he’s leaning over u but not rly over u
  • nd there wld be a slight lull in the convo
  • nd ud jus b lookin @ each other bc wow beauty
  • nd u wld c that look like his big eyes wld b sparkly as h*ck nd u wld knoooo
  • so anyway he’d lean down lowkey hesitantly bc he is still r shy wee bunni but he’d do it nonetheless
  • nd he wld just slot ur lips together sO S O F T L Y like,
  • there wld hardly be any pressure
  • but tht wld make u want more
  • so ud lean up into it
  • tht’s how he knos he got the rite away
  • nd he wld lower u back down properly, ur hands going around his neck 2 bring him impossibly closer
  • nd then,,
  • out it comes.
  • Dotongue.
  • It makes n appearance.
  • Now lemme tell u,,
  • Doyoung knos e xactly what 2 do w his tongue
  • idk where he learnt it but dam tht thing has the ability to make u shiver in delight @ just the smallest of touches
  • even tho doyoung’s got quite small lips they r,,, hold up in get ing emo,,,, they’re so utterly beautiful nd so amazing @ kissing it hurts it don’t actually it’s just rly attractive nd has the ability to make u melt nd fall against/into him
  • nd the fact tht he’s hovering over u gives him tht lil bit o control tht he loves having nd tht u love him having hehe
  • bc he can just move to ur jaw nd neck @ any point
  • he doesn’t seem like the type to b super into hickeys but for some reason I c him having a thing for ears nd ear lobes??????
  • Don’t ask me y but I think nibbling gently on ur ear lobe wld be a major turn on 4 him hehehe
  • Oaky so the other way i c this going wld b u climbing onto his lap nd just goign 4 it
  • like laddddddddddd
  • he’d love it sm nd find it rly attractive just having u in his lap w his warm hands on ur waist //oboihishands//
  • but he wld also b super giggly bc c’mon it’s doyoung he is a shy wee thing it’s just surrounding his #nastieee u kno
  • rite so idk y but I feel doyoung wld rly like skin to skin contact
  • like Ik the look he gave taeil when he said he’d prefer linking arms bc more touching but nono,
  • this is different,
  • this is just u nd him
  • but like I think he’d rly love his hand resting on ur hip or waist or lower back just lazily trailing his hand over ur skin or gently squeezing it whenever either of u moan softly into the othertbh making out w doyoung wld b pure bliss nd I’m getting emo bc I think abt this daily whOOpS
  • also doyoung wld love 4 u to gently suck on his neck
  • like not hard enough 2 leave a mark but u kno,, tbh maybe I just wanna do this his neck,,is so h*cking beautiful I’m crine
  • plus by sitting on his lap ur in control of the gridningheheheheheh
  • He’d give those sorta lingering kisses where he’d keep leaning in nd softly pressing his lips to urs but in a really playful manner
  • nd it’d b super cute but he’d be shy as all heck!!!!
  • his Lips would b so soft nd warm u wld melt nd try to get impossibly closer to him oaky like u kno
  • yo his kisses,
  • (((esp makeouts)),
  • would last supppppeeeeerrrrrrrr long too,
  • like neither of u could get through the day without at least 45-1 hour of making out,
  • nd then both ur lips would b swollen as h*ck nd breathing heavily,
  • like makeout sessions w doyoung aren’t always gonna lead on to anything else,,,
  • they’re jus gonna b really nice nd enjoyable for u both
  • djdjdhehebsisjdbdofj
  • basically his aim is to get ur lips all red nd swollen from kissing
  • oaky he finds it supperrrr attractive ndjfhrrhdh
  • Yoyoyoyoyoyo tho none of the other members kno he’s this way
  • like the most he’ll do in front of them is hug u
  • nd give u those big gummie smiles we all love Sm :’)))))
  • nd tbh u found this more attractive nd loving bc he only shares tht side w u
  • nd only u kno how wildt he is in bedt nd dammmmm
  • I’m gonnstop bc ladS I lovE DOYOUNG SO MUCH 💖💖💖

jason-sxy-todd  asked:

Hi, I was looking through your blog and it made me curious: I personally don't really know what I believe. Like on one hand I believe that unborn babies are alive as soon as their heart starts beating separate from it's mother's heart. But at the same time, I feel like woman should have that right to choose. I guess what I'm asking is if I am a traditional feminist with prolife values, then where is the middle ground? I'm open minded so you wont scare me away with any of your controversial views

Hi! Thanks for contacting me!

I can definitely see how that can be confusing. First, I want to clarify what you’re saying about the biology of when life begins. Human life actually starts before the heart starts beating - otherwise, how could a heart grow if there was no living, growing, developing organism? At fertilization, a new member of the human species exists with its own genetic code and its own developmental path totally distinct from that of the mother. The mother’s body supplies nutrients and oxygen, but her blood never mixes with her child’s (many mothers and children have different blood types) and her heart does not beat for the child. Starting at fertilization, the child’s cells are growing, dividing, and differentiating to develop the various systems of the body (nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc). The heartbeat begins when the cardiovascular system develops to the point that it needs a pumping heart to distribute nutrients, hormonal signals, and oxygen to the various cells. This happens after about 3 weeks (18-22 days) of life and development within this new organism.

That said, most women don’t know they’re pregnant until around the time the heart starts beating (4-6 weeks after their last menstrual period), so in the majority of cases a child who is intentionally aborted has a beating heart.

Now let’s talk about choice. We all make choices every day. We choose what to wear, what to eat, what to study in school, what to do for a living, and so on. We can also make choices that directly affect other people. All of our choices have consequences, whether those consequences are good, bad, or neutral.

Every law we have restricts our choices in some way. Traffic laws restrict how we operate our cars. Taxes restrict how we spend our money. Regulations restrict how we run businesses. We may debate whether or not these laws are necessary or justified. Other laws, like laws against stealing or killing, restrict choices that would directly harm other people. Most of us can agree that these laws are both justified and necessary for a functioning and peaceful society. If we wanted complete freedom of choice, that would be anarchy. Any government that exists restricts your choices in some way.

The question, then, is whether it is necessary and/or justified to restrict a woman’s choice to have an abortion. To me, the answer to that question lies in whether an abortion directly harms another person. If it does not, then restrictions on abortion would fall into the category of government regulations that are highly debatable and probably an unjustified or unnecessary restriction of our right to choose. If, however, abortion does directly and intentionally harm another person, then a restriction or ban on abortion would fall into the category of laws against stealing or killing, and would therefore be both justified and necessary.

I believe the latter is true. Like you, I believe that abortion kills a living human being. Therefore, our law that already exists banning the intentional and premeditated killing of human beings should also protect preborn human beings. That is, we shouldn’t need a law against abortion. We just need to include preborn human beings as people protected by the law.

This still leaves women with a lot of choices. I just don’t believe anyone has the right to kill another person except in a self-defense situation (which does not describe pregnancy).

Now, I don’t consider myself a feminist. Largely, this is because I don’t want to be associated with what the modern feminist movement has become. However, there are many pro-life feminists who have found a way to balance a concern for women’s rights and welfare with a concern for the lives of the preborn. In fact, many will say that the two can actually go hand-in-hand.

I recommend checking out the following organizations for more on how you can be pro-life and feminist:

Feminists for Life

Feminists for Nonviolent Choices

New Wave Feminists

Secular Pro-Life

Life Matters Journal (@lifemattersjournal)

I know this was a really long answer to your question, so let me know if you need me to clarify anything or if you have any questions! I’m happy to continue this conversation as long as you want to.

u kno whats sad.

my 8 year old sister said she didnt want 2 be the race she was, she wanted 2 be white. nd its been a while but i still think abt it to this day and it makes me so upset.

Riverdale Preferences : What Once Upon A Time character and season is their favorite


His favorite season- Season 1; He loved to see the very beginning of what was an iconic show.He loved to see the characters in their cursed state, not knowing who they really were but the audience already did.He also loved to see the beginning of Henry and Emma'a relationship, it was a great family dynamic that he loved to watch unfold again and again.

His favorite Character- Mary Margaret Blanchard; She was rather innocent at times, but extremely tough in others.She reminded him a lot of you in that way. He also deeply respected her when she broke up with David, she recognized that their relationship was unhealthy and left, and that took a lot of courage.


Her favorite season- Season 3; It showed a new side to the characters and introduced a deeper story line for them as well. She was shocked when Peter revealed that he was Rumple’s father, but it made sense. One of her favorite things about it was that it had a different take on the characters of Peter Pan that made you think of them in an entirely different way.

Her favorite Character- Regina Mills; She was fierce and Sarcastic, basically your fictional twin.She never apologized for her actions and she had an excellent character arc, which made her all the more better.She showed the world that Villains good in fact get happy endings. Betty admired her so much because of that, she looked up to be in so many ways, and it made her very happy when Robin entered her life.


Her favorite season- Season 4; Her favorite Disney movie was Frozen, so she had major heart eyes for the season that had a brand new story for it. She thought that not only was the casting amazing, but so was the storyline. It had it’s own ways of filling the plot holes that were left by the film.

Her favorite character- Killian Jones; He had emotional depth, he just didn’t like to show it, which was something that she related to a lot.He had heartbreak and family issues,another thing that she related to. He was her fictional hero, he showed her that she wasn’t alone, that someone was always there for her, no matter what she thought.


His favorite season- Season 2; He loved Season 2 because it represented new beginnings, which he was experiencing a lot of. He liked how the characters were struggling with identifying with both their cursed selves and their fairytale selves. It showed their internal agony, something which he had a lot of.

His favorite Character- Robin Hood; He had always seen the archer as a both a criminal and a hero.He stole from the rich to give to the poor, something he was proud of. He liked how the show switched things up a bit and had him be with Regina.He lowkey really ships it.(He is the captain of the OutlawQueen ship).


His favorite season- Season 6; Season 6 gave the show a fresh new spin. He loved how they took classics, and adapted them to involve magic and darkness, and made you fall in love with the original tales even more. He had even guessed that Captain Nemo had some sort of relation to Killian, and he was shocked to find out that he was actually right for once .

His favorite character- Henry Mills; He simply adored lil Henry. Ever since season 1, he’s always wanted to protect the child. Seeing him grow up made him tear up, he was so proud that Henry had made it this far. He felt that Henry never deserved all the shit Emma gave him in the beginning of the show. He’s also a major shipper of Venry.(Hiolet?)


Her favorite season- Season 5; She'a a big fan of Mythology, especially Greek, as were you. She was ready to criticize how the show would handle the massive legend that is the Underworld. She was actually pretty satisfied with what it provided. She couldn’t really judge much seeing as the show was so unique.

Her favorite character- TinkerBell; She has lots of love for the blonde fairy, and was excited to see how she would be portrayed. In her opinion, it was pure perfection. Tink was brought to life in a familiar yet excitingly new way, and it was fantastic. She also liked how the show dived deeper into a storyline for her that showed an amount of pain far too great for someone like her.