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Sunday’s Write-in Official Time

Hi everyone,

So I’ve decided on the final time after hearing back from some of you. This week, Sunday’s write-in will be at:

4:30 P.M. CST

The majority said later so I went with that. I know we’re still having issues getting times that work for everyone, especially for those in time zones that aren’t a couple of hours ahead or behind Central Time. If you’re falling into this category (I think I know most everyone, but I want to double check), please reblog/reply/message me with how far ahead/behind you are compared to CST and what times work for you based on your schedule (i.e. hours of the early morning, mid-afternoon or late evening. However, the more specific you are, the better! If you want to simply give the times that work for your time zone, I can always convert them to CST.) Once I have an idea of what our time-spread looks like, I’ll see how we can handle things!

Reblogs appreciated to get the word out!

Hope to see you guys there!

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so from what we’ve read (from unreliable sources) is that there’s no johnlock kiss or confirmation, but that it’s cemented that sherlock is in love with john.


i don’t know what this means, but sherlock holmes is in love with john watson and everyone’s going to know it. 

how long do you think this show can go on without johnlock becoming canon if this is true? if it’s literally explicit that sherlock is in love with john? once john comes to his senses, gets over mary and realizes it (of course it’s going to take john a little longer than sherlock for many, many reasons) it’s going to happen.

worst case scenario, we’re already halfway there. johnlock is happening. 

The Smoking Gun

This is just a brief post on the guns that we repeatedly saw throughout series 4. The “smoking gun” was a major theme of the series - it was even in the title credits. 

That screen cap is from T6T, and it shows a smoking handgun, which (obviously) indicates that the gun was just fired. 

There has been a lot of discussion about this smoking gun. Who’s gun is it? Who is firing it? Who is being shot? Etc, etc. 

I don’t think the smoking gun is much of a mystery.

I’m fairly convinced that the smoking gun is Norbury’s gun. 

Now, I also think that the majority of what we see in Season 4 is mind palace. So it is possible that someone other than Norbury is shooting that gun in reality. And I also think it is possible that someone other than Mary is being shot. 

However, I noticed something else that I think is very interesting. 

This is from the scene by the water, when Sherlock is talking to Faith and he has his little acid flashback:

That’s not Norbury’s gun. That is a Sig Sauer of some sort, a compact one. Probably a P228. 

Here’s the next frame:

That is the same Sig pistol, in the instant after it was fired. At this point, the recoil has pushed the slide to the rear to eject the shell, but the recoil hasn’t carried into the shooter’s arm. 

Here’s the final frame:

This is a millisecond later. The recoil has pushed the pistol back and upwards, and the slide has closed. 

Conclusion? That is a Sig Sauer being fired. 

Who has a Sig Sauer? 


Ok. So Sherlock’s vision of the sig lasts for about three or four frames. It is very, very quick. After the frames of the sig, we get the following very clear image:


Then we see this:

That’s the Norbury gun again. 

It’s also the same gun that we saw in the cold open to TLD, the one floating above John’s nose:

Now, here’s the thing about that gun. I’ve seen numerous references to that gun being a Walther PPK, “Like James Bond carries.” 

That’s not a Walther PPK. 

This is a Walther PPK:

That’s the gun Mary is holding to Magnussen’s head in HLV, and the same gun she will shoot Sherlock with in a few moments. 

That gun is a Walther PPK (with a silencer). Like James Bond. 

Norbury’s gun isn’t a Walther PPK. 

Norbury’s gun, the gun we see smoking repeatedly throughout season 4, is a CZ 82 (or 83, same gun, different caliber). 

On screen it can be tricky to tell the CZ 82 from the PPK, but if you pay close attention to the trigger guard, you’ll see that the CZ guard sticks out. It’s rounded in the front, very large, and sort of odd looking. 

It’s most noticeable in this shot:

The image is a bit distorted, but you can see the trigger guard is quite different. 

Now look at the smoking gun again:

See that weird, gigantic trigger guard? That’s Norbury’s gun. 

Okay… so what? Norbury murdered Mary. That’s a pretty big deal. Of course everyone keeps thinking about the gun. 

Well, I don’t think Norbury’s gun is what is important. I think what is important is the tiny little flash we get of Eurus’ gun being fired. I think that little flash is reality breaking into the fantasy we’ve been watching since series 3. 

I’m leaning more and more towards the “corrupted memories” theory that @finalproblem has been writing about. 

If you watch the riverside scene with Sherlock and Faith/Eurus, it almost seems like the combination of talking to Eurus, holding/throwing a gun, and thinking about loss triggered the memory of a compact Sig Sauer being fired. 

But then what happens? We see the briefest glimpse of a sig being fired, and then we get a blindingly clear vision of the London Aquarium. In daylight. 

And then we’re back to Norbury’s smoking gun. 

Almost as if the aquarium and norbury’s gun are pushing the memory of the sig out of Sherlock’s mind. 

And this is when Sherlock starts to have some sort of fit or something. He’s suddenly in pain, screaming. 

The we get three frames of an image of a needle filling with what appears to be black oil.

Sherlock collapses:

Incidentally, this is not the last time we’ll see Sherlock collapsing in conjunction with a black oily or inky substance:

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I do think this supports the idea of memories being corrupted, or more likely, being overwritten. 

You know, like a dog?

RWBY Lore - The Four Kingdoms

VALE rests on the northwestern shore of Remnant’s largest continent, Saunus. A steep mountain range along the western border provides protection from masses of inland Grimm, though that isn’t its only defense. It also rests on the border of the sea, which is to the east and too shallow for any large aquatic Grimm to pose a threat. There are three notable cities along the northwest as extensions of Vale’s territory. These are not yet named. Any attempt at expanding the Kingdom inland, such as Mountain Glenn, have been met with disastrous failure.

Combat School(s):
Beacon Academy, Signal Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Cliffs, hills and mountains. Marginally flat terrain between mountains and sea.

Notable Characters:
Ruby Rose (Patch), Yang Xiao Long (Patch), Taiyang Xiao Long (Patch)

MISTRAL rests in the continent west of Saunus, known as Aunima. They have the most controlled territory, meaning greater diversity in geography, climate and indeed, people. Mistral’s high society contributes fashion, theater, architecture - basically all forms of art - to the world of Remnant. Mistral is also, unfortunately, home to the biggest black market in the world. The people of Mistral all share a deep respect for nature, especially the sea and sky. They appear to have been the first to invent airships, albeit primitive ones. There are two named outer cities - Windpath and Koutchinashi, which lie to the north and south of the main Kingdom, respectively.

Combat School(s):
Haven Academy, Sanctum Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Extremely diverse. Cliffs, hills, mountains, desert, forests, etc.

Notable Characters:
Pyrrha Nikos (formerly), Team SSSN

ATLAS is located in the northernmost continent of Solitofs. There are nearly no Grimm here, as they are subjected to the harsh climate. The people invented technology far faster than the rest of Remnant as a result of the need for survival (household appliances, weaponry, etc). There is an R&D facility located in the land immediately beside the combat school. Dust mines and emerging technologies allowed for rapid expansion. The former capital of Mantle was quickly overshadowed by Atlas Academy (formerly known as Alcaeus), which grew into a city of its own and began to house the military, labs and research facilities. Eventually, it even grew a civilian population. Those in Mantle presumably hold a bitter resentment for those in Atlas.

Combat School:
Atlas Academy (formerly Alcaeus)

Polar ice caps. Frigid temperatures year-round.

Flat, frozen ice fields and cliffs.

Notable Characters:
Weiss Schnee (formerly), Winter Schnee, Penny Polendina, James Ironwood

VACUO is located on the western end of Saunas, in a scorching desert. It was once a paradise, containing a beautiful oasis wherein people thrived, living a comfortable life with minimal threat from Grimm. It was home to the largest Dust deposit in the world, and also contained vast natural resources. Atlas, Vale and Mistral set their sights on Vacuo’s riches and, as a result of their complacent nature, the citizens could do nothing to stop them from ruining their home. Human conflict, ecological disasters, and unrestricted mining changed Vacuo’s paradise into a harsh, desolate wasteland. Vacuo is home to a Schnee Dust Company mining facility, presumably a huge one given the rich deposit of Dust. The citizens were left to be nomads, traveling constantly as a result of depleted resources and Grimm attacks. After the great war, a formal government was created, but went unheeded by populace. The combat school, Shade Academy is the only sense of order Vacuo has. People in Vacuo have a mutual respect for one and other. If you can survive, you’re welcome.

Combat School:
Shade Academy

Dry desert. Rainfall extremely rare. Scorchingly hot year-round.

Desert. Mostly flat, contains sand dunes, presumably mountain ranges closer to the sea.

Notable Characters:
Sun Wukong, Team NDGO

I'm telling you, I would totally ship Stydia if:

1. Every other character’s relationship with Stiles wasn’t being sidelined this season because of Stydia.

2. Stydia wasn’t so rushed this season.

3. Lydia and Parrish weren’t so perfect for one another.

4. A majority of the Stydia fandom didn’t suck so much.

But ya know, all these four things are true so therefore, I don’t ship Stydia.

anonymous asked:

this was something I was thinking about, but it really bothers me how people still call lapidot "fanservice" like I know they've been a crackship since The Return but they didn't even really get popular until Barn Mates which aired over the summer and because of how long it takes episodes to get made I'm sure that by the time that episode came out, the majority of season 4 had already been written so how is it fanservice if they were already being made a thing before fans even knew about it lol

Yeah, because of the length of time it takes for episodes to be made and then aired (especially because of the ridiculous scheduling/hiatuses potentially delaying things even further), it’s physically impossible for Lapidot to be fanservice.

Peridot’s redemption arc had already been written before she was even shown on-screen for the first time - and Barn Mates happened not long after that, so I would imagine that, if nothing else, the idea for that episode was drawn-up around the time that we saw Warp Tour.

Some of us just took a lucky guess about Lapidot - the Crew have it all planned out and it doesn’t matter what fans “want” because the entire story arc of two characters wasn’t ever going to be changed due to a crack ship becoming popular. Lapidot exists because the Crew want it to exist.



-“Stop doing your homework and cuddle with me! Or else I’ll ignore you for the rest of the week!”

-“Both of you are fighting over me and I don’t know which I like but there’s this other guy/girl who likes me I think I’ll just go with the they’re cute and sweet and not pinning anyone to the wall ;-;”

-“I’m an artist and you’re a writer and you keep asking for my art and I never knew why until I opened your computer and found tons of stories based on paintings I did.”

tbh i am so tired of college and i really just wanna drop my CS major and be done but then the fuckboys who say girls can’t handle computer science would be proven right and i’ll die before i let that happen


I Hate Your Stupid Yellow Shorts

AU where Louis’ family moves out to the country and he isn’t having it at all.  It doesn’t matter how big the garden is or how nice the pool is.  He hates the country.  And despite his mum’s poorly executed matchmaking attempt, he doesn’t care much for Harry the pool boy either.  Don’t even get him started on how ridiculous his stupid yellow shorts are because they are the worst.  Meanwhile Harry, for some reason, seems hell bent on changing Louis’ mind.  Which is fine, but Louis isn’t gonna cave.  He’s not.  He does, however, want Harry’s chocolate cake. And Harry wants a date. So perhaps they can work something out.  (OR the one where Louis gets the cake and Harry gets the boy.) 



Chp 1~~Chp 2~~Chp 3~~Chp 4~~Chp 5~~Chp 6

Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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