4 u jess

“[…] me has quemado con fuego la sangre, desenterrando,
un corazón que murió de dolor, es verdad que del odio al amor,
solo hay un paso.”

so theres this telenovela that inspires me a lot as well as mariachi music so have this flirty Mccree 


Onsen are hot lmao he could probably handle it tho i just can’t draw serious things 

McCree doesn’t want to wake him because he looks peaceful and how often does that happen while at the same time willing him to open his god damn eyes because YOU ARE LETTING YOUR BOYFRIEND BOIL TO DEATH HANZO

Tuck Everlasting Ask Game

1. would you marry jesse tuck
2. i would
3. jesse tuck is really attractive
4. did u hear that jesse tuck once climbed a really tall tree and he didnt even fall or anything
5. and even if he did fall he didnt even care
6. jesse tuck takes really good care of his hair did u know that
7. i did