4 u jade


I always try to play characters who are very different from what I am. If the character was a good swimmer or a diver, I’d be interested because in my real life, I am totally scared of water. I would immediately feel compelled to do it because I’m always trying to tackle any fear I have. I don’t want my life to be controlled by fear, whether it’s the fear of being rejected, fear of being loved; I want to run my life with open arms. Also, I never want to play the same character twice. To me, that’s soul crushing. — Jessica Chastain (march 24, 1977).

Tomorrow, 7 years ago, was when this webcomic first posted its first page.
But tomorrow, in present time, will be the last time it posts its last page.

Its crazy to think we started off like this.. The characters in all white clothes, simple symbols on their shirts and an even more simple story and timeline.. and then we became this big, jumbled mess of teen feelings and complicated time shenanigans!

i think the webcomic represents the fandom that way, too. we started off as a small community, with simple art and simple cosplay, and then grew into this big, hUGE fandom, where everything we do is big, complex, and of course, full of so much irony.

i think i’ll have more deep, important things to say tomorrow, but.. guys.. this ride has been awesome. i loved “playing this game”, or going on this journey with you guys. and im glad to be ending it the same way i started it. having no fucking clue whatsoever of what im getting myself into, screaming, distressed,
but never alone!

Being a kid and growing up. It’s hard and nobody understands.