4 type hair


Normalize wearing 4 type hair for all occasions.

Black woman should be able to feel confident and comfortable while having their hair natural, especially during formal occasions or dressing up in general. 

Too many of us feel like we need to get our hair straightened or manipulated in order to “tame” it, when our hair is fine how it is. Our hair texture is not too ugly or inappropriate for formal occasions. Our hair is not too unprofessional for interviews or office jobs either. 

 We need to challenge ourselves to embrace our hair all the time and encourage others to do the same. Inspire other Black girls and women to wear their natural curls not only casually, but whenever they feel the need to get their hair done for the wrong reasons. 

Representation matters, and that is exactly what opened my eyes and made me realize my hair is enough. My hair is good hair no matter what anyone says.

If you want to inspire other Black women and girls, or challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, please consider taking pictures of yourselves rocking your 4 type hair. It doesn’t matter the occasion. If you decide to submit or post photos in a formal setting, share your reason. Tell us why you went natural in general if you’d like.

Feel free to share your natural hair stories, routines, and so on. 

Our hair is not just hair. It is part of our culture. It is part of us. We should be proud and celebrate it. No more crying or insecurities about our hair. Only praises, upliftment, and self love–which is why I am calling this idea “NapturalAnthem“. 

Please tag your pictures, stories, hair hacks and tips NapturalAnthem. Either submit or post it yourself and include the tag

Society, in and outside the Black community needs to start singing a new tune when it comes to 4 type hair.

Here’s a short list of natural hair videos to get you started.

From left to right from the photos above (video links)

Jessica Pettway


Zara and Nicola  (11 Afro hacks)

Mona B.


Avielle Amor



I am not a natural hair expert nor into tutorials but I do want to give advice to black girls with 4B/4C hair. The idea that Afro-textured hair, especially 4C hair, doesn’t grow fast is a myth. If anything, the thicker your hair is, the more apt to growing it is. If black boys can cut their hair off and within a week or two, they get to chia pet length, your hair can grow fast. It depends on what you do to it. Some of us may have hair that grows very slow, but it’s not impossible or unlikely for type 4 hair to grow rather rapidly. If you don’t do much to it, your hair will actually grow faster versus when you manipulate it. Which is why black men and boys tend to grow their hair out faster because they don’t do as much to their hair as black girls and women tend to do. It’s not all the time, but it’s more often than you think.

 The thing is, many of us worry too much about length, not growth. We don’t have straight or very loose wavy/curly hair. Therefore, our hair grows upwards and outwards, not downwards. So when your hair does grow, you may not notice anything because it’s not going straight down your back. It’s going to the crown of your hair, which is why our crowns tend to be thicker than the rest of our hair. Many of us look forward to hair down our backs, which is why some of us may go, “Oh! My hair isn’t growing! Why isn’t it growing?” I was the same way until I noticed a significant difference between last summer to this fall. My hair was shorter than it is now. 

 This was only a year ago; and with a before and after picture, I realized my hair has grown a lot in that time span. It didn’t actually look like something until I started taking better care of it and moisturizing it. So I don’t believe 4C hair naturally grows slower than other hair types. If anything, I think it often grows faster because a lot of times, we don’t do a lot to it. Now if you just don’t do anything to do it, it’s not going to grow nor be healthy. A lot of us wear protective hairstyles, so that also quickens the pace of hair growth. It is recommended to do a protective style every two weeks. It doesn’t have to be 10 hours worth of box braids, but something durable and a style you’re comfortable with.

 Again, I am not a natural hair expert, but this is just from my experiences and I would like to share because I used to be disenchanted by my hair until I stopped caring about a curl pattern and actually did more to my hair than just hoping it looked like somebody else’s. And remember all my black femmes, nappy/undefined hair is just as feminine as long, straight or loose hair.

Sometimes I hate seeing the bombshells blogs of black women. Yeah these are very beautiful women, and I understand you wanna show the world that black is beautiful (because it is). But you must understand that ALL black is beautiful. This means the ones with little butt, and the ones with small boobs. The ones who don’t know how to do that perfect eyeliner and those perfect eyebrows. The ones who don’t have those voluptuous curves. The ones who have type 4 hair and those who have type 5 hair (And yes it does exist.) Bottom line us as a whole ARE BOMBSHELLS and to only view one side of it, what’s deemed as beautiful by society is kind of irritating to other black girls and women like me that can’t relate because I look nothing like them.