4 tristan

i want a cute lil angel princess sugar plum fairy meets neighbourhood bad boy who spends 99% of his time being bitter n angry whilst partying and wrecking things that aren’t his to wreck n they meet at her first ever house party that was supposed to be a small gathering for her 17th/18th or wHatever n it ends up getting crashed by him and his arrogant asshole friends but he sees her drunk and crying in the bathroom because shes scared her parents will flip out over the state her house is in n he usually doesnt care but oh my god she’s so cute and she doesn’t deserve this so he kicks everyone out and offers to stay and help clean up but then he drunkenly crashes in her bed with her n maybe somethin happens or maybe not but somethin defintiely happens down the line cuz he put his bad boy rep on the line by breaking off a super cool party for the crying damsel in distress au


Thank you all who did this tiny challenge :) It was pretty impromptu and rough so I appreciate you guys participating! I love all of these! Here is the credit for each artist in order:

1) Quasi Comics

2) kerma

3) Brandon Bradshaw

4) Tristan

5) kilos-lavoid

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Something I noticed is that the comic frames I provided was actually smaller than I intended. If I do this again in the future I’ll buff out all the rough spots like that and probably provide you guys with a little more time. Like I said I’ll be back to making my comics next week when things are less hectic. Thanks again to all the comic artists that helped me out by making these :) you rock! See you next week.

Thoughts on the DNC S4 Trailer


2. July 7th is way too far away.

3. They’re trying to put Winston and Goldi together, aren’t they? I don’t really care, as long as they give Winston a decent storyline for once.

4. An Esme/Frankie/Hunter friendship? Interesting. I’d actually love to see Esme have more female friends, and Frankie become more independent, so this could be really good. 


6. Poor Zig my favorite

7. But the good thing about this is that it seems to be leading towards a Zaya endgame

8. If Zaya isn’t endgame, I will literally stop watching this show

9. JK I could never stop watching Degrassi

10. But they are the only Degrassi pairing I’ve loved as much as Eclare

11. Also it looks like something is clearly going on between Sa’ad and Maya

12. They could be dating but that seems soon

13. More likely he probably just has feelings for her because she’s the best

14. Where is Maya? I really hope this season properly deals with her recovery.

15. It is possible that Zig/Sa’ad blames the other for what happened

16. Zig definitely still has feelings for Maya

17. And Esme can tell

18. Is Shay worried about college already? She’s just a junior.

19. Does Grace get hurt while jousting with Jonah? Is that why he looks upset? I really, really hope they don’t kill off Grace. She needs a happy ending.

20. Why’s Goldi upset? Is that Baaz hugging her?

21. Please Degrassi actually show their relationship as siblings

22. Also Baaz is kind of the worst so I hope he gets some character development



25.  Sa’ad is working at Lola’s family restaurant!!

26. Is there something going on between Sa’ad and Lola?

27. Low-key sad about Miles x Lola being over

28. But Triles

29. Also I’d love to see a Maya-Lola-Sa’ad friendship

30. Tiny and Zig going against Sa’ad…oddly reminiscent of the S13 Zatlingsworth love triangle


32. Yael and Lola’s friendship is awesome

33. So is Shay and Lola’s

34. Yael/Shay/Lola/Frankie/Esme should be a friend group

35. Even though I actually REALLY dislike Esme

36. But I’m hoping for some character development

37. And for Zig/Esme to finally break up

38. Ugh Grace and Jonah

39. But if they’re kissing in the trailer and not being left as a surprise, it probably means they are not endgame

40. Rasha is great, but I’m still holding out for Gracevas #sorrynotsorry

41. Goldi and Winston again?

42. PSA Zoë Rivas is amazing

43. MAYA <3

44. But seriously S4 can’t come fast enough

Things we learned from the new Degrassi Promos

Frankie Hollingsworth

  • Frankie/ Esme friendship evolving
  • Frankie is destroying Jonah’s guitar 
  • A scene full of laughter with Esme, Frankie and Zig.

Saad Al’Maliki

  • Saad is working at Lola’s Cantina
  • Saad/Lola frienship is evolving
  • Saad is looking at Esme, while she is undressing herself - maybe teasing a romance
  • Saad gets a bigger plot this season, where he gets put in a position of power
  • Saad will be part of a cultural/religious storyline, regarding muslims and terrorism
  • He will be discriminated by Hunter and Veejay:

Hunter: “Maybe he is a pro terrorism”

Veejay: “Maybe yes.”

Esme Song

  • Esme/ Frankie frienship evloving
  • Esme will have a deeper conflict with someone, probably Miles.
  • Esme gets told, that she always gets crazy and she respond with:

“I’m the crazy one? Not Maya, who tried to kill herself?”

  • Esme/ Saad romance or friendship+ -storyline is teased
  • Esme and Zig will be friends/ be in a good mood together, probably at the beginning of the season
  • A scene full of laughter with Esme, Frankie and Zig.

Maya Matlin

  • Maya will be fully recovered and is shown to turn back to music.
  • Maya will be shown as “the crazy one” because she tried to kill herself, maybe plotting a mental health/ mental illnesses storyline.

Jonah Haak

  • Jonah and Grace are together but he wants it to keep a secret.
  • Jonah’s guitar will be destroyed by Frankie

Jonah: “What is your problem?”

Frankie: “It used to be you!”

Grace Cardinal

  • Grace and Jonah are together and Grace wants it to make official.
  • Grace and Zoë will have a frienship scene, where they laugh and boxing each other with pillows.

Zoë Rivas

  • Zoë has a friendship scene with Grace, where they laugh and box each other with pillows.
  • Zoë will hear, that rasha loves her and will be happy about it and kiss her.

Yael Baron

  • Yael/ Lola frienship will be build out.
  • Yeal will be devastated about something, taht has to do with Hunter and Veejay and Baz both will know about it.

Lola Pacini

  • Lola/Yael frienship will be build out
  • Lola and Saad will be working together at Lola’s Cantina
  • Lola/ Saad frienship will evolve

Goldi Nahir

  • Goldi will be part of a cultural/ religious conflict about muslims and terrorism, together with rasha and Saad
  • Goldi will be seen without her hijab, crying in her dad’s arms.

Shay Powers and Tiny Bell

  • The only scene, they have is, when they both lay together in bed and maybe have their first time together.

Rasha Zuabi

  • Rasha will admit her love to Zoë
  • Rasha will be part of a cultural/religious conflict about muslim/terrorism, together with Saad and Goldi

Tristan Milligan

  • Tristan will recover fully
  • Tristan is having problems with Miles in their relationship.

Miles Hollingsworth

  • Miles will be seen very emotional in school.
  • Miles and Tristan are having problems in their relationship.

Winston Chu

  • Winston will be beaten up

Zig Novak

  • Zig tells Esme, taht she is crazy, in which she doesn’t respond good.
  • Zig and Esme are having a good moment together
  • Zig, Esme and Frankie will have a scene full of laughter.


  • the place of the woods, where the white party was.
  • Lola’s Cantina.
  • Degrassi

  • The gym, where the graduation is held.
  • The Hollingsworth house

  • Zoë or Grace’s room
AHS Hotel: User & Abuser

Tristan Duffy, James March x Reader

Word Count: 2128


Today is your boyfriend, Tristan’s runway modeling gig. It is held by the infamous Will Drake at the Hotel Cortez in downtown Los Angeles. You didn’t go with Tristan to most of his gigs, but you had the day off of work and not to mention, an overnight stay here is free thanks to Will Drake. 

Another reason was because you didn’t trust Tristan. He gained a terrible habit of doing drugs at his gigs and you wanted to be there to make sure he doesn’t. But who knows, Tristan always finds a way. You even tried to convince him to go to rehab in the past but every time you brought it up, he would get defensive.

You know you deserve better and your friends are always telling you to leave him, but you just can’t let go. The both of you have gone through so much together. Good and bad.

There was even a dark time when Tristan has hit you when the both of you got in a heated argument while being heavily intoxicated. He was too drunk to fully realize it, so you just cried yourself to sleep. Being sober the following morning, Tristan apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“Tristan, you’re on in 10!” The backstage crew member shouted to Tristan as he was walking past him. He was all over the place trying to stay organized, telling models when they were up next. The plan is for Tristan to make an appearance 4 times throughout the show in 4 different outfits.

“Yup!” Tristan replied while sitting in front of the vanity mirror. There was a hairstylist doing last minute touches on his hair. You were standing next to Tristan, putting your hand on his shoulder. “Babe, can you not? I don’t want you in my personal space right now.” Tristan says, moving his shoulder away from you. He’s been such a diva all day and you just went along with it.

“Okay. Whatever.” You let out a sigh, then went to sit on a chair about 5 feet away from him, pulling out your smartphone to keep yourself occupied.

6 minutes later you go to use the bathroom.

Once you come back, you see Tristan quickly snort a line of white powder on his vanity. Your eyes raging with anger, you push Tristan on the back. “What the hell, Tristan?!” 

Tristan rolls his eyes. 

“Tristan Duffy, let’s go! You’re up after Lawrence and Stacy.” The backstage crew member grabs him by the arm to his place. Tristan doesn’t even say a word to you.

“What the fuck?!” Being so angry and disappointed with your boyfriend, you chose not to rush to sit front row to watch him do his thing on the catwalk. Instead, you go to the bar upstairs. 

Because of the fashion event going on in the lobby, the bar is pretty much empty. You see the bartender who’s tall and slim with a bald head, wearing green eye shadow and thick eye liner. Sitting at the bar, you see a pale man with dark brown hair and a modern day Gomez Addams mustache. He is also dressed to the nines in a dark blue suit.

You sit one chair away from him. The bartender walks over to you and asks, “I’m Liz. What’ll you be having, hun?”

“Just make me the strongest drink you can make.” You respond.

“You got it.” Liz starts on making your drink.

“This one’s on me, dear.” The man tells Liz and then looks at you. He moves to sit on the stool next you and puts his hand out for you to shake. “I’m James. James Patrick March.”

“Y/N.” You put your hand to shake his back, but instead, he grabs your hand to kiss your knuckles. Wow. You can’t remember the last time Tristan ever did that to you. “The way you’re dressed, you look like you should be joining the fashion show downstairs.”

James looks up, opening his mouth, letting teeth show. His eyes wide as he responds with, “Ah, yes.” He pauses, then looks back at you. “That sort of festivity is not to my liking. May I ask why are you not attending such occasion?” He had a really strong tone of voice and sounds straight out of an old movie, similar to Clark Gable. Whereas your boyfriend talks more like Rob Kardashian. This man is definitely classy.

“Well, my boyfriend is in the show. But, he really pissed me off beforehand and I can’t even look at him in the face right now. So. Here I am.” You let out a fake laugh. Liz hands you your drink and you take a sip. “The next one’s on me, James.”

“Oh no. Have anything you like, dear. This is my hotel.” With drink in one hand, he puts both of his arms out, being proud to show off his hotel.

“Wow this is your hotel? Tell me all about it.” You are very opened to hearing anything this nice man has to say about his hotel. For once, a man (especially a good looking man) cares to have a decent conversation with you while being very passionate about it. You didn’t want to compare a stranger to your boyfriend, but whenever you sit down with Tristan at the dinner table, he’s always on his damn phone looking through social media instead of talking to you. You really hated how technology has so much control over people nowadays.

“Splendid!” James says in excitement. “Come. Let’s sit.” James nods his head, then puts the hand that’s holding his drink to point at the table nearby.

The table you chose to sit at has a perfect view of the fashion show. Coincidentally, you see Tristan walk on the white runway. A part of you wishes you could be there to support him, but you’re just so pissed about him resorting to drugs. You thought he wouldn’t do it when you’re around, but Tristan’s a hard person to control.

Two hours pass and during that time, you listened to James fascinate about his hotel and he listened to you rant about your boyfriend. The conversation you were having with him made you forget all about the fashion show. James was being a great listener. He didn’t have much to say about Tristan. Most of the time, he nodded his head and listened while smoking a cigarette. You were so caught up in the conversation that you even told James about the violent drunken fight you had with Tristan before. “A man must never lay a hand on his beloved. Especially if she is beautiful like you, dear.” James looks you directly in the eye, then takes a sip of his drink.

You looked down and smiled. James is such a charming man.

You chugged whatever’s left in your glass and check the time on your phone. “Oh shit. I didn’t even realize we’ve been talking this long.” You look over the lobby, seeing everything getting cleaned up. Rushingly, you put your phone in your bag and stand up. “I should really get going, Tristan’s probably wondering where I’m at.” 

“As they say, time flies when one is having fun.” James grins. 

As he’s still sitting down, you quickly give him a hug. He can smell the aroma of your perfume. “It was nice meeting you, James. Thanks again for the drinks. I had a great time.” You start heading downstairs to the elevator.

James puts out his cigarette and starts slowly walking towards the bar. with his hands behind his back. He’s eyeing you while you’re still in sight. 

Liz notices him right away. “James. She has a boyfriend, remember?”

“Ah yes. From what I have learned, this significant other of hers does not have good intentions. I just know.”

Finally, you reached the floor your suite is in. You unlock the door with your room key and rush in, setting your purse on the floor being worried that Tristan’s been concerned where you’ve been.

You start looking for Tristan. The first thing you see is half of an empty bottle of vodka on the table. Then, you walk in the bedroom and find him snorting another line of whatever drug that is on the nightstand. “Are you serious right now?!” You push Tristan and quickly wipe off whatever’s left on the nightstand with your hand. 

Tristan stands up. “What the hell, babe?!” Instead of being embarrassed about you finding out, he’s pissed that you wasted it.

You stand on your tip toes and push Tristan again. “What the hell is wrong with you?! God dammit, you weren’t even worried about where I’ve been for the past couple of hours?!” 

“Stop fucking pushing me, dude!” Tristan yells, putting his face closer to yours as hes grabbing both of your arms.

“Look at you. You’re pathetic. You should’ve gone to rehab like I said. But no, you’re such a fucking loser!” You let go of his grip and push him again, which fills him with even more anger. You can see his face turn red and his jaw clench. He picks you up and throws on the nearest desk, causing the mirror to break. “Tristan!” You screamed. There’s no way that the people in the halls wouldn’t hear that. While he’s staring at you, he’s huffing and puffing from the strength he used to throw you. Mixing drugs, alcohol and anger is never the best idea.

Your mind is filled with confusion. The man you thought that loves you has really outdone himself this time. He made a promise that he wouldn’t lay a hand on you again. You’re so frightened now and just wished you left him the first time it happened. 

You thought to yourself, who knows what else he’s capable of doing? Not thinking thoroughly in the heat of the moment, you grab one of the broken mirror pieces, run up to Tristan and cut his face with it. “I hate you!” 

“Oh, you do huh?!” Tristan grabs you by the wrist, but right before he has the chance to abuse you again, James appears to stop him, making Tristan let go of your wrist. You ran to the nearest wall and cried. You could’ve sworn that the door was locked behind you. But you didn’t care to question it at this point. You’re just thankful that James is here to save you.

“Who are you?” Tristan still breathing heavily asks.

“It does not matter, dear boy. This is my hotel. And I will not allow you to harm, Miss Y/N.” James does not break eye contact.

You look up to see what’s going on as you’re wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. 

An older woman with red hair, wearing a maid uniform bends down to you, handing you a tissue. As you’re sniffling, you say, “Thank you, uhhhhh.”

“Hazel Evers. But you can call me Miss Evers.” The woman smiles at you as she is getting your hair out of your face.

“Fuck off, man!” Tristan attempts to attack James. James being much stronger than him, pushes Tristan on the bed. You can see the veins popping out of James’ neck from using his strength.

James grabs a gun out of his pocket and shoots Tristan in the head.

Your eyes widen in shock and you get up to rush to Tristan’s body but James stops to hold you. “Oh my god, what did you do?!” You didn’t think a man like James was capable of killing someone. 

“I saved you, dear. I saved you before it was too late.” Something about James’ voice is very calming to you. Still holding you, he grabs a handkerchief from his jacket and wipes away your tears.

Taking you with him, he goes to sit on the couch and lays your head to rest on his lap as you cry. Your head was filling with mixed emotions. Of course, you’re sad that the man you thought you loved is laying there dead. But what if James didn’t show up to save you? Who knows what else Tristan is capable of doing to you. He could’ve easily killed you as well. So much just happened in a short amount of time that all you want to do is lay down and cry.

“Miss Evers!” James turns his head to Miss Evers.

“Yes, Mr. March?!” She answers. Miss Evers seems very loyal to James.

“Would you get Sally to help you rid of this body?”

“Right away, sir! What a glorious stain!” She leaves the room excitedly.

James looks back down on you and caresses your head. “There there, dearest. Never will I hurt you like he did.”


“So… you know I’m not a vow type. You’ve been part of my life since we were, what? 8? And I’ll never forgive how empty it felt when you moved. You were way more than my hate pal, but how could I know it back then. I didn’t know it since it was almost too late.
You were so brave to believe in me for all these years, with your humor, and your jokes, always showing me how things really were… cause most of the time, I was so blinded y my ego that I couldn’t see my mystakes or what I was leaving behind. But you never let me, you were
always there, for me, for our children. And now, that I want it or not-…“
Please, don’t ruin everything-…
“You’ll be at my side for the rest of our lives“

“I never believed in marriage.
I never believed I’d be a father.
I never believed in real love.
But then… I started to believe in us.“


Wren didn’t hear Tristan’s answer, so she turned to look at him over her shoulder – and what she saw made her gasp.

Tristan. On one knee. One hand reaching out for hers – and the other, behind his back.

“Wren, sweetheart… please come here.”

She felt like she was floating as she made her way over to him. “Tristan… wh-what are you doing?”

He gave her a shaky grin. “I think you know.”

“Ohmygod,” she whispered as she placed her hand in his. 

“Wren Elizabeth Callaway, I have been in love with you from the moment I saw you up on stage that night in San Myshuno all those years ago. When you sat down at the bar to talk to me after, I thought I was the luckiest bastard that ever lived. Even though it took us a long time to get our timing right, I’ve always believed that you and I were inevitable – destined. Every year we spent as friends, every mile of distance that’s been put between us, every unexpected but absolutely incredible surprise that’s been thrown our way, has only made me fall deeper in love with you. I want to grow old with you; to build a home and raise a family with you; to laugh with you and fight with you and make up with you; I want to love you, as well and as much as I can, until I take my last breath as your husband. Will you marry me, baby, and stand by my side through life as my wife?”

Tristan had barely gotten through the last word before Wren was answering him. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and her heart was nearly pounding out of her chest, but she knew without a doubt that she had never been happier at any time in her life than she was at this very moment.

“Yes! Yes, Tristan, of course I’ll marry you!”

The Van Goulds

The Van Goulds go back hundreds of years to the very first days of Moonlight Falls. Of course, for a vampire family that’s just a single generation! Ayden Van Gould, the current patriarch, claims to have had a hand in the actual founding of the town–a claim which is hotly disputed by his rivals, the Wolff family. Can the Van Gould’s secure their place as the Moonlight Falls founders, or will the Wolffs rise up and claw it away from them?

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