4 tries to get this gif right

AN: I just discovered TimTams and wow. Also, I have been doing nothing, but watching Parks and Recreation today. I’m so productive…Thanks to the anon for sending this request in! (Gif not mine.)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Plot: Can you do a imagine where you and pietro and dating for a while but badly break up for ¿4 months ? And you get a new boyfriend and he tries to be happy for you but you and him just always find each tower? Please? thanks ❤️ your amazing!!

“Moving On”

Four months. It had been four months since you and Pietro called a quits. You knew you had to get over him, but how? You both lived in the same building for gosh sakes!

Running into Pietro was inevitable. Every time you rounded a corner you’d slam right into him, panic, and teleport away before you said anything ill-advised.

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