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Welcome back!! I love this blog so freaking much!!! I was wondering if you could rec any fics where Kyungie is super innocent or he is experienced and teaches jongin things while still being bottom. Thank you so much!! O(≧∇≦)O

HEY! Thanks a lot! I hope these work for ya, a lot of them were old but I didn’t know a lot of newer ones in this category. Also,  thanks to the wonderful wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list! Enjoy! 

Kyungsoo is experienced and teaches Jongin:

Rookie Boy:Complete 4 chapters. They are boyfriends and Kyungsoo wants Jongin to be more aggressive and teaches him to be more of what he wants

Fall: One shot. Jongin is a virgin and they are having sex for the first time together. Jongin is nervous.

Talkative Actions: One shot. Shy Jongin and Kyungsoo kind of talks him through it

First Times Are Always Awkward, Right?: Complete 2 chapters, more reassurance. best friends to lovers, they finally confess, but Jongin is nervous about being a virgin

Make Me Submissive: One shot. Kyungsoo is the master that wants to be the submissive so he has to help Jongin learn how to do it the way he likes

Burning Sun: One shot. Jongin is royalty that Kyungsoo visits and Jongin finds out Kyungsoo is gay and wants to learn more about it

White Love: Complete 10 chapters. they don’t have awkward sex until the tenth chapter. Kyungsoo is a prostitute that Jongin helps

The Good, The Bad and The Fluffy: Ongoing. They don’t have sex until like chapter 17 or so but Jongin is younger and Kyungsoo is older and rich and wants to take care of Jongin. This is more reassuring the other than teaching though.

the thin line (between sitting on dicks and baby sitting): one shot. Kyungsoo is an omega who helps alphas through their ruts, it’s Jongin’s first. 

Teach Me Complete 14 chapters, there is no way I could leave this off. Jongin gets Kyungsoo to teach him all about sex so he can go after the person he likes

Innocent Kyungsoo

Hopelessly Naive:One shot. Kyungsoo  is super innocent and meets Jongin and likes him but his friends worry about Jongin’s reputation

My Miracle; My Blessing: Complete 6 chapters * sorry forgot to add  this the first go round. Kyungsoo is a kitty hybrid and Jongin is a wolf that takes care of him

Where Did You Get That?: One shot. More Kyungsoo is innocent about sex. Jongin has found porn and Kyungsoo is kind of freaked out by it

My Alpha: Complete 3 chapters. Kyungsoo is an omega who puts up with a lot of shit from his current pack until Jongin comes to visit

Vulgar: Complete 3 chapters, mostly smut age switch Jongin lets Kyungsoo stay with him and Kyungsoo is super christian and gives in pretty easy

Call me hyung: One shot. Forgot this story the first round too. Not toooo innocent but age switch Kyungsoo is in high school and meets Jongin at a party and is a little over his head

Roommates with Benefits: One shot. Jongin is a player and Kyungsoo is his innocent roommate that doesn’t stand a chance

My Furry Destiny: complete 30 chapters.Cute and sweet Kyungsoo has a curse that makes him switch back and forth into dog form, and he ends up with Jongin.

Destiny: Complete 3 chapters. age switch. Kyungsoo writes love notes to a professor and tries hard to get his attention



As of 29.05.2017 the comission prices are updated as follows; (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ 

Clean Sketch Prices:

Bust ~~~~> 20$

Full Body ~~~~> 30$


Color ~~~~> 20$

Additional Character* ~~~~> 20$

Shading ~~~~> 20$

Textures ~~~~> 10$

*Please be aware that different versions of the same character count as separate characters.

The Comission process:

[0. Check if my Comissions are open :P]

1. Decide what you want me to sketch.

2. PM me about the comission. Send refs. I’ll calculate the price.

3. I will begin working as soon as I’ll receive the money on my Paypal. I will PM you the adress so no worries.

4. It should take me 3 - 4 weeks tops to complete your comission, and may be faster or longer depending on the complexity of the picture and the references I have. I’ll probably send you at least one WIP during the process.

5. After I finish, I will send you the finished piece privately. That’s the part where you can ask for small fixes, 

6. Then, with the picture 100% done, I will PM it again and post it on my blog! 


Note: Feel free to ask me about your comission anytime you want, just please don’t spam me. Also, remember that drawn refs are always better than descriptions! 

Oh, also,

I DRAW anime characters, furries, androids, Pokemon, etc…

I DON’T DRAW nsfw, backgrounds, gore, and very kinky stuff…



there’s no way trump’s gonna be president for full 4 years this man is completely lost about how politics work, it bores him and he has a totally wrong image of mostly everything

he basically said european citizens owe america a lot of money for having a lower percentage of military expenses in NATO than the US. the country that spends a quarter of its budget on the military and has only gained and is only upholding it’s superpower title because of its army

also terrorism in europe happens because we don’t spend enough on the military too apparently. when in reality europe already spent way too much money and energy on supporting america’s fucked up actions in the middle east the outcome of which is what actually plays a role in our current terror threat levels

and then he went on to lick saudi arabia and russia’s asses. shows where his morals lie

on the other hand it’s hilarious that many politicians were surprised he actually showed up to the g7 summit, the expectations towards trump are remarkably low


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata: Kageyama!  They didn’t notice!
Tsukki: I’m amazed you two idiots could come up with a system like that.
Hinata: Hey!  We’re not the ones who thought of it!
Tsukki: Of course.  And who thought of it for you?
Hinata: Sugawara-san!

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As a response to season 4 starting today, here’s Clarke as Queen of the Ice Nation from the story The White Queen Running - by @entirelytookeen

Commissioned illustration by Irene Koh @prom-knight, artist for the upcoming graphic novel sequels to Korra, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars.

I realized one more amazing thing about last night's episode of Supergirl

That episode was incredibly female centric but more so than that, 4 key players in the episode (Lillian, Cat, Rhea and the President) were women over 50 years old.

It’s rare enough to get a woman over 50 on TV at all, more rare it is to have that woman be a key player in the plot line.

Having 4 female characters, all completely different and amazingly complex in a show and have them all be incredibly important to the story is unheard of.