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In completely unrelated news

Now that I finally got that video out, I’ve been meaning to tell you about some stuff I’ve seen lately. This spring/early summer I’ve been trying to hammer at my personal anime list, and I have been able to finish One Punch Man and Your Lie in April.


One Punch Man if you want a fun spin on superhero stories (reminded me a bit of Tiger and Bunny actually, sort of taking something as awesome as superheroes and turning them into a mundane competition/ranking thing).

Your Lie in April if you like love stories, classical music, and have an abundance of tissues you’ve been meaning to use up. It’s so great but THE FEELS ALSDKFAJ;SMFKLAALSDFK

Last Lines Meme

Cite the final line of (up to) five of your fics - your favorites, or the most recent ones, whatever. Tag five writers who should do this next.

So technically I do have 5 stories, but one is in progress…I only have 4 complete. But since @impracticaldemon said I would say I didn’t have enough…I felt obliged (or mulish enough) to do it anyway 😝 

After doing this…I find I’m less happy with my ending lines than I’d hoped. Oops.

An Unexpected Editor (Dragon Ball Z)
And that is how Vegeta became Bulma's—and Dr. Brief's—personal and unexpected editor.

Cupcake Capers: Saito’s Shinsengumi Chef Shenanigans (Hakuouki)
*co-authored with @sabinasanfanfic 
Without anyone to hear him, Hijikata said to himself, “Souji, yes!” and grinned, thinking of the cupcakes that Saitō would have to bake to relieve himself of this stressor.

Be My Anti-Valentine (Hakuouki)
Hijikata grabbed his keys and locked up, the whole time unable to keep a grin off his face. I hope you’re happy with me, Chizuru. Because I’m never letting you go.

A Surreptitious Suitor—Gajevy Week 2017 (Fairy Tail)
They bid their guests farewell, and then, in an echo of when he’d carried her home from the library, he lifted her into his arms and carried her across the threshold, setting off for their honeymoon and whatever adventures their future would hold.

Embracing Fear (Inuyasha/Nurarihyon no Mago crossover)
*story in progress, so this is the last line of the most recent chapter
If only I’d gotten his name!

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A Wholesome Queer Post

Roses are red
Gender is Performative
Mass-produced romance
Is Heteronormative 

Violets are blue
Diversity matters
Representation in the media
Is in complete tatters 

Sugar is sweet
Queer people too
I’m currently having
Some lovely fondue 

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I am not Straight
And neither are You 


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata: Kageyama!  They didn’t notice!
Tsukki: I’m amazed you two idiots could come up with a system like that.
Hinata: Hey!  We’re not the ones who thought of it!
Tsukki: Of course.  And who thought of it for you?
Hinata: Sugawara-san!

Please do not repost gifs

As a response to season 4 starting today, here’s Clarke as Queen of the Ice Nation from the story The White Queen Running - by @entirelytookeen

Commissioned illustration by Irene Koh @prom-knight, artist for the upcoming graphic novel sequels to Korra, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars.

I realized one more amazing thing about last night's episode of Supergirl

That episode was incredibly female centric but more so than that, 4 key players in the episode (Lillian, Cat, Rhea and the President) were women over 50 years old.

It’s rare enough to get a woman over 50 on TV at all, more rare it is to have that woman be a key player in the plot line.

Having 4 female characters, all completely different and amazingly complex in a show and have them all be incredibly important to the story is unheard of.

Anonymous requested : Armored Viasravana

“ I am one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, Bishamonten ! ”

17.06.09 fancafe - bts_V

as expected

I couldnt make this song with out namjoon hyung, right~
I’ve always wanted to write about the dawn too..
I like songs of styles like this, so I listened to them a lot and tried to sing them and make them and my song writing was on fire so I asked namjoon hyung, and because of him I got the beat I really wanted

since namjoon hyungs melody was so good, I tried writing with 6 different melodies
I thought of the topic ‘birds at dawn’
In the park with, one one else, just me and the morning birds, the time passing from 4 to 5 just before the sun rises, the bluish time was breif and it this time was so nice that I went to see it 5 days in a row
there I made the melody to the beat that namjoon hyund did, I don’t write lyrics well like namjoon but I tried putting my favourite feelings into the lyrics too

in the cold winter winds where the tired  sounds are ringing in the dark (quiet dawn)
you close your eyes to the sound of silence
the birds at dawn cry worridly
let me hear your voice fill this dawn

it’s like sending a letter to the birds of dawn but
I would have given up in the middles since I lack writing songs but thanks to namjoon hyung I was able to complete '4 o'clock’

I will try more songs for you to listen to in the future too
and vocal monster 👊🏻🤘🏻☺️
I will bring more songs for us to make in the future too☺️

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