4 to 100!


Extended Trailer “God Complex”


tasyateles Can we just talk about how talented the makeup and hair team is on #the100 ..?  💯💯 Hats off to those sexy beasts!! ❤️❤️ Check out these makeup tests Cory threw together last minute for Echo’s war paint. Instructions: They had to have dark eyes, white face of some sort, and touches of red… this is what she comes up with. It gets darker and darker and eventually …. 🐼  #FullPanda #sup

The 100 Episode 4.7 Takeaways

1. And Ilian immediately ran into Octavia. Totally called it last episode.
2. Just occurred to me: why can every grounder suddenly speak English? In the early seasons only the army could speak it. Now, even Ilian the sheep herder speaks flawless English.
3. Of course Murphy is dancing around and cooking while the world is going to shit. I love him so much! He’s a little too supportive of Emori’s revenge rampage though…
4. Nice callback to the fact that Kane floated Bellamy’s mom. Kane is the moral compass now, so it’s easy to forget he was a total dick on the Ark.
5. Glad Harper didn’t get killed trying to save some rando, especially since Monty wasn’t even around this episode. Also, Harper has a sick six pack now and I’m hella impressed.
6. I suppose Miller, Luna, and those other guys were napping again offscreen. Raven needs the rest, but these other people need to start pulling their weight.
7. I wish Emori wouldn’t fly off the handle every time she doesn’t like the situation. Not everyone is trying to kill you all the time, girl. Chill out. Nice plan to use that rando in the death chamber though. Sneaky af!
8. Stop touching the inexplicably clean and white bedspread before you’ve showered, Clarke. This is why we can’t have nice things. Who was keeping this house so clean anyway? Robots?
9. Why is Abby refusing to test herself? Things can only go badly if she isn’t honest with everyone about her condition. She needs to share her knowledge and prepare Jackson in case he has to take over the medical/science stuff.
10. Well, I guess Octavia has a man again. Maybe sex will help her be less stabby and more human. Her whole identify was built around Lincoln, so maybe Ilian will help her move on. Also, that stuck-in-a-cave-with-no-clothes-on business was a straight up fanfiction trope.
11. Seems like Bellamy is finally going to let Octavia go. She needs to figure her life out before Bellamy can be a part of it. And really, there’s too much crazy going on for Bellamy to constantly distracted by Octavia.