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30 Day CAS Challenge by @petasparkle

My take on “an average teen” lol. This is Brix. She likes throwing bricks at people.

I’m sorry for stealing your sims’ name @literallywhothe but my brain said “Brix” and went blank

also i really wanted to make a bad pun

Day 1: Simself

Day 2: Female Townie Makeover

Day 3: Male Townie Makeover

Day 4: Millionaire

Day 5: Teen

Remaining days under the cut!

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Day 4: What If…? / AU / Crossover

  • What If…?: Many things have happened in DMMd, but what if Noiz had met one of the characters before the Common Route? What if Nitro+Chiral had retained Noiz’s original beta designs?
  • Alternate Universe: Noiz is an information broker and an avid Rhyme player, but what would he be in a different universe, let’s say, in a Bartender AU? High school AU?
  • Crossover: How would you like to see Noiz in a sports anime? Or perhaps Noiz as a ghoul?

since both Noiz and Sly Blue were big rhyme players, idk if its rly possible for them to NOT have run into each at one point, regardless of whether they knew each other’s name


A week before Street Fighter V’s release, I discovered the absolute best Bison tech, probably ever? I did some research on various Bison vortexes, combos, and other tech and honestly, nothing topped what I discovered. Enjoy these last days of Street Fighter 4 by dominating the crowd with your new main, Bison.