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hii i have a quick q. how do you deal with posing sims and having the height mod in your game? it drives me crazy when sims dont match up.

i actually just got the height mod back in my life bc i needed miles 2 be 70 ft tall and sylvie like 4 inches honestly i don’t mind it too much i usually only change it when posing with packs that automatically adjust the heights


The reason why I dislike most Odette/Odiles is because with most dancers, the transition between good and evil is so unbelievable. When dancers portray Odette as the ultimate fragile, innocent mythical creature and then go ultra sharp, cold and mischivous in the third act I find it difficult to believe these two are supposed to be the same woman. Yes I get that O/O are the polar opposite of each other but isn’t the whole point of act three to let Siegfried believe he is swearing eternal love to ODETTE? How can he do that if there is not an ounce of fragility or sweetness in your portrayal of Odile??? I mean yeah Siegfried is stupid, but not that stupid. It annoys me so much that lately the whole ‘making Siegfried believe he is dancing with Odette’ is thrown out of the window in favor for sharp arm movements, really awkward and almost scary grins, and shoving your crotch in his poor face (I might be exaggerating a bit). What I’m trying to say is that there is too much emphasis on Odile being the polar opposite of fragility and innocence and not so much on Odile feeding off Siegfried’s memory of what Odette was like and seducing him with that. But that is exactly what Guillem does. She is sweet and innocent but seductive nonethless. She keeps shying away from Siegfried, looking at Rothbart asking him what to do, then looking back at Siegfried and flashing him the sweetest smile. She doesnt flap her arms about every minute to remind everyone that she is a swan, she just is. Her portrayal of Odile is one that is confident, playful, and decisive, yet has enough innocence and sweetness to make Siegfried believe that she is Odette. The only other dancer (that I know of) that does this is Marianela Nuñez, and I’m starting to think that she looked at footage of Guillem’s Odile for inspiration. Especially the diagonal where she bourrées towards Siegfried and tilts her neck a bit is very similar. This video is probably the worst bootleg video on yt in terms of quality but even with shaky video images the power of Guillem is palpable.

Partenered by Nicolas Le Riche and Wilfried Romoli in Nureyev’s production of Swan Lake, probably in the nineties.


The place was thriving with teenagers; Tia felt a little nervous, at first, but with Sylvie and Matty and a cluster of their other friends, she began to loosen up a little. The music was loud and the bass pumped up through the floor, pounding up through her legs and making her breath quicken.

“Let’s scout the place out!” Sylvie called over the din, grinning widely, and together they skirted around the edge of the dance floor looking for a… suitable candidate. After fifteen minutes they decided that there really wasn’t anybody there Tia liked the look of.

“Let’s just have a good time!” Tia told her. “Go hang out with those new friends of yours, okay?”

Once Sylvie ducked away, it took Tia a few minutes to find her way around the place; she ran into a few other friends, had a few drinks and chatted, dancing to a few songs here and there. Part of her realised that something was a bit… off, especially the way the room grew warmer and fuzzier and the way it grew harder and harder to put one foot in front of the other.

But it was probably nothing. The club had agreed not to serve the teenagers anything illegal, anyway.


The next version of the famous fighting game franchise “The King of Fighters” The King of Fighters XIV(which will be released later this year for Playstation 4) will have a character inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

Named Sylvie Paula Paula, the fighter will use electromagnetic powers to fight her opponents.

view the official trailer for the game here

je t'aime, je t'adore → ( listen )

the 1960s french lolita aesthetic; cherry blossoms, cigarettes, pink satin bows, boarding school boys in ties, smudged pink lipstick, dancing, cheeky teasing, lacey lingerie, cold tea, pale cheeks, words said through your eyes and tears shown through your voice

1. ne sois pas si bête - france gall 2. une fille comme tant d'autres - francoise hardy 3. les sucettes - france gall 4. irresistiblement - sylvie artan 5. summer nights - marianne faithfull 6. comme un garcon - sylvie vartan 7. popsicles and icicles - the murmaids 8. sitting by the riverside - the kinks 9. baby it’s you - the beatles 10. comment te dire adieu - francoise hardy 11. in my room - nancy sinatra 12. remember - the shangri-las 13. forgetting - the feminine complex

Tag thing v2

Rules: Always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, then write 10 questions of your own, and tag some friends!

thanks to @ohthesefaces for tagging me, I keep getting tagged but this is the last one I’ll ever do just so I don’t spam you with this.

I tag anyone, I just can’t think of who to tag lol.

1) What’s your favorite food?

I really like chow mien with shrimp, sign me up.
2) What’s your zodiac sign?


3) People you look up to most?

@lilsimsie for being a great YouTuber and creating cute sims oh and btw happy 14th birthday!!1! and @peonypyxels for writing the best dialogues ever like pls check them oUT oh and have you seen her sims? Elf is adorable as well as Sylvie!
4) Favorite subject in school?

Science and history
5) Backstreet Boys, NSync, or Enrique Iglesias?

Enrique Iglesias my dude, No idea who those other guys are (actually really like NSync as well lol)

6) Favorite supernatural creature?

I Don’t know of any??
7) Do you have any bad habits?

Nail biting and sleeping in.
8) What’s your favorite name?

I’ve always wished my name was Nova or Selena, idk it’s just so pretty
9) Do you have any hidden talents?

The ability to not gain weight? it’s impossible for me? anyone else? no…no?

10) Who’s your favorite Sims pre-made family? 

the Goths

I just can’t think of any questions so you can answer @ohthesefaces great questions bc yeah?? JUST SAY I TAGGED YOU!!!

SOTW: The Duel

SOTWs are supposed to be for Wednesdays, “it’s still Wednesday Pacific time!” in a bind, but I did not account for one thing.

I’ve been the designated family ‘tech person’ since I was a teenager, and that was fun (my brother: why is my computer broken? me: …it’s malware from porn sites. It’s just…it’s all porn sites. I hate you for making me do this. Mom: tape this for me! me: I can…download it?), but word of advice: never, ever reveal you are good at Excel. Especially when your mom was given a crazy next day deadline and types 30 words a minute to your 80. It leads to working until literally three in the morning for free because what are you going to be like, “no, person who gave birth to me, I cannot help you.”? I WAS A DIFFICULT BIRTH. I OWE HER FOREVER.


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