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🌿✨ Finnish Midsummer Juhannus spells ✨🌿

Juhannus was originally a celebration for Ukko the supreme god of weather and harvest. It was also a time for making magic since the spirit world was more active at the time of the white nights. A loud feasting and drinking brought luck in love as well as a good harvest and kept the evil spirits at bay.

1. Roll in dew

If you roll around naked in a field, your future spouse will appear in your life within a year. Dew was believed to have a healing effect and rolling in it was supposed to make you beautiful and healthy. Earlier, dew was even collected in cloths and pressed into bottles for the year to come.

2. Put a spell on a field

Find a four-leafed clover from the yard in the evening. Hide the clover under your shirt, next to your bosom. When the clock strikes midnight, let your hair loose and run to the field. Go around the field three times. When the person of your fancy will eat bread made out of the wheat from that specific field, they will fall in love with you.

3. Collect seven flowers

Collect seven different types of flowers from as many meadows. When going to bed, put the bouquet underneath your pillow. You will see “the one” in your dream. Flowers and plants have an important role in Midsummer celebrations. Previously, it was common to scatter tree leaves on the floors and build tree houses in the yards. Even cows were decorated with garlands, so as to secure a good year for the cattle and milk production.

4. Sweep naked

Sweep your bedroom floor naked, just a red thread tied around your waist, and the ghost of your love will greet you.

5. Tie a sauna whisk, vihta

Vihtas are always made for the Midsummer sauna. They are usually made out of birch as its fresh leaves are soft and have a lovely fragrance. For your magic spell, the Midsummer bath whisk should be made out of eight different tree and flower types. After the sauna, throw the whisk on the roof of the sauna. Climb up after it and see whereto the stem of the whisk points. That is the direction from which your future spouse will come.

6. Make a bonfire

The smoke of the bonfire will turn to the person who will find their spouse next. When the flames start to go out, jump over the bonfire to bring luck in love.

7. Look into a mirror

When you put two mirrors opposite each other on a midsummer night, you can see your future spouse in the reflection of the other.

8. Listen to the first sound

In the wee hours of the night, climb up somewhere high – on a hill, on top of a fell or a big rock. To a place where it is easy to hear surrounding sounds. Your future spouse will come from the same direction as the first sound of the morning. If you hear music, it means an approaching wedding. If you hear a child crying, it is a sign of birth. The number of cuckoo sounds tells how many years you have to wait until you find love.


USA becomes the first country in Olympics history to sweep podium positions in 100m women’s hurdles. It’s also the first sweep for women’s USA track and field team and sixth athletics sweep by a nation in Olympic history.

i appreciate isak AND ALSO, it is fucked up to look at a group of girls, call them fake, and then go ugh, girls like this is how all girls are. it’s misogynist. especially as a white, gay man who has a crew of dudes for friends – it’s fucked up! last season, first season, anytime other than now apparently, we would have had someone confront isak about ~generalizing~ but instead, we get this compounding casual misogyny that is literally just being allowed to fester and get uglier both in our minds and sana’s mind and i! AM! NOT! HERE! FOR! IT! i BEEN unlearning patriarchy and self-hatred and i don’t fucking need it back, y’all!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!


…and I thought I had all the answers
but now they mean nothing

[or: Jon, now a Targaryen heir, is crowned King in the North while a traumatized Sansa finds her way back to Winterfell; what follows is a bittersweet reunion full of tension and staunched resentment—as well as disquieted longing]

Rooftop Proclamations (Peter Parker x Reader)

Hi hi this is my first fanfic on this account yay if you read this, please give some feedback so I can improve! Or any tips to help me! I love Peter and Spidey hehe 

Word count: 970

Warnings: none..? What warrants as a warning? I see people putting things like “school” and I’m like, is that a warning??? Are you triggered by school?? No seriously someone help me. 


You groaned, shutting your notebook and flinging your pen into your pencil case. 

What a pain you thought. 

Glancing at the clock, you saw you had been sitting in the library for almost 4 hours studying. Sweeping your books into your bag, you got up and stretched, the satisfying feeling of your joints cracking. Throwing your scarf around your neck and jamming a beanie on your head, you pushed through the tall glass doors and walked out into the streets of windy, Autumn Queens. As you were rounded the corner home, your phone buzzed in your pocket. 


“Hey Y/N! How was studying!” 

“Boring ugh I’m headed home now.”

“Think you could spare an hour or two?”

“Sure! What for tho–”

You were cut off by a strong arm gripping around your waist and pulling you up. You screamed and shut your eyes, until you heard familiar laughter ring through your ears. Peeking through your lashes, you saw a familiar red and blue suit meet your eyes. 

“PETER!” You screamed.

“Nice to see you too, Y/N!” He laughed in response. 

“whAT aRe yOU DoiNG?” 

“You’ll see soon.”

“Peter I swear to God, if you drop me, I will actually eviscerate you.” 

“Trust me! Shut your eyes if you’re afraid darling.”

You smiled at the pet name. You two weren’t dating but you weren’t exactly just friends either. It was the awkward in between stage. You both had strong feelings for each other but at the same time both of you were incredibly ambitious and had your own worries. Whilst Peter had Spiderman and the Avengers, you were busy studying and trying to get into the university of your choice. 

After a while of swinging through Queens, past rooftops and streets, Peter set you down on solid ground. 

“AHH GROUND!! My one true love… Come to me..!” You cried, flopping down, your legs weak and shaking. “How do you stand this everyday…”

Peter chuckled and squat next to you, removing his mask. “Get used to the adrenaline of swinging and it becomes second nature after a while.” 

“Maybe you should start swinging me around more then,” you remarked sarcastically. 

Peter raised an eyebrow. 

“I WAS JOKING PLEASE DON’T.” You immediately responded to his stare. 

Laughing, he slung an arm around you, pulling you onto his shoulder and adjusting himself so you were both pressed against each other. You felt him heave a sigh of relief and your body relaxed and took in your surroundings. He’d brought you to a rooftop garden on one of the highest towers. From there you could see almost all of Queens washed in the light of the setting sun. 

“Wow…” you whispered.

“Indeed,” Peter replied. 

But out of the corner of your eye, you could see he was looking at you. You bit your lip and blushed, pretending to ignore him, quickly thinking of something to say.

“OH Peter! I wanted to ask you a question from Calculus!” 

“Seriously? Now?” Peter asked, obviously startled, raising an eyebrow. 

You nodded, opening your bag. “Whilst there’s still light and we can see the pages!” 

The next thing you knew, your bag was webbed away from you and Peter had lifted you off the ground, carrying you to the edge of the roof. 

“Maybe another time Y/N. You deserve a break. Enjoy the view with me, please?”

You bit your lip, and nodded. You wanted to enjoy the view too. And enjoy the time you had with Peter. He draped his arm around you, pulling you into his chest until you were engulfed between his arms, snuggled into his body. Both of you stood there, watching the sunset and the city lights slowly flicker on throughout Queens. 

Peter looked at you between his arms. He breathed the scent of your hair. He felt the softness of your skin. The lilt in your voice when you spoke. Every syllable seeming so delicate on the edge of your tongue as you articulated your thoughts aloud. He watched you, and he felt a wave wash over him. Spinning you around, he took a deep breath. 

“Y/N… I-I don’t know ho-how t-t-to say thi-is…” He stuttered, a nervous habit you found adorable. 

“Are you okay, Peter?” you asked.

“Yes! No! Um… I…”

You looked at him, eyes wide, encouraging him. 

“Y/N you are the most amazing person I’ve ever known and I know I have Spiderman and Avengers and the Stark Internship and you have school and universities to aim for and you have a whole other normal life ahead of you and and and and and I know I don’t deserve you and you’re amazing and beautiful and you deserve someone who can spend time and invest in you and you’re so so so beautiful but I can’t bear the thought of not being with you and and and-”

You were taken aback by his sudden outburst. The more he continued the ranting of his sudden proclamation of love to you, the more bemused you felt and you cut him off, bursting out laughing. Peter looked at you, a mixture of hurt and fear in his eyes. 

“Peter Parker, I like you too.” 

“Like? As in like like? As in like me like a homie? Like a bro? Like a bestie? Like a like like? Like a crush?”

You rolled your eyes, smiling. Leaning up, you pecked his cheek and whispered in his ear. “Like as in like like, like as in crush.” 

Peter’s arms wrapped around your waist, squeezing you tight and he spun you around. 

“In that case, I hope you don’t mind this.”

Very nervously, very softly, he placed his lips on yours. It was a sweet, gentle, kiss. There was no excessive lip movement, there was no tongue, it was pure and simple. And that was enough. 

This spa experience is comprised of a series of soothing treats for your eyes and ears, all specially selected by @granada-brett-crumbs​ and myself to give you the most relaxing experience in 5 steps. All content has been tested for its beneficial effects prior to publication.

Recommended for use with this treatment: a soft cream-colored robe and a timer (optional). It is recommended that you take as little or as much time as you need on each step. That said, we have laid out suggested times for each, for those who need them. Total time adds up to just over 15 minutes.

Step 1: Stare at Jeremy smiling. Focus on the mole.(Suggested time: 2 minutes.)

Step 2: Get lost in the color of his eyes to find inner peace. (Suggested time: 2 minutes or however long it takes to find inner peace.)

Step 3: Synchronize your breathing with the following gif of Jeremy touching his hair. One sweep of the hand, inhale, another sweep of the hand, exhale. Repeat. (Suggested time: 1 minute, or 20 sweeps.)

Step 4: Close your eyes and listen to this audio recording of Jeremy entertaining fans backstage (after a performance of “The Secret of Sherlock Holmes”). Let your ears be enveloped by the cadence of his voice in conversation. Time: 8 min. 19 sec.

Step 5 (the final step): Open your eyes and contemplate the magnificence of Jeremy’s eyes. Feel the healing.  (Suggested time: 2 minutes.)

anonymous asked:

Could you explain how the playoffs and the conference/divisions system works? As in how do teams get through to the playoffs after the 82 game regular season (is it even 82 I'm not sure ?? #help) How many rounds are there in playoffs and how do teams qualify for the next round/level? And is there a wildcard system of sorts for teams that get eliminated?

I feel like i’ve answered these questions separately but not all together so i’ll do that for you here. Sorry if it ends up long!

Conferences and Divisions

The NHL is split into two categories of teams, that encompass each other:

The first is the conference, there two conferences the eastern conference and the western conference. There are 16 teams in the eastern conference and there are 15 teams in the western conference. There used to be 14 in the western conference but vegas was just added this season. Each team plays the teams in their conference more than they play teams in the other conference. Each team does play each other though, and eastern teams usually play western teams just twice all season, each team getting a home game.

The second is the Division. There are four divisions per conference. The eastern conference has the Atlantic Division and Metro Division which both have 8 teams. The Western conference has the Central Division which has 7 teams and the Pacific division which has 8 teams. Again you play teams in your division more than you play teams in any other conference, but you play teams in the other division in your conference more than the divisions in other conferences. 

In the past this was a little more even but because Vegas was added there are no specific numbers. but For instance we’ll say an atlantic division team will play another atlantic division team 5 times, a metro team 3 times and a western team twice. Those aren’t going to be the exact numbers this year because teams will be playing some teams in their division between 6 and 4 times, teams in the other division in their conference between 5 and 3 times, and the other conference teams only twice. And yes there are 82 games 

How to make the playoffs

So to make the playoffs we need to talk about points. You make the playoffs by gaining points. These can be confused with another idea of points in hockey which are based around individual players scoring goals and assists. A player will get a point for an assist and a goal. However these are not the points that get you into the playoffs, the points i’m talking about in this context are team points. A team gets 2 points for a win in any fashion, 1 point for an overtime or a shootout loss, and no points for a loss in regular time. 

But making the playoffs is not just about winning the most points there’s a more complicated system in place. To ensure a spot in the playoffs you want to finish in the top three in your division. This spot is only reliant on the other teams in your division. This is also where the wild card comes into play, a wild card is two extra spots for the playoffs that are reliant on conference not division. This means every team not in the top three of their division are trying to beat each other for the two wild card spots regardless of division but still not affected by the teams in the other conference. This is probably the most complicated part so to better explain i like to use last years standings:

As you can see here. In the atlantic division: Montreal, Ottawa, and Boston all made the playoffs by being the top three in their division. The Toronto maple leafs are also an atlantic division team but were the fourth best team in that division and ended up in the second wild card spot. Now the more curious number here is the New York Rangers who have 102 points but are technically behind Boston and Ottawa which are two teams with less points than the Rangers. This is because the Rangers are in the Metro division and to get out of the wildcard spot they’d have to beat Washington, Pittsburgh and Columbus which all have more points than them. If Montreal was in the metro division they would be in a wild card spot, however because of the wild card system, Montreal, Ottawa and Boston are unaffected by New York while the leafs, because they are in the wild card spot, are affected by New York. 

There are no set amount of point a team has to have to make the playoffs, it’s all about where you stand at the end of the season compared to the rest of your division or conference. Generally to make the playoffs you need around 100 points 

Playoff Match-ups

Once you make the playoffs you need to figure out who you’re going to be playing. When the playoffs are set to start, each team is given a number based on their position. If you win your division you get a 1, if you’re second in your division you get a 2, if you’re third in your division you get a 3. Wild card teams get either a W1 or a W2 and this is of course based on whether or not you’re first or second wild card. Now you then use these numbers to create the match ups. To start simply, each divisions 2 and 3 match up together. Then the wild card teams match up to each division leader. W2 will be playing the number 1 with the most points and W1 will be playing with the number 1 with less points. For instance the match up using the image above is New York (W1) against Montreal (1) and Toronto (W2) against Washington (1) because Montreal has less points than Washington. 

Because the playoffs are in bracket style, the playoffs are split up by conference and division as well. You have to play out of your division before moving onto playing a team in the other division and then you have to win your conference before you play a team in the other conference. However, the wild card teams don’t necessarily start the playoffs in their division although they could, it’s based off of who they end up playing in the first round. For instance the Maple Leafs started against the Capitals and lost but if they won they would have gone on to play the Penguins even though the capitals, penguins and blue jackets are in another division. The Rangers did the same but in the atlantic division. 

The final series is played between the team that wins the west and the team that wins the east. There is no situation in which an eastern team would play in the western side of the bracket or vice versa so this series is the only series in which an eastern and western conference team would play each other. Here’s another visual for that because i love my visuals

Playoff format

I already explain the format a little bit by explaining the bracket style, but to go further each match up is played in a series style. A series could go anywhere from 4 to 7 games based on how quickly it takes a team to get 4 wins. You only need 4 wins to move onto the next match up. If you win 4 that’s called a sweep, if you lose the first 3 and win the next 4 that’s called a reverse sweep. Those are more colloquial terms but if those things happen in the playoffs those are the terms you will hear. 

Each match up will have a name. There’s the first round, this is where all 16 teams that made the playoffs will be playing. It’s usually pretty hectic because of that. The second round is win the winners from the first round play each other. and then you have the conference finals, either abbreviated to ECF or WCF depending on which conference it is. Then there are the Stanley Cup Finals usually abbreviated to SCF, and this is the first match up between a western conference team and an eastern conference team. They are also the only two teams still playing at this time. No one else plays. Once you miss the playoffs or get knocked out of them that’s it, there’s no more hockey, your season is done. You don’t play again until the next year. 

There’s also the idea of home ice advantage and who gets it. Home ice advantage is based on your positioning not necessarily your points. Because series might go to 7 games, this basically decides which team gets to play 4 home games as opposed to 3 if it makes it that far. So When Montreal played New York in the first round, they only played 6 games but if they had played 7, they would have played in Montreal 4 times and New York 3 times. Home ice advantage has a few things to it that make it an advantage but is not necessarily a deciding factor the way it may be in other sports. it’s more about team revenue and who gets the money from the ticket sales. 

I hope that answers all your questions! I feel like i’m forgetting a point i wanted to make but i can’t think of it right now.

Seven lucky charms

1. The foot of a rabbit, provided that it is still attached to the rabbit, and the rabbit belongs to a billionaire’s daughter and has somehow escaped into a perilous forest through a carelessly-left-open money vent, and you have scooped up the rabbit just in time to claim a humongous reward, and you have a great disguise so no-one will guess that you’re really a coyote, but you’re a coyote who loves the smell and crinkle of a money nest so it’s all good.
2. A four-leaf clover in a society which has not yet discovered the number four and until it makes that connection will constantly be frustrated in its attempts at mathematics, science and inventing the game of Bridge.
3. A black cat that is crossing the path of someone who thinks it is unlucky when a black cat crosses their path, so they go home and go to bed instead of finding the pirate treasure, so you find the pirate treasure instead.
4. A chimney sweep. This means that you are probably near a chimney, which means you can hide in it when the carnivorous balls invade.
5. Crossed fingers. If you have enough fingers, and the time and patience to sew them together, you can make fingers that cross many, many times and can perhaps even be arranged in a loose crotchet doily sort of thing for the dainty parlour. This is especially lucky, particularly if you are worried about being strangled by your enemies, because it probably means they will have to try and do it with their feet.
6. The numbers seven and eight, in a society which is still pretty dazzled by finding out about fours and is very ready to heap rewards on anyone who can further blow its collective mind.
7. A horseshoe with the pointy ends upwards. This means that your horse has got its face in the ground. This might not seem like good luck, but only because you never knew about that horse’s secret plan and its underwater base and its collection of nostril cannon.

Inception hotel AU where Arthur is the concierge. He has to deal with parents who insist on taking their children to child-unfriendly destinations even though he gave them at least five good “fun for the whole family” options. Plus, there’s this hot British guy who inexplicably stays at the hotel a lot—like, a lot—and always orders wake-up calls at the weirdest times. Obviously, Arthur is also in charge of these wake-up calls.