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The Final Final 📝

I have one more final and another damn paper before I’m done with school and I figured, “maybe I should try to not fail?” 🤔 So a group of my friends and myself met up earlier to study (and talk shit) and I gotta say, it kinda helped. Let’s hope I feel the same way when that test hits my desk tomorrow morning 😂

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I can't find the wondercon video where cole chooses 'betty' after the interviewer asks Betty or veronica and then sheepishly (cutely) admits that he answered it really quickly

at 4.10 love! *still blushing*

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(( *drops Hildon's name in for the child meme* For science? ... For science! ))


  Still open (just put randon name there~ ) 

  • 18 years old 
  • taller than her father and shorter than her mother 
  • smol librarian
  • likes books and black
  • very quite , she just pointing out ..if she wanted something
  • big round eyes
  • has a body of a 14 years old but actually a fine woman .



Bodyguard chapter 3 is finally up!! I smiled a lot with this one, @fillipsfunkylife brings a lot of good vibes to the story…

Despite my best efforts, once again I found myself editing this at 4 in the morning. Still! We hope you enjoy! 

Why do WAs always accuse SBs of being racist?

#1: It pisses them off to no end, and that’s hilarious.

#2: Most of them kind of are. There are different levels of racism, it’s like that Avenue Q song says, Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist. (I mean that’s not actually true in terms of institutional racism, but it’s still a fun song, and everyone’s a little bit prejudiced has too many syllables.)

#3: “Racist” is not a slur, it’s a description of an attitude/mindset created by a system that causes inherant bias within fandoms. The microaggressions may not be evident to those perpetuating them, but they scream loudly at those affected by them.

#4: But they still seem to believe it is a slur, which is why it pisses them off to no end, which is hilarious.

And if you don’t know now you know.

How to summon your personas
  • <p> <b>Persona 3:</b> shoot yourself in the fucking face<p/><b>Persona 4:</b> accept your inner demons and realize that life isn't fair and love that part of yourself and self care is so important uwu<p/><b>Persona 5:</b> rip your goddamn face off<p/></p>

Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .