4 stars hotel

everything is fun and games until you actually land a job interview

  • Jin: doesn't team up with anyone, cares about his looks more than finding food, tries to hunt an animal and it kills him
  • Jimin: gets the most items sent to him after becoming the favourite of the competition. Hides in a tree for weeks, dies from sacrificing himself for Jungkook
  • Taehyung: allies with the most people, goes vegetarian because he doesn't have the heart to kill animals, killed by other contestants because he was found after cheering and screaming randomly to himself
  • Jhope: pretends to be best friends with everyone and gain their trust, proceeds to get them killed before him, master with the bow and arrow, eventually dies after a something poisonous biting him
  • Namjoon: smartest player, but reading up doesn't give you the skills to not break all your supplies...Sets a trap and kills multiple players at once, makes a 4 star cave hotel to stay in and comes 2nd in the Hunger Games
  • Suga: salty af and doesn't get the fans/allies, but when videos of him are sent to his district he talks directly to Min Holly, knows how to use weapons well, sleeps through the day and is found and killed, 3rd in the games.
  • Jungkook: volunteers himself and obviously wins the Hunger games. After the games are over, jungkook becomes a popular meme for things he did as a contestant.
TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Guests get upset when it rains

Hello everyone, I’ve been following this subreddit for a while but haven’t posted yet. I’ve worked in hotels for years, ranging from the worst motel in town through to a 5 star hotel. Currently at a 4 star corporate chain hotel.

To access our car park, guests need to drive down a ramp and use their key card in a slot to open the door. This ramp is outside and uncovered. The other day, I received a very angry call from a cell phone to the front desk phone. Let EA stand for Entitled Asshole.

Me: thank you for calling town hotel, this is enigmatica, how can I help you?

EA: have you realised that it’s fucking raining?

Me: uhh..

EA: I’m a guest at this hotel and I’m trying to get into the car park. How the hell am I supposed to do that when it’s raining?

Me: oh, the card reader still works, it’s not affected by the rain

EA: are you saying I’m supposed to get my arm wet just to park my car? Where is the concierge? I need someone to come out here and hold an umbrella for me

Me: sorry, our hotel doesn’t have concierge, but I’m happy to buzz you in so you don’t need to use your key card

EA: * Hangs up *

Me: * stares blankly into space, wondering what hole these snowflakes crawled out of *

By: enigmatica_

Bucketlist of silly things and dreams (no order)

1.       Fly first class on an intercontinental flight.

2.       Walk (or roll) the red carpet for a big movie.

3.       Get clothes designed for me.

4.       Design my own clothes and have them made.

5.       Be part of a wheelchair fashion show.

6.       Get my makeup/hair/style done professionally for an event (possibly in combination with #2 & #3).

7.       Fly on a private jet.

8.       Work in the art department for a movie.

9.       Make official album art.

10.   Get a front row experience for a big concert.

11.   Do a photo shoot.

12.   See a musical on Broadway.

13.   Write (and publish) a novel.

14.   Stay in a suite in a 4-star hotel.

15.   Paint a mural.

16.   Interview an actor/actress/musician I admire.

17.   Write a column.

18.   Be completely financially independent.

19.   Design a tattoo.

20.   Write a children’s book.

21.   Illustrate a children’s book.

22.   Make concept art for a computer game or animated movie.

23.   Get back into singing again.

24.   Go on a road trip with friends.

25.   Write a song.

26.   Find an instrument I can actually play.

27.   Get asked for a job (regardless of whether or not I want it).

28.   Win an award for something I’m passionate about (don’t know what it could be yet).

29.   Have an art exhibit.

30.   Make an acrylics painting (for real, not just dabbling).

31.   Make a pastel drawing.

32.   Make an oil painting.

33.   Make a watercolour painting (again, for real, not just dabbling).

34.   Read all the unread books in my bookcase.

35.   Master hand lettering.

36.   Keep a journal.

37.   Enter in the Sketchbook Project and actually finish.

38.   Participate in NaNoWriMo and succeed.

39.   Go to a film festival.

40.   Go to San Diego Comic Con.

41.   Redecorate my bedroom and my toilet to be more accessible.

42.   Participate in the Rijksmuseum Drawing Tour.

Completely out of my comfort zone things:

43.   Record harmonies/backing vocals on someone’s album.

44.   Be an extra in a movie.

45.   Perform on stage.

46.   Talk more openly about my disability and how I deal with it in daily life so that it may inspire others.

47.   Get my driver’s license (I took lessons once but I was completely terrified).

Operational Rules

~I’ve been ‘in the Bowl’ for a while now and these are my POT 'hook up’ Rules.

~I get $500 up front just to meet. [Long term daddies give me a 'retainer’]

~He gets a room at a hotel [4 star minimum].

~We meet in the hotel bar. If I do not like his vibe, I leave.

~I have a friend I text to inform of what is happening. He/she knows where I am, what time I arrived and a general window of when I’m leaving.**

~When I do leave I text them.**

~If I’m staying longer, I text them. **

~When I get home, I call them. **

** These rules apply with all daddies, no matter what. Men are…’unpredictable’.


In the heart of the city the 4-star superior Hotel Nemzeti - MGallery by Sofitel provides you with the artistic spirit of Budapest. The hotel has a central location at Blaha Lujza square. You can quickly reach the Danube River, shopping areas of Budapest, the Syma congress centre, Hungexpo exhibition field or the Budapest Arena sport and concert hall. This Budapest Hotel is near to cultural attractions and landmarks such as the New York Cafe, Madach Musical Theater, National Museum as well to Music Academy of Budapest.

>win 4-star hotel stay for two people plus stagefront tickets to music festival
>live 20 minutes away by train
>as always, wonderful last minute nature makes it so that most of friends already have plans
>too sleazy a prize to use for dates
I’m going to get piss drunk and spend all night in the bubble bath. First world problems 4 lyfe, biatch. 

P.S. Contest aggregators are a godsend. I’ve won 4 things this month alone. 

anime revolution does their artist alley selection through a lottery, which is bad. and this year they’ve downgraded from the SWEET 4-star hotels (half the fun of the trip tbh) to crappier accommodations, and that’s the dealbreaker

Punk series: #15 He reveals something about his past

Louis: “This is the life.” Louis said, flopping face down onto the queen size hotel bed as he smiled at you. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.” You mumbled, sitting down on the bed next to him. His arms wrapped around your waist as soon as you sat down, pulling you to lie practically on top of him. “Do you regret leaving?” You shook your head, you needed an escape and it felt perfect that Louis suggested the idea of this get away. “I’m overjoyed that we got away. I’m just sick of everyone back home judging us when they have no right. And, besides, I think it’ll be amazing to spend some time alone with you.” Louis smiled, his fingers threading through your hair. A comfortable silence fell over you both, allowing you to close you eyes and relax for the first time since the fight with your father. “God,” Louis said, breaking the silence, “You’re so beautiful, Y/n…” You blushed but didn’t reply, simply opening your eyes and smiling at him, reaching up to tug his hand out of your hair and intertwining your fingers together. “Can I, uh, ask you something?” His voice was timid as he spoke, making you question if this was actually the bold, strong man who you called your boyfriend. You nodded. “Is this,” he paused to motion between the two of you. “Love?” Biting your lip, you shrugged, feeling suddenly self-conscious for some odd reason. “Y/n, baby, it’s just me. No need to act differently. I just, I don’t know what Love truly is.” “Have you even been in love before?” You blurted out the question before your brain could even catch up to you and you immediately regretted saying it. It wasn’t any of your business about Louis’ past relationships. He, this time, shrugged, shifting his eyes to the window behind you to avoid looking at you. “I, um, I don’t really know. I was with this girl, Tamara, and I thought she was the one. I really did. But, anyways, this was before all these tattoos and piercings and I was more open then. I didn’t have to hide myself behind these things or shield my feelings from everyone.” Louis paused, trying his hardest to contain his sadness because he really didn’t want to have a break down in front of you. He was supposed to be making you feel better about your dad being a dick and he didn’t want to upset you by making you see him cry. “I thought she was nice. She used to be the school slut but, when we got together, I believed she would change and only want to be with me.” “Lou,” You interjected, not knowing if it was because you didn’t want to see him cry, which you could tell was inevitable because his eyes were already becoming glassy, or because, though it seemed completely selfish, you were jealous that he had once been so in love with someone who wasn’t you. You figured that it was both options. “You really don’t have to tell me this, if you don’t want to.” “I want to.“ He said, "I think that you deserve to know the reason that I’m always such a jerk even if I try not to be one. I completely believed she would change but she didn’t and I didn’t know that until she mad me the school idiot. That experienced changed me because I lost my virginity to this girl because I thought she loved me when she was only using me. Being with you feels different but, I think, it’s a good difference.” “That’s because I’m not using you like she was.” He nodded, his fingers, once again, brushing through your hair. “I know and I’ve never been as happy as I am right now, and that’s all because of you.” His thumb stroked your cheek as he smiled at you, leaning in to press his lips to yours in a love filled kiss. “Thank you for that…”

Liam: “Is this really where we’re saying?!” You asked, still in shock from the sight of the 4-star hotel. Liam nodded, smirking at your adorable reaction. “Only the best for my girl,” He grabbed your hand and pulled you from his car, your bags being tugged along in his other hand. “Normally, if I was alone, I’d be at a crappy hotel but I wouldn’t want you to deal with that shit.” “Why would you pick a crappy hotel to stay at?” You asked, entering the hotel room and sitting down on Liam’s lap when he lied on the bed, sprawling out on top of it. “Wouldn’t want to waste the money on me but I’d gladly spend the money on you.” “Why?” He shifted beneath you, sitting up slightly to wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder. “Because you’re worth it, baby. It’s amazing to see how excited you get just by seeing this extravagant hotel. This is probably the nicest place I’ve even stayed anyways.” “What’s the worse?” You said jokingly, not actually expecting him to give you a real answer. “Jail. It’s definitely awful there…” His voice was firm as he turned his head slightly, pecking your cheek to reassure you, of what, you didn’t know. “What have you been arrested for before?” You asked, slightly weary of his answer but you wanted to know more. Liam sighed, gently moving you off his lap to sit next to him, turning his body to face you. You noticed that he looked awfully tired with deep bags underneath his eyes. “Mainly assault. One time it was public intoxication but they let me leave the next morning so it wasn’t that bad.” You inhaled deeply. Sometimes it seemed like Liam had different personalities; he can easily go from your cuddly, loving boyfriend Liam to a harsh, violent man who seemed nothing like the man you loved. The one thing that you liked about that harsh Liam was his need to protect you and make sure that you’re safe no matter what. “Hey,” He said, tilting your chin up to see him. “I’d never hurt you, you know that, right?” You nodded and he let out a sigh of relief before continuing. “I’d never hit a women and the only thing I want to do is protect you. That’s why I had to fuck up Jake because that asshole didn’t deserve you, hell, I barely deserve you but I’m trying to be the best person I can be. There were nights where I’d get so drunk I couldn’t remember anything but I’m done with that shit. Honestly, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll be damned if I fuck this up.”

Niall: Niall parked the car off the side of the dirt road. “Finally,” He sighed, leaning back in his seat as he turned his head to grin at you. “It’s fucking amazing to be away from that awful town.” You smiled at him, reaching out to thread your fingers through his brownish-blonde hair. “It’s weird to say but I already feel like there’s a weight lifted off my shoulders.” Niall closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of your fingers in his hair. “That makes sense though. Your family is pissed at you when they have absolutely no reason to be and now we’re miles away from them. It’s just you and me now, hope you don’t mind.” He reached up and connected his hand with your hand that was in his hair. “I don’t mind.” “Well, c’mon, let’s go for a walk so that we’re not stuck inside this car all day.” You nodded and followed him as he got out of the car, enjoying the silence as you walked along the dirt path in the forest. “You know,” He spoke up, breaking the silence as he reached for you, wanting to have you closer to him. “My cousins used to always take me to through these woods every weekend because we’d go fishing in the lake on the other side of these trees.” He smiled at them memory as he spoke again. “I can remember how much fun I used to have and I think that’s the reason that we’re so close still.” You shuddered as you remembered your encounter with his cousins and the bad intentions they had for you. “I don’t know what happened that made them change into assholes. I mean, I know that I’m an asshole but I’d never hurt a woman or try to do what they did.” He shook his head as he recalled that night, clenching his free hand into a fist to contain his anger before it got too out of control. “You’re not an asshole,” You interjected, squeezing his hand reassuringly. “But you can be a jerk sometimes.” Niall chuckled, biting on his bottom lip to contain himself. “You’re lucky I love you.” He said, stopping your movements to pull you into a hug. “Other people wouldn’t want to deal with your sassiness like I do.”

Zayn: “Mornin’ sleepy head.” Zayn said when he felt you shifting around in bed, trying to find sleep once again but decided that it was probably easier to open your eyes. His fingers gently combed through your bed head, trying to move some hair out of your eyes. You groaned in response, the sunlight peaking through the hotel curtain and directly into your eyes. “Well,” He chuckled, watching you as you buried your head into the pillow. “I see that you’re not a morning person then.” “Shut up.” You groaned, trying to hide your grin. “C’mon sleepy head. It’s already noon and I wanted to talk to you today.” Normally, you would have ignored him and tried to fall asleep again but the stern tone of his voice made you think otherwise and you quickly sat up, attempting to fix your hair before Zayn could see just how crazy it looked. He chuckled but wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side. “How are you feeling today?” “Fine…” You were slightly confused because you were perfectly healthy so you couldn’t understand why he would ask you that. “No, baby girl, I mean do you feel better now that we don’t have to deal with those idiots at school?” You nodded, as soon as you got to the hotel last night you felt relieved that you wouldn’t have to deal with them, or anyone, for a while. “I want you to know,” He began again, pausing to lean down and press his lips against your forehead. “I know what you’re going through and I know just how awful it can feel.” Zayn sighed deeply, recounting all the hurtful rumors that had spread about him. “Were they bad?” You asked, feeling cautious because you didn’t want to upset him by pushing him to reveal too much about his past. He didn’t mind though, simply nodding to answer your question. “There were these rumors, at my old school, and they were the reason that I had to move. Practically everyone in the entire school believed that I was fucking all of my female teachers because there was no way that I’d be able to pass their classes on my own. They escalated so quickly and, eventually, I was practically interrogated by the principal because everyone else believed it was true so they had to make sure it wasn’t the truth otherwise I could have been arrested or some shit.” He was whispering the entire time, almost as if he was scared of speaking too loud and scaring you away. “It’s idiotic,” You said, breaking Zayn out of his trance and he looked into your eyes, a smile breaking out, almost automatically, as soon as your eyes met him. “People just need things to talk and gossip about and it’s stupid that they have to say such rude things about people like us for entertainment.” Zayn made a sound of agreement as he watched your fingers trace over the patterns of the tattoo on his wrist. “At least we have this time alone, huh?” His lips pressed against yours and you felt his lips curl up into a smile as he kissed you, his hand wrapping around the back of your neck to keep your lips against his.

Harry: “God, I fucking love this place.” Harry grunted, throwing himself down onto the beach towel, opening his arms wide as he waited for you to lie next to him. “This place means a lot to you, Harry. That’s why you love being here so much.” You said as, to following his request, you moved to lie in his arms as you watched the tide roll in. Harry smiled, twirling his fingers around your hair as you seemed to be mesmerised by the beauty of the light hitting the water. “You know, you’re the first person I’ve ever brought here.” “Yeah? Why’s that?” Your heart swelled at his confession and you leaned up to kiss him, wanting to show him your appreciation. “Well,” He mumbled against your lips, pulling away so that he could speak clearly. “Like you said, this is a special place. I used to come here every time I was sad or needed to be alone and it wouldn’t feel right having a friend here. This used to be my get away whenever my mother would start ranting about getting me to do better in school or be a better person. Fuck, it sounds awful that I had left every time she tried to help me out but this place really calmed down which was hard to do because I used to have awful anger issues back then.” “And you don’t have anger issues now?” You joked, allowing you to hear his beautiful laugh. Harry finally had to cover his mouth in order to stop himself from laughing anymore. “Well, babe, I still do but they’re nothing compared to what they once were. You’re the first person I’ve brought here because both you and this place calm me down and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be here with me because that would ruin the specialness of this place to me.” He turned your head slightly so that he could kiss your cheek, causing you to blush despite how many time he has kissed you. “I’m glad that you took me here, Haz.” “It’s the least I can do. At least we don’t have to deal with anyone else who wants to judge us. It’s only you and I here. Just how it should always be…”

All Night - Luke Hemmings [FLUFF]

Requested by anonymous

Summary~ After meeting in the cafe of your hotel in LA one day and hitting it off instantly you get an unexpected surprise in the middle of the night

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve just gone back to school after the summer

Word Count - 1773

You’re rarely in one place for very long and you don’t exactly have a home, you’re a travel blogger so a company sends you across the world to review different places, sometimes for as little as a few days but usually for a couple of weeks, that also means that you simultaneously have very few friends while still having them all over the world. It’s a lonely job but you get to live the dream.

This time however your stay has been extended to a whole month, staying in a 4 star hotel in LA, land of palm trees and sunny skies. The only problem with LA is the fact that it happens to be the only place where you don’t actually know anyone so your month may be a little lonely.

Arriving at your hotel, fairly late at night,  you find that you’ve been put in one of the apartment suites on the top floors, the kind that people could actually live in, so naturally since you’re not paying the bill, you head straight for the mini fridge. You snack, or more binge, on some of the far from complimentary snacks and then unpack. Once unpacked you head back into the kitchen with the aim of getting a cup of coffee or at the very last resort tea but when you look around you can’t seem to locate it. When you give up you throw on a jacket and grab your room key before heading down to the reception.

“Excuse me,” you beam leaning against the counter.

“Yes? How can I help you ma’am?” the receptionist replies.

“Is there somewhere I can get coffee around here?” you ask.

“Oh we have the 24 hour cafe,” she gestures down a hallway.

You nod a thank you and start walking until you find the slight white glow of a cafe. Heading inside you order your coffee and turn around to take a seat seeing that all but one seat is free but for some reason you feel drawn to the one opposite this stranger. His laptop is set up and his earphones are secured over his head. You sit down and get out your phone only to see him lower his screen and glance over at you with a small smile before returning to work.

“C-could you pass the sugar?” he stammers slightly.

“Sure,” you grin sliding the tray of sugar packets across the table.

You think nothing of it but then a few moments later he looks over at you again, “I’m not going to lie, I don’t even have any drink to put this in, I just wanted an excuse to talk”

You glance away, “Why’d you think I sat here?”

With that he closes his laptop and starts conversing with you. His name’s Luke, he’s currently living in one of the other apartments while he’s on a break from touring, and he’s originally Australian.

“God it’s like 3am, don’t you have to sleep? Don’t you have work or something tomorrow?” Luke asks you, glancing at his phone to check the time.

“Kind of, but then again this s kind of working for me,” you tell him.

“Really what is it that you do? Maybe could get in on that action,” he chuckles.

“Travel writing, here for a month, I’ve got to capture the essence of LA in a way that no one else has,” you explain.

He closes up his laptop once and for all, “Maybe I could help you out with that, I know this place pretty well”

“I’d like that,” he stands up.

“Alright,” he grins, “I’ll see you around, maybe I’ll find your apartment, sing by”

“Sure,” you blush a little. “Just know that I tend to stay up most of the night and I sleep til midday at the earliest”

He chuckles giving you a wave as he exits the cafe.

Days pass and you’ve done very little exploring, and you’ve also not seen any more of Luke around, maybe he left for tour again, or maybe he never actually meant any of it.

One night you find yourself needing to get started on your piece, but when you sit down in the white lit and way too fancy apartment you become overwhelmed by the fear of the blank page. Looking out the window all you see is dotted lights on the horizons and the occasional silhouette of a palm tree, nothing actually inspirational. But then there was a knock on the door.

You spring up and pull open the door to see Luke on the other side in a hoodie and sweat pants, “Fancy a little midnight adventure”

“Dressed in my fuzzy slippers and pajamas?” you furrow your brow looking down at you questionable attire.

“It doesn’t matter, they’re cute, and we won’t be seeing people this late at night will we?”

Seeing no problem with taking a little risk you grab your coat and your keys.

He guides you down to the car park of the hotel and to a small black car, trendy but equally creepy.

“So is this where you murder me?” you ask getting in as he unlocks the door

“Aha, no. I’m taking you on the ultimate adventure,” he says.

You must be driving for hours, or at east that’s what it feels like with a drowsy mind and a stranger in the drivers seat. He gradually turns up the radio playing the late night rock hits and you swear out of the corner of your eye you can see him mouthing the lyrics.

Your first stop is a seemingly normal street, it stretches on for a long while and it’s completely deserted, but you don’t see why he’d bring you here.

“Wow, a street,” you say with a puzzled tone as he parks in the center of the road

He breathes out a laugh closing the door and walking down the street a little and lying down on the concrete. You walk over to look down on him a little.

“What is so special?” you ask.

“I don’t know just it’s quiet, I can hear everything, the palm trees, it’s the ultimate LA experience didn’t you think?” he seems so enveloped in this.

“No, not really,” you giggle.

“Lie down,” you shake your head. “Now!” he insists.

You do as he says and lie down looking at the sky, a few feet away from him. You don’ feel any different until you feel him shuffle closer and take your hand in his. Like hypnotism you feel yourself relax and you focus on the moving of the palm trees.

Neither of you really know how long you lie there but all of a sudden you hear a car horn and see headlights, both of you spring up and see a car waiting to get past.

“That was adventurous,” you say getting into the car. “Back to the hotel?”

He starts up the engine and shakes his head, “No, I have another place to be”

You don’t drive for quite as long this time but eventually you pull up outside an all night arcade, with a very dodgy aesthetic around it. Instead of brick the walls are made of wood covered in a strange tin rusting and curling away at the edges. There’s a sign above the place that reads ‘Adrian and Eddie’s all night arcade and diner’ with a red neon sign that flickers between “pen” and “open”.

“This is what you think is the essence of LA?” you exit the car once more.

“Shut up,“ he laughs, “the way I look at it,” he wanders around the car, “LA’s soul is with the people and these are the best people I know”

“Adrian and Eddie?” you giggle.

“No they died years ago it’s their kids Jenny and Andrew,” Luke hooks onto your arm and drags you along.

He pulls you inside and you come face to face with a room full of classic arcade games and a sign that says “only $0.25 a pp” or at least it did, now the letters have faded.

“I’ve got no money,” you tell Luke.

“I know just what to do,” Luke grins before screaming, “Oi, oi!”

A head pops out from the white light that must be the diner, “Oi, oi, Hemmings”

“Andy,” Luke waves. “Mind if we give it a shake, we’re low on money”

“Sure dude, swing by later for a burger Jen will whip you two up something,” Andy disappears as fast as he showed up.

You stand back and watch as Luke hits the 25 cent machine and it spews out a bucket full of coins. You spend an hour or two going through the games, pacman, old cart racing games, claw machines, space invaders until you’ve covered the entire arcade and run out of quarters.

“Here you go, two house burgers, on the house,” Jenny places the platefuls down in front of you and you dig in.

“How long you around for Luke? It’s been a long time since you were last here,” Andy chuckles. “And where are the guys”

“I think they’re in NYC right now, I decided to stay here for the break, so I brought along [Y/N] instead,” Luke grins.

“Well it’s nice to meet you,” Jenny shakes your hand.

You must stay there until 4am or maybe even 4.30, listening to the eccentric stories that just make you laugh, big hand gestures and colourful language, it takes a lot for you two to actually decide to leave.

“You two have a good night now,” they bid you fairwell, “And you’re welcome back whenever you want!”

Once back in the car you yawn, “Now back to the hotel?”

“Well I’d say we have about a half an hour til sunrise, fancy trying to make it all night?” he grins.

“What do suggest we do?” you ask him.

He starts the car, “I know the perfect place to go”

By sunrise you find yourself sat on a rock on some dusty path overlooking the entirety of LA, the sun peaking over the hilltops. 

“So hows that writing piece going?” he turns to you.

“It wasn’t,” you reply. “But now I think I’ve got a little more inspiration”

“You’re welcome,” he chuckles.

There’s a small silence and he pulls your hand into his, intertwining your fingers. You glance at him only to see him staring back at you and in a moment of weakness your head turns into a whirlwind and your lips are on his. His lips are like caffeine waking you up immediately.

You part lips, “Maybe we could do this again”


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It's happening! 😍

I mostly use this as a place to bitch so that I can be pleasant in real life so my blog can be very negative lol, but I feel like I’m finally reaching the level I want to be at. Overnights and extended dates every week. 4/5 star hotels each night. Chilling topless in millionaires’ hotubs drinking champagne and eating cake. Getting flown to Vegas next month. Planning for a week in New Zealand- WHILE I’M GETTING PAID. 10k every time I tour. Brand new car, paid off. I’m even finally eliminating my shorter dates and implementing a no review without asking policy, and it’s been successful so far. Multiple ho friends I can go have crazy nights with. My biggest problem work wise these days is managing everything. I’m finally in control of my business. I feel so powerful these days. 2 years ago I gave $100 blowjobs. I just… After 5 years of busting my mother fucking ass and hustling, it’s all coming together. 😩😩😭😭

Stockholm Syndrome: part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

After Michael had left, you were left alone with your thoughts. You couldn’t even believe the situation you were in: Kidnapped. Like actually kidnapped. You would always watch TV and see news about girls going missing but you had never thought that it would happen to you. 

A chill ran up your spine as you realized the conditions of the basement around you. You assessed everything that was around you, trying to think of a way to escape. The walls were made up of gray bricks, meaning you can’t punch your way out. The floor was concrete, ruining any escape plan that involved digging The pipes in the room, like the one you were leaning against, was leaking. You started to cry again, this time fully aware of what was happening to you. On the floor was a single sheet, laid out nearly near the furnace. 

“Am I meant to sleep on this!?” You screamed out, knowing that they didn’t give a shit. 

When you didn’t get a response you just huffed and dragged yourself over to your “bed.“ 

You tried your hardest to get comfortable, but you couldn’t on the account that your hands and feet were tied together. 

After finally finding a good spot to rest without cutting off the circulation in your hands, you found it hard to sleep. You stared at the ceiling. 


That’s what it was. 

Gray like the walls and floor of this room. 

Gray like Michael and Calum’s hearts. 

Gray like the person you knew you’d have to become if you wanted to survive here. 

The thoughts racing through your mind was enough to put you to sleep. 

You were woken up by the horrendous sound of your stomach growling. 

You groggily sat up trying to figure out what time of day it was. 

"It’s 11:30,” You heard a voice behind you. 

You spun around to see Michael, in all of his punk rock glory. He was wearing basketball shorts, a Motley Crüe tank top, and a SnapBack. 

You cursed yourself for still thinking he was hot even after what he’s done to you. 

“Just wanted to come down and check on you,” He said before showing you the clothes in his hands. 

“Thanks,” You replied, wanting nothing more than to stretch your arms out. 

“I brought you some clothes,” Michael said, putting them down next to you and pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. “Calum said that I could cut your ties so you could get dressed but after that they go back on." 

You nodded your head, not caring that your hands would be tied again. All you wanted was to stretch your body out. 

Michael cut the ties behind your back and then the ones around your ankles. 

You stood up, finally stretching your aching limbs. You walked around the room trying to get used to using your legs again. 

"Hurry up and get dressed.” Michael said, the gleam of the switchblade in his hand forced you back into reality. The reality that said you were a victim and could be killed any second. 

You grabbed the pile of clothes trying to figure out what was what. 

“Uh Michael? These are awfully big" 

"Oh yeah, they’re mine,” He said rubbing the back of his neck. “We didn’t have any girl clothes so Calum told me to just give you some of mine,” he finished. 

“Oh, ok” you said not really caring. All you wanted to do was get out of your sweaty dirty clothes. 

Calum came down the stairs looking at the two of you. “Good job Michael,” He said giving him a clap to the back. 

“Where am I supposed to change?” You asked looking between the two of them. 

“This isn’t a 4 star hotel princess, change right here,” Calum said annoyed at the fact you would ask that. 

“What!? I don’t want to get changed in front of you two!" 

"Too bad, change now or else we’ll make you change,” Calum said taking a step towards you. 

“Michael?” You asked hoping he would help you out. 

“Michael!” Calum yelled in his ear.

“Get dressed now!” Michael yelled louder than Calum. 

With trembling hands, you slid off your t-shirt and shorts, your back facing Michael and Calum. Tears streamed down your face as you quickly re-dressed yourself not wanting them to see you in a vulnerable state. 

You turned around shaking and on the verge of hyperventilating. 

“Tie her up alright?” Calum said walking back up the stairs, but not before looking back to make sure Michael didn’t go easy on you. 

He roughly sat you down and yanked your arms behind your back. Not able to locate your hands because of Michael’s long-sleeved shirt, he just tied the rope around your sweater paws. 

Calum nodded in approval and went upstairs after seeing Michael tie your ankles together. As soon as the door shut, Michael grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. 

“I’m so sorry,” Michael whispered in your ear. “I didn’t want you to do that. I would’ve left, but Calum came down. I’m so sorry,” Michael rushed out running your back gently. 

Why was he doing this? Why was he being so nice to you? He fucking kidnapped you!? If he wanted to be nice he wouldn’t have kidnapped you in the first place! 

Michael let you go searching your eyes for any emotion. You kept a blank face. If Michael was going to be your saving grace, he was going to have to prove it, and until then, you would stick to your plan; earn their trust and then kill them. 

After Michael had let you go, he looked into your eyes, and for a moment you felt like he wasn’t the villain he had made himself out to be. He was a human, a human being who cared for other human beings. For a moment, there was fear in his eyes. You weren’t sure if it was fear for himself or fear for your well-being. 

“I’ll be back down soon, I promise. I’ll try and make your stay here as painless as possible.” And with that he was gone; up the stairs and out the door. 

You sat there trying to make out what the fuck just happened. You had only been here for two days and already everything was more confusing than when you first arrived. 

Suddenly, the thought of your family and friends panicking over you entered your mind. They were probably frantically searching for you. Y/f/n was probably frantic, probably blaming herself. After all, you did say you were gonna be back in 15 minutes and then joked that you’d get kidnapped. For fucks sake, you practically predicted your future. A sob escaped your mouth. 

“Y/F/N!” You screamed desperately, hoping that your friend would hear their name. You knew that it was futile but it was worth a shot. 

You heard some shuffling upstairs. The door swung open and you saw Calum’s silhouette in the doorway. Preparing for the worst, you didn’t even notice when the door shut and a pair of gentle hands untied your wrists. You looked up to see Michael. 

“Listen to me. When I say you have to follow the rules, you have to follow the rules.” He said, allowing you to sit down then sat down in front of you. “I’m trying my best to help you out here, but you can’t just be acting like this all the time! That’s why I’m down here instead of Calum. Because of your outburst, you were supposed to get some more kicks to he stomach, but I told him I would come down here and watch you." 

Your eyes went wide. why would Michael do that? 

"I’m sorry,” You said. 

Why were you apologizing? You were the one who was kidnapped. 

“Calum’s going away on ‘business’ for the next few days so it’ll be just me and you. You can walk around without your bounds, but when he comes back you’ll have to cooperate okay?" 

You nodded your head. 

"He’s leaving tomorrow, if you can make it through the night, then it can just be me and you and you can ask me any question you want and I’ll try my best to answer them.”

 "Can I ask you one now?“ You asked. 

He nodded his head yes. 

"Are there more than two of you?” You remembered hearing about there being more than just Michael and Calum and you wanted to know who else. 

Michael rubbed the back of his neck looking anywhere but your face. 

“Yeah,” he said not looking you in the eye. 

“Who are they?” You inquired. 

Again Michael refuses to look at your eyes 

“Michael,” you asked making him look you in the eyes, “Who are they?" 

"Well you know the recent spike in kidnappings?" 

"Yeah?” You answered, afraid of what he would say next. 

“And you know how you always end up seeing the girls bodies washed up on a beach a week later?" 

Tears brimmed your eyes as you slowly nodded your head yes. 

"Well, it’s the two guys who are responsible for the deaths of all those girls,” he continued. “I met Calum first and then he introduced me to them and the rest, as they say, was history,” he finished looming at your now horror stricken face.

“Y/n?” He asked waving his hand in front of your face. 

“So you were the reason, those girls were murdered?” You asked, staring at the floor.

“No!” He answers immediately. “I had nothing to do with them, they were doing that without me knowing. It wasn’t until one day I followed Calum to some sketchy-looking building and saw a girl tied to a chair. There were two other guys surrounding her. I couldn’t see what they looked like, but one of them was really tall with blonde hair and the other was slightly shorter with semi long brown hair." 

You nodded your head letting him know you were still listening. 

"Long story short, they saw me and Calum had to save my ass, and ever since then, I have been with them. I’ve never killed anyone and I’ve never caused harm to anyone. I’ve just never saved anyone, that is until I saw you.”

Houston Girls

It really makes me sad when I read the sugar baby tag and see the bullshit that some of you have to deal with, especially black sugar babies. I know this may sound like a broken record but it IS harder for black SB’s on online dating sites. Actually i did some studies on this in the past and I’ve realized when people are searching online they really are looking for an unrealistic perfection. We do it, dismissing a guy who makes only 150k a year but that does not mean he wouldn’t spoil you to no end and give you everything you could want. Because when you are good at math and understand taxes; a man who makes 150k a year could indeed give you 5k a month if he is in the right situation.  Men do it; creating the ideal perfect woman in their mind and anyone who doesn’t fit that standard is dismissed.

But the reality is, when you meet someone in person everything is different. There are not many standards pre-set because there is less of a control factor and attraction is attraction and that means more than JUST looks alone. I can’t reach my hand out to anyone who doesn’t live in Houston but if you do and looking for the perfect SD here is where you can find one.

- Saint Genevieve. (Saturday nights only)

-Vic and Anthony’s (at the bar.. wed or thursday around 8pm)

- The Brasserie 19 ( at the bar wed & thursday 7-10pm) btw this place throws AMAZING halloween parties!! 

- Local Pour (Any day of the week around dinner time)

- Any 4-5 star hotel bar in Greenway plaza or Downtown

- Orcodoro (i have a few male friends who are there all the time who are crazy wealthy and always sit in the back corner of the restaurant near the bar. The owner is also very flirty when he see’s an attractive girl. He’s short, dark tan, always in a suit and very handsome. You will know him when you see him)

-The Marque (to be honest you have to have connections to get into the private areas. I am that connect and can get you in just let me know)

These are some of my favorite places and are filled with 7 figure men. I’ve met countless guys there but obviously don’t peruse because I’m in a relationship, but i have helped friends find these guys because I can smell money from 10 miles away. I really hopes this helps some of you girls out there. Black sugar babies you will have no problem meeting the SD of ur dreams at any of these places if you are attractive. They will approach you. Happens to me every time.