4 simple words

Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)
Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo
Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)

I love the difference between Hadley and Ramin’s interpretation of these simple lyrics. Each performance is so dynamic in its own way.

Raoul sounds like he’s saying the words for the first time. Realizing that saying them allows joy and happiness to flow from him. His words are sincere, but as he’s saying them for the first time, they sound sudden. As if he had been waiting for the moment to say them all his life. Raoul’s love brings freedom. A future. And vulnerability.

Phantom interprets the words differently. As much as he wants the lyrics to liberate him from his mental prison, the words enslave him more. He knows at this point he’s lost her. She’s gone and he’s left with 4 simple words. Words that remind him how much he’s had to let go. Nevertheless, his words are just as sincere as Raoul. The difference is that Phantom has imagined how the words will sound over and over in his head. He’s practiced it until he’s perfected the art of expressing his love - a love he was never shown. A love he’s had to learn because of Christine. 

I applaud both actors for taking 4 words and turning them into a love story that will never be matched. I could go on and on about this as these are my favorite lyrics from the musical. I love how something so simple can be analyzed so deeply. I love how something so ordinary can become so profound through music.

This is why I love Phantom of the Opera.

Mark Sheppard missed the 200th episode party to go to a convention in Halifax, NS. Jensen, Jared and Misha included him in the following text chat:
  • Misha: Hey, guys. I just wanted to say that 200th episode screening party was the best corporate function I've ever been to. Not only was it just plain fun but on a business level, it felt like magic was happening. I haven't had that kind of synergy with the producers and writers in years. So glad we could make it.
  • Jared: I agree, Misha. What a magical gathering of talented artists and erudite minds...
  • Jensen: Couldn't agree more. It was like the culmination of 10 years hard work realized right there on stage in front of an adoring crowd, the synergy between us certainly tangible. Glad I didn't miss it.
  • Mark Sheppard: Fuck off. Bastards.
  • Misha: I honestly think the 4 simple words "once in a lifetime" sum it up best... Oh, shoot. Mark? Are you getting these? I must have posted an all text thread. Sorry about that. Disregard.
  • Jared: Mark? Who? All joking aside, if I'd have missed that party...
  • Misha: Don't even let yourself go to that dark place. You would never miss something like that.
  • Jared: That's true. I'm not an asshole.
  • Jensen: Who is Mark?
  • Jared: No idea.
  • Misha: I think he played Lucifer on the show a few years ago. Good job on that role by the way, Mark. Very spooky.
  • Jared: Yeah, yeah- he was great. Best Mark for sure.
  • Mark: I've left for Halifax. There's nothing for me here.
  • Jensen: There's probably not much for you there either.
  • https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce5_NeQm6j4

this tweet is killing me. since the first official posts about the blurryface album, and his many interviews explaining that he has so many insecurities and worries and whatnot and now he’s asking if we like the new music. im picturing tyler now saying “do you like them?” with a bit of doubt in his voice bc he now has an audience waiting to judge what he creates and idk he should know we all love him and everything he does and why am i so emotional from 4 simple words?????

Forget about your bitching and remember that you’re blessed, punk is for the kids who never fit in with the rest. Somebody told me that music with guitars was going out of fashion and i had to laugh. This shit wasn’t fashionable when i fell in love. If the hipsters moved on why should i give a fuck?!

“5 Seconds” (A Poem)
Hearts beating,
Hands sweating,
Heads thumping,
This was a new level of existence,
With constellations being formed behind
their eyes
And galaxies in their stomachs
They faced the masses
What was 4 simple years -
4 simple boys -
4 simple words -
Turned into a universe of possibilities
Were they ready? -
Probably not -
But they only had 5 seconds