4 simple words

Advice for native speakers of a language when encountering foreigners learning their language

Of course this is aimed at people who want to help others learn their native language. It’s based on personal experiences from when I first came to France. If the language learner you meet is advanced and speaks fluently you might not have to do any of these. But I think they’re good to keep in mind when meeting new language learners.

1. Slow down a bit. Don’t do that thing often shown in movies where people speak super loud and as if in slow motion. Speaking super slow doesn’t help much with understanding or learning and shouting is useless unless you’re in a noisy environment. Just slightly slow down your normal talking speed, it makes it easier to recognize more individual words and phrases. And maybe dial down on colloquialisms a bit at first.

2. Give the person time to process what you said. Sometimes it can take a few moments to realize what was just said to us when we don’t speak the language well (even if the person is speaking slower than their normal speed). So don’t just assume the person didn’t understand you if they don’t respond immediately, give them a moment first.

3. Ask if they understood what you said once in a while. Also offer to repeat or explain things. Some people won’t have a problem letting you know if they didn’t understand a word or a phrase, but others might feel bad asking you to repeat yourself multiple times (I know I do). So just ask every once in a while to make sure they’re still following you.

4. Use simple words to explain things. If the person is just starting out with their language learning then they don’t have a large vocabulary so using unnecessarily long sentences filled with fancy words will just confuse them even more. Simpler is always better.

Example: I once had to call a phone company’s help line to resolve an issue. I told the person I didn’t speak French very well, carefully explained the problem and he spent ten minutes talking at normal speed, explaining something to me and I didn’t understand a word. When I told him I didn’t understand he spent even longer repeating what he said and going in even more detail and I still had no idea what he was saying. I was too embarrassed and didn’t want to spend twenty more minutes on the phone with this guy so I just told him I got it and hung up. The next time I called, someone else answered and they explained it to me clearly in a fraction of the time and I understood them perfectly.

So keep your explanations short and simple.

5. If they can’t think of a word in your language and say it in another language you have in common, tell them the word in your language before moving on with the conversation. So many times people have just nodded in understanding and moved on with the conversation without telling me the French word when I’ve used an English word for something in the middle of a sentence. It can be a bit frustrating to have to interrupt the conversation to ask for clarification after every sentence (and for those of us on the shy and/or socially anxious side it’s also nerve-wracking). Conversations will flow much smoother if you just throw in the translation of the word in your language and then move on. Also

6. Don’t automatically switch to another common language after they use a word or a phrase from that language when they can’t think of them in your language. Ask first. It might be easier for both of you, but it doesn’t help them learn your language. If you want to practice that other language with them then make a deal about when you’re going to speak which language with each other. That way you’ll both get to practice your target language. So just ask them if they want to continue in that language, but don’t switch without asking. Again, some people will be more than comfortable in telling you which language they’d rather be speaking in, but others might not.

That’s all I can think of for now. Feel free to add your own advice

Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)
Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo
Christine, I Love You (Raoul and Phantom Comparison)

I love the difference between Hadley and Ramin’s interpretation of these simple lyrics. Each performance is so dynamic in its own way.

Raoul sounds like he’s saying the words for the first time. Realizing that saying them allows joy and happiness to flow from him. His words are sincere, but as he’s saying them for the first time, they sound sudden. As if he had been waiting for the moment to say them all his life. Raoul’s love brings freedom. A future. And vulnerability.

Phantom interprets the words differently. As much as he wants the lyrics to liberate him from his mental prison, the words enslave him more. He knows at this point he’s lost her. She’s gone and he’s left with 4 simple words. Words that remind him how much he’s had to let go. Nevertheless, his words are just as sincere as Raoul. The difference is that Phantom has imagined how the words will sound over and over in his head. He’s practiced it until he’s perfected the art of expressing his love - a love he was never shown. A love he’s had to learn because of Christine. 

I applaud both actors for taking 4 words and turning them into a love story that will never be matched. I could go on and on about this as these are my favorite lyrics from the musical. I love how something so simple can be analyzed so deeply. I love how something so ordinary can become so profound through music.

This is why I love Phantom of the Opera.

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14 and precious sunshine j-hope would be nice, if you're still taking requests?

Drabble Game

Hobi is my bias, so thank you for this. - admin aj

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J-Hope(Hoseok) - Sexting


The first picture that came through confused him and aroused him all the the same time. A new bra, you’d bought today with a simple winky face emoji underneath it.

The second picture made him wonder what you were up to. The matching underwear to the bra.

When his phone dinged again he didn’t know what to expect, but he surely wasn’t expecting a picture of handcuffs sprawled across your bed. This made him question your motives.

As the phone dinged again and the next picture popped up he groaned out loud and locked his phone as he saw Suga lean over to look at the screen. His friend did not need to see his girlfriend in nothing but the lacey duo she’d just sent him pictures of.

He was scared to open the message this time as his phone went off, but sucked in a big gulp of air and did it anyway. You were still in the lacey duo, but now you had one hand cuff around your wrist and you were in a pose that let all your good bits be shown. He sighed shaking his head as the phone went off again. This time no pictures, just a simple 4 word message. 

‘Come and get it.’

and he was out of his seat and out of the studio without saying good bye to anyone. How rude of him ;)

Hope you enjoyed. request are still open I think?

- admin aj

Blissfully His

Prompt: Matthew courting the Reader and being his funny romantic self. Requested: Yes

There was a knock on the door and nerves finally trickled through your body. You glanced over yourself once more, wondering if you looked okay or if you should change again. Knowing Matthew was waiting you decided you looked good enough and made your way to let him in.

Taking a slow, deep breath, you open the door to see Matthew standing tall and handsome dressed in black jeans, a funky sweater and a scarf wrapped around his neck. You sighed and smiled at him as he looked you over, a wide smile breaking across his face, “You look incredible, Y/N.”

Blushing, you ushered him in and turned to grab your coat, “I think that was my line. You look great, Matthew.”

A small chuckle left his mouth as he reached over to take your coat, turning you so he could place it on you, “No that was definitely my line to say. Are you ready to go?”

“I sure am!” You reply, freeing your hair from between you and your coat. “Where is it we are going to exactly?”

A grin settled on his face and you marveled over his beauty. “That is a surprise and you know it Y/N.”

You grumble over the fact as he laughs. Taking your hand in his he leads you outside and bundle you close to his side. You feel your cheeks heat up and smile to yourself. You’d never imagined you’d be courted around with Matthew. You couldn’t help but remember every moment shared between you two.

“Remember the first time you asked me out on a date?” You say as you rubbed your thumb against his. “I don’t think I’d ever laughed that much before.”

“Ah yes! I’d shown you my rather sexy dance moves only to have trip over the rose bushes.” He says with a laugh, the distant memory both playing in your heads.

“I’d pulled out every thorn.” You mused as he chuckled and drew you closer to him.

“All except one.” He replied. You stopped walking as you recounted the memory. Matthew stopped to stare at you, a smile on his faces, eyes bright.

You were sure you’d pulled them all. “I’d sworn I got them all?”

Matthew chuckles and draws you close again, this time slipping his hands on your waist. You wound your arms around him and relished in the warmth he provided, “The last thorn, that has since flourished into a flower, is in my heart. You.”

“Oh you sweet human being!” You say as you crush him to you, you’re face buried in his chest. You feel the rise and fall of his laughter and can’t help but join in.

“Come on little one.” He muses with a smirk and captures your hand once more. You poke his side with your free hand and laugh when he jumps away.

“That’s for calling me little.” You say as you back away from him. He has a look in his eyes you can’t quite decipher and it built up nerves in your stomach. Good ones.

Before you could react, Matthew jumped towards you and picks you up, swinging you around and around as the laughter you both emit fill the streets. People gaze at the two of you with smiles on their faces, swooning and wishing that they find a love like that. One so freeing and pure and an absolute delight.

Matthew places your feet firmly on the ground as he spins you to face him. “That was for poking me.”

He kisses you then. You open you mouth to gasp and he takes control over the kiss, deepening it as your tongues dance together. Just as you get breathless and weak legged he pulls back and stares at you softly, “And what was that for?”

“Just because.” He replies just as breathless, “You’re amazing and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your time.”

You grin and place a quick firm kiss on his lips once more before pulling back, “Couldn’t ask for a better date.”

Matthew walks back and takes your hand but you notice before he does the mistake he’s just made, “Matthew wait!”

Water drenched the two of you from head to toe and as you take each other in all you could do was laugh. Matthew had missed the step behind him and also the puddle that awaited and as you’d tried to pull him back it was futile. His natural reaction to pull you to help correct his stance had you both tumbling down into the awaiting puddle.

“Well, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for the evening.” He says as he helps you stand up. People rush up to see if you’re both okay and he reassures them that you’re both fine. “I’m sorry I’m such a klutz.”

Worry filled his eyes and you embrace him gently, gazing into his chocolate orbs you adored so much, “That isn’t something you should be sorry for. It’s one of the things I love about you.”

“Love?” He questions. Your eyes widen suddenly as you try to backtrack.

“I just mean that…it’s just that you…what I meant was-” And just like that you were silenced with a kiss so soft you thought it could break you.

The nerves you felt now we’re uncomfortable. Had you just ruined everything? Yes Matthew had been courting you and you knew you really liked him but you weren’t all too sure how he felt despite all the dates and moments you had shared together. Even in the tabloids you were only rumored to be an ‘old friend’. Not that that had bothered you but it also stumped you when you wondered what the two of you were becoming or where things were leading.

“I’ll cancel reservations. I need to get you home and out of these wet clothes.” He says quietly. He seems distracted and you felt sick with the idea that you’d just lost a man who was never really yours to begin with. Despite courting you and making numerous memories together you still weren’t actually together and here you were spouting off the L word like…like you were in love…

And maybe you are. In love. With Matthew. You sucked in a breath as a small tear strolls down your cheek. Matthew stares down at you and pulls you close but doesn’t say a word. You finally get back to your place and lead him inside, dropping your bag to the floor and heading towards the shower.

You let the hot water wash over you and sighed. Maybe if you stayed in here longer you could keep him here longer. Dismissing the idea you get out and throw on a silky nightgown and head out to find him dressed in grey sweats and another top. He looked incredibly sexy and you fought a groan from escaping.

Hearing your muffled sounds, Matthew turns to find you staring at him in a silk gown and long wet hair blanketing your face. He walks towards you slowly and pushes the wet strands away before taking your hand and leading you to the couch where he’s placed noodles. You smile at the gesture and sit, pulling your legs under you.

“We need to talk.” And there it was. 4 simple words that filled you with dread and sadness and anger at yourself. A tear falls again and he sighs, wiping it away. “Just listen for a minute.”

“When we met I knew I wanted to know you. I know you thought you weren’t good enough and you had me on a bit of a pedestal. The fame or whatever had an effect on you that you weren’t all too comfortable with. So I took your hand and lead you down so we were on an even playing field and I got to know the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on and given my heart to.”

You go to say something but he raised a finger and chuckles, “Patience little one.”

You go to poke him and he laughs, lacing his fingers through yours and pulling you close, “Please. Continue.”

“I wasn’t questioning your love for me. In fact, I’m really glad you feel that way. I was hoping you’d fall in love with me if I’m being completely honest. There isn’t another woman on earth who I’d want to spend my days with other than you. To wake up next to you, to hold your hand and kiss your lips. To make love and have love. Go on crazy adventures to places or even in the bedroom.”

You let out a little gasp and then giggle as he tickles you quickly, “Okay okay sorry. Keep going.”

“Basically what I’m saying is…will you be mine?” He mutters, his eyes searching yours for an answer.

“Hell yeah!” You yell as you hop onto his lap and kiss him like your life depended on it. You could hear him laughing through the kiss and knew you didn’t need to say it to have him know you love him.

“Good because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’ve been causing my self control to diminish when you walked out in this sexy little number.” His voice is husky but alive and his hand that trailed up your leg sent shivers coursing through you.

“Let’s go.” You whisper. He nods and lifts you, your legs circling his waist and you feel his prominent member against you. “Dear god…Matthew hurry up.”

And with a laugh he takes you to your room where you fall in love with each other in new and old ways. You were his and he was yours and together you made the perfect pair.

The Truth (Part 4)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Request for this smut series: Here

Request for this scenario:

Can you make a smut ,sex with jungkook in car please?

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut 

You woke up to the loud sound of crunching and frowned as your eyes opened a little. Yoongi was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, a bowl of cereal in his hand. He was staring at you, shoveling spoonfuls of cereal into his mouth. He crunched loudly and you groaned, pulling his pillow over your head.

“Do you want to tell me how this happened?” he asked, before eating some more.

“Do you want to tell me why you’re always eating?” you threw back at him, pulling the pillow away from your face.

“I asked you first” he responded.

“I needed a bed to sleep in and I knew that you wouldn’t mind because you love me more than anything” you said, sitting up. Yoongi smiled and shook his head.

“Can’t argue with you there.”

You grinned and yawned, looking around the room. Your thoughts flashed back to last night and your grin fell. Yoongi went back to his cereal as he watched your face slide into a saddened expression.

“Is Namjoon awake yet?” you asked. Yoongi shook his head before sighing.

“Uh oh” he mumbled. First, he woke up to you in his bed and now you were asking about Namjoon. Weren’t you supposed to be in Namjoon’s bed? He could already sense that something else had gone wrong in your weird relationship. Your eyes lit up as an idea popped in your head.

“Can we go get some hot chocolate? Like old times?” you asked, blinking up at him. You were unintentionally giving him those lost ‘puppy-dog’ eyes. Yoongi sighed even louder before responding.

“Oh no…” he said, continuing his series of ‘here-we-go-again’ phrases. You smiled at his expression and knitted your fingers together in their begging position. You mouthed the word ‘please’ over and over and he dropped his spoon into his bowl.

“The last time that we got hot chocolate-”

“I was sick” you said immediately. He frowned and thought about it for a second.

“Okay, fine. That’s true but the time before that we went because you wanted to talk about breaking up with your boyfriend” he said. You shrugged and threw the covers from your legs before standing up. You went to his closet and searched for a T-shirt.

“Is nothing private?” he asked incredulously. You laughed as you grabbed a shirt.

“I need to borrow a shirt because I only have pants here” you complained. You grabbed a pair of jeans from the corner of the closet and showed it to him.

“How long has that been in there? You have clothes in my closet?” he asked. He left his bowl of milk on his bed and walked over to the closet to look.  

“Yes! Now, come on. Get dressed so we can get some hot chocolate!” you responded, grabbing your clothes and the bag with your toiletries.

“I am dressed!” he yelled as you walked out of his bedroom.

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Mark Sheppard missed the 200th episode party to go to a convention in Halifax, NS. Jensen, Jared and Misha included him in the following text chat:
  • Misha: Hey, guys. I just wanted to say that 200th episode screening party was the best corporate function I've ever been to. Not only was it just plain fun but on a business level, it felt like magic was happening. I haven't had that kind of synergy with the producers and writers in years. So glad we could make it.
  • Jared: I agree, Misha. What a magical gathering of talented artists and erudite minds...
  • Jensen: Couldn't agree more. It was like the culmination of 10 years hard work realized right there on stage in front of an adoring crowd, the synergy between us certainly tangible. Glad I didn't miss it.
  • Mark Sheppard: Fuck off. Bastards.
  • Misha: I honestly think the 4 simple words "once in a lifetime" sum it up best... Oh, shoot. Mark? Are you getting these? I must have posted an all text thread. Sorry about that. Disregard.
  • Jared: Mark? Who? All joking aside, if I'd have missed that party...
  • Misha: Don't even let yourself go to that dark place. You would never miss something like that.
  • Jared: That's true. I'm not an asshole.
  • Jensen: Who is Mark?
  • Jared: No idea.
  • Misha: I think he played Lucifer on the show a few years ago. Good job on that role by the way, Mark. Very spooky.
  • Jared: Yeah, yeah- he was great. Best Mark for sure.
  • Mark: I've left for Halifax. There's nothing for me here.
  • Jensen: There's probably not much for you there either.
  • https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce5_NeQm6j4
Please Be Naked (Bucky x Reader)

Pairings: 30s!Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1525

Warnings: Fluff, introduction to smut. If u know my writing u will probs be sad by the end of it lmao

This one-shot was inspired by The 1975′s ‘Please Be Naked’. I strongly recommend you listen to it before or during the fic BC it’s zo cute. I also got inspiration for this from a post about the song but I can’t find it anymore??? I’m zo sad???

ENJOY PRE-WAR BUCKY ily (p.s the gif doesn’t really go he’s just v cute)

You took your plate to the sink and immediately rinsed the remains of pasta sauce down the drain. Bucky joined you from behind as you started to clean the dishes in your small, compact kitchen. He grabbed a towel from the cupboard and began to dry the dishes for you.

“It’s okay, I got it darling,” You assured him. He merely shook his head, “Let me help.”

You smiled gratefully at him before returning to the sink. You cleaned each dish and item used to prepare your special dinner, and soon you had cleared the entire kitchen, the area looking spotless. You were about to pull the plug when a mischievous idea popped into your mind.

Bucky had just put his towel down when you splashed him with water, glistening bubbles flying all over him. His mouth dropped open, his expression one of surprise. However, it quickly melted away into a devious grin, his eyes glinting with payback. You squealed when he splashed you, the two of you engaging in a mini water fight.

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4 Simple Words - Xiumin

Title: 4 Simple Words (scenario)

Requested by anonymous

“ Can you write Xiumin scenario Where he is planning proposing to his girlfriend? Thanks :) ( I’m sorry for my English…) “ 

I understood you just fine darling. Hope this is what you were looking for~ Enjoy~

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Minseok was always the quiet sort and he liked it that way, so naturally he wouldn’t make a big fuss about the proposal, but he understood how big an event this would be. This is one of those event that happens once, if you’re lucky, in a person’s life. It had to be memorable.

When you walked into your apartment that evening, tired after the events of the day, intent on collapsing on the bed, needless to say you wouldn’t forget it. Dozens and dozens of candles were the only light in the dim apartment as you walked in slowly, unsure of how to react. Setting down your bag on the floor, you followed the candles around the corner to the living room. And there he was. Minseok stood in the center of the room with his hands clasped behind him, a smile lighting up his face when he saw you.

“Minnie, what’s all this?” You asked hesitantly, looking around at the candles and a lush bouquet of flowers on the table as you stepped in the room to him.

“Well, I-” He’d had a whole speech prepared but now that the moment had come, it didn’t seem to matter as much. “I love you.” He reached out and took your hands in his and you looked to his eyes.

“I love you too.” You relaxed a little seeing the love in his eyes, so familiar and always so beautiful to you.

“It feels a little silly to need all this,” he gestured to the room, “to ask a single question, but here I am, surrounded by candles and flowers, standing in front of you.” He knelt down, keeping your hands in one of his while he pulled a box from his pocket. “Will you marry me?” He opened it with one hand and a smile on his face. You couldn’t do anything but smile at him for a moment until you reminded yourself to respond, to which you nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

Minseok jumped up to hug you, the ring nearly forgotten in his hand as he kissed your cheeks and bare neck over and over again. You had to pull his face away to be able to properly kiss him, the two of you swaying in place with nothing but that diamond ring between you. It was a little silly to think that he needed all that stuff but in the end all he needed was four simple words.

I Told You I Was Mean // Calum Hood

Request; Yes
Summary; Fame begins to change Calum and he cheats on his fiancé, (Y/N). 


Once again you found yourself sleeping alone. It’s been 2 weeks since the boys got back from their tour and you were happy to finally have your Calum in your arms. Life had other plans for the two of you… well Calum did.

These past 2 weeks had been like torture for you, consisting of heated arguments and lonely nights. Calum had been coming home late completely wasted and rumors were beginning to spread that he wasn’t happy with his girlfriend, now fiancé, of 4 years and sneaking around having threesomes with random groupies. There were also rumors going around that he was getting involved with bad influences in the industry and falling into substance abuse, which to your dismay, weren’t rumors. He was acting out and he made it practically impossible to approach him,  he doesn’t open up to you anymore. All these rumors that were surfacing, you didn’t want to hear them. They weren’t true. You were a happy fiancé that was going to get married in a couple months to a wonderful boyfriend and have tons of babies maybe even have 2 dogs and you’ll two will move live in the suburbs to raise your family. At first you didn’t want to believe it…

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Anna and Elsa (Austin Carlile Smut/Fluff)

Could I get an Austin Carlile one where you guys have been dating a while and one night you have really crazy, wild sex and you wind up getting pregnant. You’re super nervous to tell him and at first he’s really shocked and a little freaked out, but then gets really excited and you wind up having twin daughters? Smutty and super fluffy at the end please! <3

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Apa yang terputar di playlist kali ini?
Ellie Goulding - On My Mind. Why I got you on my mind? (ulangi 3 kali)

Bagaimana harimu? Btw, di sini sedang hujan. Di sana juga? Hujan sudah siap menancapkan gigil pada siapa saja yang berani melawannya. Kecuali aku. Aku selalu bisa bersahabat dengannya, terutama dalam hal menciptakan kerinduan. Di situasi itu, aku melamunkan ki…

Uuh, aku tak bisa menyebutkannya.
Aku telah terbiasa mengikuti caramu tersenyum. Aku dilelehkan oleh sajakmu yang melambungkan angan. Tapi yang tak kamu tau, aku sendiri bergumul dalam konflik batin saat berada di dekatmu. Kamu itu tidak bisa kuhapuskan, sama seperti perasaan yang tidak bisa kulafalkan ini.

Ternyata, tidak perlu waktu lama untuk merasakan kata yang namanya rindu. Namun, aku dan kamu kadang saling membebaskan sementara di sisi lain terikat. Detik ini, aku ingin sekali menyapamu dan menyampaikan pesan sesederhana rindu kamu nih. Tapi tidak jadilah, memangnya siapa aku?

Kata itu terlalu sakral bukan? Padahal hanya 1 kata. 4 huruf. Just one simple word. Tapi itu bukan ditujukan untuk aku dan kamu. Terlalu sulit untuk menggabungkannya.





Seorang Sapardi pernah berkata: Aku mencintaimu. Itulah sebabnya aku tak pernah berhenti mendoakanmu. Ya, seperti itulah aku mencintaimu. Tapi, akan lebih baik jika quote indah itu kusambung demikian: Aku tak pernah berhenti mendoakanmu, karena aku tau kamu butuh bahagia setiap harinya; meski aku dan kamu tidak pernah menjadi kita.


this tweet is killing me. since the first official posts about the blurryface album, and his many interviews explaining that he has so many insecurities and worries and whatnot and now he’s asking if we like the new music. im picturing tyler now saying “do you like them?” with a bit of doubt in his voice bc he now has an audience waiting to judge what he creates and idk he should know we all love him and everything he does and why am i so emotional from 4 simple words?????

Forget about your bitching and remember that you’re blessed, punk is for the kids who never fit in with the rest. Somebody told me that music with guitars was going out of fashion and i had to laugh. This shit wasn’t fashionable when i fell in love. If the hipsters moved on why should i give a fuck?!

“5 Seconds” (A Poem)
Hearts beating,
Hands sweating,
Heads thumping,
This was a new level of existence,
With constellations being formed behind
their eyes
And galaxies in their stomachs
They faced the masses
What was 4 simple years -
4 simple boys -
4 simple words -
Turned into a universe of possibilities
Were they ready? -
Probably not -
But they only had 5 seconds

anonymous asked:

OQ + "Is that all I am to you?" Can it start out angsty and end up sappy????? PLEASE????

“Ow!” he exclaimed, a large palm instantly rising up to rub at the sore spot on the back of his head as his mother continued moving around him in the kitchen, her head shaking as she continued wiping at non-existent dirt on the tables with her weapon of choice, a table cloth, “excuse my French but what the hell was that for?!”

She let out a sharp breath of air through her nose before speaking, “because you, my dear sweet boy” she remained leaning over the table, only moving her eyes above her spectacles in order to level him with a pointed glare as her hands continued their work, “are an absolute idiot.”

His mouth fell open at that, absolutely affronted and still rubbing at his head as his eyebrows rose along with his ire, “wow, thanks a lot,” he huffed, “I love you too.” he was brooding, feeling sorry for himself and he knew he was being pathetic but he’d come here for at least a little sympathy, with all that had just happened, was that too much to ask?

She stopped cleaning at that, choosing instead to rest her hands palm down against the table top, a deep sigh escaping her lips as her head shook once more in her sincerity. “Of course I love you,” she conceded with a hand coming to rest over the one Robin had resting before him “with all of my tired old heart”, glad when blue eyes focused upon her, “I loved your father too, God rest his soul, but he was no less of a fool than you.”

“I’m really starting to-”

“I mean how could you just let her go?” she continued on as though there had been no interruption from her frowning son, her hands flipping up into the air as she tried to get across just how stupid her boy had been, “just watch her leave like that after everything that happened?”

“Nothing ha-”

“You look me in the eye, swear on your father’s name and tell me that nothing happened Robin” she was completely serious now as she looked down upon him with eyes so kind yet stern, something he appreciated in this moment, would have appreciated around a half hour ago in all honesty because she was right, he had been an idiot.

His eyes fell from hers and to the hands he had upon the table, tracing circles into the wooden surface as he tried to keep his emotions at bay, the same emotions that had been threatening to drown him ever since that night in the cabin, ever since they’d almost- “I’m such a dick.”

She chuckled at that, leaning over the table enough to stroke an affectionate hand through his sandy blonde hair, “I’d have to agree with you there my love.” and they remained quiet for a moment, Robin seeking comfort and his mother giving until she spoke again, her tone soft, advising instead of judging. “It’s not over though, you can sort this whole thing out if you just take initiative.”

“But she’s leaving…” he gave back weakly, his eyes stinging with the tears he couldn’t allow to fall, tears that had already been spilled when she’d turned from him. “Is that all I am to you?” she’d said when he’d thanked her for being his cover that weekend, for spending almost four days pretending to be his girlfriend just so he could save face at the wedding of an old girlfriend who hadn’t meant that much to begin with but she…she meant everything to him and she was certainly so much more than the ‘best friend’ that he’d labelled her as…so much more. 

“Ow!” he was pulled up and out of his thoughts once more with the stinging whip of the table cloth, he hadn’t even noticed his mother moving again, how the hell did she- “OW!”

“Get up off of your self-pitying ass and go get your girl then!” she shouted through amused laughter as he rose and jumped away from her assaulting hand, amusement dancing in his own eyes as well as a determination she was glad to see returning. “Go grab that gorgeous little thing, tell her that she is the love of your life and by no means leaving this town” she began, serious now as Robin stopped and listened to her, his Adam’s apple bobbing with a deep swallow of nerves though his determination remained, “and then you bring her back here to me because healthy eater or not, that girl needs a bit more meat on her bones.”

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