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At work we were discussing “Useless Super Powers”.

I suggested “SUMMONING CHAIRS”, and everyone laughed. However, afterwards, someone said “ACTUALLY…” and… well, um… I guess it’s actually kind of helpful?

1) Weddings and parties. Really easy set-up!

2) Getting mugged? CHAIR IN YOUR FACE.

3) Tired? You got a place to sit.

4) No more seats at the movies/show? Don’t worry about it!

5) You will never lose at musical chairs.

6) Can’t reach something? BAM! You got a thing to stand on!

7) Need firewood? Summon a chair and chop it up!

8) Guests over for dinner? Kaboom. You got a seat!

9) Someone fainted in public and needs a place to rest? YOU GOT IT.

10) You can sell them, especially if you can summon any style of chair you please!


The Case of Separated Cockles.

GIF 1: Misha is quietly signing his posters. 

GIF 2: Jensen tries to move closer to Misha but is asked to go back to his place. Misha notices.

GIF 3: Then Misha disappears from his seat. 

GIF 4: Misha magically finds himself beside Jensen. It is important to note that Misha took the long way around to buy himself some time but sadly it didn’t work. Misha is asked to go back to his place.

And after the autograph session, they magically ended up beside each other to take pictures. 

A timeline.

2014.  Scotland votes against independence.  Scotland potentially losing EU membership a key plank of the ‘No’ campaign.

2015.  Scotland votes in 56 out of a potential 59 SNP MPs to Westminster in a first past the post voting system (50% vote share).  Tory party gets a majority due to English seats with a 37% vote share.  They will implement a referendum on EU membership as stated in their manifesto.

2016 (May).  The SNP win 46.5% of the constituency vote giving them 59 seats (First past the post) and 41.7% of the regional vote giving them an extra 4 seats (D’Hondt method). This makes them a minority government, however with the Scottish Green Party there is a pro-independence majority. 

(Important note:  In the SNP manifesto it stated that if the Scotland votes to stay in the EU but, as a whole, the UK votes to leave this will be ground for the SNP calling a 2nd independence referendum.)

Pre-EU ref 2016.  SNP try to get David Cameron, Prime Minister at the time, to agree that the UK will only leave the EU if all four constituent nations vote to leave.  This is dismissed.  It is a point in the campaign that a vote to Leave the EU might jeopardize the UK & lead to renewed calls for a Scottish independence referendum.

2016 (June).  England and Wales vote to leave the EU.  Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to remain.  The Leave vote wins.

Post-EU ref 2016.  David Cameron resigns, Theresa May takes over as Prime Minister.  The SNP try to work out a situation where it can remain in the EU but England & Wales leaves.  This is dismissed.  The Tory party begin to make it seem like a ‘hard Brexit’ will occur.  The SNP suggests Scotland staying in the single-market so it can retain the free movement of people.  This is dismissed.  Westminster does not work with any of the devolved parliaments, leaving them in the dark about Brexit plans.  The Tory party begins to make noises about their being no post-EU deal at all. 

2017.  Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP, after seeing that there is no way Scotland can remain in the EU and potentially even the single market begins to implement a part of the manifesto in which her government were elected in on.

The Tory government:

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Be My Valentine Living Set - Collab with @taylortheferret

Taylor and I have been working on this for awhile! I wanted to do a collab for a very long time and was finally able to! This is my part of the set! (Yes, I know the carpet is going through the wall… shhhhh) They are all base game! P.S. You can find her set here.

Couch - 15 swatches
Rug - 15 swatches
Coffee Table - 9 swatches
Candles - 8 swatches
Tea Set - 2 swatches



Reinventing the wheel: Part 9 Mazda EX-005, 1970. An experimental electric micro car concept which seated 4 passengers back to back, controlled by a joystick. The wheels were configured in a diamond configuration with the front and rear wheels steering allowing the EX-005 to turn on its axis. The electric motor and batteries were positioned under the seats

It may not look like much to y'all but I’m completely obsessed with the small changes in my arms and shoulders 😌 My arms have always been weak and have never been cut. I’m on mission to get them there! Ya boys better watch out, I’m coming for you!💪🏽
Had a killer arm and chest workout today with Bobby Watkins he tried to kill me 😭
Chest Press- 75lb bar (I’m weak I know)
10 sets of 10
Incline Push Ups - 4 sets of 10 (had to go down to 8 😭 my push game is on E)
Seated Butterflies - 4 sets of 8 I don’t know the weight because I was dead so he set it 😭
After some gluten free French toast and protein powder I was happy! *dont you hate when you add text to snap before saving the pic 🙄


700+ FOLLOWER GIFT - AKA I made this a week ago and forgot about it

Thank you guys so much!!! I’m so blessed to have so many of you following me, especially when you’re all so kind! I hope these are a good enough thank you!
@geek-trait tested them for me! :~)

You need:
Dine Out - Salt & Pepper Shakers
Cool Kitchen - Tables
Base Game - Barstools


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How about an imagine where f student and m tc are going on an overseas class trip? they sit next to each other on the plane and shenanigans ensue.

TC Plane Imagine.. NSFW!

July 2017, an overseas class trip was planned for 15 students. You were heading to Spain for 2 weeks. It was a relatively loosely planned trip, there were a few scheduled tours, and a few dinners; but the students attending were allowed free roam. So long as they checked in and stayed with at least one other person. You would be going to Barcelona; and, as luck would have it your crush would be attending…As a chaperone.  Your crush just so happened to be one of the 3 teachers who would be supervising the trip. The flight would take about 10 hours from the state you lived in. You arrived at the airport last, laughing nervously as your teacher smirked at you, teasing your for being late. You stood next to him, nudging him with your shoulder. The teachers led their groups over to security checks, making sure the children assigned to them were all together. The security process was rather dull, but your [TC] being there made it bearable.

Once that was over, you trekked across the airport to hopefully make it your gate on time. The teachers in charge of group numbers 1 and 2, went through boarding first. The plane this time was 4 seats across the body of the plane. Your teacher sent in the first 4 students in the group into the plane first, as though to make sure you two had gotten to sit next to each other. The plane was rather cold, but that was to be expected. You zipped up your light hoodie, as you pressed your way into the plane, closely following your teacher. In your row, there was an elderly couple; already looking sleepy. You sat closer to the window, and your [TC] on the chair next to you of course.

It took around 30 minutes until the plane was off the ground. The cabin was dark, most of the windows shuttered and most lights off. It was a 10 hour flight, and most everyone was settling in to sleep. The people across the aisle were already leaned against each other, peacefully sleeping. You noticed your teacher was still awake, scanning the plane seeing who was sleeping and who wasn’t. You decided to settle in too, pulling out the fleece blanket you had brought along. You reached up to flip off your own light; and close the window. You tapped [TC/N]’s shoulder, and lifted up the blanket. He smiled and nodded, spreading the blanket over the both of you. He gave you a mischievous look, a smirk spreading across his lips. He leaned his head against the back of his chair and used his hand to lean your head on his shoulder. You, welcomed the movement burying your face into him. He smelled so sweet as usual.

You felt his right hand rest on your thigh under the blanket, his left flipping off his own light. His fingers gently traced patterns onto your thigh, idly slipping closer and closer to your inner thigh. As he got closer you sighed softly, eyes meeting his gaze. He grinned at you and slid his hand between your legs. He rubbed the back of his hand against the outside of your jeans, safely hidden by blanket. You gasped, and bit your lip.. Understanding what that look he gave you early met. He raised an eyebrow, asking if you were alright with what he was doing~. You nodded, biting your lip.. The thrill of being caught only added to the experience.. Your spread your legs- allowing him to rub against you more. The warmth of his hands felt so good on your sex.. You couldn’t help but sigh sweetly against him. He looked over at you, planting a kiss atop your head, enjoying playing with you..

His fingers trailed up to your zipper unzipping your pants to allow himself more access..  He pressed his large hand against your panties, feeling the arousal growing in your pants.. He rubbed harder against the thin material, earning a soft moan from you.. You brought a hand to your mouth, not wanting to be caught.. Your [TC] grinned at you, and slid his hands down your panties, rubbing circles against your clit. You sighed heavily, shifting your hips against him. His fingers slipped closer to your entrance, noting the way you sighed and squirmed under his touch. His finger slid inside of you.. You let out a quiet moan as he curled his finger against your sweet spot, adding another finger. His fingers pressed in and out of you..

You were breathing rather heavily, heat pounding, an ache growing in the pit of your stomach. His thumb continued to rub your clit as he fingered you under the blanket. You felt yourself getting closer to climax.. His hand felt so good against your sex.. You gasped as you felt a lovely orgasm pass through you. You shuddered, toes curling in your shoes.. Waves of pleasure rolled off of you; you buried your face into your [TC’S] arm, covering up the whimpers coming from you. His hand continued to rub and press against you, as your rode out your climax.. He continued his movements for a moment before sliding out of you, making sure to zip your pants up.. He rubbed his hand once more over your jeans, before replacing his hand at your thigh..

You looked up at him, face flushed from the previous events.. He kissed your forehead and smirked at you.. He moved his hand from your thigh and around your waist. He tugged you closer to him, letting you rest against him more. You kissed his neck, before laying against him. You slowly walked your fingers over to his crotch, feeling his arousal with your hand… ;)

When We Collide

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”So what you’re saying is that I woke up this morning expecting everything to be butterflies and rainbows, called my chauffeur to pick me up and wasted gas all the way over to my office just because you couldn’t satisfy my request?”

Luke’s tone rose by each word that left past his pink lips, his eyebrows furrowing and his marker rolling between his fingers.

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Hi Anne, so i was watching bangtan's 2nd FM Festa and after hearing Yoongi say one of his wishes was to perform in Jamsil stadium. Has BTS performed there yet?? I hope his wish comes true if it hasn't happened yet

hello anon~ during their 2nd anniversary they set a goal for them to perform at Jamsil stadium it has around 11,000 capacity. And a lot of other popular groups uses this stadium to hold a concert in that’s why Suga said it. But actually after that during HYYH they were able to hold a concert at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium which has 13,000 seating capacity. History of bangtan’s concert halls capacity through the years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_BTS_concert_tours

Episode II: The RED Bullet // AX Korea (5,000 seats, 3 days)
Episode I: BTS Begins // Olympic Hall (6,500 seats, 2 days)
HYYH on Stage // SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium (13,500 seats, 3 days)
MUSTER 2 // Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium (4~6,000 seats, 2 sessions)
EPILOGUE // Olympic Gymnastics Arena (15,000 seats, 2 days)
MUSTER 3 // Gocheok Sky Dome (18~19K seats, 2 days)
WINGS // Gocheok Sky Dome (18~19K seats, 2 days)

which is why Suga has a part in his AGUST D mixtape in the track ‘The Last’ there’s a line where he goes:

From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to Olympic Gymnastics Arena

Suga was talking about their growth and how they came from performing at AX Korea to Gocheok Sky Dome. ^_^


I’ve made a post before but I’m making this one again since I’m selling another set of tickets as well. Tickets will be sold for the price I bought them for. So, if you’re interested or know anyone still looking for lower level seating please message me and reblog this post to spread the word. Thank you!

Section 128

Row 16, Seats 4-5
Price: $195/each +tax

Section 133

Row 14, Seats 3-4
Price: $195/each +tax