4 season is coming

if season 3 ends with lance getting separated with everyone, and season 4 starts with someone with a mask on coming in to save lance, and then taking the mask off to reveal matt holt, i will THRIVE

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Hey idk if you want to,,, but.... I really like the Langst fics you did. Can you do a part 3? Thanks :)!!

Never thought I’d ever make another part to this but!!!!! Also, I didn’t want this to be so perfect so there are some things that I added that I thought would be quiet interesting!! I also thought it’d be best to do this now considering Season 3 is on its way as Season 4 coming soon afterward!!! Also, feel free to send in questions about any of this! I might turn it into a Future AU! And if you want me to do other extensions, as to certain stories about what happened through the years!

After agonizing years of suffering, war, and loss— they were on their way home. Victory perched on their shoulders and pride gripping their hearts. And once they breached the atmosphere of Earth, their hearts thumped with the familiar loving beat as once before. Their hearts were beating the same as it did when they slept, or when their family and friends hugged them.

Throughout their journey in the universe, they grew and learned. They changed physically and mentally. Though, it appeared most of their personalities had stayed. Lance was still goofy, despite everything that had traumatized him. Hunk still stuck to cooking, and had gotten even more into it than before he left Earth. Keith was still hot-headed, and Pidge was still as determined as ever. Shiro was still the leader, and still caring.

It took them 8 years for them to return. 8 years of patience and impatience as they awaited to return back to their families. And now they were. And as they stared out the large glass window at the clouds they grew tears in their eyes.

“We-we’re gonna go home.” Pidge murmured, tears falling from her face as her and all the others stared. The clouds passing through their ship. Though, they were undetected. Some of Pidge’s technology inventions helped them with that. They were invisible and couldn’t be detected by any space stations they happened to pass by.

The ship landed in the canyons, and they ran. Some of them had tripped on the way out. They wanted to reach their family as quick as possible and in peace. But landing a giant castle space ship on Earth without drawing attention? No, that’s too hard. Even with a cloak there would be too much noise and the impact on the ground would be too much. Yet, it was so worth it. Many people began flocking toward the area of course. After hearing such a loud noise in the sky from so far away. But they hid it well, setting a cloaked barrier around it and running off to their homes they left behind so long ago.

Lance felt happiness and excitement raging through his body as he had never ran so fast before. Not even when running from enemies. People stared at the man that ran through the streets. His hair quite long and pulled half up. Noticeable scars almost completely covered his face, and tears cascaded over them. He wasn’t growing tired, not now and not any time today.

He listened to the sounds of his armored feet slapping the concrete below him, running so much and so hard and so fast. And finally, after an hour and a half of just running. He came to a stop. Staring at his door, and the walkway that lead to it. The sounds of seagulls not far. He approached, carefully. Almost as if this was a dream.

If only, though. If only you were here with him, but you passed. And he’d never forget you. He began to cry again, tears glistening from the now setting sun as he knocked gently. Then ringing the door bell.

“Luis! What did I say? I told you not to scream whenever the doorbell goes off. Sheesh.” He heard his older sister approaching the door, her voice becoming slightly louder as she bickered some more with their older brother, his loud cackling heard from afar. She scoffed, and a slap was heard from the other side of the door. He chuckled and waited, knocking again. Tears still falling from his eyes as he grinned like no tomorrow.

“April? You’re ear–” She stopped, and he did as well. They stared at each other and Lance stared at the small baby that was held against his sisters chest. He had a new niece…..Wonderful. Truly wonderful.

“Hey.” He smiled. Staring at her as she placed the child down in the doorway of their living room, not too far away. She stood, staring some more before squinting. Then, she screamed. “Mama!” She turned and started yelling to their mother, Elisabeth, who was cleaning upstairs. Elisabeth yelled back at his sister Katerine, telling her to shush and keep it down for once.

“Mama! It’s Lance!” The entire house froze in time. He heard his mother drop a broom, and his other siblings standing quickly from the table. Chairs slamming into the objects and surfaces nearby. He heard running and he watched as more children reared from the kitchen, straight ahead. His mother almost fell down the steps as she ran, pushing past her boys and girls, grabbing Lance. Crushing him in her embrace.

“Lance!” He heard his name being repeated over, and over again. By siblings and relatives he knew. And even ones he hadn’t even known existed. Familiar and unfamiliar hands grasped at him. But he didn’t mind, not one bit. He was home, after everything he and the others had gone through.

“Mama. I need to tell you something.” Lance stood in the doorway of the kitchen, his hands in his pockets as his mother cooked. Yesterday, his mother called the rest of his family. Yesterday, he learned his Grandmother is sick, and that his Grandfather had passed when he was gone. He cried for a while of course, but not as much as he thought he would. He dealt with plenty of deaths while he was gone.

“Of course, Lance. You can tell me anything, especially now.” She smiled to her self, her eyes still red from her tears of love, and of happiness. Her heart was swollen with those feelings. She had never been so happy.

“They’re dead, mama.” He sniffles, rubbing his nose as he sat at the table. His mother paused, turning as she tilted her head, shutting the stove off and sitting in the chair diagonal from his. She rubbed her hands with a cloth, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and eyes filled to the brim with fear.

“Who, baby?” She whispered, being as gentle as she could be to comfort him. Who could he be talking about?

“Coran. Ulaz. Samuel Holt. So many others,” he hesitated, “and (Y/n).” His voice cracked, as his mother stared at him in horror. Yet she stood, despite her knees refusing. She stood, and wrapped her beautiful boy up in a hug. His face buried into her stomach.

“It was so bad, mama. It was so bad. I was so selfish to bring her with us. I loved her so much, and she just,” he breathed heavily, painfully breathing in his saliva, “she’s gone. And I can’t bring her back. I don’t know what to do, I want her back, Mama. Please.” He sobbed into her, his hands grasping her shirt and covering his face. His chest hurt, pain coursed through his being as he struggled to still accept the fact that you died.

“It’s okay, honey. Everything is gonna be okay,” she let her own tears fall onto his head, “did you visit her family yet?” She ran her fingers through his hair, trying her best to calm him. He didn’t answer her, he breathed in, stood. And left. He walked all the way to your families home in hopes they’d still be there.

He rang the doorbell. The feeling taking him over was a lot more different than the one he had when he came to his home. He wasn’t happy, he wasn’t excited, and he felt sick. His stomach lurched at the sound of steps approaching your front door. He breathed heavily, letting out an exasperated sigh as he looked at his feet. Holding his eyes shut to prepare himself, to calm his rapid heartbeat. And the world stopped. A child stood in front of him, small, around 7 years old it seemed. They tilted their head.

More children came to the door, staring. And then, there she was. Your mother, (M/n), your loving and sweet mother. The same mother that gave birth to you, and loved you for you just as he did.

“Lance? Is that you?” Her eyes were wide, and her hair was thin. Then (B/n) came from a doorway. Your brother scooping up his twins into his arms as he stared. It was Lance, the same boy that would occasionally come home with you. The same boy that you just couldn’t shut up about. The same boy that you disappeared with.

“Where’s Y/n?” Your mother asked him, looking outside for any sign of you. And when Lance didn’t answer, she broke. Her chest burned in sadness and his as well. He began crying, sobbing and snapping in two as he stood awkwardly.

“Oh no. Not my sweetheart. Oh No no no.” (M/n) cradled her hands, hugging them. Your brother leaned down, placing his children on the floor and then telling the other children to bring them into the living room. He stood back up, and watched as your mother invited Lance inside. They retreated to the dining room and sat down. Your aunts were there, and uncles and cousins. It must’ve been someone’s birthday. Oh. That’s right.

It was yours.

He told them. For the first time, he properly spilled everything. He spilled not only how he felt in general, but he spilled everything that happened that day. Everything. He sobbed, listening to your family break and shatter in front of him and it was all his fault. Your brother stood, placing his fork gently beside his plate, and left. He grabbed his jacket, and his keys, and he left. An aunt of yours was forced to sit down, her knees on the verge of giving way as she breathed deeply. You were gone. Your mother was the only one who could feel Lances true sadness. She felt this way plenty times before, and she felt this way now. She leaned, wrapping her fingers around the back of his neck. And pulled him toward her.

“It’s okay. It’ll be alright. She loved you, Lance, she really did. She wouldn’t stop talking about you when she was here.” She and his foreheads were pressed together as they sobbed, a string of apologies erupting from Lance every chance he had. He was so, so sorry. He had never felt more guilty in his life. Ever. It was his fault you were dead.

He stayed there, he waited for your brother to return so he could properly apologize to him. And he did. Your brother stood tall in the doorway of the kitchen and stared at Lance, face slightly swollen from the obvious crying he did. And Lance bent down, hands by his side awkwardly as he actually bowed. He felt stupid for doing so, but he couldn’t bring himself to go hug your pissed looking brother. But your brother wasn’t mad, he was simply upset. And next thing Lance knew he was tugged into a bone crushing hug.

“Thank you for taking care of her, and thank you for coming back.”

“Please don’t say thank you, I didn’t take care o-”

“You be quiet. Yes you did. To survive as long as she did up until that moment, you definitely did. And you took care of her before that too. She loved you, buddy.” Lance breathed deeply, and hugged tighter. They soon broke apart and Lance sighed, sniffling deeply as he nodded and left. Walking home.

“Aw jeez.” He sobbed, walking slow like molasses as he felt sick to his stomach. He was gone from home for so long, and he was finally here. Finally in the arms of his family, and some new additions. And he had new families too. The Koganes, the Shiroganes, the Holts, the Garrets. The (L/n)’s.

But he still felt incomplete. Because you weren’t here with him. And he wasn’t really here, on Earth.

Because you were home to him.


Greetings SVTFOE fandom! So, i know the finale was tuff on a lot of us. It sure was for me, but did you hear the amazing news!?!?! The show is coming back in the SUMMER!!!! Not only that, we’re even getting a 4th Season!!! I don’t know about all ya’ll, but I am PUMPED!

Anyways, this comic is based on the live chat after the finale when Starfan13 (Daron Nefcy) said that she is a starco shipper, and she writes juicy fan fiction about Star and Marco. So that all inspired me to make this comic :)

I would accept “It’s so boring” as a reason to dislike S4 if someone could explain to me in what way 3x01 was so much more exciting than 4x01. As far as I remember it really wasn’t. They literally set up Isak’s struggle and introduced his love interest. Which is exactly what they did with Sana. I also reject the whole “I just can’t relate to Sana.” Really? So you’ve never felt lonely, isolated or like you don’t fit into your own friend group. I call bullshit. If you could relate to Isak, Noora or Eva then you should be able to relate to Sana because she’s feeling a lot of them same feelings as the other three mains, it’s just her struggle comes from a different place. Pain is pain. Hurt is hurt. Loneliness is loneliness. Struggle is struggle. And if you can’t relate to that on a very basic human level, then how the hell did you end up loving any of the other three seasons of SKAM? Miss me with the bs and do better.

‘Hannibal’ Season 4: Bryan Fuller Reveals The Show Is Back On The Table, Hugh Dancy And Mads Mikkelsen Are In
Bryan Fuller gives the Hannibal fans an early Christmas present—the show is back on the table, and Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are on board, reported TV Guide. Since the show’s ...

“It looks like Bryan has been talking about the series with former executive producer, Martha De Laurentiis, who produced two of the Hannibal movies, Hanibal and Red Dragon.

“Fuller explained that given the fact that in just a few months Laurentiis will regain the rights to the series, returning for Season 4 finally feels like a real possibility. If Hannibal were to come back, they would have to work with Gaumont Television production company if they wanted to use the same characters, but Fuller didn’t think that would be a real issue.

“De Laurentiis and Fuller now work together on American Gods on Starz. Bryan added that given the nature of Hannibal, he felt maybe it would be a better fit for Starz.“