4 sarah

What I wish had happened in Fallout 4

Sarah Lyons shows up at Sanctuary Hills. She is older than we remember her, of course. She is bloody and battered, her power armor looks like it lost a fight with a trash compactor, and she walks with a limp. There’s murder in her eyes that says you’d best not mention that last one, though.

She throws a holotape at the Sole Survivor. “Want to know what really happened on the day I ‘died’? It’s all here. Maxson and those other reprobates we called the Outcasts set me up, murdered my squad, and stole both the Prydwin and Liberty Prime. I’m here to get my ship and my giant robot back, and stick Maxson’s head on a fucking spike as a trophy. Are you gonna help me, stand aside, or try to kill me? Think very carefully before you answer.”

sara dated isak who is dating even but also had a crush on jonas who dated eva who hooked up with p-chris who hooked up with ingrid who used to be best friends with eva whose current best friend is noora who dumped william who hooked up with sara

so s4 main is sara #confirmed