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||அண்ணலும் நோக்கினான், அவளும் நோக்கினாள் ||

|| The Lord looked at her and She also looked at him ||



Slotnik’s  Robo-Bowl-A-Rama

When you really get down to it,  Bowling is just another excuse to get drunk with your friends.  Not that anyone needs much of an excuse to get drunk in the Wasteland.  Bowling at Slotnik’s though is especially challenging.  Trying to take out the pins without one of those damned mutant flying roaches mistaking your ball for one of their eggs and carrying it off,  ain’t exactly an easy task.  It requires a special kind of skill, one I haven’t quite mastered yet.  Can’t tell you how many balls I’ve lost to those friggin’ bugs.

anonymous asked:

Ca tot a venit vorba de BAS sezonul 1, uite un rezumat din ce imi amintesc : - Crizele S(t)ilviei, in special discutiile cu Iulia Albu - Conflictul permanent dintre CM si Andreea 'victima' - malete - propuneri - Zarnesti - haul gentilor mopsice - momentul cand au ramas 4 si credeam ca vine finala dar au readus TOATE concurentele eliminate, si mai vechi si mai noi

Throwback Wednesday: BAS edition. Dar tbh Andreea chiar era hartuita si agresata verbal de Cristina Mahala. Nu o poti judeca pentru faptul ca nu a mai pus piciorul in Kanal D.