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NBA 2k18 NEWS !!! A 4 POINT Line ???!!!! & MORE !!

The ap chem exam alternated between giving me everything i could have wanted and giving me the topics i prayed not to see that test was a roller coaster jeez


To be honest, I really dislike the more open world aspect the bioware games have been taking lately. While I enjoy larger areas I hate just walking around for hours or exploring maps that are so unnecessarily large, like the hinterlands in inquisition. I liked origins/awakening because it gave you just a big enough area for the plot and it was full of quests. Nothing felt unnecessary. I hope dragon age 4 takes some pointers from those games


What are the most popular dog breeds in Germany?

As per the German Kennel Club from 2008:

1. German Shepherd 
2. German Dachshund (80% are wirehaired standards)
3. German Wirehair Pointer
4. Labrador Retriever
5. Golden Retriever
6. German Mastiff (aka Great Dane)
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Rottweiler
10. English Cocker Spaniel
11. Giant Schnauzer
12. Bernese Mountain Dog
13. German Shorthair Pointer
14. German Hovawart
15. Collie (Scottish Sheepdog)
16. Miniature Schnauzer
17. Kleiner Münsterländer (medium sized hunting dog similar to the Brittany)
18. West Highland White Terrier
19. Airedale Terrier
20. German Hunting Terrier (only sold to hunters, they don’t make good pets)

U.S. machine gunner Spc. 4 James R. Pointer, left, of Cedartown, Ga., and Pfc. Herald Spracklen of Effingham, Ill., peer from the brush of an overgrown rubber plantation near the Special Forces camp at Bu Dop during a half hour firefight, Dec. 5, 1967. Their company-size patrol avoided an ambush when a patrol dog alerted the unit to the presence of enemy forces. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)


Hey there! I’m trying to save up a bit for college (which i’m starting in august yikes), and have some extra time, so I’ve decided to open commissions!

I can draw a variety of characters (humans/humanoids, robots, animals, etc) and will draw OCs if provided visual reference. I can do couples/shipping, but I will not draw nsfw or fetishes.

for more examples of my art, please check out my archive 


• Bust: $7, Half Body: $15, Full Body: $25

• Additional Characters: $5 (per character)

Lineart + Color 

Bust: $10, Half Body: $20, Full Body: $30

• Additional Characters: $7 (per character)

• + Simple Background: $3

If you’re interested, please email me at merdog7@gmail.com (tumblr messages are ok too, but email is preferable). I will be using PayPal for the time being. 

Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to message/email me with any questions!!

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to anyone in the rfa who knows any-fucking-thing about debate: i'm going into a round of mock trial this week and I AM S T R E S S E D, please bless me with some pointers... - chaton

4: “Remain calm and think your answer through. Don’t let your nerves throw off your argument.”

Jumin: “If you think you have enough evidence, you don’t. Get more. It never hurts.” 

4: “Run your arguments by someone before presenting them, they can give you a little insight as well.”

RFA Takeover


Stiles in s4(episodes 1-5)

Edgar, German Wirehaired Pointer (4 y/o), West 4th & Bank St., New York, NY • “He doesn’t know that he’s a dog – that’s his problem.”

Byakuya teaches Karin how to be a shinigami

As requested by anon. :)

“Kurosaki Karin, it has been brought to my attention that you wish to develop your innate powers and become a shinigami like your father and brother before you. In this pursuit, I strongly suggest you choose me as your teacher. The Kuchiki clan has a long and successful history of teaching members of the Kurosaki clan. Well, successful anyway. In order to prove that I am the correct teacher for you, I will give you a sampling of the sorts of lessons I will teach you.”

Lesson 1: Being a shinigami is hard work.

“To learn to be a shinigami, you must be willing to study and work hard. Now, it is true that you may, like your brother, possess the ability to sneeze and develop a new power. But just because you can do that, does not mean you should. Developing your powers in a haphazard and rushed fashion can lead to the following things:

  • Being unable to tell apart your shinigami and Quincy powers
  • Gaining a shikai before you know that bankai exists
  • Developing a whole new bankai every other week
  • Losing and regaining your powers over and over again like a forgetful squirrel with a nut

"Avoid those pitfalls, Kurosaki Karin. In my first lesson, I will teach you to treat your inner power like something you must nurture and practice, not like a treasure test full of toys you grab with sticky fingers and then inevitably break.”

Lesson 2: What It Means to be a Shinigami

“Equally important is an understanding of what exactly it means to be a shinigami. In this lesson, I will make sure you understand the history of the shinigami, their duties, their laws, and their customs. By the end of this lesson, you will even be able to recite the thirteen captains and know which squads to avoid (AKA, Squad 12).”

Lesson 3: Know your family history

“Your brother did not only rush along collecting powers like a human who won one of those ‘shopping sprees.’ He also did so while completely ignorant of his past. You do not want to be like that. In this lesson, I will teach you why it is important to know your history. I can also teach you most of your history, if for some reason your father and brother both refuse to guest-lecture, even though I am offering them a complementary laser pointer.”

Lesson 4: Being a noble

“In our third lesson, I will teach you why it matters that you are a member of a noble clan. I will most likely point out again that this knowledge is an advantage your brother did not have. I will teach you about the noble clans of Soul Society, about the history of your own Shiba clan, and about the advantages that attend on being a noble. This will allow you to better appreciate your heritage, to use it to your advantage, and to better look down on enemies who are also peasants.”

Lesson 5: Your zanpakuto

“In our fourth lesson, we will move on to your zanpakuto. I will teach you the basics of sword fighting, and will make sure you are knowledgeable about what a zanpakuto is and how it works. At this point, your zanpakuto will not be released: unless, of course, you lack control over your spiritual pressure like your brother and swing around a comically over-sized sword that makes your enemies mutter about 'overcompensation.’ But I have faith that you will not. You seem like a person who has better control." 

Lesson 6: Killing Hollows

"Knowing how to swing a sword is the only skill you need to begin killing hollows. In fact, it is my understanding that you have killed hollows before, using a soccer ball. Somehow. In this lesson, I will teach you how to instead use a sword, like somebody who is not a savage. You will learn to strike a hollow from behind, to aim for the head, and not to worry too much about how they used to be people. I will even show you Rukia’s drawings about the nature of hollows. They are very good.”

Lesson 7: Kido

“Yes, I will also teach you kido. This is a skill that your brother never developed, but that is only because he never had formal training. Kido may not have the glamour of slicing your enemies into tiny pieces with a sword, but that does not mean it does not have a place on the battlefield. Kido can be used to bind your enemies, to heal yourself, to create light and explosions. It is basically magic. Therefore, you must learn it.”

Lesson 8: Flash step

“This is another important skill, and one which I am particularly adept at. In fact, if you prove to be a good student, I will even show you my ultra-special 'flash step behind a person and stab them from behind’ move. It is my favorite.”

Lesson 9: Practice and more practice

“At this point, you are probably expecting something about shikai. However I am not so lax a teacher. A Kurosaki you may be, but a single lesson is not enough to master all of the techniques I have outlined. And even if it is, you should still practice, because mastering things in one lesson is simply obnoxious. Therefore, you will practice your swordplay and your kido and your flashstep, until your abilities meet with my approval. This will take no more than 40 years, or whatever number seems reasonable in for a human lifespan.”

Lesson 10: Shikai

“Once you have mastered all of the basic techniques, you will be ready to release your zanpakuto. With any luck, you won’t have the same power as your father and brother, because frankly that is getting boring. Once you are able to release your zanpakuto, I will teach you when to use this technique. Spoilers: the answer is 'always.’”

Lesson ?: Your bankai

“Do not fear, Kurosaki Karin. You will also learn bankai. As a member of the Kurosaki household, I have no doubt that you possess the ability to achieve it. However, despite what you may have heard, bankai do take work. They require practice. And they should not be obtained within three days in a pit with a cat for your teacher. 

"A much better teacher would be myself, as I hope you now see. If so, I will see you at 6am tomorrow. We have much work to do.”

Sam, German Shorthaired Pointer (4 y/o), McLaren Park, San Francisco, CA • “She’s ball obsessed for sure; she’ll jump above my head to grab it.”

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At this point in the race, is it too late for Bernie to make a comeback? :(

It’s not impossible, but it is improbable.

I’m trying to find the best example to use to break down the complicated rules and fight through the fact that different sources have different numbers for their delegate counts. I’m not surprised that there is so much confusion; it’s an insane system with a ridiculous amount of variables.

So, let’s do this: forget about pledged and unpledged delegates, superdelegates, primaries, caucuses, and any other campaign vocabulary you’ve been hearing in this election cycle. Let me try to explain it to everybody like this:

1. Imagine that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are playing a game of basketball. The first person who scores 100 points wins the game.

2. Right now, the score is: Hillary 75, Bernie 47. (That’s a quick estimate that I’m using for my explanation. It doesn’t mean that’s how it matches up exactly to anyone’s current delegate count.)

3. Now, imagine Bernie starts making baskets. A basket can be worth 2-points, 3-points, 4-points, or 5-points.

4. However, every time Bernie makes a basket and gets 2 points, Hillary gets 1 point because the rules are weird.

5. If Bernie makes 3-point baskets (representing bigger margins of victory), Hillary doesn’t get any points. She also doesn’t get points if Bernie makes 4-pointers or 5-pointers, but baskets that big are very rare.

6. However, Hillary can also score baskets of her own. The rules are the same: if she scores 2-points, Bernie also gets a point. But if she scores 3-pointers, 4-pointers, or 5-pointers, Bernie doesn’t get anything.

7. If Bernie just makes 2-pointers for the rest of the game, Hillary is going to score 100 before Bernie can.

8. So, Bernie has to make 3-pointers, 4-pointers, and 5-pointers in order to get to 100 first.

9. But Bernie also has to keep Hillary from getting any more baskets herself – he needs to keep her from getting 2-pointers, 3-pointers, 4-pointers, and 5-pointers to really have a chance to get to 100 first.

10. It’s not impossible, but the game is heading into the fourth quarter, and Bernie is going to need to score like Steph Curry and play defense like Kawhi Leonard. In fact, he might need to score like Michael Jordan and play defense like Dennis Rodman. In other words, Bernie needs to score a lot of points while keeping Hillary from scoring any to realistically come from behind, take the lead, and get to 100 points first to win the game. Technically possible, but not likely.