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worthwhile friends come to me every once in a blue moon. the last time it happened was when i was 12, where i had met my former bestfriend, Mikayla. well, long story short, shit hit the fan with her and a few other girls. so i unfortunately no longer see or speak to any of them. but hey, i’m not complaining. 

i’ve had my fair share of failing friendships, and i was never the one to truly pursue them or really have much of a desire to sustain them once i made some. but these girls are… something. and i fucking love it. meeting them in my short time here in the city has made the transition of all the significant changes that happened to me a little less crappy. 

Arielle, Bea and Gigi–these three undoubtedly are the most kick ass friends, ever. and if they were reading this, it’s best if i say i fucking hate them for it, rather than love. but let’s face the truth, i fucking love them for it. 

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This was the second thing i did for the anniverssary. I came with the idea for this comic when i was over a hard time and i think it’s kind of strange how this relate with what happened in the fandom a few days ago.  

Maybe all what we need is to have a little star around us.

Happy anniversary, Miraculous