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What was Edward and lizzy's nanny interaction all about? Sorry for asking,

Oh no, to me that was the most disturbing part of this month’s chapter. Tbh, it was more upsetting than the revelation of the real Earl Ciel “I’m home” Phantomhive :/

Super rough translation of Paula’s line:

Edward asks where Lizzy is.

Paula answers

“Lady Elizabeth went to the place where she’s supposed to be”

“Young master Edward, what would you do if one day the thing you cherished the most suddenly broke?

I’m just a maid but I have served Lady Elizabeth for a long time. I love Lady Elizabeth, even through her difficult times and fun times. I therefore… can’t bear anymore seeing Lady Elizabeth crying…!”

Please don’t ask me what Paula meant by this, I don’t know either :( This maid is useless, just tell us explicitly where Lizzy is.


I was digging through some stuff and found a bunch of drawings i hadn’t posted

A ton of Mother series fusions!! its just between PSI users though, probs because those PSI-less nerds can’t do PK FUSION

Ao fazer mil planos para um futuro com a Priscila, eu havia esquecido a regra básica. Antes de depositar todos os nossos sonhos na mão de outra pessoa, é preciso ter certeza de que você também faz parte dos sonhos dela. E eu tinha descoberto da pior maneira possível que eu vinha sonhando sozinho durante todos aqueles anos…
—  Minha vida fora de série 4.

Pierce The Veil | We Will Detonate Tour | 4.27.17 by Paula Miles
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Those PK Fusions look amazing! Also, what if the PSI-less nerds could only with those who know PK Fusion and whom they have a strong enough bond with. O3O

It would certainly open the doors for more interesting fusions!